40 Beautiful Rustic Christmas Table Settings To Bring More Warmth To The Holidays

Rustic style is the coziest of all and choosing it to define the tablescape on Christmas eve will ensure that warmth, coziness and charm will be easily felt in the air and seen on the table.

Another advantage of the rustic style is its affordability. What does this mean in the context of your Christmas decor?

Best Rustic Christmas Table Settings. Rustic Christmas style is a very cozy one, it’s inspiring and inviting. Let's see how you could decorate your Christmas table in this style with these rustic Christmas Table Settings. #decorhomeideas

It means that you can gather pinecones, cut some evergreen and berry twigs and transform them into a lovely centerpiece. Add candles, ornaments, reindeer figures to embellish the natural arrangement.

You can even add small evergreen trees to your table! Put them in pots, in vases or in a wooden box. You can find more ideas and inspirations for rustic Christmas table settings below to create a special atmosphere for your guests and family!

1. Create an Enchanting Display with Your Tablescape

Add More Glam With This Tablescape #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

This is an adorable table setting that requires no effort or investment.

Gathered pinecones and pine tree twigs are arranged on a wooden cut board to act as a festive centerpiece with a natural look.

2. Elevate Your Christmas Mood with a Rustic Festive Tray

Berries And Pinecones #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

If you have a handmade wooden tray like this one, you must take it out on Christmas eve and turn it into your rustic centerpiece. Add natural elements like passion fruit, berry twigs, pinecones.

The vivid red and green colors will enhance the cheerful mood.

3. Bring Rustic Elegance with Tree Stumps Candle Holders

Chic And Cozy Rustic Tablescape With Tree Stumps #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

Logs are cut in different heights to create a tablescape with a tiered effect. Candles in jars are placed on each log and surrounded by green moss and pinecones.

Once all candles are lit, the atmosphere brings the Christmas magic inside.

4. Add Texture to Dining Table with Burlap Table Runner

Christmas Table Setting With A Burlap Tablecloth #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

Burlap mats become the neutral rustic backdrop for red tableware and beautiful nature-inspired decoration. Boxwood twigs are tied with a piece of twine and hold a cheerful jingle bell.

The green color of pine needles combined with the festive red of the berry twigs enhance the rustic theme on the Christmas tablescape.

5. Get Style and Warmth with a Buffalo Check Tablescape

Christmas Table With A Buffalo Check Runner #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The classic look of the Buffalo plaid turns this tablescape into elegant decor. The black and white color match the neutral interior of the dining room.

It is interesting how every dining set is displayed- on a nicely polished slice of wood.

6. Define Table with Burlap and Evergreen Tablerunner

Christmas Table With A Burlap Runner #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

This welcoming rustic interior embraces the rough but welcoming texture of a burlap table runner.

The centerpiece continues the rustic theme consisting of a long pine garland making gentle curves where candles stand to spread gentle light in the air.

7. Make a Statement with Distressed White Candlesticks

Christmas Table With A Flocked Evergreen Runner #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

Wooden candlesticks with a distressed white finish become the centerpiece of the festive Christmas Eve table.

Green pine twigs with pinecones and a frosted effect embrace the candlesticks on both sides to welcome nature inside.

8. Create a Magical Atmosphere with Bottled Evergreens

Christmas Table With Evergreens In Bottles And Vases #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The neutral colors of this room make the perfect setting for a rich nature-inspired table setting. The fresh scent of pine twigs relates to winter and feels like the perfect decoration for a rustic Christmas.

Pine twigs alternate with grapevine to act as special table mats for the dinner sets. The center of the table is covered with a burlap runner. It sets the perfect backdrop for glass vases, white star elements and golden finished candles.

9. Evergreen Table Centerpiece with Woven Placemats

Christmas Table With White Woven Placemats #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The green centerpiece of this table makes the perfect match with the white placemats.

The grey hues of this evergreen kind create a point of interest and contrast with the white candles and the white dining sets.

10. Rustic Atmosphere with Burlap and Wooden Box Runner

Christmas Tablescape With A Burlap Runner And Napkins #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

Another rustic decor for Christmas Eve features a centerpiece in a wooden box. Three tiny pine trees alternate with white candles. The box is placed on a burlap runner with an inspiring inscription.

The placemats under the dish sets are also made from burlap. A charming buffalo plaid napkin stays on top of the dish to add color and cheer to this festive atmosphere.

11. Get Christmas Cheer with Evergreen and Baubles Runner

Christmas Tablescape With An Evergreen And Ornament Runner #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

This table runner is so charming! Instead of being made from a fabric, it is made from pine twigs, pinecones and festive ornaments.

The natural garland runs all along the center of the table to create contrast for the festive red candles and the white tableware.

12. Cozy Ambiance with Boxwood and Candles Table Runner

Christmas Tablescape With An Uncovered Table #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The decor of this room is very simple and yet succeeds in making the atmosphere very welcoming and festive. It consists of evergreen twigs and white candles.

Green boxwood sprigs peak peek out of the long wooden tray to let the white candles stand out. There is no tablecloth or a table runner on this table. Wood slices act as placemats of the dishes decorated with a short piece of a boxwood twig.

13. Set the Mood with Cinnamon Sticks and Scented Candle

Cinnamon Sticks And Gold Cutlery #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

Which are the scents for Christmas? Apple, cinnamon and pine tree. You can include them in your festive table setting easily. Prepare a fresh bouquet for every dish set consisting of a pine sprig and a cinnamon stick.

The apple aroma can be represented by scented candles added to the centerpiece.

14. Magical Christmas Tablescape with Mini Pine Trees 

Cozy Christmas Tablescape With Mini Trees #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

This centerpiece idea leaves the tablecloth and the table runner out of the tablescape. Mini pine trees become the focal point of the festive table. Each pot is wrapped with a burlap piece of fabric that matches the dish napkins.

The gaps between the trees are filled with pine and boxwood twigs. Here and there, there are glass jars holding fairy lights to add the magical element of Christmas to the rustic decor.

15. Rustic Uncovered Table with Buffalo Plaid Runners

Cozy Rustic Table Setting With An Uncovered Table #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The uncovered wooden table sets a warm and welcoming vibe in this place. A buffalo plaid table runner gives the tablescape a cheerful pop of color that also makes the perfect backdrop for the rustic centerpiece.

It is featured by three farmhouse elements- glass jars with candles, tree stumps acting as pedestals and tiny pine trees.

16. Bring Nature to Your Table with Potted Evergreens

Evergreens In Pots #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The rustic table setting looks best when there is no tablecloth. This lets the natural look and natural elements stand out which is at the core of the rustic style.

Evergreen topiaries are placed in terra cotta pots to act as a centerpiece. Red bows are tied under the boxwood spheres to increase the holiday vibe and to match the napkin embellishments.

17. Get Trendy Look with Checked Buffalo Plaid Tablescape

Farmhouse Christmas Table With A Plaid Tablecloth #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

This gorgeous buffalo check tablecloth lets the vivid red pedestal stand out to make the Christmas Eve dinner cozy and festive.

Woven placemats stand out against the black and white to hold the dish sets. Each is given personal care with a nameplate placed in the center of an evergreen wreath decor.

18. Add Rustic Charm with a Galvanized Bucket

Green Plates And A Bathtub With Mini Christmas Trees #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

This rustic Christmas tablescape features a white table runner setting the perfect backdrop for a vintage centerpiece. A large galvanized bathtub holds tiny evergreen trees.

Green plates and white napkins continue the color theme in the same rustic style.

19. Table with Birch and Berries Lantern Centerpiece

Lantern With Berries And A Stump Candleholder #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

 A white fabric runner sets the place for the special Christmas dining table decor. It is represented by an evergreen wreath nesting a glass lantern. The transparent sides reveal a lovely nature-inspired arrangement from berries and a stump.

The red color acts as an accent on the farmhouse napkins and on the dish mistletoe embellishments.

20. Eerie Ambiance with Candle and Evergreen Tablerunner

Lots Of Candles And Evergreen Touches #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

This stylish rustic decor is simple to make. A garland from evergreen twigs acts as a table runner. Its embellishments are lots of candles and tiny stumps.

They frame the natural garland to give it a finished look and to spread gentle smooth light.

21. Spruce Up Decor with a Lush Wooden Box Centerpiece

Lush Rustic Christmas Tablescape #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

Lush rustic Christmas tablescape is equal to loads of greenery. The centerpiece is represented by a wooden box holding a bouquet of evergreen sprigs, berry sprigs and large pinecones.

White pillar candles peek out the greenery to add the white color as an element of the decor.

Thre green, red and white motifs continue to appear on other table elements.

22. Woodland Runner with Pinecone and Evergreen Trees

Modern Rustic Christmas Table With Bells #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The modern twist in this rustic Christmas tablescape is the grey color. It is very trendy and it gives the old elements a fresh look.

The centerpiece of this decor idea consists of tin pots with small evergreen trees. The interest is created with the way they are arranged in height.

Big pinecones fill the gaps between the pots placed on a white fabric table runner.

23. Add Splendour with a Nordic-Inspired Tablescape

Nordic Rustic Tablescape #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The modern simplicity of the Nordic style can be seen and felt on every holiday, including Christmas. The centerpiece is represented by a large pine garland acting as a table runner.

It goes together with its standard embellishments- pinecones. White votives and pillar candles alternate to give the centerpiece a pop of bright winter color and height.

The grey napkins, the black dishes and the golden tableware represent the contemporary trend.

24. Upgrade Christmas Table with Stylish Nordic Tablescape 

Nordic Rustic Tablescape With An Uncovered Table #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

Another Nordic tablescape idea for Christmas features an interesting arrangement of the dish set. The charger has an interesting shape with its rim. It is black and wide to hold two smaller white dishes in the center.

The stylish color combination of the dishes has inspired the embellishment of the set. A black and white ribbon goes around the dishes as if it wraps a gift. A bare sprig with pinecones adds the final touches of the personalized festive tablescape.

25. Embrace Minimalism with Plaid Runner and Snowy Trees

Plaid Runner, Woven Placemats, Snowy Christmas Trees #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

Making a rustic tablescape for Christmas eve is so easy and has a gorgeous impact on the interior! A buffalo plaid table runner sets the typical Christmas colors on the table.

Woven placemats distinguish the persons’ places and small evergreen sprigs make them special.

26. Add a Pop of Color to Your Tablescape with Red Accents

Red Accents #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The simpler tablescape can easily accommodate a bright accent as this rustic Christmas decor proves! A burlap table runner sets the neutral background for an evergreen garland. The curves make spaces for pinecones and pillar candles.

The accent of this idea is the red colored napkin. It sits in the center of the dish, held by a pinecone ring. The texture of the fabric and the way the napkin is shaped reminds a lot of a poinsettia.

27. Be Charmed with Wooden Box with Red Jar Luminaries

Red Candles In Jars #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The red color in this tablescape idea balances with the green and brown color of the natural elements included. Mini Christmas trees stay on both sides of a farmhouse wooden box.

The box holds red candles in various jars placed on a layer of evergreen sprigs with pinecones.

28. Create Focal Point with Rustic Clay Vase and Ornaments 

Rustic Centerpiece With Green Plant #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

A fabric table runner adjusts to the dark color of the centerpiece. A large clay vase holds a pinecone bouquet. Matte green and silver ornaments are spread around the glazed vase to give it a festive look.

Woven placemats enhance the rustic decor theme and make each seat very welcoming and special.

29. Create a Rustic Atmosphere with a Wooden Tablescape

Rustic Christmas Table With An Evergreen And Pinecone Runner #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

Every element of this tablescape is unique and in combination, they create a special atmosphere for the holiday eve. The long evergreen garland acts as a table runner. It sets nature as the theme of the decor.

Wood slices act as placemats on which dishes with natural imprints hold a personal card with a deer.

The amber glasses are antique and displaying them means that the occasion is very special. The design of the tableware is very rare and it enhances the feel of uniqueness.

30. Elegant Tablescape with Golden and Silver Tableware

Rustic Christmas Tablescape With Gilded Chargers #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The rustic tablescape can be very chic. Just use tableware that has a golden or silver finish. The sleek finish of the metal adds instantly the feel for luxe.

The golden finish can be seen also on the rims of the glasses, on the ornaments on the chair wreaths and around the evergreen runner.

It is an interesting idea how the dish sets have been decorated. A cinnamon stick, an evergreen sprig are tied on the white napkins with a piece of twine.

31. Add a Touch of Glamour with a Vintage Tablescape

Rustic Vintage Christmas Tablescape #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

This uncovered table displays a charming vintage item acting as a centerpiece. A galvanized bucket holds four pillar candles that set a calming cozy atmosphere.

White plates sit on clear chargers to match the clear glasses.

32. Silver and Evergreen Runner with Black Accents 

Silver Ornaments, Vases And Black Napkins #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

This tablescape is given a chic look with textured glasses and silver accents. The evergreen centerpiece is decorated with small silver baubles. Three tall candle holders with a metallic finish surround a silver statue of a deer.

The tableware is placed in the center of a black napkin to continue the sleek motif.

33. Impress Guests with Wood Box Candle Arrangement

Simple Neutral Christmas Tablescape #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

 The neutral colors of the tablecloth, the placemats and the plates let the centerpiece stand out. It represents a lovely handmade arrangement from evergreen sprigs, pinecones and berries.

Three descending in height pillar candles take the center of the wooden box where the arrangement stays.

34. Personalize Your Christmas Table with Printed Napkins

Use Printed Napkins #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The red and the gold colors are the accents of this rustic tablescape. We can see them separately on different elements and together on the printed fabric napkins.

Including fruits in the centerpiece is an inspiring decoration idea. Pears are added to the table runner and singly in the center of the plate to hold a label with the name of the guest.

35. Bring Warmth and Light with Red Candles

Use Red Candles #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

Red means Christmas and including it into your tablescape will improve the festive look and mood. The burlap table runner sets the rustic theme.

Evergreen twigs create a long centerpiece basis ornamented with silver baubles, pinecones and berries. Red candles are placed in a zig-zag pattern to give the decoration an interest in height.

36. Give Tablescape Whimsical Look with Wood Placemats

Whimsy Rustic Christmas Table With Wooden Placemats #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

Most of the ideas featured the burlap as the fabric for the table runner. Here, we see how good it looks like a table cloth.

Combined with a white fabric table runner, it creates a welcoming basis for the tableware. The plates are set on wooden placemats in the same neutral color palette. The golden finish of the cutlery acts as an accent that matches the color of the glasses.

The grey color of the other glasses coordinates with the centerpiece on the table.

37. Get the Perfect Tablescape with Natural Wood Slices 

Wood Slice Chargers #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The wood slices in this Christmas tablescape idea can be used as placemats or as chargers. They have a smooth finish that ensures giving them this new application.

Green sprigs, white pillars and votive candles give the wooden uncovered table a charming nature-inspired centerpiece.

38. Make Table Sparkle with Wood Chargers and Napkins

Wooden Slice Chargers And Printed Plates #Christmas #rustic #tablesetting #decorhomeideas

The wood slices used as chargers look perfectly with red and green. The plates are printed with holiday motifs which quickly make the table festive and attractive.

The napkins add a personal touch to the holiday dinner with the embroidered initials.

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