6 Unexpected Christmas Decorating Spots for a Unique Festive Wonderland

“The more the merrier” is the motto we are going with and the fun and jolly side to it is that the modern Christmas décor doesn’t really have rules.

Your Christmas decorating doesn’t have to end with just your front door, living room and entryway. Why not start your morning in a festive bathroom?

Explore the charm of unconventional Christmas decor with 5 unexpected spots, creating a uniquely festive ambiance in every nook of your home. Discover inventive ideas for a holiday display that captivates and brings joy to every corner.

With the specifics of our day-to-day life and the way we use our space, we can appreciate a festive vibe by placing our Christmas décor in places suitable for our space to be seen, this means using the perfect unexpected places that work for your space.

Here are six unexpected places to lighten up with a festive vibe and set the mood.

1. Bedroom

christmas bedroom


Wreath, tree, lights and garlands, all in your bedroom! You can play around with them all in your bedroom and they are tastefully decorated to suit your style and color scheme.

Here is an example of how a bedroom with neutral hues is livened up by the Christmas decoration. Even just a wreath above your bed is enough to set the scene. Another option for your bed is to hang a garland on your headboard, it makes it look even more cozy.

A perfect place to set up a small Christmas display can be on your nightstand or dressing table. Also use twinkly fairy lights in places to create a warm and serene Christmas feel. To top it all, you could just add another tree to your home and have one in your bedroom, too.

2. Kitchen

christmas kitchen


Your warm and cozy place of preparation and gathering is just the place to make merry! You might be surprised how many kitchen Christmas décor ideas and decorations you can find. Any kitchen design and color scheme can be dressed to impress for the festive holiday!

You can start from taking out any Christmassy-themed kitchen items you have, even if it’s just a coffee mug or a cookie jar. Wreaths go very well on places like cabinet doors, above your stove, on chairs and as a centerpiece on your table.

Faux garlands, pine cones and a Christmas tree too! You can easily use the natural elements you have in your garden.

Festive foliage and wooden decorations are my favorite accent.

A natural garland made of dried fruits and pine cones is a perfect touch for that country house or rustic feel. A Christmas tree is not something for all, but since there are different sizes, you can add one in your kitchen for an extra mood setter.

Any suitable or unused countertop space is perfect for a Christmas display. A simple display of differently sized candles can add that Christmas touch.

3. Backyard

backyard christmas


The backyard doesn’t need to be neglected this time of the season. For some it is a place used for gathering, so you can liven it up for Christmas too.

A simple and easy way of doing so is to place twinkly lights to hang from somewhere. If you have a tree or a nice bush in your garden, you can decorate it as well.

An outdoor bench will go well with some Christmassy outdoor throw pillows for a cozy, festive touch.

4. Bathroom

christmas bathroom


This is the most unexpected place of all, yet it is a place that’s a mood-setter. Whether it’s the start of the day or anytime, entering the bathroom with the scents of seasonal aromas is a cozy feel.

You can give your bathroom a natural authentic touch with some faux foliage and flowers. A fresh eucalyptus can be perfect for an accent on your mirror and it will add a wonderful smell to your bathroom too.

To make it even more festive, swap out your towels and mats for Christmas-themed ones or if you want a more subtle look, you can always opt for rich seasonal colors like greens and reds.

5. Home Office

christmas home office


Working from home has become more popular, so why not get set for the season with a festive home office décor!

You don’t have to do much to have that joyful feel. Simply add a wreath or some seasonal greenery. An ornament or two on a shelf will also add a joyful touch. Twinkle string lights go well anywhere whether it’s your window or bookshelf and they are a good option if you don’t want to have too much scattering around.

Decorating your home office for the festive season will give your working space a more pleasant and cozy atmosphere.

6. Balcony

christmas balcony


Your balcony can be just as cozy and merry as the rest of your home. It is becoming increasingly popular to decorate your balcony, especially if you’re living in an apartment space and it’s your only open area.

Place some Christmas throw pillows and a blanket on your chair or bench and make your balcony just as warm and cozy as being inside.

If you have enough space, you can add a real tree and even without decorating it, it’s enough to make your balcony festive. Any seasonal greenery will also do and of course, some fairy lights will make your balcony twinkle with charm.

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