16 Beach Cottage Decor Ideas Full of Coastal Charm To Bring Seaside Serenity to Your Home

The beach cottage style epitomizes a relaxed, lived-in aesthetic, and you don’t need gentle waves of water or views of swaying palms to incorporate this style into your home.

The design style encourages you to incorporate personal touches to create a space that feels carefully decorated.

Transform your home into a serene coastal retreat with these 16 beach cottage decor ideas. Discover how to incorporate elements like driftwood, seashells, and nautical colors to create a relaxing seaside atmosphere. From airy living rooms to cozy bedrooms, these tips will help you capture the essence of beach living, no matter where you reside. Dive in to bring the calming charm of the coast into your home!

Beach cottage palettes borrow from deep blue seas, sandy beaches, vivid sunsets, and lush, tropical surroundings to create a connection to the surrounding seascape.

Textures from natural materials like bamboo, sisal, jute, and seagrass are also typical in interior coastal design.

Whether you want to make your living room extra comfortable or turn your bedroom into a relaxing, cozy retreat, the following 16 beach cottage decor ideas will help you incorporate the coastal style into your home.

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1. Go for a Calm Look

cottage coastal decor 1

@STOR-X Organizing Systems – Edmonton

Beach cottage style is all about a casual, lived-in aesthetic, and this living room is the perfect example. 

The open shelving unit displays a collection of seaside decor, with the bright white palette combining with pale wood tones to make the room feel warm and thoughtfully curated.

The colorful oars bring a playful color to the shiplap walls and further enhance the seaside theme. 

2. Shine with White

cottage coastal decor 2


Take cues from this pristine cottage-inspired bedroom and layer materials and textures to create a cozy, lived-in atmosphere. The nautical-inspired shiplap adds interest to the bedroom and has been carefully painted for an elegant look.

Woven accents across the room add some texture while combining with light blue throw pillows and a black oar beside the bunk bed to bring some contrasting color.

3. Opt for Subtle Touches

cottage coastal decor 3


You don’t have to go overboard with your decor in order to add some coastal flair to your cottage-style home. Small decorative touches here and there are an excellent way to deck out your home non-permanently.

A blue fish figurine resting on the mantel sets off the theme, while natural materials such as the woven trunk, plants, and wooden accents give the space a subtle and inexpensive nod to the beach.

4. Stick to Blue

cottage coastal decor 4

@Francesca Morgan Interiors

Blue is a popular color in coastal-style homes. The navy blue cabinet and turquoise curtains in this living room add a soft splash of color and calming energy to the more neutral cottage decor, such as the brown sectional and woven rattan chairs.

The patterned throw pillows and area rug balance out the theme in style, with the whole look complementing the ocean view without overwhelming.

5. Add an Area Rug

cottage coastal decor 5

@Starr Custom Homes

The metal fish decor piece above the TV and seahorse prints on the wall infuse this room with personality and character.

The bright white walls and shades of blue on the rug, throw pillows, and table lanterns set a refreshing tone warmed up with the dark wood floor and mid-century console table.

6. Add a Coat of Blue Paint

cottage coastal decor 6

@Wright Jenkins Home Design

A fresh coat of blue paint on part of this house’s trim and other blue accents, such as chairs, pillows, a bench, and a rug, puts a coastal spin on this massive cottage-style living space, infusing it with a playful energy.

Elegant wall pendant lights give the space an effortlessly sophisticated look, while the pale wood floor and oar décor below the ceiling maintain a cool color palette.

7. Use a Warm Color Palette

cottage coastal decor 7

@Stephen Alexander Homes Neighborhoods

The warm color palette in this home sets a welcoming tone essential to the beach cottage style. The soft white walls provide a neutral base for the beige chair, rug, and sofas.

For a subtle dose of color, the kitchen walls and island boast a soft blue color that brings depth, contrast, and a beachy vibe.

8. Stripes Never Disappoint

cottage coastal decor 8

@Village Architects AIA, Inc.

When it comes to beach cottage style, you can’t go wrong with blue and white stripes. The blue sectional with subtle white stripes pairs nicely with the white chairs with blue stripes, bringing in color, pattern, and texture.

A couple of bird prints on the farmhouse-style feature wall add some vibrant color and take this space from generic to unique.

9. Introduce Sea-Inspired Art

cottage coastal decor 9


Transform your bedroom into a serene retreat using beach cottage style. Here, relaxed bedding and ocean-themed pillows add layers of cozy texture, while a distressed nightstand brings in a calm energy.

Simple artwork and greenery above the headboard, as well as a custom boat bowl décor piece, complete the easy, beachy vibe.

10. Display Your Treasures

cottage coastal decor 10


A cabinet like the one in this room is perfect for displaying antique family treasures and unique oceanside finds, not to mention giving your home a personal touch.

The area rug and navy ottoman stool add visual interest and extra comfort. Blue-and-white striped throw pillows add a little bit of coastal flair.

11. Utilize Architectural Details

cottage coastal decor 11

@Harbour Lighting Boutique

Incorporating a fireplace into a room tends to make it a natural focal point, a prime spot to highlight the decor theme you’re going for.

Here, marble stones adorn the fireplace, complemented by the driftwood mantel. Slipcovers, some with vibrant colors, have been used to keep the furniture in pristine condition and add visual interest.

12. Mix Patterns

cottage coastal decor 12


You don’t have to use one pattern in a room. Mixing different patterns while playing with color and scale is an excellent way to spice things up. 

The footboard bench and woven baskets add a rustic element to the space, which is brightened by the pale white and gray palette.

The stripped wallpaper pairs nicely with the framed, sea-inspired art to add a personal touch that instantly refreshes the bedroom. The wainscoting prevents the wallpaper from overpowering the space.

13. Keep it Simple

cottage coastal decor 13


You don’t need to go overboard to showcase your desire for beach cottage style. You can still add this cozy style to your home with simple, carefully curated decor pieces.

Here, a wooden chair, stool table, beige ottomans, and a distressed white surfboard are just enough to convey the theme without looking tacky. The hanging rattan ceiling pendants add more to the beachy feel.

14. Bring Color with Wood

cottage coastal decor 14


Hints of blue on the sofas, wall art, and coffee table bring the beach to this neutral-themed home.

Dark wooden furniture provides a bit of contrasting color and contributes to the cottage house’s warmth. 

15. Step Back in Time

cottage coastal decor 15


Using a mix of natural materials will make your home exude effortless elegance and a casual lifestyle. Here, layered rugs anchor a distressed coffee table and cozy sofas.

Rustic wall décor on the distressed mantel combines with hanging rattan planters to highlight the white shiplap wall, while marble stones in an antique trough on the coffee table add a touch of quintessential coastal style.

16. Go for Natural Wood

cottage coastal decor 16

@Mimi Snowden Design

Natural wood takes center stage in this coastal cottage-style kitchen, bringing cozy warmth and a timeless quality. A light blue cabinet acts as a focal point and breaks up the palette with a subtle color.

A candle lantern above the dining set adds style and personality to the space while the view further reinforces the breezy beach-inspired aesthetic.

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