100+ Rustic Christmas Decorations For a Warm Cozy Home

There is something so magical and wonderful about decorating for Christmas!

A home always feels so cozy when the pine boughs are draped over the stair rail, the Christmas tree is up in front of the living room window decorated with everyone’s favorite handmade ornaments, and the glow of the lights is making everything merry and bright!

Best Rustic Christmas Decorations. Rustic Christmas Decor is creating a romantic, cozy and welcoming atmosphere in every home. See these beautiful ideas and start decorating today. #decorhomeideas

A favorite Christmas décor is the beautiful rustic look using lots of natural elements and making many of the decorations and ornaments yourselves.

This makes for a wonderful way to spend the day together as a family making ornaments and decorating your home.

Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Making rustic Christmas ornaments is always a favorite way to spend time together around the holidays.

One favorite ornament to make that is very versatile is to use discs cut from a tree branch that is a few inches in diameter.

Drill a small hole near one edge and string a ribbon through the hole. Tie a knot or bow in the ribbon for an easy way to hang your ornament with no hook needed once it is decorated.

Decorations for your wooden discs can be anything you like! A woodburning tool is a great way to make pictures, designs or write words on your ornaments.

If you don’t have a woodburning tool, paint or even a marker can also be used to decorate your ornaments and the possibilities for designs are only limited by your imagination!

A wooden disc can also make a simple yet beautiful rustic candle plate! Write one letter per wooden disc and hang the discs of wood from a doorway, railing or mantle to spell out a favorite Christmas saying or phrase.

1. Embrace Nature with Acorn Cap Ornaments

Acorn Cap Ornament #rustic #Christmas #decorations #decorhomeideas

If you go to the forest, you can easily find acorns and gather to make rustic Christmas tree ornaments. Remove the caps and glue them together in a globe shape. Add a hook from a piece of rope and decorate it with a bow.

via Sweet Something Design

2. Make a Rustic Candy Cane Ornament with Burlap

Candy Cane Ornaments #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

This candy cane Christmas tree ornament is so cute and easy to make. You can use an actual candy cane to wrap in rope or twist a piece of wire in the candy cane shape. Finish the ornament with a cute Buffalo plaid bow and a button.

via Sweet Miss Daisy

3. Add Sheet Music to a Cardboard Star

Cardboard Music Star Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

This paperwork star is a great DIY ornament you can easily make yourself. Cut a piece of cardboard in a star shape and then glue on it another smaller star cut from paper with music notes. Add a hook from a piece of ribbon and a bow from rope in the center of the star.

via Good Housekeeping

4. Transform Clothespins into a Rustic Snowflake

Clothespin Snowflake Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

This rustic ornament is made from wooden clothespins and a paper tag “Merry Christmas”. Glue the clothespin parts as you see them in the photo.

via Stephanie Lynn

5. Make a Statement with a Cornucopia Christmas Ornament

Cornucopia Christmas Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

Decorate the Christmas tree with a fresh forest bouquet. Gather tree and shrub twigs from the woods and arrange them into a paper funnel.

via Good Housekeeping

6. PersonalizeYour Holidays with DIY Fabric Ornaments

DIY Fabric Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

As easy as it looks, the standard baubles can easily be “dressed” in a rustic wrapping. All you need is a round piece of linen and a twine piece to tie the fabric.

via Shanty 2 Chic

7. Add Customized Charm with Etched Snowflake Ornaments

Etched Snowflake Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

Do you have a wood-burning tool? Then you can make yourself rustic ornaments for the Christmas tree. The slices are cut from a thick branch of a tree and then decorated with a winter-themed image.

via Design Mom

8. Make a Rustic Ball Ornament with Twine

Glitter Twine Ball Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

If you know the technique of making a rope chandelier, then you can make this globe for the Christmas tree.

via Thinking Closet

9. Style to Your Interior with Unique Jute Ornaments

Jute Ornaments #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

If you apply rope on a bauble using glue, you can get the perfect rustic ornament for the Christmas tree.

via Diva Of DIY

10. Transform Mason Jar Lid Ornaments with Buffalo Plaid

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

Mason jar lids are repurposed into Christmas tree ornaments by applying a piece of Buffalo plaid fabric on the lid and then gluing a wooden decoration in the center.

via Clean And Scentsible

11. Create an Inviting Home with Rustic Wood Slice Wreath

Mini Woodland Wreath Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

Another great idea for a DIY Christmas tree ornament is to make it out of branch slices. Glue them together forming a round shape and then decorate the circle at the bottom with ornaments. Berry twig pieces are perfect to finish the ornament.

via Thrifty And Chic

12. Assemble Sharp Carved Wood into a Rustic Star Ornament

Patchwork Rustic Stars #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

This is a patchwork star ornament that will give the Christmas tree a rustic touch. The pieces can be cut from reclaimed lumber or pallet wood. Once you are happy with them, assemble them in the star shape wire rings.

via Made To Be A Momma

13. Upgrade Your Pinecone Ornament with a Classy Bow

Pinecone Rustic Christmas Tree Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

As easy as it looks, a pinecone can become a fascinating Christmas tree ornament simply by adding a bow to its top.

via Make It Love It

14. Enhance a Twig Snowflake with Buffalo Plaid

Plaid Twig Snowflake Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

This snowflake made from twigs is decorated with Buffalo plaid fabric to stand out against the green pine tree backdrop.

via Pottery Barn

15. Build a Simple Sled using Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle Stick Sled Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

You can make this tiny but cute sled with popsicle sticks and hot glue.

via Serendipity Refined

16. Add Rustic Charm with Chalkboard Art Ornaments

Rustic Chalkboard Art Ornaments #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

These chalkboard ornaments make a small pine tree so merry with the quotes from Christmas songs.

via Clean And Scentsible

17. Illuminate Outdoors with Rustic Yarn Christmas Balls

Rustic Christmas Balls #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

Make the outdoors festive with handmade rustic lights. Similar to the twine chandeliers, make smaller balls and weave a string of lights around them.

via Splash Of Something

18. Deck Your Tree in Style with Rustic Flannel Star Ornaments

Rustic Flannel Star Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

If you are a person keen on sewing, you can make yourself cute star ornaments for the Christmas tree.

via Artzy Creations

19. Decorate Pine Cones into Snowy Ornaments

Snowy Pinecone Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

Apply Mod podge or school glue to the edges of the pinecone pieces and then dip them into glitter. The bigger the cone is, the better the final result will be.

via Miss Mustard Seed

20. Customize Ball Ornament with Rustic Burlap

Stamped Burlap Ornaments #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

These burlap ornaments are gorgeous. Imagine them hanging on the Christmas tree or on a Christmas wreath! Their rustic charm comes from the burlap wrapping which shows through Christmas-themed words.

via Bliss Bloom

21. Craft Colorful Rustic Stars using Wires

Star Wire Ornaments #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

These wire ornaments are another good idea for updating the Christmas tree look with rustic accents. To twist the wire into a star shape, you need to make a template with nails to which the wire is twisted.

via Alyssa And Carla

22. Adorn Your Tree with a Glossy Twig Snowflake Ornament

Twig Snowflake Ornament #Christmas #rustic #diy #ornaments #decorhomeideas

This charming handmade ornament resembles a snowflake from twigs. You can find supplies for it for free in the forest.

via U Create Crafts

23. Create Mini Twine Wreaths for Your Tree

Twine Wreath Ornaments #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

The smallest styrofoam rings are turned into cute Christmas tree ornaments. Twine is woven around each ring first and then it is time for the decorations. You can make felt flowers or glue small ornaments from the Dollar tree such as bells and bows.

via Love Create Celebrate

Rustic Christmas Tree Decorations

Rustic Christmas tree decorations are an essential part of the rustic décor as the tree is the focal point.

Using an antique galvanized tub or old antique suitcase or box is a beautiful idea for your rustic tree.

Burlap strips cascading down the tree gives the entire tree that rustic country feel. Wooden ornaments and strings of wooden beads are also a fantastic rustic touch.

24. Bring Holiday Spirit to Your Home with a DIY Rustic Tree

DIY Rustic Christmas Tree #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

In the post below you can find useful tips of how to make your Christmas tree more impressive and how to decorate it with rustic ornaments.

via Kristine In Between

25. Give Your Christmas Tree a Rustic Look with Burlap

Easy Rustic Christmas Tree #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

An easy way to give your Christmas tree a rustic look is to replace the garland with a strip from burlap. In case you have more of this fabric, wrap the basis of the tree to form a skirt. Don’t overdo the decoration with different sizes and types of ornaments. Keep the decoration simple.

via Crazy Craft Lady

26. Embellish Your Porch with an Upcycled Pallet Tree

Old Pallet Christmas Tree #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

The rustic Christmas decor will make the porch more inviting for the holidays. A tree from pallet slats is a great way to welcome guests, especially when it is painted in traditional colors and decorated with strings of lights.

via Jolene’s Crafting

27. Add Rustic Decorations to Your Christmas Tree

Rustic Christmas Tree Decor #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Another interesting idea for repurposing pinecones into Christmas tree ornaments is to add a silk bow to the bottom of the pinecone.

via Make It Love It

28. Uncover Timeless Charm with a Rustic Decorated Tree

Rustic Decorated Christmas Tree #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

If you want a rustic Christmas tree, use a maximum of two or three colors of ornaments. Make sure they are more neutral such as white, silver and brown to match the burlap garland and stockings.

via Lilypad Cottage

29. Repurpose Pallet Slats into a Rustic Christmas Tree

Rustic Pallet Christmas Tree #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Make an alternative Christmas tree from weathered wood to spread some rustic charm in your interior for the holidays.

via Her Tool Belt

30. Light Up Your Outdoors with a Simple Pallet Tree

Wood Pallet Christmas Tree #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Another non-typical Christmas tree idea represents an artistic DIY tree made from a string of lights stretched in the shape of a tree on a wooden pallet.

via Making It In The Mitten

31. Create an Enchanting Scene with a Christmas Village Tree

Christmas Village Tree #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

This is one of the best homemade Christmas decorations. If you love DIY projects and are looking for a fun way to spend your weekend with your family, try this Christmas tree decor idea.

Rustic Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Outdoor rustic Christmas décor is also beautiful and fun to make. A few outdoor rustic Christmas decorating ideas include painting on weathered wood, making Christmas trees or stars from old looking wood, and using antique sleds or snow shovels for decoration.

Pine boughs and lights are perfect for porch railings as well and are so easy to do. Twine or burlap bows or swags are the perfect rustic addition to the railings and are inexpensive to buy.

Make a Christmas star using five weathered boards and a few nails for the center piece of your outdoor decorations. Leave the star natural or add paint and maybe glitter.

Your star can either be hung prominently or propped up in a corner or against the house and will be beautiful all season long, no matter what the weather.

A Christmas tree made from weathered wood is also a beautiful and easy rustic decoration to make. You can then decorate your wooden tree by draping burlap, ribbon or even Christmas fabric and lights.

Be sure to use items that will hold up well outside. Prop an old wooden sled on your porch and your outdoor rustic Christmas décor is complete!

Now your porch is a great place for family Christmas photos in addition to looking like you are ready for a county Christmas to remember.

32. Decorate Your Door with a Rustic Burlap Wreath

Burlap Christmas Wreath Tutorial #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

With a styrofoam ring, you can make a customized welcome wreath for the winter holidays. To give it a rustic flair, wrap a burlap strip around it.

via Love Of Family And Home

33. Upgrade Lanterns with Burlap Pinecone Hanging Decor

Burlap Pinecone Hanging Decoration #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Make a quick and easy rustic decoration for the outdoor lanterns by adding a burlap bow with pinecones to the bracket letting the pinecones dangle.

34. Craft a Rustic Reindeer Using Logs

Christmas Reindeer from Logs #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

This reindeer can be a fantastic addition to the indoor and outdoor Christmas decor. Its body is made from logs and twigs. The added red scarf gives the reindeer a festive look so does the red nose ornament.

via Designer Trapped

35. Transform Your Home Decor with a Handmade Burlap Wreath

DIY Burlap Wreath #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Twist the traditional wreath through the farmhouse prism and use burlap and a white and red patterned ribbon to make a front door wreath.

via What’S Ur Home Story

36. Bring Nature Indoors with a Pinecone Wreath

Easy DIY Pinecone Wreath #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Or why not substitute all ornaments with natural elements? Instead of baubles, glue pinecones to the pine tree twig basis.

via Remodeloaholic

37. Upcycle a Galvanized Bucket into a Rustic Christmas Decor

Galvanized Christmas Basket #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

The bucket with logs can be used as part of the porch decor by adding a string of fairy lights, pine tree twigs and pinecones.

via The Polo House

38. Make a Rustic Joy Sign on Your Door with Burlap Backdrop

Joy Door Christmas Decor #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Upgrade the wreath by adding a burlap sign to it. Cut a piece of burlap as a strip and glue letters cut from red felt on it. Depending on the length of the strip and the size of the letters, you can spell also “merry”.

via Northora

39. Add a Small House to Your Rustic Wood Log Wreath

Little House Christmas Wreath #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

A small accent like a tiny house could turn your DIY Christmas project into a unique decor piece.

via Life Is A Party

40. Repurpose Mason Jar Lids into an Elegant Wreath

Mason Jar Lid Ornament Christmas Wreath #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Stack lids from jars in a triangular shape to mimic a Christmas tree. Cut the lids so that there is a hole to insert a bauble in it and hang them on the front door to welcome your guests with a unique wreath design.

via Funky Junk Interiors

41. Make Christmas Magic with Mason Jar Lights

Mason Jar Light For Christmas #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

An easy Christmas DIY project for the outdoors features Mason jars transformed into lanterns. Fill each jar with a string of lights and hang on a stand.

via All Things Heart And Home

42. Elevate a Rustic Sleigh Decor with Pine Cones and Fir

Outdoor Christmas Decor With Pinecones #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Give the vintage sleigh an upgraded rustic look by decorating it with pinecones and fir twigs.

43. Step Up Your Door Game with a Rustic Burlap Wreath

Rustic Burlap Christmas Wreath #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

You can make this rustic wreath with a styrofoam ring, burlap, berry twigs and a wood-cut element.

via The Crafting Nook

44. Enhance Your Porch with a Rustic Ladder Decoration

Rustic Front Porch Decor #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Looking for inspiration for decoration for the front porch? This arrangement looks amazing and is easy to make. Get an old ladder and use it as a stand to display Christmas ornaments.

via Ribbons And Glue

Rustic Christmas Table Decorations

A Christmas table decoration is a must and decorating with rustic Christmas décor is a simple and inexpensive choice.

A table runner can be made from any Christmas fabric or burlap. If your table is round, you can either drape a rectangular piece of your chosen fabric across the table or cut a round piece to either cover the entire table or act as a center mat.

A few small logs cut in varying lengths and tied together with twine can be used as a candle holder or just by itself for a nice centerpiece. Place some pine branches and pine cones around the base.

Another great rustic table decorating idea is to use a small galvanized tub or wooden bowl in the center or your table and fill it with handmade rustic ornaments, pine cones or pine branches and candles.

Make place mats with the same fabric as your table runner or use a different fabric or burlap. A sprig of holly with red berries on each plate adds some color and makes a perfect accent. Use twine to tie each napkin and set one next to each plate.

45. Illuminate Holiday Decor with Burlap Evergreen Candles

Burlap Evergreen Candle Christmas Decor #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Give the pillar candles a Christmas flair by adding a burlap piece tied with a twine length around them. Inserts a small piece of a pine twig between the burlap and the twine.

46. Make a Rustic Candle Table Runner with Pallet Wood

DIY Pallet Wood Centerpiece Box #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Have you already figured out the centerpiece for the Christmas holidays? If not, here is a gorgeous centerpiece idea made from pallet wood slats in a box shape and filled with candles, twigs and berries.

via Night Owl

47. Go Bold with a Rustic Log Table Centerpiece

Holiday Table Centerpiece #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

The handmade decorations add a personal touch to the interior. With this centerpiece idea, the atmosphere will certainly become more festive.

via Jenna Burger

48. Transform Vases into Rustic Decor with Branches

Pinecone Branch Vase Centerpiece #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Use natural gifts in winter to make unique Christmas decorations. Collect beautiful bare branches, weave strings of lights around them and place in a vase filled with pinecones.

49. Create an Enchanting Mood with Lighted Pine Cone Vases

Pinecone Vase Centerpiece #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Another decoration idea inspired by nature features vases filled with pinecones and strings of lights.

50. Uplift Kitchen Decor with a Rustic Wooden Tiered Stand

Rustic Wooden Tiered Stand #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Use the tiered stand in the kitchen as a display for Christmas decoration.

DIY Rustic Christmas Decorations

DIY Rustic Christmas decorations often involve the use of many different elements from nature. Pine branches, rough or weathered wood, pine cones, sticks, and acorns are all great things to use when making your own rustic Christmas ornaments and decorations.

The internet is absolutely bursting with suggestions and ideas for how to make your home look amazing at Christmas using these gifts from nature.

Gather your materials from your very own yard and get started! Pine cones make the perfect base for many rustic ornaments.

Whether you paint them to make them look snow-covered, or simply tie a ribbon or some twine into a bow around them, they will add rustic charm to any Christmas décor.

Mistletoe is a perfect touch to any Christmas décor and is a super easy DIY craft. All you need is some mistletoe and ribbon or twine. Tie the ribbon or twine around the base of the mistletoe sprig and hang in any doorway.

Add pine branches if you want your hanging decoration to be a little bigger. In addition to being beautiful and rustic, you might get a Christmas kiss from your sweetheart!

51. Sweeten Up Holidays with Burlap Candy Canes

Burlap Candy Cane #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

These burlap candy canes can be used as a front door decoration or an addition to the mantel decor.

52. Get a Festive Touch with Burlap Christmas Stars

Burlap Christmas Stars #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

These burlap stars are perfect to complete a Christmas decor arrangement in a rustic style.

via Coach Decor

53. Turn Logs into Rustic Candle Holders

DIY Rustic Wood Candle Holders #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Use short logs as candle holders. Simply drill out a hole in the center of each log where the votive candle will stay.

via Marty’S Musings

54. Countdown to Christmas with a Rustic Wall Clock

DIY Wood Clock Christmas Advent Calendar #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Count the days till Christmas with a special calendar in the shape of a rustic clock.

via Thrifty And Chic

55. Bring Rustic Decor to Life with Unique LED Lights 

Holiday Shapes LED Lights #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Any wooden piece part of your rustic decor for Christmas can be upgraded with the simple addition of fairy lights.

via Burke Decor

56. Create Rustic Lanterns with Scrap Wood

Lanterns from Scrap Wood #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

The light is a symbol of Christmas so any light elements are welcomed in the Christmas decor. Check the tutorial below about how to make these amazing rustic lanterns from scrap wood.

via Diva Of DIY

57. Embellish Your Mantle with a Pinecone Garland

Pinecone Garland #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a subtle mantel garland, make yourself one from pinecones.

via The Sweetest Occasion

58. Bring Texture to Your Space with a Burlap Garland

Pretty Burlap Garland Tutorial #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Or make a burlap garland. Its neutral color can complement a mantel decoration with natural elements.

via Simply Notable

59. Upgrade Rustic Stocking Holders with Holiday Art

Rustic Stocking Holder #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Create special holders for the stockings. All you need is scrap wood, paints and stencils in the winter theme.

via Honey Bear Lane

60. Give Holiday Decor a Rustic Twist with Small Wooden Trees

Small Wooden Christmas Trees #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Create a small rustic forest from Christmas trees cut out of wood. They have a weathered finish created by sanding down a white paint coat on the wood surface.

via Unfinished Wood

61. Light Up Your Tablescape with a Wine Bottle Candle Centerpiece

Wine Bottle Candle Centerpiece #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Another amazing rustic decoration that can be done with almost no investments. You need clear glass bottles, pillar candles, twine and pine twigs.

62. Upcycle a Wood Crate into a Decorative Faux Planter

Wood Crate Turned Faux Planter #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Give the plain crate a Christmas look by adding a wide Buffalo plaid ribbon around it.

63. Top Your Christmas Tree with a Wood Star Marquee

Wood Star Marquee Tree Topper #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

This star could be a great finish to the rustic decoration of the Christmas tree.

via Hello Life Online

Rustic Christmas Mantel Decorations

For a rustic Christmas mantle over your fireplace, drape a pine bough along the length of the mantle or place a few pine branches anywhere you choose.

A basket of pinecones is a beautiful centerpiece and can easily be made to look like they are covered in snow by dabbing a bit of white paint on the ends of each pine cone petal.

A string of white lights will create a Christmassy sparkle and a big bow (black and red checked would be beautiful) makes the perfect accent.

Red candles in different sizes are a welcome addition to this mantle! You can also hang your handmade ornaments from the mantle using twine. Now you have a rustic Christmas mantle and it did not cost a fortune.

64. Celebrate Holidays in Style with Unique Ladder Decor Accents

Christmas Ladder Decor #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Use a ladder to make a cozy Christmas decor arrangement compactly.

via Craft Berry Bush

65. Create a Rustic Winter Wonderland on Your Mantel

Christmas Mantel With Sign #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

This mantel decor is so inviting! The rustic flair of the arrangement creates a warm and cozy touch to the interior.

via The Kim Six Fix

66. Give Your Mantel a Rustic and Cozy Christmas Vibe

Cozy Rustic Christmas Mantel #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

The mantel is another important interior place where you should place Christmas decorations. Add a garland, stockings, a sign in the Christmas theme, a lantern and a wicker basket filled with cushions.

via Love Create Celebrate

67. Decorate Your Mantel with a Rustic Barn Sign

Farmhouse Christmas Mantle Decor #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Make yourself a sign to decorate the wall of the mantel. Use barn wood to cut out a small house. Paint it red and outline its elements with black paint. Add a tiny wreath to finish the house.

via Creative Ambitions

68. Accentuate Your Rustic Wooden Mantel Sign with Greenery

Nature Inspired Christmas Mantel #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Speak out your greeting for the holiday on a large rustic sign made from slats. You can leave the wood untreated, whitewash it or paint it with black chalk paint to match the existing decor.

via The Lilypad Cottage

69. Make a Joy-Themed Banner with Burlap

No Sew Joy Banner #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Another way to speak out a cheerful thought related to Christmas is to do it with a banner.

via Stone Gable

70. Make a Rustic Noel Sign with Creative Wooden Shapes

Noel Letters Mantel Christmas Decoration #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Add a personal touch to the Christmas decor with an initial sign.

via Elle

71. Add an Artistic and Rustic Reindeer to Your Mantel

Reindeer Christmas Mantel #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

The burlap banner in this mantel decor idea is complemented by a large reindeer statue from twigs. A large burlap bow is tied on its neck to match the rest of the decorations.

via Brandi Sawyer

72. Light Up Mantel Decor with a Christmas Lights Garland

Rustic Christmas Mantel #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Give the mantel garland an upgraded and more festive look by weaving a string of lights around it.

via Chic On A Shoestring

73. Make a Statement with a Rustic Glam Mantel

Rustic Glam Mantel #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

This white fireplace welcomes Christmas decorations in a snowy texture. Candles in jars, stockings and throws complete the rustic arrangement.

via Yellow Bliss Road

74. Personalize Your Mantel with a Rustic Chalkboard Sign

Rustic Mantle Christmas Decor #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Another idea for a personalized mantel decor features a chalkboard sign with a Bible quote.

via All Things Beautiful

75. Give Your Mantel a Vintage Look with Distressed Decor

Rustic Signs Christmas Mantel #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Make the atmosphere of the living room cozy for the Christmas holidays with distressed decor pieces.

76. Glamourize Your Mantel with a Rustic Woodland Joy Sign

Rustic Woodland Christmas Mantel #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

This sign is capable of setting a merrier mood. You can place it on the mantel wall or another flat surface together with other Christmas elements.

via Cherished Bliss

77. Add a Snowy Wreath with Deer Head Accent to Your Mantel

Snowy Woodland Christmas Mantel #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Add a wreath with a reindeer head to the mantel to set the cozy vibe in the room.

via 2 Ladies And A Chair

78. Achieve Timeless Charm with Rustic Mantel Decor

Vintage Christmas Mantel #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Rustic decoration doesn’t always mean subtle tones. As you can see from this mantel decor, red and white is the color theme.

79. Illuminate Your Mantel Decor with Elegant Wooden Candle

White Rustic Christmas Mantel #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

In this mantel decor idea, the decoration is subtle consisting of white wooden candle holders and white stockings attached to a green garland.

via The Lilypad Cottage

Rustic Christmas Crafts

An easy rustic Christmas craft that is even easy and fun for young children is to use pine cones and paint them green like a Christmas tree, dab the edges of the petals with white paint to look like snow, and glue small items like beads, bells, and berries to some of the petals.

Tie a ribbon or twine around the bottom if you want to set your mini tree on a table or mantle, or tie twine or ribbon to the top so the mini tree can be hung.

Make mini trees from pine cones in varying sizes to create a beautiful Christmas scene. These are a terrific activity to do with young children that you will cherish for years to come.

80. Get the Cozy Christmas Look with Burlap Stockings

DIY Burlap Christmas Stockings #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Your rustic mantel decoration will embrace stockings from burlap. Check out the tutorial below.

via My Love Of Style

81. Create a Rustic Centerpiece with a Vibrant Burlap Wreath

DIY No Sew Burlap Christmas Skirt #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Your front door can also be beautified for the Christmas holidays with a gorgeous burlap wreath.

via Thinking Closet

82. Enchant Guests with a Lighted Burlap Garland

Lighted Burlap Garland #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Upgrade a plain string of lights in a rustic garland by adding ribbons from different colors of burlap.

via Create Craft Love

83. Elevate Home Decor with Wooden Logs Snowmen

Log Snowmen Decorations for Christmas #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

This is a great DIY project for children. Let them make snowmen from log slices.

via Crafty Morning

84. Get Creative with a Deer Head String Art

Reindeer String Art Christmas #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

This DIY rustic sign is perfect to decorate the mantel wall.

via Clean And Scentsible

85. Upgrade Candles with Sticks for a Unique Rustic Feel

Rustic Stick Candle #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Give the plain candle holders a rustic look by gluing sticks to the outer surface.

86. Transform Mason Jars into Snowy Decor Pieces

Snowy Mason Jar #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Use Epsom salt to give the candle holder jars a snowy texture.

via Deco Art

87. Decorate Mason Jars with Epsom Salt and Pine Cones

Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Or you can fill the clear jars with Epsom salt and decorate the outside with a burlap ribbon and a pinecone.

via Crafts By Amanda

88. Adorn Your Porch with Wood Blocks Snowmen

Wood Blocks Snowmen Christmas Decoration #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Make your porch special for the holidays with handmade snowmen made from wooden slats, paints and fabric.

Rustic Christmas Wall Art & Signs

Rustic Christmas wall art and signs are easy to make.

Painting Christmas sayings (Joy to the world, Ho Ho Ho, Santa stop here!) on rustic weathered boards and placing them on your porch, propping them in a corner or hanging them on the wall makes for beautiful rustic decorations.

Tie some twine or a ribbon around the board for an added touch.

89. Transform a Pallet into a Rustic Sign with Custo Art

DIY Winter Woodland Sign #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

This lovely wooden sign expresses a quote from a favorite winter song. It can be added to the mantel decoration.

via Blooming Homestead

90. Complete Your Joy Sign with a Boxwood Wreath

Joy Holiday Sign Christmas Wall Art #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Spell the “O” in joy with a wreath to make the same more attractive.

via Ana White

91. Create a Suave Joy Rustic Christmas Sign

Joy Rustic Christmas Sign #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Another interesting element that can replace the “O” letter in the word “joy” is the snowflake.

Check price: Here

92. Make a Timeless Holiday Memory with a Light-Up Sign

Rustic DIY Light-Up Christmas Sign #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Add a light motif to your handmade wooden sign by drilling small holes into the wood. Attach the bulbs at the back with adhesive.

via The American Patriette

93. Create a Rustic Christmas Star with a Red Ribbon

Rustic Star Christmas Wall Art #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

This star sign features an alternative supply for the string art. Instead of thread, a red ribbon is used for outlining the shape.

Pinecone Centerpiece

94. Update a Rustic Christmas Sign with White Chalk Paint

White Chalk Paint Rustic Christmas Sign #Christmas #rustic #diy #decorhomeideas

Whitewashed signs have a rustic appeal. This color also matches the traditional red and green colors related to Christmas. In this idea they are implemented with a wreath from pine tree and berry twigs.

Rustic Christmas décor is easy to make using things you can find in your own yard, is inexpensive to decorate with no matter how much decorating you do and can easily be discarded and made again the next year if you don’t have a lot of room to store your Christmas decorations year-round.

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