Burgundy Christmas Decor: 25 Cozy Ideas to Warm Up Your Festive Season

Burgundy is another regal color that is trendy in the Christmas decor. Choosing it for your Christmas decor will give it a unique character and a feeling of sophisticated taste.

Burgundy matches pleasantly neutral farmhouse color but it can also create a contrast in modern design style.

Seeking cozy warmth this holiday season? Explore 25 burgundy Christmas decor ideas. Dive into classic inspirations for a festive home.

If you are keen to include the burgundy color in your Christmas decoration check out these 25 Cozy Ideas to Warm Up Your Festive Season.

1. Burgundy Accents

burgundy christmas decor 1


The pattern of the vintage pottery displaced in the cabinet has defined the theme of this Christmas decor.

The burgundy color is mixed with metallic finishes to anchor the festive atmosphere in an elegant style.

2. Rustic Christmas Decorations In White, Pink And Burgundy

burgundy christmas decor 2


This charming cottage corner is turned into a special Christmas decorations display. A vintage banner is stretched behind a pink-colored village on a chequered red and white table runner.

The shelf features ornaments in the same colors and a large painting of Santa as a focal point.

3. Red, Green And Burgundy Color Combination

burgundy christmas decor 3


Red, white and green are the traditional Christmas colors.

When you display decor in these colors you instantly make the space more enchanting. In this decor idea, the traditional red color is replaced with a darker hue which stands out against the green natural elements.

4. Subtle Burgundy Accents

burgundy christmas decor 4


The burgundy color in this mantel arrangement can be seen in every element. It delicately colors the edges of a leaf garland.

A large bloom stays at the end of the mantel to smoothen the coldness of the vintage metal candle holder. Dark red berries act as baubles on the tree made from maple leaves.

5. Burgundy Wreath

burgundy christmas decor 5


The red wreath on the blank white wall creates such a bold statement. It is paired with a pillow on the bench beneath it.

Being colored in a color related to Christmas, they hint that this festive holiday is coming.

6. Burgundy Christmas Tree Ornaments

burgundy christmas decor 6


In this decor idea, the red baubles are the focus of the large Christmas tree.

Their number, various sizes and different textures give the tree a festive and unique look.

7. Wreath With Burgundy Berries

burgundy christmas decor 7


The burgundy color in this mantel decor idea is only an accent to the predominantly red and white color combo.

Using this hue for the berries of the wall wreath makes it stand out from the rest of the decor.

8. Burgundy Poinsettias

burgundy christmas decor 8


If you like the burgundy color, you can implement it in your Christmas home decor with poinsettia ornaments.

The color gives the faux flowers a more realistic look. When combined with gold baubles, the burgundy color adds so much elegance.

9. Burgundy And Gold Elements

burgundy christmas decor 9


This is another great idea of the timeless red and gold color combinations.

Especially for Christmas decor, this is one of the most eye-catching and elegant combinations.

10. Burgundy And Silver

burgundy christmas decor 10


The burgundy color generally looks well in combination with metallic finishes. When combined with silver, the burgundy color gives it character.

In this Christmas decor idea, these two colors are represented by baubles and ornaments on a snowy textured tree which creates a neutral backdrop.

If that was a green Christmas tree, the final look would have been overwhelming.

11. Sweet Burgundy Decoration

burgundy christmas decor 11


Sweeten up your Christmas with merry and unique Christmas tree decorations.

The traditional red, white and red colors are twisted through the prism of the candy theme covering the snowy branches thickly.

12. Vintage Bauble In Burgundy

burgundy christmas decor 12


Such a handmade bauble will make the Christmas tree so special!

Its burgundy color and the delicate lace ornaments around the painting define its regal character.

13. Lush Christmas Wreath

burgundy christmas decor 13


Create a unique wreath to make your home ready for Christmas. Combining pine tree twigs, vines and mistletoe creates a lush green backdrop for the red ornaments.

Red roses in burgundy give the wreath elegance. Berries and pinecones, as a typical winter representative make the wreath more cheerful.

14. Vintage Mantel Decor With Burgundy Accents

burgundy christmas decor 14


Specific elements from this mantle decoration hint that Christmas is coming. The oversized pine twig garland generously adorns the marble fireplace.

The decoration is a combination of natural and fabric pieces. Flowers, berry twigs and pine cones show the beauty of nature in winter, while the plaid ribbons remind us how cozy this season is.

15. Burgundy Mantel Decor

burgundy christmas decor 15


The burgundy poinsettia is the focal point of this Christmas fireplace arrangement. Its burgundy color gives the faux blooms a realistic look.

Match the poinsettia wreath with other burgundy ornaments for an elegant overall look.

16. Burgundy Candles

burgundy christmas decor 16


You can add this royal color with small, affordable decorations such as candles.

Pair them with rustic or vintage ornaments.

17. Burgundy Paper Ornaments

burgundy christmas decor 17


The green and burgundy color combination is so unique!

The red hue of the paper ornaments refines the greenery’s authentic look; together they make the space so festive.

18. Christmas Wreath With Sweets

burgundy christmas decor 18


IF the candy Christmas tree theme is too overwhelming, you can try this wreath idea.

The candy ornaments are combined with the traditional baubles and poinsettias.

19. Porch Christmas Decor

burgundy christmas decor 19


With this gorgeous setup, you can get into the Christmas spirit from the moment you see it.

The buffalo plaid throws and red and white cushions make the space cozy and inviting.

20. Wreath With Burgundy Flowers

burgundy christmas decor 20


The burgundy color is typical not only for the poinsettia flowers.

You can find roses and dahlias in these specific colors and use them as ornaments for a Christmas wreath.

21. Red Hues On A Staircase Decoration

burgundy christmas decor 21


The burgundy color is part of the color theme of this staircase decor. It is combined with white and green to spread the Christmas spirit instantly.

Strings of lights are woven around the natural garland to add a magical motif to the decor.

22. Small Wreath Idea With Berries

burgundy christmas decor 22


Three Christmas motifs combine to create a small but unique piece of decor.

The candle is a perfect addition to the decor and also as a Christmas gift.

23. Porch Decor With Red Accents

burgundy christmas decor 23


The burgundy hue in this porch decor gives it a pop of color, creating an overall merrier atmosphere.

Despite the outdoor location of this nook, the blanket and the cushion make it cozy and inviting.

24. Farmhouse Decor With Burgundy Accents

burgundy christmas decor 24


You can use the burgundy color to create interest in the farmhouse Christmas decor. The neutral and white furniture embraces pleasantly the simple green wreaths with a red bow.

Birds in burgundy add a pop of color to the earthy-toned Christmas tree and the centerpiece on the table.

25. Burgundy Stockings

burgundy christmas decor 25


These burgundy stockings highlight the eager expectation of Santa.

They match with the subtle berry twigs on the garland on the mantel and the deer head wreath, and the throw blanket pattern.

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