30 DIY Snowman Craft Ideas For A Perfect Christmas Holiday

Cute, cheerful snowmen are a surefire sign that the holidays are approaching.

This Christmas, brighten your festive decor with a fun snowman craft.

Whether you’re expecting a white Christmas or a balmy holiday, these adorable ideas are the perfect way to bring a sweet snowman into your home.

1. 3-Minute Paper Snowman Luminaries

3-Minute Paper Snowman Luminaries #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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When you only have time for a quick craft, these three-minute luminaries fit the bill.

Drop them around a battery-operated candle for a sweet addition to your holiday decorations.

via Crafts By Amanda

2. Adorable Fish Bowl Frosty The Snowman Decor

Adorable Fish Bowl Frosty The Snowman Decor #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Don’t let the impressive design of this Frosty the Snowman piece fool you — it looks complicated, but you can complete it in a matter of hours.

The clear, accessory-laden fish bowls create a magical peek at the adorable winter scenes inside each bowl.

via An Alli Event

3. Amigurumi Crochet Snowman Toy

Amigurumi Crochet Snowman Toy #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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If you’re handy with a crochet hook, turn some of your yarn scraps into this super-cute Amigurumi snowman.

He’s adorable enough to add to your decor — you can even give him as a gift that’s sure to delight the little one in your life.

4. DIY Ballerina Balloon Snowman Garland

DIY Ballerina Balloon Snowman Garland #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Do you have a little ballet dancer in the house?

This ballerina snowman craft is the perfect way to spend a winter afternoon.

Ruffled trim takes the place of a tutu, and the ballet-pink hanging ribbon adds to the feminine vibe.

via Willow Day

5. DIY Idea Log Snowmen

DIY Idea Log Snowmen #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Turn a fallen tree into a pair of cute snowmen with this easy project.

With some paint and a few accessories, you can make a sturdy decoration that’s tough enough to display inside or out in the cold.

via Hip 2 Save

6. DIY No-Sew Sock Snowman

DIY No-Sew Sock Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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With his round body and impossibly adorable face, this tiny sock snowman is easy to love.

The knit pattern of the sock creates a subtle texture. Make one or a whole family; it’s a great way to upcycle socks without a partner.

via Woman Freebies

7. DIY Wooden Snowman

DIY Wooden Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Grab a saw and a wooden pallet or planked panel to create this rustic snowman.

The durable wood stands up to anything Mother Nature can throw your way; you might even decide to keep your snowman outside all winter long.

via Happiest Camper

8. Dryer Vent Hose Snowy Snowman

Dryer Vent Hose Snowy Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Can you believe that these snowmen are made from old dryer vent hoses?

The head and body segments come together in minutes, leaving plenty of time to add scarves, hats, and faces.

Chunky glitter adds a sparkling touch that’s reminiscent of freshly fallen snow.

via Audrey Zumwalt

9. Felt Snowman

Felt Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Make use of your extra felt with a fun wall-mounted snowman craft.

Your little ones can help place the eyes and accessories — just mount the snowman to the wall using tacks.

For extra fun, place hook-and-loop stickers on the back of each piece so your kids can rearrange the face when the mood strikes.

via Life With My Littles

10. Fish Bowl Snowman

Fish Bowl Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Turn cheap dollar-store fish bowls into this spectacular snowman decoration.

Each bowl nests inside the next, creating a tier that’s shaped exactly like a snowman.

Add fake snow and cheery winter scenes for a professional-quality piece.

via Smart School House

11. Frosty The Fridge

Frosty The Fridge #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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One evening when your little ones are sleeping, turn your refrigerator into a giant snowman.

Buy decals or make your own — your kids will be thrilled to see their new frosty friend.

If you have a dishwasher, turn it into a miniature companion for Frosty.

via Mommy Edwards

12. Jolly Snowman Christmas Wreath

Jolly Snowman Christmas Wreath #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Make a beautiful wreath even more welcoming by adding a sweet snowman face to the center.

This clever craft works with any wreath you have on hand, from traditional green versions to rustic twine models.

Top it off with a cascade of ribbons and bows.

via The Farm Girl Gabs

13. Mason Jar Lid Snowman Ornament

Mason Jar Lid Snowman Ornament #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Bring a crew of sweet snowmen to your Christmas tree with this adorable DIY project.

It uses the lids from Mason jars as the faces of the snowmen.

Add easy felt or fleece hats for a festive touch.

via Craft Create Cook

14. Mason Jar Snowman

Mason Jar Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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The next time you’re shopping at the dollar store, pick up a clear globe ornament.

When you place it on top of a Mason jar and add a hat and scarf, this simple arrangement becomes a friendly snowman.

Fill your new friend with artificial snow to turn him into a true Frosty.

via Canary Street Crafts

15. Peggy’s Snowman Wreath

Peggy’s Snowman Wreath #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Bring new life to your front-door decor with this creative snowman wreath.

The face is formed by rolls of white tulle, creating a thick, textured surface that moves softly in the breeze.

We love how the snowman’s hat sits at a rakish, charming angle.

via Grillo Designs

16. Plastic Cups Snowman

Plastic Cups Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Do you have leftover paper or plastic cups from a party?

Turn them into a three-dimensional snowman craft. When you face the cups with the open ends out, they form perfectly round balls.

Create two or three and stack them to create the size of your choice.

17. Plastic Spoon Crafts Snowmen

Plastic Spoon Crafts Snowmen #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Spend a fun afternoon as a family making these cute spoon snowmen.

They stand in tiny pots filled with sparkling pom-pom snow, so you can rest them on bookshelves, mantels, window sills, or even bedside tables for an extra touch of holiday cheer.

via Crafts By Amanda

18. Popsicle Stick Snowman

Popsicle Stick Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Use up some of the craft sticks in your collection by transforming them into a snowman decoration.

Black, white, and orange paint take a simple rectangle of plain wood and turn it into a fabulous Frosty.

Puffy glitter paint makes a fun 3-D hat band.

via Today’s Creative Ideas

19. Scrap Wood Snowman Family

Scrap Wood Snowman Family #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Head down to your woodshop to grab a few pieces of scrap wood for this project — it’s the perfect way to use up small pieces.

Don’t worry if the pieces are imperfect; that only adds to the charm of your snowman family.

via Salvaged Living

20. Snowman Craft Ikea Baskets

Snowman Craft Ikea Baskets #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Have you ever seen the gorgeous round baskets at IKEA?

Stack three of them in descending sizes to create a natural-colored snowman.

A real scarf and a DIY snow-covered top hat add a pop of Christmassy color.

via Squirrels Of a Feather

21. Snowman From Tomato Cages

Snowman From Tomato Cages #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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After the growing season, what happens to your tomato cages?

Pull them out of the shed to serve as the base for this fun outdoor snowman decoration.

We love the clever use of materials for the body and head of the snowman.

via Hometalk

22. Snowman Gift Packages

Snowman Gift Packages #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Make your neighbors smile this holiday season by putting together a snowman gift pot.

A simple clay planter sports a snowman face, and a clear plastic bag holds a bunch of sweet treats.

Add candy, or fill your snowman with home-baked cookies.

via Country Sampler

23. Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament

Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Add to the glow of the Christmas tree lights with this cheeky snowman luminary.

The secret is to coat the Mason jar in feathers or faux snow; it adds texture and diffuses the glow from the candle hidden inside.

via Chica Circle

24. Stacked Block Snowman

Stacked Block Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Do you need a fast craft project that looks impressive?

You need less than an hour to create this snowman — he’s made from three blocks of wood and a bit of paint.

The visible brush strokes create a sense of rustic charm.

25. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Tea Light Snowman Ornaments #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Pick up a bag of battery-operated tea lights and some festive trim, and you’re all set to make these ornaments.

Flip the switch, and the candle flame turns into Frosty’s glowing nose.

Glue on a ribbon loop to hang your snowmen from the tree or hooks around the house.

via One Little Project

26. Tin Can Snowman

Tin Can Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Hold a few cans back from the recycling bin — you’ll need them for this environmentally friendly craft project.

A coat of white paint transforms your metal cans into a chic yet playful snowman buddy.

via Practically Functional

27. Upcycled Old Book Snowman

Upcycled Old Book Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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If you have a book that’s missing its cover and more than a few pages, keep it aside until Christmas.

With a bit of creative cutting, your old book becomes a stunning three-dimensional snowman.

The glimpses of text add a vintage vibe to this sophisticated piece.

28. Yarn Wrapped Balloon Snowman

Yarn Wrapped Balloon Snowman #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Looking for an affordable Christmas craft?

Look no further — this yarn snowman costs next to nothing.

When it’s complete, you have a light, airy piece to adorn the front porch or an interior shelf.

via Muy Ingenioso

29. Yarn Wrapped Snowmen

Yarn Wrapped Snowmen #Christmas #snowman #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Warm and cozy, this snowman celebrates the soft texture and rich colors of your favorite yarn.

It’s extremely easy to make, and requires no knitting or sewing skills. Add a face or go for a minimalist look.

via Frugal Mom Eh


Best Snowmen Craft Ideas And Decorations. This winter, try out these snowman craft ideas that are perfect for kids, preschoolers, and adults. You could even make these DIY projects with the intent to sell them at craft shows. #decorhomeideas
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Best Snowmen Craft Ideas And Decorations
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