25 Creative Christmas TV Stand Decor Ideas: Where Style Meets Festivity

If there’s one thing I enjoy about the holiday season, it’s entwining myself under a cozy blanket while I enjoy my favorite classic Christmas movies, like Home Alone!

Decking your living room with Christmas decor, especially your TV stand, makes this feeling even better. Although it might be tricky to curate TV stands with Christmas decor, it still allows you to extend your Christmas display and fill your room with elegance.

Looking for stylish ways to decorate your TV stand this Christmas? Explore 25 creative ideas for Christmas TV stand decor. Elevate your home's festive ambiance with a touch of creativity.

From lush garlands illuminated by twinkling lights to enchanting miniature villages covered with snow, there are endless design possibilities for any aesthetic when decorating your TV stand.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of 25 creative Christmas TV stand decor ideas to help you jumpstart the festive season in style.

Take a look!

1. Spruce Up Your Space with a Bold and Natural Look

christmas tv stand decor 1


This retro-style TV stand builds the perfect base for creating a small Christmas scene. The black candlesticks and paper Christmas trees on each side of the TV add some depth and height to the setup.

The garland is draped in string lights and some vintage bells for a nonchalant feel, and the smart TV finishes the look with an amazing winter-themed display.

2. Add Sophistication to Christmas TV Stand Decor with Neutrals

christmas tv stand decor 2


This minimalist living room uses neutral tones to create a cozy and inviting look. The simple white Christmas lights on the garland and mini trees next to the TV stand add some extra light and charm to the setup.

The TV stand is adorned by deer figurines, a mini tree, and a bowl of pinecone ornaments, with the TV adding Christmas-themed art with a snowy scene.

3. Brighten Up the Scene with Fairy Lights

christmas tv stand decor 3


The tree on each side of the TV stand gives this setup a beautiful symmetry.

Since both trees and adjacent walls are draped in string lights, the decor on the TV stand is kept minimal, with some red and white stockings, a simple garland, candle votives, and a small Christmas village.

4. Bring the Christmas Magic with Red and White

christmas tv stand decor 4


This room embraces a red-and-white rustic Christmas theme by using embroidered red and white stockings on the vintage TV stand, a white garland festooned with red topiaries, and white votive candles.

The frosty tree matches the TV setup with red and white ornaments and ribbon garlands.

5. Bring the Scandinavian Feel to Your Home

christmas tv stand decor 5


In this room, muted tones of green and brown from the plants and TV stand bring a bit of color to the design, while the tree on each side of the TV stand adds some height. 

The vintage console, alongside the cascading garland embellished with cupcake Christmas trees, deer figurines, and white stockings, blends harmoniously with the rest of the room’s soothing palette and gives it a Scandi-style inspired take on holiday decor.

6. Make a Festive Statement with Rose Gold

christmas tv stand decor 6


This design takes a maximalist approach for its Christmas TV stand decor; placing your tree near your TV console is always helpful when there’s not enough room on your TV stand!

From the rose gold ornaments on the garland and the tree to the muted gray tones on the Santa figurines, TV stand, and wallpaper, every corner you look at is overflowing with Christmas spirit!

7. Adorn Your TV Stand with Minimalist Finesse

christmas tv stand decor 7


This living room uses simple greens to decorate the fireplace mantel so they don’t take attention from the TV.

The fern-filled vase complements the mantel garland, and the Christmas tree acts as a secondary focal point.

8. Elevate Your Decor with Simplicity

christmas tv stand decor 8


You can never go wrong with a minimalist approach. The frosted pinecone garland on the mantle, deer figurine at the base of the faux fireplace, and scenery from the TV give a festive albeit minimal nod to this neutral-toned formal living room and complement the tree.

9. Give Your Living Room a Rustic Contemporary Update

christmas tv stand decor 9


This mantel keeps its decor bright and neutral with white stockings, paper Christmas trees, a green garland, and some firewood.

Beside it, we have a rustic blanket ladder that provides a dark tone against the soft textures, giving you just the right amount of contrast while complementing the cable reel coffee table and its holiday decor.

10. Beautify Your Space with an Asymmetrical Garland

christmas tv stand decor 10


This mantle features an asymmetrical garland, an assortment of faux fur stockings, burlap ribbons, and some Christmas lights, which exude a clean Scandinavian aesthetic.

A candle on each side of the TV provides some height.

11. Elevate Your Home with Retro Charm

christmas tv stand decor 11


This TV stand (and the room in general) leans heavily towards a farmhouse-traditional Christmas theme with a garland filled with red and silver ornaments, a few nutcrackers, and miniature trees on the mantel.

The black fireplace surround and the TV perfectly contrast the wood background and decorations across the room.

12. Set the Mood with Your TV Display

christmas tv stand decor 12


This simple Christmas decor matches the farmhouse aesthetic of this rustic TV stand and the room’s overall design.

A display of firewood burning on the TV and a customized “Farm Fresh Christmas Trees” sign set the tone, while a simple green garland with pinecones adds a dash of greenery next to a gold-embellished Christmas tree. 

13. Add an Exquisite Touch with White and Silver

christmas tv stand decor 13


This TV stand pairs white furniture with warm, neutral tones to project a quiet elegance.

The frosted faux garland on the above-the-TV shelf and mantel, as well as the candle decor add depth to the composition, with the Christmas tree bridging the TV console’s white theme.

14. Create a Focal Point in Your Setup

christmas tv stand decor 14


This design uses a wreath above the TV to create a focal point and add dimension to the contemporary electric fireplace.

The lush garland on the wooden mantel complements the wreath, while the rustic bells, stockings, and lantern enhance the space’s vintage ambiance.

15. Bring a Cozy Ambiance with TV Stand Decor

christmas tv stand decor 15


This design features a homey Christmas mantel with a garland embellished with black and white ornaments and some candles, making the setup lean more on the wintry side.

The firewood in the faux fireplace adds a rustic and natural touch and complements the wooden mantel.

16. Deck Out Your Living Room with a Whimsical Display 

christmas tv stand decor 16


This fireplace mantel uses all types of decorations, from striped red-and-white stockings, red candle lanterns, and nutcrackers to a colorful cupcake Christmas tree, some greenery, and customized Christmas-themed signage, lending a cottage-inspired Christmas feel to the setup.

17. Impress Your Guests with a Minimalist Approach

christmas tv stand decor 17


This contemporary living room’s fireplace uses a faux snow pinecone garland with gold baubles, creating a sense of abundance and celebration. 

Paper Christmas trees, a nutcracker, a festive star, and a deer figurine adorn the base of the electric fireplace, keeping in line with the contemporary aesthetic.

18. Make the Most of Your TV Stand

christmas tv stand decor 18


If your TV shelf has open shelves below it, you can utilize this space for your Christmas TV stand decor ideas.

The top of the TV stand uses minimal decor, like a greenery garland with some fairy lights, while the open shelf below boasts an enchanting Christmas village. The wood finish on the console gives it a natural, organic feel that blends perfectly with the room’s palette.

19. Make a Huge Impact with Miniature Decor

christmas tv stand decor 19


These small decorative items, including framed pictures, nutcrackers, wooden candlesticks, and small Christmas trees, have been paired to create a spectacular display.

A lit, frosted garland accentuates the black TV stand, filling out the space and balancing out the composition.

20. Refine Your TV Stand with Lush Garlands

christmas tv stand decor 20


This black hutch cabinet uses Christmas decor to add a pop of color and enthusiasm to the room.

Lit garlands run across the cabinet at the top and below the TV, with faux mini Christmas trees, white stockings, and rustic bells accenting the lush greenery.

21. Enjoy Classic Holiday Movies with Rustic Decor

christmas tv stand decor 21


This rustic mantel sports a raw wood finish with a lot of natural appeal. 

The fern garland with holly berries, knitted stockings, wooden Christmas trees, rustic bells, a brass star, and dark gray fire surround all combine to complement this earthy aesthetic.

22. Take the Farmhouse Vibe to the Next Level

christmas tv stand decor 22


This black electric fireplace weaves bits of red and silver into the display to draw the eye to the TV. 

The display uses a mix of red and silver baubles, nutcrackers, and faux Christmas trees, alongside bright star accents and red and green-themed furniture, adding an extra layer of style.

23. Add Flair with Neutral and Bright Tones    

christmas tv stand decor 23


This vintage TV stand is topped with white decor pieces like a faux snow garland, small wooden houses, books, and a “Merry Christmas” signage, subtly contrasting the warm and light-toned furniture and floor.

The white Christmas tree uses oversized red baubles to add a pop of color to the design.

24. Escape Reality with an Enchanting Display

christmas tv stand decor 24


A bushy string of garland frames decor pieces on top of this black TV stand, such as deer figurines, white houses, and mini felt Christmas trees, while a trio of beige stockings and some rustic golden bells layer the design.

The TV perfectly displays the perfect winter-themed art that melds with the warm-toned walls.

25. Add Character to Your Home with Christmas TV Stand Decor 

christmas tv stand decor 25


This rustic electric fireplace uses shelves on both sides to elevate the Christmas spirit with unique elements.

Festive red and white stockings and Christmas gnomes fill the space with color, while some faux plants on the shelves add a natural feel to the TV setup. A customized rustic wooden sign above the TV, as well as framed pictures on shelves, also personalize the space in style. 

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