100 Amazingly Creative DIY Christmas Lights Decoration Ideas

Christmas lights are not to be put on the Christmas tree only. There are many other options and ways to decorate with lights.

You will find each of these decorations truly inspirational, each in its own way.

Best DIY Christmas Lights Decorations Ideas #diy #Christmas #lights #decorhomeideas

Please enjoy learning some new ideas! Creative Lighting, here we come!

1. Transform Beer Bottles into Stylish Christmas Lights

Beer Bottle Christmas Lights #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

The picture makes these rather self-explanatory. If you drink more beer than you do milk this would definitely be easier than the milk jug lights.

via Paper Angelsvlog

2. Use a Neutral Curtain Backdrop for Your Lights

Christmas Light Curtain Backdrop #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Wouldn’t this be a fun backdrop for the stage of your nativity scene that the children act out on Christmas Eve?

3. Light Up Outdoors with Draping Lights on a Tree

Christmas Light Draped Tree #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Now, this one looks easy and fun maybe we go with too much effort putting the lights on the tree, just straight them from the branches.

4. Personalize Your Holiday With Illuminated Wire Letters

Christmas Light Marquee Sign #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Using lights with the wire letters that you can buy at the craft store, you can personalize your sign to say anything you want and brighten up your holiday and your room.

via A Beautiful Mess

5. Show Off Your Christmas Cards with a Lighted Wall Tree

Christmas Light Tree Card Holder #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Lighting up your Christmas cards on a tree on the wall is such a fantastic idea. You can display your cards with pride throughout the holiday season.

6. Create a Christmas Light Tree with Lit Up Star Ornaments

Christmas Light Tree with Lit Up Star Ornaments #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

A simple star becomes magnificent once you add the lights, and stars mean something special to each of us.

7. Create a Magical Scene with Christmas Lights on Trees

Christmas Light Trees #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

There’s nothing more beautiful than the trees that have lights wrapped around every part of the trunk of the tree and the branches. It’s so festive and magical.

8. Make a Stunning Christmas Tree Tunnel for Your Driveway

Christmas Light Tunnel #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

This Christmas tree tunnel going up your driveway or your sidewalk looks rather either easy with a little PVC pipe and putting in some re-bar to drop the pipe down over it and decorate away – how great is that?

via Instructables

9. Give Your Porch an Enchanting Look with Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights for Front Porch #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Doesn’t this front porch look amazing with the lights on? It openly says Welcome, to our home, and a puppy adds to the scene.

10. Enhance Your Home with Porch Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights for the Front Porch #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Porch Christmas lights on the trees and decorations are so welcoming to your home and easy to do because you’re not out in the yard.

11. Make a Rustic Christmas Tree with Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Tree #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Some homes are not set up to have a tree in the front window, so having them on the front porch is a great option so others can enjoy your tree.

12. Wrap Christmas Lights around Trees for a Unique Look

Christmas Lights Wrapped Around Trees #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Christmas lights wrapped around the tree is What Christmas Means to all of us – the light, the bright and full of joy.

13. Brighten Your Holiday with Christmas Sparkle Balls

Christmas Sparkleballs #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Christmas Sparkle balls are so much fun and easy to do and easy to store. That is always a plus.

via Sparkle Ball

14. Enhance a Rustic Wooden Star with Christmas Lights

Christmas Star #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

The Christmas star can be high on the house, or high on the tree but it always has a special meaning to both you and your family.

15. Set the Holiday Mood with Festive Christmas Lights

Colorful and Festive Christmas Lights #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Many times we see Christmas lights that are colorful and bright, there is nothing in the world that says “Feliz Navidad” like bright and colorful lights.

via BBC

16. Create an Eerie Atmosphere with Dangling Christmas Lights

Dangling Christmas Lights #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Dangling your Christmas lights is such a great idea. It’s easy to hang a lot of bulbs to increase light, bright, and especially cheer.

17. Decorate Stairs with Lit Monogrammed Letters

Decorating the Stairs for Christmas  #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Decorating the stairs for Christmas opens your mind to creativity and sometimes not necessarily just Christmas decorations, but special things we can put on display that remind us a family gonе by.

via Just Destiny Mag

18. Add Christmas Lights to DIY Topiaries

DIY Christmas Topiaries #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

DIY Christmas topiaries are easy and fun to decorate due to the variety and they add such uniqueness to your home.

via 17apart

19. Create Fancy Christmas Decor with Illuminated Stars

DIY Gold Star Christmas Lights #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

The fancy little trick is that you can pick up these gold stars at almost any Dollar Store. Split apart the top just a little bit, and your lights will fit right inside and through the openings, they will glow brightly and magically.

via Fox Hollow Cottage

20. Brighten Up Your Yard with a Noel Marquee Sign

DIY Noel Marquee Sign #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Noel Marquee sign is such a great idea for the yard, for the window and easy to do with a little bit of wood and a little bit of effort, add a few letters from the craft store and your lights.

via At the Picket Fence

21. Welcome Santa to the North Pole with Rope Lights Decor

DIY North Pole Sign #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Rope lights give the bold front look when you wrap them around a tree or a pole for the North Pole to remind Santa to come to the North Pole to drop off his gifts.

22. Build a Beautiful Snowman from Plastic Cups

DIY Snowman from Plastic Cups #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

This one looks so fun with the plastic cups, the lights and creating and decorating your own Frosty the Snowman – cup Style.

via Wonderful DIY

23. Adorn Your Staircase with a Globe Lights Garland

Elegant Globe Lights Garland #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

These garlands are easy to do, and they do certainly look elegant.

24. Decorate Your Entryway Lighted Burlap Garland

Entryway Lighted Burlap Garland #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Cutting up fabric and burlap and tying it along your lights. It is as easy as A, B, C and you have your own garland.

25. Elevate Your Porch with a DIY Fairy Light Globe 

Fairy Light Globe DIY #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

This sure looks like fairies should be approaching to enjoy the celebration of Fairy Christmas.

via From the Blue Shed

26. Top Your Lighted Faux Christmas Tree with a Bright Star

Faux Christmas Tree #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Nothing fake about the great look of this fabulous tree. Faux is just a frame of mind, not a condition,

27. Make a Festive Fireplace with Christmas Lights on Logs

Faux Fire #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

This fire idea looks creative festive, warm and inviting. It looks like something every family should try for the holidays.

28. Add Lights to an Elegant Feathered Christmas Tree

Feathered Christmas Tree #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Not sure this one is for everyone but it looks soft and fluffy and I’m sure the girls in your life will love it.

via Home Talk

29. Hang Framed Christmas Cards on Christmas Lights

Framed Christmas Card Display #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Displaying your Christmas cards with pride is something of the season and something we should not let pass with the digital age.

30. Get a Rustic Look with a Galvanized Christmas Basket

Galvanized Christmas Basket #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

This looks so festive and it’s wonderful for a cabin or farmhouse. The lighting gives you the effect of a fireplace even if you don’t have one.

via The Polo House

31. Upgrade Garage with a White Light Christmas Tree

Garage Door Christmas Tree #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

This is a great way to decorate, the garage door. Christmas tree what a great idea.

via Creating Really Awesome Funthings

32. Make a Whimsical Light Display using the Grinch

Grinch Stealing Christmas Lights #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Stop the car! Trust me, this one is a real car stopped and a great prank to set up in your neighbor’s yard.

33. Make a Statement with Hanging Christmas Lanterns

Grouped Lanterns Christmas Lights #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Hang some pendants, faux pinecones and bulbs on your front porch to create the festive atmosphere.

34. Use Christmas Lights as Hanging Line for Santa’s Clothes

Hanging Santa Suit #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Perfect! As creative as you can get, the lighting and hanging of Santa suit. Seriously, that is adorable and brings all sorts of the images of Mr. Clause for the children and that magical time of the year.

35. Craft Unique Hula Hoops with Christmas Lights

Hola Hoop Lights #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Hula hoop lights are great for special events and dance gatherings. Christmas parties or company parties as they create an ambiance like nothing else.

via Deborah Silver

36. Create an Enchanting Hula Hoop Chandelier

Hula Hoop Chandelier #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Can’t afford a chandelier? Well, I bet you can afford a hula hoop and a few lights and a little bit of creativity. Pretty soon you have your own chandelier, the Envy of all the neighborhood.

via Sarah on the Blog

37. Embellish Outdoors with Colorful Christmas Light Balls

Large Christmas Light Balls Snow #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Do you hear the Bells on Christmas Day. These large Christmas light balls will definitely make you wonder.

via Christmas Lights etc

38. Brighten Up Your Holiday with LED Christmas Trees

LED Christmas Lights Tree #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Either you love or hate LED lights but you can’t love or hate a Christmas tree that’s lit by LED lights that’s fun and exciting.

via Christmas Lights etc

39. Create Creative Light Balls for Christmas

Light Balls #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Light balls which are light years ahead of everything else in creativity and making your Christmas fantastic fun and brighter.

via Hoosier Home Made

40. Make Your Burlap Garland Stand Out with Lights

Lighted Burlap Garland #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

This is almost like cheating creating your own lit burlap garland and everyone will think you spent significant money on it.

via Create Craft Love

41. Decorate Your Home with a Lighted Candy Garland

Lighted Candy Garland #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Now, try the lighted candy garland, it’s so creative idea and funny. Much prettier, and much sweeter.

via Over the Big Moon

42. Illuminate Your Home with Blinking Solar Lights

Lighted Christmas Garland Wreath #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Have you seen the strands of solar little blinking lights? They are fantastic for things like wreaths, banisters garland, or wherever you want to put it. The best part is they don’t even need batteries just push the button and the lights start to Blink.

43. Welcome Guests with a Lighted Christmas Sign

Lighted Christmas Sign #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

All lit Christmas signs are great ideas for the outdoors with a message to read.

44. Add Lights to Your Curtains

Lighted Christmas Wreath and Curtains  #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Oh my gosh isn’t that gorgeous? The lights in the curtains and in the wreaths are so festive and so beautiful.

45. Light Up Your Home with a Festive Doorway Garland

Lighted Doorway Garland #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Lighting the doorway garland is such a fun way to welcome your guests to your home during the holidays, and it brings light to such a dark time of year.

46. Wrap Your Winter Planters with Christmas Lights

Lighted Holiday Planter #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Putting a few twinkling lights in your planter is such a great idea to lighten the way and bring light to your holiday.

47. Give Presents a Vintage Chic Look with Christmas Lights

Lighted Presents #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

These presents are so glamorous when the lights have been added to the inside – little paper or bows for the daytime, and the lights for the night time and it’s the perfect outdoor decor.

via Diy Vintage Chic

48. Repurpose a PVC Pipe into a Lighted Candy Cane

Lighted PVC Candy Cane #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Put a few lights in your PVC candy cane and watch it glow it’s a fantastic ambiance for your yard.

via ehow

49. Utilize Contemporary Lighted Spire Ornaments

Lighted Spire Ornament #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

This is something that you should make for your holidays, it adds a little extra that you need for truly decking the halls.

via Lowes

50. Enhance a Rustic Snowman Wreath with Lights

Lit Snowman Wreath #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Oh, the weather outside is frightful but the Snowman all lit up is so delightful.

51. Brighten Your Porch with Lit Garland and Christmas Trees

Lit Up Front Porch Garland and Trees #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how beautiful you are on the porch with garland and lights.

via All Things Beautiful

52. Transform Mason Jars into Elegant Hanging Lanterns

Mason Jar Chandeliers #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

The Mason jar chandelier is definitely something special for this time of year.

They are great in all sorts of colors. Just add in lighting for your special dinner or your special day or even for the holiday.

53. Creative DIY Mason Jar Lighting Idea

Mason Jar Light DIY #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Do-it-yourself lights in mason jars are so easy, and you can use all sorts of creativity. Bunch them or spread them out, put them on the table, hang them, the possibilities are endless and the lighting is fantastic.

via All Things Heart and Home

54. Make a Statement with an Entirely Lit House and Yard

Outdoor Christmas Lighting Decorations #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

All the old traditions, like driving around and looking at all the beautiful homes decorated with outdoor Christmas lights needs to be something we keep as a tradition. If we do these things with our families and in our homes, the traditions will remind us – it’s so beautiful.

via Foodnetwork

55. Revamp a Pallet Christmas Tree with Christmas Lights

Pallet Christmas Tree #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Did you have any idea it was so easy to make a pallet Christmas tree? Just cut your palette and add your lights? Do you think everyone should have one of these for their yard and the leftovers in your fireplace?

via Jolenes Crafting

56. Illuminate Your Outdoors with Lighted Pallet Christmas Trees

Pallet Christmas Trees #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Paint your pallet Christmas trees in red, green and white to make them even more cheerful.

57. Put Christmas Lights and Pinecones in Vases

Pinecone Vases #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Pinecone decorating is so much fun there so many possibilities. Have you put them inside a glass jar?

It sure adds a whole new element, a whole new depth, to pinecone decorating. What a festive feeling that the pine cones in the lights bring to your home.

58. Light Your Pathway with Rope Lighting

Rope Light Walkway #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Fun rope lighting your walkway or your driveway seems like such an easy way to light up your yard and bring the good cheer.

59. Light Up the Night with a Rustic Sign

Rustic DIY Light Up Christmas Sign #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

We all love The Rustic signs for putting the lights behind them at nighttime it’s such a great idea to share them day and night.

via The American Patriette

60. Glamourize Your Mantel with Christmas Tree and Garland

Rustic Glam Mantel #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Well how about glamming up your rustic mantle and making it glamorous for the holiday.

via Yellow Bliss Road

61. Celebrate Christmas with a Rustic Lighted Mantel

Rustic Mantel #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Being rustic is your thing the rustic mantel for Christmas brings memories of days gone by.

via The Kim Six Fix

62. Create a Unique Winter Wonderland Christmas Mantel Decor

Snowy Woodland Christmas Mantel #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

This snowy Woodland Christmas mantel is so gorgeous such a great idea of bringing Winter Wonderland into your living room to enjoy.

via 2 Ladies and a Chair

63. Craft an Artistic Star Lantern

Star Lantern #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Lighting your star, creating a lantern with your stars, the lights illuminate your mood, illuminate your family, illuminate your holiday.

via A Piece of Rainbow

64. Uplift Your Windows with Starry Lights

Starry Lights Window #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Windows lit by stars that create a mood for celebration and a Happy New Year!

65. Hang Stars on Lights for a Festive Christmas Decoration

Stars and Houses Christmas mantel #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

This mantle with stars at Christmastime and houses creates a feeling of home we all want to go home for Christmas.

via Song Bird Blog

66. Impress Guests with a Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Idea #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Such a great idea to create your own Christmas tree from a leftover tomato cage, the ambiance it creates is fantastic and it’s not expensive either.

via Two Twenty One

67. Evoke Nostalgia with Traditional Christmas Lights

Traditional Christmas Lights #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

We all love traditional Christmas lights done just the way they were for Grandpa and Grandma, Mom and Dad and now for your children.

68. Create a Magical Ambiance with Christmas Light Balls 

Tree Ball Ornaments #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Christmas balls are so full of life, color and ring in the season of joy and fun. Imagination is so much fun when creating and decorating.

via Miss Information Blog

69. Make a Wall Christmas Tree with Faux and Lights

Wall Christmas Tree #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Wall trees come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Each can mean something different to each person that may enjoy the simple decoration.

70. Accent a Bauble Wreath with Winter Luminaries

Winter Luminaries on Mantel #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Luminaries on the mantel is truly the most romantic feeling and slows down time for each that has rushed through the day.

71. Light Up Your Rustic Wood Christmas Tree

Wood Christmas Tree #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Wood and lights, forest and moon. It is all the best of the season. Created, then meditate.

72. Decorate Your Porch with Lighted Wood Snowflakes

Wood Snowflakes with Lights #Christmas #diy #lights #decorhomeideas

Dreaming of a white Christmas, like everyone used to know. Lights bring joy to life.

via Foodnetwork

73. Budget-Friendly Hallway Decoration

Budget Friendly Hallway Christmas Decoration

via Jeton Massey Thompson

This is a simple idea to add cheer and holiday spirit to your hallway with some Christmas lights and colorful balls.

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