25 Elegant Christmas Entryway Table Decor Ideas to Welcome Guests with Festive Flair

Let’s explore our collection of captivating entryway table decor ideas. Each of them can brighten up this space and turn it into an enchanting part of the home.

Some of the ideas are simple to match the existing decor, others are lush to make a cold entryway spectacular.

Elevate your entryway with 25 enchanting Christmas decor ideas for your table, creating a warm and inviting welcome for your holiday guests. From shimmering candle arrangements to lush greenery, discover inspiration to adorn your entryway table with seasonal charm and elegance.

Keep reading to view our 25 Elegant Christmas Entryway Table Decor Ideas to Welcome Guests with Festive Flair.

1. Scented Garland Idea

christmas entryway table decor 1


Add a garland with dried orange slices that give a pop of color to the greenery and also spread a lovely scent. The surface of the chest of drawers is used as a display for family photos in the holiday theme.

They complement the pile of books in the home theme.

2. Pine Tree Garland With Berries

christmas entryway table decor 2


This entryway table is used as a display for seasonal decoration. Tree statues in neutral colors stay on the lower level together with a pair of burgundy reindeer.

This color is the accent in the arrangement, seen also in the berry ornaments on the green garland above the rustic window and the trees on the top surface of the table.

3. Christmas Tree To Match The Decor

christmas entryway table decor 3


The modern ambiance of this entryway is complemented by a gorgeous Christmas tree for the winter season. It features silver and burgundy decorations in a spiral alignment.

The red hue defines also the decoration on the entryway table to create together with the tree festive atmosphere.

4. Simple Decor

christmas entryway table decor 4


Paper trees, a pair of metal reindeer, a garland with fairy lights and bells are simple but appealing decor pieces that give the entryway festiveness.

The neutral colors of the ornaments match the existing modern farmhouse interior and are complemented by the bold red color which is traditional for the Christmas holidays.

5. Elegant Decor

christmas entryway table decor 5


This earth-toned Christmas decor complements the overall farmhouse style of the interior. Tree statues with different textures are aligned along the top surface of the console table to form a whimsy forest.

Tall metal candleholders and antique copper bells create a visual interest in the arrangement and add a light motif to the winter decoration.

6. Matching Garland And Christmas Tree

christmas entryway table decor 6


In case your entryway is clean and simple, you can afford lush decoration. A Christmas tree in the entryway will set your entire home in a festive mood.

It has built-in lights and is decorated with gold leaves and silver organza bows. The staircase is adorned with a green garland with ornaments in the same colors.

7. Bell Accents

christmas entryway table decor 7


Jingle bells in antique shapes are the accents in this entryway Christmas decor. They are tied together with red velvet ribbons to pair with the tree ornament on the console table.

The rest of the decorations are simple and nature-inspired to cohere with the overall style.

8. Antique Flair

christmas entryway table decor 8


In this entryway arrangement, the focal point is vintage bells tied together with a brown silk bow. The decoration on the rustic console table sets a welcoming and warm feeling with the group of lit candles.

A pair of bronze tree statues that pair with the finish of the bells stay on a pedestal made from books in the home topic. The vertical interest is continued with a large terra cotta pitch holding twigs with twinkle lights.

9. Nordic Decorations

christmas entryway table decor 9


Scandinavians know how to make the decor very inviting and cozy and this Christmas entryway decor idea proves it.

The decoration is centered around green pine tree decorations and neutral ornaments.

The Christmas tree with white, silver and black baubles and the white star and tiny house on the console table capture a typical Christmas scene but twisted through the prism of Scandinavian simplicity.

10. Decoration to Match Industrial Farmhouse Style

christmas entryway table decor 10


An evergreen garland dangles down a round industrial mirror to pair with the natural bouquet in the antique vase on the console table. A retro painting pictures a winter outdoor scenery to add a nostalgic memory of the Christmas expectations and to complement the winter theme set by the garlands.

The light element and the jingle bells are inseparable parts of this entryway decor idea represented by three antique candle holders and three oversized bells.

11. Light Up The Entryway

christmas entryway table decor 11


Give the entryway an enchanted Christmas look by decorating it with a group of candles. Place them next to a lush green garland and light the candles up.

The light will reflect on the mirror on the wall and will create that typical magic for Christmas.

12. A Quote To Remember

christmas entryway table decor 12


Some Christmas decorations are inspired by the Christmas carols. They can be in the shape of a sign or a banner. In this rustic arrangement, a quote from a carol is inscribed on a sign in a weathered frame.

The rest of the decorations are inspired by nature.

13. Nature-inspired Decoration

christmas entryway table decor 13


This minimalist decoration is perfect for the size of the entryway. It features a short pine tree and smaller decorations in white and black.

Keeping the color palette simple and neutral lets this small entryway feel airy and at the same time festive.

14. A Wreath To Hint That Christmas Is Coming

christmas entryway table decor 14


If you prefer delicate decorations that subtly hint that a season is coming, try this entryway decor idea.

The arrangement consists of a small pine tree wreath with a velvet bow, a pair of candles and a basket with a throw. They all highlight that winter has come.

15. Hang A Wreath On The Door

christmas entryway table decor 15


In an interior that has a character, be moderate with the Christmas decor or otherwise the space will feel too overwhelming.

In this entryway decor idea, the Christmas decor consists only of a pine tree wreath with an orange slice and a red bow. Despite its size, its colors and look bring a festive mood.

16. Add Fairy Lights

christmas entryway table decor 16


Fairy lights can make the simplest decoration more enchanting. In this entryway decor idea, a string of lights is woven around the pine tree garland on the console table to complement the twigs with built-in lights held by the rustic vase.

17. Subtle Decoration

christmas entryway table decor 17


In this neutral entryway decor, the winter theme is highlighted with subtle ornaments tucked among the existing decorations. A small reindeer porcelain figure stays on the lower level of the console table together with a tiny wooden tree.

On the top level, there is a tiny village house and a small Christmas tree. Compared to the rest decor elements, these are very small but they stand out by being in the Christmas theme.

18. Red, Green And White Decoration

christmas entryway table decor 18


The traditional red, green and white colors make this entryway cheerful for the coming Christmas holiday.

The decorations complement the existing farmhouse decor and give it a character.

19. Cabin-inspired Entryway Decoration

christmas entryway table decor 19


A lovely pair of reindeer figures looks at an oversized wreath decoration hanging from the coat rack of this entryway.

The traditional green wreath basis is decorated with a bow from buffalo plaid holding two antique bells.

20. Welcoming Decoration

christmas entryway table decor 20


If you prefer a subtle Christmas decoration for the entryway, check out this inspiring idea. The Christmas ornaments match the style and the colors of the existing entryway elements.

Only the red color is an exception, added to instantly anchor the winter theme in the arrangement.

21. Nutcracker Decoration

christmas entryway table decor 21


This tall nutcracker statue stays as a guard of the home. Next to it, there is a pair of lanterns with green and red decorations.

The staircase continues this trend with a long evergreen garland with ribbon accents from red and buffalo plaid patterns.

22. Black and Gold Decoration

christmas entryway table decor 22


The ornaments in this Christmas entryway decor idea are kept in the black and gold color combination to blend with the industrial farmhouse style of the space.

Two trees with built-in lights are placed in front of the mirror so that the light from them is doubled through the reflection on the surface.

Together with the Christmas baubles, the antique bells and the green garlands, this decoration makes the entryway elegant and cozy.

23. Green Decoration

christmas entryway table decor 23


This is another great idea for a subtle Christmas decoration of the entryway.

It features two rustic containers holding pine trees, a wreath on the mirror and a small Christmas village arranged on a wooden stool. The colors are neutral to blend with the existing decor.

24. Light Ornaments

christmas entryway table decor 24


Let your entryway sparkle with the magic spread by fairy lights and candles.

They light up the otherwise gloomy atmosphere set by the wooden planks on the walls and the neutral colors of the furniture.

25. Greenery With Red Accents

christmas entryway table decor 25


A simple pine tree garland with red bows is capable of making the entryway festive for Christmas.

You can place it over a mirror or on a shelf or adorn the staircase rail with it.

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