40+ Unique Christmas Trees ( Ideas & Designs )

Why don’t you make the holidays more special with these unique Christmas trees?

Finding new and affordable ways to put a new twist on the traditional holiday decorations can prove to be difficult.

Most Unique Christmas Trees, Unusual and extraordinary Christmas trees #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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Here are just a few DIY ideas you can try this year to add a bit of whimsy and uniqueness to your holiday home decor.

1. Corner Wall Decor Tree

Wall Corner Christmas Tree Made of Wood #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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This rustic Christmas tree will add a decorative accent to any corner of your home.

If you are crafty, you could decorate the wood more with Christmas lights before topping it with a wooden, gold or silver star.

Step-by-step tutorial: How To DIY Wooden Corner Christmas Tree

2. Frosted Branches Hanging Tree

Rustic Frosted Branches Christmas Hanging Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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This organic tree is a great way to bring the outdoors inside during the holidays and is a real space saver.

Dress it up as much or as little as you want to create the perfect focal point for the holidays.

via Cox & Cox

3. Pouring Ornaments Basket

Pouring Ornaments Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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One of the most unique Christmas tree ideas that is sure to keep your visitors talking.

This whimsical floating DIY design can be completely customized in any Christmas colors that strike your fancy.

4. Wine Bottles Christmas Tree

Wine Bottles Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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If you are an avid wine lover and you have been stockpiling a lot of empty bottles, this is the tree for you.

Although not kid-friendly, this unique Christmas tree would be a real eye-catcher at any adult holiday party.

5. Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside Down Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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This one-of-a-kind whimsical Christmas tree will leave guests to your home staring and wondering just how you got it to stay.

You can decorate the tree to match all your other home decor and even attach presents to the ceiling.

via A Colourful Journey

6. Made Out Of Presents

Unique Christmas Tree Made Out Of Presents #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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Everyone sits presents under the tree during the holidays, but using empty wrapped presents to create your tree…Brilliant!

This special holiday tree is a great space saver and presents can be wrapped to match any type of decor.

via WunderSchon

7. White Butterflies Christmas Tree

White Butterflies Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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Far from traditional, this holiday tree made from paper butterflies strung together to form a tree shape is a whimsical home edition.

Consider using colorful butterflies to match your other holiday home decor to make this design your own.

via YOO Design

8. DIY Christmas Tree From Wooden Slats

Wooden slats Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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This rustic DIY Christmas tree is a real eye-catcher.

The best part about it is that you can change the way the central design of the tree itself appears from year to year.

via Muttis Blog

9. Halloween Christmas Tree

Halloween Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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If you are one of the many who believes Halloween does not last long enough, carry the spirit of Halloween over to your Christmas tree.

A black tree with purple accents is perfect to pull off this look, adorned in traditional Halloween colors and accented with traditional Halloween decor.

via The Keeper Of The Cheerios

10. Christmas Village Display Tree

Christmas Village Display Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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Why not combine your Christmas Village display with your Christmas tree?

This is a unique and easy way to display your entire village in one location and take up less room.

Learn more: Here

11. Ladder Ornaments

Ladder With Ornaments Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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A painters ladder creates the perfect shape for a one-of-kind tree.

Simply add string across the rungs of the ladder and hang decor to match the rest of your home and it is sure to be a hit.

via Riciclarte

12. Garland Christmas Tree

Garland Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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So simple to complete, so gorgeous to look at and so cost-efficient.

This unique space-saving holiday addition is a must if you live in a small space and have a small budget, but still want the look and feel of the traditional Christmas tree.

13. Cactus Christmas Tree

DIY Cactus Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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Perfect for those that live in an arid climate where the weather stays warm year-round.

Wrap a cactus in natural pine garland or some shimmery garland, decorate and add some lights to create your own Christmas cactus.

via Hey Wanderer

14. Penguin Slide

Penguin Slide Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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This whimsically decorated tree is sure to be a hit with the kids.

You could make it your own by using other stuffed animals or even dolls.

15. Kids Decoration

Kids Decorated Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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Design this tree to be a unique holiday edition for your kids.

Decorate the tree with their favorite toys, colors, and even their names to personalize this one-of-a-kind tree.

16. Candy & Lollipop

Candies Christmas Tree Decoration #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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This colorful and whimsical tree is a modern addition to your holiday decor.

This fun tree can be decorated with any type of sweets and treats in colors of your choice.

17. Grinch Christmas Tree Decoration

Grinch Christmas Tree Decoration #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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The Grinch is one of the most iconic holiday characters, so why not use his likeness to enhance your tree.

Make cut-outs and attach them to your tree to make it look like the Grinch is attempting to steal your Christmas.

18. Red Ladder Tree

Red Ladder Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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Another painter’s ladder design using some red paint and some slats of wood instead of string.

It is another way to display your Christmas Village complete with lights and other decor.

19. Frozen Ladder

Frozen Ladder Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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This unique Christmas tree idea uses a painter’s ladder colored blue and slats of wood wrapped and dripping in white felt.

Another colorful idea for displaying your Christmas Village or other holiday decor.

20. Pink Colored

Pastel Pink Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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Starting with a pink Christmas tree to pull off this whimsical modern tree.

Add accents, ribbons, and lights in the colors of your choice for the perfect effect.

21. Old Classics

Classic Small Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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Combine old vintage decorations to a tinsel tree in Victorian era pastels and lace. A simple, yet beautiful and dainty, way to dress up your holidays.

22. Space Saving Tree

Wall Decor Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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The perfect one-of-a-kind tree for those that live in small spaces, but still want the feel of the holidays.

Simple and inexpensive, this tree can be made and completely decorated in just an hour or two.

23. Wine Corks Christmas Tree

Wine Corks Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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What’s better than a Christmas tree made out of wine bottles?…one made out of the corks!

This project will make a great centerpiece on your table or bar for the holidays.

24. Red Dress Decoration

Red Dress Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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If you are into fashion, use this idea to replace your traditional Christmas tree.

This unique Christmas tree idea is sure to be a showpiece when guests come over to visit.

25. Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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One of the most beloved couples of all time, add this whimsical and fun twist to your DIY decor.

You could even create your favorite couple by using other fairy-tale characters for inspiration.

26. Wall Christmas Village Display

Wall Christmas Village Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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This unique wood shelving unit is perfect for showcasing your decor during the holidays and every day after the Christmas season is over.

Wrap the wooden dowels in festive ribbon, add cotton to the shelves for snow and decorate the shelves with your Christmas Village or other holiday decor.

27. Librarian Edition

Christmas Tree Made Out Of Books #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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If you are an avid reader with a lot of books laying around, this is the tree for you.

Simple, creative and an inexpensive way to add holiday appeal to a reading nook or in-home library.

via Reddit

28. Egg Cartons Christmas Tree

DIY Egg Cartons Christmas Tree  #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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Another inexpensive and simple way to create a unique tree.

If you have been saving up egg cartons or have time to before Christmas, try out this true unusual and whimsical design.

29. Pillow Heaven

Christmas Tree From Pillows #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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DIY your own pillows in fabrics and then stack them together to form the softest Christmas tree ever.

A very modern take on traditional decor.

via Lunivers Dellez

30. Clothespin Christmas Tree

Clothespin Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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This small tree is the perfect addition to your holiday table as a centerpiece. Top with a DIY bow or wooden star.

via Clover House

31. Snowman Christmas Tree

Snowman Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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Make your tree look like one of the most recognizable characters of the Christmas season.

The kids are sure to love a snowman in the house that will not melt.

32. Rainbow Christmas Tree

Rainbow Christmas Tree #Christmas #trees #decorhomeideas
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What about the latest trend in Christmas decorations? Rainbow Christmas Trees!

It’s quite unusual and challenging to incorporate in a more traditional home decor, but if you would like something bold, why not?

Learn more: Here

33. Easy Snowman Christmas Tree Decor

Snowman Christmas Tree Idea #Christmas #tree #decorhomeideas
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Karen Dupre

The tree was just too pretty to put anything on it. When I first saw it made me think of a big snowman so that’s what it became – said Karen.

34. Upcycled Rustic Christmas Tree

Upcycled Rustic Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #decorhomeideas
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Shandra Martin

When you live in a bushfire area where the land is so dry like in NSW Australia your best option is to create an extraordinary upcycled Christmas tree.

35. Harry Potter Themed Christmas Tree

Harry Potter Themed Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #harrypotter #decorhomeideas
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Carol Borja

Are you a real fan of Harry Potter? If so, this one is just for you. You can start with the unique tree topper – a sorcerer’s hat and then continue with all the magical ornaments that you could find.

36. Bended Top Christmas Tree

Bended Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #bend #decorhomeideas
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Renee Levesque

If your tree is too tall here is a creative idea – bend the top! Looks really impressive and unique. It would be too difficult to bend a real tree, so a fake one will do the job.

37. Christmas Tree With Village

Christmas Tree With Village #Christmas #tree #village #decorhomeideas
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Mike Guidry

“I worked on my parents Christmas village today, they do the tree and I do the village, the fence is very old and was under my mom’s parents tree, the village is ceramic buildings and lots of the trees have working tiny lights, also a few lawn ornaments light up as well.

The first few pictures show the basic layout, I use styrofoam from the house boxes to make different height layers and then cover with snow, thus adding height as well as a place to hide all the wiring and power cords.

Then I took a few pictures after the lighting is complete, I use buffalo snow (looks like quilt batting but made for holiday decorating) to hide any wires as well as make the transitions of height look more natural.

I make it different every year and hope you enjoy seeing my thought process and work 🌲🌲🌲😁😁😁 new this year we’re some pink flamingos for mom 🦩🦩🦩😁😁😁” – says Mike.

38. Sea Glass Christmas Tree

Sea Glass Christmas Tree #Christmas #tree #seaglass #decorhomeideas
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This Christmas tree is made of sea glass, seashells and other starfish. They are handmade and you can check the price here or you can read more about it here.

39. Beautiful Christmas Tree Village

Christmas Tree Village With Train
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Kwinn Gooch

While it is extremely heavy and won’t work on a traditional tree stand, it’s amazing.

40. Christmas Tree Teepee

Christmas Tree Teepee
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Shawna Malone

I have an adult daughter that always slept under the Christmas Tree when she was little. Sometimes I moved her to her bed, and sometimes I just left her until morning.

41. Fishing Rod Christmas Tree

Fishing Rod Christmas Tree
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Get creative with fishing rods and create your dream Christmas tree. I’m sure folks that are keen on fishing would love that.

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