32 Amazing Christmas Mantel Decorations That’ll Give Santa a Warm Welcome

One of the most expected and jolly events for all kids around the world is Christmas.

The most favorite part of this time is the day when all the small people open the gifts.

These whimsical packages, bags and stockings placed beneath the Christmas tree or the mantel have been desired by the kids for a long time and have been a deserved treat because they have behaved well all year long, well for two weeks…

The mantel has a very special place in the Christmas decor not only because of our kids believing in Santa. We long for the warmth and relaxing ambiance of the fireplace, especially during the holiday evenings.

Best Christmas Mantel Decoration Ideas. To inspire your Christmas mantel decorating, we've included options that will suit every style and aesthetic. From farmhouse style, like repurposed crates and windows, to modern black-and-white color palettes, we've made choosing your Christmas decorations much easier. #decorhomeideas

So this means that we have to decorate the fireplace and the mantle with the same attention to achieve the festive look as the rest of our homes have.

To inspire your mantel decorating, we have made a collection of decor arrangements. Garlands, stockings, wreaths, pots, signs, wall art are among the accents used to create the festive ambiance.

1. Sparkling Ice Silver And Blue Palette

A Classic Blue and Silver Palette #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

Blue is the color of 2020. The grey shades form a constant color palette that doesn’t go out of style. So why not combine these into your mantel decoration?

To trace the fireplace, decorate a long pine garland with Christmas baubles in blue and grey. Attach stockings in front of it that will decorate the center of the fireplace.

The mantel accommodates a collection of Mercury glass which gently reflects the twinkling lights and candles placed inside.

The top of the decoration is given to a wreath made of a pine garland. A thin blue ribbon is tied on the side of it to make a flawless match with the accents of this setting.

Another feature that is used on all levels to give the decoration a continuous look is the light motif.

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2. Rustic Elements Farmhouse Mantel

A Snowflake Motif with Cheerful Burlap Bunting #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

A combination of natural elements and motifs comes just right to decorate the mantel in a farmhouse style.

A banner made of burlap that requires no-sew sets the mood for Christmas. The layers beneath and above the banner are represented by accents including live pine twigs. The burlap exists as a motif on the top layer of this setting.

What unites all levels and gives the setting a finished look is the snowflake motif.

via Stone Gable Blog

3. Bright And Cheerful Paper Trees

A Whimsical Technicolor Christmas Mantel Design #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

The pop of color on the mantel defines the cheerful moods for Christmas.

Unlike the traditional colors for decoration, vivid technicolor replaces them to attract attention.

This kind of mantel decoration is suitable for a fireplace in the kid’s room where the atmosphere should be bright, recharging and cheerful.

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4. Elegant Dangling Snowflake Garland

Add Visual Interest With Dangling Ornaments #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

This protruding fireplace reminds of the designs from the old times and that makes it extremely charming and very vintage.

The wrought iron protection additionally enhances the antique and unique look of the fireplace so basically decorating it in the Christmas spirit will be easier because it possesses a lot of attraction and beauty as it is.

To mark the holiday at that place should be very well managed and moderate. A few dangling Christmas ornaments tied to a simple green garland will make the fireplace more festive.

Twinkling lights around the garland and candles in front of the fireplace anchor the light motif on the rest of the levels.

5. Large Ornaments Highlight A Classic Garland

An Oversized Ornament Garland Sets the Stage #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

If your fireplace is small the best way to anchor it for Christmas is to go for an oversized decoration.

A rich green garland accentuated with fairy lights, Christmas balls and bows will provoke interest and will make it very welcoming even when it is not lit.

via Linda Baker

6. Charming Vintage Winter Elements

Antique Details for Holiday Nostalgia #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

Turn the mantel into a more meaningful part of the Christmas decor. Place antique toys from your childhood and a sign that reminds the precious values.

Add some simple but charming small ornaments like these trees to relate the decor to the holiday.

via The Crafted Sparrow

7. Make An Angelic Statement With DIY Wings

Beautiful DIY Angel Wing Centerpiece #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

These amazing wings symbolize the holiness and sanity of Christmas! They replace the wreath that usually stands above the mantel giving the fireplace a festive point of interest.

They are entirely handmade from paper using the paper mache technique.

via Creatively Living Blog

8. Add Country Charm With Pinecones And Twigs

Bring Winter Indoors with Natural Decorations #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

The mantel decoration can be affordable and very charming. Taking elements from the nature outside and bringing them inside will remind of the seasonal gifts and will make the decoration more attractive.

A pinecone garland is attached to both sides of the mantel with burlap bows. The mantle accommodates glass candle holders, wooden ornaments, more pinecones, pieces of pine twigs, a few red small balls and twinkling lights.

The rustic look of the decor is enhanced with a large handmade sign highlighting the everlasting core values.

via Melissa Connolly

9. Whimsical Display In Traditional Colors

Classic Red and Green Ornaments and Greenery #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

Combine the traditional colors of Christmas to make a unique mantel decoration.

The supplies of this decor are standard ornaments and supplies that have been charmingly and well-matched. All levels of the fireplace are decorated with the same materials. The only difference is in the size of the ornaments.

The center of the composition is dedicated to a sign art consisting of parts forming an inspiring word.

via Boston Design Guide

10. Repurposed Pallet Wood Starry Sign

Create a Starry Scene with Pallet Backlighting #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

The light motif can be taken to all levels of the mantel decoration. If you prefer a wall art for the place above the mantel different than the wreath, you can make your own unique starry sign.

You need some pallets slats- the weathered, the better. Make a panel out of them and drill holes where the bulbs of the fairy lights will be inserted.

via The Kim Six Fix

11. Make Your Mantel Match The Tree

Create Cohesion By Matching Tree and Mantel #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

This elegant Christmas decor is fascinating because of the symmetry and matching designs of the Christmas tree and the mantel decor.

The colors and ornaments are typical for Christmas- red, gold, green; poinsettias, bows, twinkling lights and balls.

12. DIY Christmas Art Piece

Create Your Own Framed Tree Word Art #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

You can find calm and a lot of beauty in the traditional Christmas colors when they are implemented untraditionally.

Use them for a handmade Christmas tree framed art, a glass container filled with small balls and mini houses glittering next to the fairy lights.

via Organize Your Stuff Now

13. Add Glowing Light With Tiered Candles

Decorate Your Christmas Mantel with Natural Birch Pillars #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

This magazine-worthy mantel decoration exposes outdoor elements in a different application.

The round mirror becomes a focal point that reflects the light from the candles and gives the mantle depth.

via Golden Boys and Me

14. Wood Block Stocking Hooks

DIY Festive Tree Stocking Hangers #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

You can make stocking hangers according to your own design with the hints and tutorial given below.

You need wood blocks, wood toppers (the more they are related to Christmas and winter, the better) and metal hooks.

via Atkinson Drive

15. Gleaming Mercury Glass Elements

Ethereal Mercury Glass Dusted with Snow #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

Mercury glass has a very elegant and festive look so including it in the Christmas decor will surely increase the holiday atmosphere.

Ready-made items cost a lot so you can try making your own Mercury glass.

via The Decorated House

16. Enhance Traditional Greens With Berries And Bells

Jingle Bells Dress Up Your Garland #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

With the help of small accents like faux berry twigs and jingle bells, you can turn the plain pine garland into an attractive mantel decoration.

They will add color that will pop against the green background and will enhance the festive feeling.

This idea is one of the easiest and most affordable inspirations for the decoration of the fireplace.

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17. Mix Winter Greens For Visual Interest

Magnolia Branches Make Unique Winter Greenery #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

You can use other natural elements like twigs placed into a vase to give height to the mantel decoration. They don’t have to be thy traditional pine twigs. Instead, non-traditional greenery like magnolia leaves can be used for a promised focus of attention.

Because of the deep green color and wideness of the leaves, they can be added to the pine garland to give the horizontal decoration more dimension.

via Jenna Burger

18. Neutrals Stun In Rustic Décor

Mismatched Neutrals Create a Rustic Display #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

The stockings are the most adorable mantel decor. They will create a lot of expectations of the youngest family members and nostalgia for the older ones.

The palette of this mantel decoration is down to earthy colors that bring nature inside. Because of the neutral colors, the textures can vary- stained solid wood, birchwood logs, pinecones touched by silver snow and glitter.

19. Seashells Highlight A Cottage Christmas

Ocean Elements for Your Seaside Christmas #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

Christmas motifs can look extremely well in combination with nautical elements. This setting offers a more different Christmas mantel decor representation.

Wooden elements seen in the candle posts exist on every level of the fireplace decor.

The nautical presence is seen in the cute starfish beautifying the pine garland.

via The Lettered Cottage

20. Add Festive Color With A Pom Pom Swag

Offset Bold Artwork with a Pom-Pom Garland #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

All levels of this fireplace decoration are following a curved pattern – the mantel holds garlands made of wool pompoms in the traditional Christmas colors.

The same curved pattern is seen on the bottom level where two wrought iron candle holders are placed.

The area above the mantel is dedicated to a large rustic sign inspiring with a Biblical praise.

21. DIY Holiday Sign With White Décor

Paint a Message on Reclaimed Barn Wood #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

Is there a spot on the mantel that looks empty? You can easily fill the gap with a handmade sign that will add a lot of cheer, inspiration and rustic charm.

That is an easy DIY project made of scrap pallet slats, painted in white to match the remaining decor.

via Jenna Burger

22. Show Your Personality With Whimsical Details

Playful Details Make a Mischievous Display #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

Red, white and green decorates the horizontal and vertical plane of the fireplace to create a fairytale Christmas scene.

All pieces of this decor have been wisely chosen and made to achieve this appealing playful look.

The fabric pattern follows the red and white color combo that replicates on the candy canes on the Christmas tree.

The green color is left to the pine twigs seen on all three levels.

via Classy Clutter

23. Christmas In Pink

Pretty in Pink Ornament Garland #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

Going for an untraditional color for your Christmas decoration can be tricky.

To avoid the overcrowded look, let the green and silver colors be seen as well. They will balance the pink explosion of colors and will make the arrangement look more tasteful.

24. Farmhouse Christmas Mantel

Primitive Tree Made of Twigs and Holly #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

The handmade decorations have a lot of charm and make the Christmas decor more unique.

You can enjoy the uniqueness of a tree made of twigs. Add it to a mantel already ornamented with a lot of farmhouse and vintage Christmas elements.

via The Hankful House

25. Glittering Snowy Village Display

Silver and White Snow Village #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

A layer of fluffy cotton creates a snowy atmosphere for a village living on a mantel.

The house ornaments variate in height to give the arrangement dimension and all have a coating of glitter reminding of snowflakes fallen onto them to sparkle under the starlight.

via My Shabby Stream Studio

26. Traditional Trees And Stockings

Simple Design Elements Create Timeless Charm #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

This mantel decoration is an example of how to invest a little and achieve a great interior impact.

The arrangement is a combination of lanterns bought on sale, candles, small Christmas ornaments and gifts from nature- pinecones and twigs.

via Chic On a Shoestring

27. Sophisticated White Palette Glows With Candles

Simple Elegance with a Monochromatic Palette #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

You may wonder how is this mantel decorated for Christmas? Well, its design is not the typical festive one but the light motif does have a holy impact.

Using it in a group of candle holders will set a romantic and elegant atmosphere for the upcoming holidays.

via Apartment Therarapy

28. Red Lit Wreaths Accentuate Opulent Décor

Three Wreaths Are Better Than One #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

The wall above the mantel should also be well decorated. The options you have got are several- wreaths, signs, garlands, wall art.

If you like the wreath accent, you can double it, why not triple it if the wall is wide enough. Make sure that the set of wreaths are decorated with ornaments and colors like the rest of the mantel decor.

29. Fill Globe Fixtures With String Lights

Transform Light Fixtures into Twinkling Globes #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

Create a point of interest to your mantel decoration by setting a group of globe lights onto it.

Three or more glass globe light fixtures will do a great job- place a string of twinkling light into each and then place on the mantel.

via Remodelaholic

30. Pinecones And Icicles

Transform Your Hearth with Pinecone Decor #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

Use the mirror above the mantel as a point to set your mantel decoration to. Hang a pine garland to the top of the mirror and let both ends descend.

Decorate it with pinecones, fairy lights and balls.

The horizontal part of the mantel is taken from large pinecones and ready sold figures from glass and metal.

via Dining Delight

31. Sophisticated Shimmering Neutrals

Understated Elegance in Cream and Black #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

The majority of this mantel decor has been handmade to follow a charming vintage Christmas line.

The frame above the mantel grabs instantly with its white gold metallic finish which lets the chalkboard filling pop out.

The ornaments accommodated on the mantle represent trees of different textures, pieces from nature and a matching sign with a cheerful wish.

via Blooming Homestead

32. Make A Festive Impact With A Vintage Window

Upcycled Window Pane Ornament Display #Christmas #mantel #decorhomeideas

The focus of this mantel decor is taken by the DIY ornament holder which is so fantastic and unique. It is a twisted representation of the Christmas tree with a very symmetrical design.

The color combination of the arrangement is also very unique although it sticks to the standard Christmas palette.

The individual touch is also seen in the stockings dedicated to each family member.

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