21 Whimsical Christmas Village Display Ideas for Family Festivities

Enchant your home or space and have your own winter wonderland. Create a festive scene atop your mantel, bookshelf, table, credenza, or other corners of your home and create that cozy festive atmosphere.

Beautiful Christmas village displays provide a ton of family-friendly enjoyment during the holiday season.

It is a perfect mood setter that will have both children and adults taking pleasure in constructing a festive village display.

Elevate your festive décor with 22 enchanting Christmas village display ideas that promise to captivate your family's holiday spirit. Explore imaginative setups and bring the magic of the season to your home.

With these 21 Christmas village display ideas, you can set up an arrangement to keep the holiday magic alive, no matter how big or small of a space you have. 

1. Christmas Village


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Create a Christmas village scene on any surface you find suitable with different pieces such as little houses, a church, and little figures of people, snowmen and animals. Add some fairy lighting for that winter evening glow.

You can use ready-made scenery pieces you can find in stores and add some DIY pieces of your own to make it extra special.

2. A White Village


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A simple ceramic candle house arrangement is enough to create a small village display without having too much going on.

When the candles are lit, you immediately have an enchanting glow to your snow-white village. You can always scatter battery-powered fairy lights if you don’t want to use candles.

This is a minimalist look that is perfect for neutral tones.

3. Festive In Red And Green


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For Christmas, you can never go wrong with a color palette of red and green, it’s traditional. If these colors don’t go well with the color scheme you have going on, you can always try a more neutral one.

The main idea of this display is to use shelves or a spare dresser to create a village scenery with all sorts of different small Christmas elements and natural-looking frosted greenery.

This is perfect for showing off your collection if you have one.

4. A Storyteller


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If you love Christmas stories, this is the perfect display for you. Have your favorite Christmas characters come alive!

You can buy ready-made sets or compile the elements separately all you have to do is get your snow ready.

To create your frosty surface base, you can use baking soda and shaving cream or snow spray.

5. Woody & Rustic


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Drift away from the traditional color scheme and create a woodsy rustic display with handcrafted items.

The natural beauty of rich green woodland foliage, soft wooden, burlap textures, cute handcrafted angels and trees create a wintery northern hemisphere.

Subtle copper and bronze accents and neutral, natural-colored tree decorations are complimented with a luscious green wreath and common woodland items such as pinecones, twigs and twine.

6. Cozy Winter Village


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Set a snowy cotton base on a side table and lay out your cute miniature Christmas village.

Use faux trees, figurines, and signage to bring the scene to life. You can use LED-lighted Christmas houses for that magical glow.

7. Christmas Corner


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For this display, you will need a free corner and a tiered corner shelving to layer your wintery scenes.

The moody black sides are a perfect winter night sky and the white shelves have a snowy base.

Having that ready, all you need is to get your imagination going and create your display from top to bottom. You can even use this display instead of having a Christmas tree.

8. Christmas Magic


via @thisoldbrickhouse

Create a magical Christmas atmosphere atop your credenza.

Use brassy elements like trees to accent and shine your village setup. You can display wooden or paper cutouts and closed houses. There are DIY ones available if you have time to be more creative.

For visual interest and balance to your display and different-sized pieces, it is always good to have a central piece.

9. Charming Scenery


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Set the mood with romantic Christmas scenery.

Arrange a cute setup with a tree, snowmen, children, and other figures. To give the flat base some depth and a more realistic look add some cotton in places.

10. Natural And Woody


via @homeofthebryants

This is a very easy setup in which you can use natural items like pinecones to scatter among different-sized wooden cutout houses.

Sprinkle some fake snowflakes and add some faux frosted trees. And there you have the perfect classic setup!

11. Ladder Set Up


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Something just about every home has is a ladder. Why not use it for your Christmas display? Add shelves to it and start setting up your Christmas town shelf by shelf.

You can go for this dark look or use white shelving for snowy winter scenery.

To make all shelves seem connected, wrap the ladder with pine faux garland stringed with fairy lights for that ambient glow.

12. B&W


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You can say goodbye to your glittery holiday ornaments and go for a contemporary black and white décor. Reach beyond tradition and let your decorative spirit flourish in the festive world of black and white Christmas décor! 

In this black and white holiday-inspired village the houses are positioned at different heights to create dimension. For this purpose, you can use wooden boards and blocks. Add among the houses some frosted trees, wreaths and faux pine to create that winter scenery.

13. Corner Tree Village


via @dwc_daveswoodcreations

Create a Christmas tree with leveled winter holiday scenery to give life to your corner shelves.

Wrap around the frame and add the baseboards faux pine and pinecones to outline your tree shape.

On each shelf make a white base and decorate with glowy houses, figurines and trees to create a Christmas village setting.

14. Full 360 Display


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This is an open rounded shelved centerpiece! A total 360-degree display covered in cotton and wrapped in pine garlands.

Each shelf is a village of its own which comes to life with the help of glowy houses and multi-colored lights. This display could easily be used instead of a Christmas tree.

15. Fun & Creative Village


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This is a fun way to implement non-conventional items and create your Christmas Disney mini wonderland.

If you don’t seem to have a lot of items to fill the space, combine traditional houses and trees with Disneyland Christmas popcorn buckets and hats.

Display everything on top of a cotton blanket with lights underneath it to create a frosty, shimmery winter scenery.

16. Magical Village


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This is a grand affair! If Christmas pieces are your weak spot, well, this is your opportunity to go all out and create a magical village.

Choose a suitable area in your home and level it in an almost amphitheatrical order with things like tiers and boxes. Cover them all with white fabric draping to the floor and get busy arranging your village.

Use as much as you have: enchanting characters, fairy lights, colorful buildings, and trees to arrange on top of faux snow. You’ll be amazed by your own Christmas Wonderland!

17. Wistful Village


via @mintybloomdesigns

To compliment your pastel, muted tones you can opt to use more natural-looking and wooden elements.

Arrange a little village with snow-dusted houses and lofty wooden trees at the sides on top of your credenza.

Place decorative elements on the wall on top, like beaded garlands and signage, to create varying heights.

18. Arctic Village


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If you don’t want a more minimalistic and neutral look, this is the perfect frosty village for you!

To give the flat surface height and imitate hills, you can place blocks and cover the whole surface with a cotton sheet. Place various shades of white little houses and trees on top with reasonably enough space apart.

Elements of shimmer like a brass framed mirror, compliment your winter wonderland and add a shine to your otherwise neutral look.

19. Vignette Upon A Shelf


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You can always find some spare space on a floating shelf to create a cute holiday scene. Create a cute and cozy holiday vignette like its place was always there.

You can never go wrong with some frosty trees, ceramic houses and garland wrapped at the base. To complete the look, pop in places with some faux pine to make everything seem part of the scene.

This village display can vary from a traditional red and green to a vintage one like the one we have here.

20. An Elevating Village


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A magical Christmas village on the snowy hills can be your idea of a Christmas display.

Create height on a flat surface with different-sized boxes and drape them over a snowy sheet. On each elevated surface, arrange your decorations and ornaments, put your trees on the slopes and place some sleds.

To make it all come alive, add fairy lights in places and a purple one for that whimsical out a story book scene.

21. Classic Village


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If you don’t want to be overwhelmed with color, you can go for this classic black and white palette and soothe the senses.

Arrange bottlebrush trees with ceramic houses of different heights over a cotton sheet. Underneath the cotton, place some lights and you will give the scene some depth glow.

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