26 Inexpensive Rustic Christmas Ornaments That Are So Adorable

Rustic Christmas decorations turn your home into a cozy, inviting getaway from the rest of the world.

As you’re planning how to deck the halls, don’t forget about the tree — rustic ornaments are the finishing touch that ties everything together.

Best Rustic Christmas Ornaments. Do you love that rustic, country look, and want to add a bit of comfy, warmth to your Christmas decorating this year? These adorable Christmas ornaments will make your home cozy and warm. #decorhomeideas

These 25+ ornaments can take your tree from good to glorious, all without breaking the bank.

1. Capture the Magic of Christmas with Bauble Ornaments

Christmas Bauble Gingerbread #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Gingerbread cookies are an enduring symbol of the Christmas season.

Here, they combine with another classic: the Christmas bauble ornament.

The rich brown of the gingerbread fits right into your rustic theme, and the stunning white-icing decorations evoke the romantic charm of decades past.

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2. Add Rustic Texture with Unfinished Wood Snowflake Ornament

Christmas Bauble Personalized Snowflake #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Bring a bit of rustic texture to your tree with this stunning snowflake ornament.

Cut from pale wood and left unfinished, it plays beautifully against the green of your Christmas tree. The best part?

You can personalize it to match your individual style or celebrate a family member.

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3. Unique Rustic-Style Jute Ornaments

Christmas Jute BAUBLE Rustic Tree Ornament #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Rustic style is all about rough textures and natural tones — and these stunning jute ornaments fit the bill perfectly.

The traditional spherical shape calls to mind traditional Christmas balls, and the layers of wrapped jute add depth and dimension.

Tiny bits of crocheted lace add a hint of warmth and color.

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4. Elegant Country Home Ornaments

Country Home Twine Ornaments #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Soft and relaxed, these country home twine ornaments make a beautiful addition to your tree.

Simple shapes maintain the laid-back rustic vibe, and intricately wrapped twine brings just the right touch of texture.

We love the adorable cream-colored accents, which create a soft, elegant contrast.

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5. Detailed Animal Ornaments For Your Rustic Style

Decoupaged Wood Slice #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

These adorable wood-slice ornaments are sure to become an instant family favorite; the sweet winter scenes feature tiny animals rendered in impressive detail.

The warm colors bring out the natural tones of the tree and your other rustic decorations for a vibe that’s cohesive and impossibly inviting.

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6. Decorate Your Tree with Unique Denim Ornaments

Denim Christmas Tree Decorations #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

If you’re going with a cool-colored rustic theme, these clever ornaments are the perfect fit.

Each of the balls is covered by a collection of denim spirals, creating a lovely combination of dark and light blue tones.

Hang them on a tree or display them on a coffee table tray; they’re beautiful both ways.

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7. Acorn Ornaments to Make Your Tree Endearing

Felted Acorn Decorations #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Have you ever seen anything as cute as these tiny felted acorns?

With their soft cream and tan color scheme, they fit right into a modern-rustic theme.

Each one is tiny — they fit nicely on a miniature Christmas tree or the upper branches of your full-size tree.

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8. A Special Gift for First-Time Homeowners

First Home Ornament #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

If you or someone you love has just moved into their first home, this personalized Christmas ornament makes a thoughtful gift.

The vintage key signifies the home and adds to your rustic theme.

Each one comes with an embossed address tag that brings to mind the sweet memories of home in decades to come.

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9. Add a Touch of Elegance with Handcrafted Metal Stars

Handcrafted Metallic Wire Star #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Looking for a way to add sparkle and shine to your rustic Christmas tree?

These handcrafted metal stars have you covered. The wire gleams gently when you turn on the lights, adding a soft, subtle glow.

Since each star features a cage-style construction, they feel light and airy.

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10. Add a Vintage Charm With Distressed Wood Ornaments

Handmade Rustic Farmhouse Ornaments #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

If you love the rustic charm of a weathered fence or a vintage barn, these ornaments are sure to strike a chord.

Made from wood and accented with distressed paint, they’re a stunning representation of the relaxed style.

We love the pops of color in the tree, ribbon, and hanging loop.

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11. Create a Stunning Display with a Macramé Star Ornament

Macrame Christmas Ornaments #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Macramé is one of those timeless crafts that’s always in style. Here, rings of macramé knots become stars with a bit of clever trimming.

Tiny red berries and green leaves add just the right pop of color on the crisp white thread, and the entire thing looks stunning against the needles of your Christmas tree.

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12. Adorable Felt Donkey Christmas Tree Ornament

Needle Felt Donkey #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Infuse a bit of fun into your Christmas tree with this adorable little donkey ornament.

It’s made from felt, so the surface feels soft and fuzzy to the touch.

With his sweet face and tiny hooves, this donkey will delight your littlest Christmas visitors.

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13. Contemporary Nordic Ornaments for a Rustic Vibe

Nordic Felt Christmas Decorations #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

If you have a modern farmhouse or a Scandinavian-inspired home, these Nordic Christmas ornaments will fit right in.

The soft, neutral colors look cool and contemporary, and the textured felt construction adds a distinct rustic vibe.

Hang them on the tree or display them around the house to add to the natural charm.

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14. Add Natural Style with Sheet Music Ornaments

Paper Christmas Tree Ornament #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

There’s something magical about sheet music, particularly when it’s paired with natural fibers.

Here, vintage-looking sheet music loops form simple floral ornaments. The soft shapes and classic color scheme are a lovely fit for a rustic Christmas.

Since the paper is so light, you can hang these ornaments from even the smallest branch of the tree.

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15. Get that Antique Look with Vintage Jingle Bell Ornaments

Primitive Crackle Tan Burgundy Stars #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

These stunning ornaments bring to mind imagery of vintage jingle bells or baby rattles.

The secret is the crackle finish, which exposes the darker color underneath and brings a stunning depth to the simple shape.

Slightly frayed gingham hanging loops complete the antique effect.

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16. Make Your Tree Sparkle with Red Frosted Pinecones

Red Frosted Pinecones #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Pinecones are a natural fit for a rustic Christmas tree — but if you want a new take on this classic ornament, head straight for these red frosted versions.

The color brings life and joy to your tree, all while preserving the natural shape and texture of the pine cones. Tiny burlap caps complete the down-home effect.

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17. Collectible Ornament for Vintage Vehicle Lovers

Red Truck Ornament #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

If you’re a lover of vintage vehicles, this sweet truck ornament makes a fun addition to your ornament collection.

The snowy, Old-World scene creates the feeling of holidays past.

Thoughtful details such as greenery, Christmas tree trim, and a tiny jingle bell give this ornament a designer twist.

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18. Rustic Heart Ornaments for a Cozy Christmas

Rustic Heart Ornaments #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Sweet and simple, these rustic heart ornaments can serve plenty of purposes this Christmas season.

Add them to your tree and enjoy the extra touch of texture, or tie them onto a gift as a replacement for a bow.

If you’re hosting a dinner, you can even add them to the place settings as a take-home favor.

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19. Perfect Ornament for a New Home’s First Christmas

Small House Ornament #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Celebrate your loved one’s first Christmas in a new home with this impossibly cute house ornament.

It comes painted with the current year, so the recipient will always remember the occasion.

With its metal handle and green-checked ribbon, this ornament fits into farmhouse, rustic, and country Christmas themes.

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20. Get Your Nature Fix with Wooden Mountain Ornaments

Snowy Mountain Ornaments #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Equal parts rustic and contemporary, these snowy mountain ornaments showcase your love of the great outdoors.

Each triangular mountain features a different wood-grain pattern, creating gorgeous contrast.

Hand-painted snowy peaks call to mind the chilly winter weather.

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21. Add a Touch of History to Your Tree Decorations

Vintage Christmas Heart #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

This vintage Christmas heart brings a Victorian feeling to your Christmas tree.

The soft, muted colors complement a rustic theme, and the crinkled paper makes the ornament look as though it’s been handed down through the family for decades.

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22. Get a Laugh Every Time You Hang it on Your Tree

We Survived 2020 Christmas Ornament #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Are you looking forward to the end of the year?

Commemorate everything that’s happened — and remember it in years to come — with this hilarious ornament.

We’re willing to bet it’ll be the only ornament that features a roll of toilet paper!

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23. Personalize Your Tree with Customized Ceramic Baubles

White Ceramic Baubles #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

Give your tree a personalized look with these beautiful white ceramic baubles.

Each one is customized with the name of a family member, so everyone in the house can feel a bit of ownership over the tree and the season.

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24. Enhance Your Tree with Rustic Wooden Snowflake Ornaments

Wooden Snowflake Ornament Set #Christmas #ornaments #rustic #decorhomeideas

You’ll be all set for a rustic Christmas with this collection of wooden snowflake ornaments.

With their intricate details and crisp cuts, these snowflakes look sharp and festive.

The natural color tones down the ornate design to suit any type of tree.

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