25 Creative DIY Wooden Christmas Trees to Spruce Up Your Holiday Decor

If you’re not in the mood to have a bushy tree in your house this holiday season, a wooden Christmas tree is the perfect alternative!

Wooden Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular, transforming homes with their natural, splendid holiday display. They work perfectly indoors or outdoors, and you need only some wood scraps and a bit of creativity to get your project going.

Even better, you can find cheap wood, such as pallet wood and 2x4s, in various outlets if you don’t have general scrap wood at hand.

Explore 25 inventive DIY wooden Christmas tree ideas that will add a touch of rustic charm to your holiday decor. From pallets to driftwood, discover inspiration to craft your own unique Christmas trees and infuse your home with cozy and festive vibes.

Today, we’ve decided to share 25 creative wooden Christmas trees DIY ideas that will bring a rustic feel and transform your space with vintage refinement.

Take a look!

1. Top it Off with a Wooden Clothespins Star

wooden christmas trees diy 1


A greenery garland adorns this rustic, weathered wood plank Christmas tree, giving it a lively and sparkly touch.

White imprints of star decor act as ornaments, with a creative, wooden clothespin star topping off the tree with an ingenious festive touch.

2. Add Festive Charm with Your Mugs

wooden christmas trees diy 2


Adding Christmas lights to your wooden Christmas tree is an excellent way of creating a wonderful centerpiece.

The string lights on this wood pallet Christmas tree evoke a warm, soft glow while the cups act as ornaments, giving it that full masterpiece effect.

3. Personalize Your Porch with a Rustic Christmas Tree

wooden christmas trees diy 3


This farmhouse-inspired porch uses classic rustic Christmas decor to bring a homely ambiance.

A Christmas-themed burlap sack serves as the tree base for this whimsical wood Christmas tree, while plaid ribbons bring some color to the design. Firewood, a vintage sleigh, and other rustic decor enhance the farmhouse theme.

4. Create a Rustic Entrance with Wooden Christmas Trees

wooden christmas trees diy 4


Why settle for one tree when you can have three?!

This trio of wood pallet Christmas trees will adorn any indoor or outdoor nook you place them in. Having them in different heights is great for creating dimension.

5. Create a Traditional Holiday Look with Colored Wooden Trees

wooden christmas trees diy 5


Your wooden Christmas trees don’t have to be gloomy and dull.

With a little paint job, you can transform them into radiant decor pieces that will add merry to your holidays.

6. Go for an Elegant Monochromatic Touch

wooden christmas trees diy 6


The natural wood finish of this minimalist Christmas tree and star makes them lean more toward a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic.

Miniature string lights illuminate the tree with a subtle glow while ingrained stars give it that Christmas flair.

7. Spruce Up Your Table with a 3D Display

wooden christmas trees diy 7


Make your wooden Christmas tree the talk of the day with a 3D design.

This creative Christmas tree uses wood planks of different lengths to give it that extra-dimensional view. A garland of string lights makes it stand out even more.

8. Brighten Your Porch with Wall Christmas Trees

wooden christmas trees diy 8


For a more unconventional take on wooden Christmas trees DIY ideas, use your tree(s) to adorn your walls.

A modicum of colorful fairy lights drapes these rustic wooden Christmas trees, instantly elevating this house’s industrial farmhouse exterior.

9. Add a Mid-Century Modern Feel with Your Tree Decor

wooden christmas trees diy 9


This chic wooden tree uses classic Christmas decorations, creating a warm, nostalgic feel.

The string lights brighten the tree with an elegant, rustic feel.

10. Create an Enchanting Look with Black

wooden christmas trees diy 10


To stand out from the rest of the crowd, use a bold color on your wooden Christmas tree.

The black on this creative wooden tree utilizes the light from its surroundings to become even more prominent and acts as a perfect backdrop for other Christmas-themed decor.

11. Welcome Your Guests with a Massive Wooden Tree

wooden christmas trees diy 11


Let your guests walk into a festive holiday environment with your wooden Christmas tree.

The light natural wood finish on this outdoor Christmas tree gives it a warm rustic feel while the different colored fairy lights add color and sparkle.

12. Bring Some Life to Your Tree with Planters

wooden christmas trees diy 12


Make your wooden Christmas tree more eco-friendly by turning it into a lovely planter!

Small galvanized planters hang on this slender wood tree, and two garden lamps are the primary light source. Once your plants or flowers grow, your tree will become the epitome of rustic Christmas elegance.

13. Cozy Up Your Porch with Wooden Christmas Decor

wooden christmas trees diy 13


Classic Christmas decor should always be in your holiday decorating plans – they are very easy to style!

White bright LED lights illuminate the tree and surrounding accents in this cozy festive corner. A lovely red bow acts as the topper, while some red poinsettias, a Rudolph the Reindeer figurine, and a snowman-themed wood art adorn the snowy tree skirt.

14. Achieve Minimalism Elegance with Symmetry

wooden christmas trees diy 14


The wooden Christmas trees in this design use symmetry to achieve a clean, cheery look.

The string lights on both trees have a similar pattern, creating a cohesive look. Pinecones at the trees’ bases enhance the scene’s rustic theme.

15. Embrace the Holiday Spirit with a Tinsel Garland

wooden christmas trees diy 15


This lush tinsel garland brings the feeling of a real Christmas tree to this crafty wooden Christmas tree.

The globe string lights add a glamorous touch to this woodland-themed tree, while baubles complement the garland and add color.

16. Elevate Your Wooden Christmas Trees DIY with Fabric

wooden christmas trees diy 16


The buffalo check ribbons on these weathered wooden Christmas trees provide a rustic feel that works excellently in traditional settings.

The ribbons contrast perfectly with these whitewashed wood trees, adding color and breaking up the palette nicely.

17. Make a Statement with Your Wooden Christmas Tree

wooden christmas trees diy 17


Don’t be afraid to take the maximalist approach for your wooden Christmas trees DIY ideas: it’s a great way to add color and shine that will brighten your holidays!

String lights, faux snowflakes, gnome decor, and figurines give this tree a polished feel, adding warmth to this modern space.

18. Pair Black and White for a Contemporary Look

wooden christmas trees diy 18


Pair your wooden Christmas tree with a creative wooden snowman for a full-on woodland-themed Christmas holiday.

This black wooden tree acts as an extra decor element for the already draped greenery trees in the background and contrasts nicely with the black-and-white wooden snowman.

19. Bring a Magical Holiday Touch with Faux Snow

wooden christmas trees diy 19


The warm string lights and hanging snowflake accents add instant rusticity to this simple wooden Christmas tree.

A faux snow tree base gives the tree a wintry feel and adds color to the muted palette.

20. Celebrate the Holidays with a Wooden Centerpiece

wooden christmas trees diy 20


The distressed wood used for this wooden Christmas tree makes it a notable focal point in this yard.

This idea is a great example of achieving rustic Christmas elegance with a simple DIY wooden tree.

21. Enhance Contrast with Wooden Slats

wooden christmas trees diy 21


This remarkable wooden Christmas tree combines wooden slats of light and dark grain color to create a beautiful contrast that elevates this porch with a contemporary rustic feel.

A rustic, dark-colored wooden star rests at the top of the tree, while a light-colored wooden square base gives the tree a soft, rustic feel.

22. Add Sparkle with Colored Wooden Christmas Trees DIY

wooden christmas trees diy 22


For a bold, colorful Christmas look, try going for colored wooden Christmas trees.

Wooden Christmas trees are perfect for rustic, whimsical decor and are easy to decorate. Top your tree with a bright-colored star and incorporate string lights to add some festive glam.

23. Create a Charming Christmas Display with Wooden Trees

wooden christmas trees diy 23


Embellish your porch with wooden Christmas trees of different wood finishes to add soft, rustic touches to your holiday decorating.

This pair of wooden Christmas trees bring rustic Christmas energy to this outdoor space, with some planter accents breathing some life into the setup.  

24. Add Plants for a Unique Holiday Look

wooden christmas trees diy 24


Provide some company to your wooden Christmas tree with touches of nature for a natural, lively feel.

The Monstera plant collection in this vibrant nook adds the much-needed color for the wall Christmas tree to stand out. Hanging metallic ornaments add sparkle to the tree, and the string lights lend a slightly rustic feel with their warm glow.

25. Achieve a Rustic and Stylish Look with Different Patterns

wooden christmas trees diy 25


Take it up a notch and use different-patterned wooden Christmas trees for a contemporary woodland-themed holiday.

Evergreen plants with radiant red bows and galvanized planters complement these modish wooden Christmas trees, creating a rustic look that works like a charm on this cozy porch. 

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