48 Elegant Stylish Christmas Decoration Ideas For Delightful Winter Holidays

Many are the people that aim to simplify their way of living and the fiurnishing of their homes.

The Christmas decoration can be a real challange for the followers of the minimalistic and the Scandinavian styles and the designs similar to these.

The truth is that Christmas decor doesn’t mean a place overcroweded with fairy lights, wreaths, ornaments, figures of Santa. The festive spirit can be imprinted by elegant and simple decorations.

It will lighten the interior and turn it into a beautiful fairy tale without overloading or overcrowding it.

We welcome you to see the collection of elegant and stylish ideas for Christmas decoration that will make your home ready for the holiday.

1. Add Embellishments To Candleholders

Accessorize Candleholders #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Upgrade the glass candle holders and tune them to the Christmas holiday with a simple and easy trick.

Wrap each with a wide ribbon and glue an attractive button, brooch or gem.

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2. Place Festive Décor Throughout The House

Add a Subtle Vignette #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Elegance is a synonym of tradition so including traditional winter symbols in your Christmas decor will make the interior stylish and sophisticated.

Repurpose vintage teapots and a gingerbread house into decoration. To make them feel right into the decor, combine with traditional ornaments like tiny trees and bead garlands.

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3. Stairways Sparkle With Lights And Stockings

Add Cheer to a Banister #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Stockings are traditional Christmas ornaments for the mantel. Change their application and make this traditional motif more attractive by using them as an accent on your banister decor.

You can get ready-made stockings from the Dollar Store or make your own in Christmas-themed fabric patterns.

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4. Use Soft Greenery Accents

Add Eucalyptus Accents #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

If you have a round mirror in the entryway or in the bedroom, you can take advantage of its shape to make an alternative wreath.

Simply attach a eucalyptus branch around the side of it to recreate the typical evergreen pine wreath.

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5. Hang A Simple Window Wreath

Adorn the Windows #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Decorate the windows with a wreath affected by the Scandinavian style. You can make it yourself by dressing a wire or wooden wreath with fresh pine twigs on either side.

The top and the bottom are left for the Scandinavian accents- woven twine and wooden balls.

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6. DIY Ornament Joy Sign

Bring Joy Indoors #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

There are many variations of the handmade JOY signs. One particular thing that connects them all is the rustic vibe.

The choice for the backdrop on which the word pop-outs is reasonable- natural and aged. Joy is an essential value that dates from old times and will have evergreen importance.

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7. Frosted Glittering Fruit

Bring On the Glitter #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Do something unexpected with the traditional food on the Christmas table- give it a frosty look.

To achieve this glittery effect, sprinkle sugar onto the wetted surface of the fruits. Use this magical effect in the Christmas decor by placing them onto a glass stand where they will be more visible.

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8. Paint A Holiday Wood Slice

Brings the Outside In #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Signs don’t need words to be impacting. An image of the red-nosed reindeer will be easily recognized and enjoyed.

The word below simply inspires that everyone should believe in miracles, especially at Christmas.

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9. Use Natural Greens And Pinecones

Celebrate Nature #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Choosing Christmas decor made of nature gifts is an eco-friendly and affordable idea.

A garland for the banister made of holly leaves, pinecones and a few wide ribbons and pieces of white garland will bring nature indoors and will anchor the Christmas mood at that transitional part of our homes.

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10. Highlight Your Nativity Scene

Cherish the Reason #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Speaking about traditions, a representation of the birth of Jesus is an evergreen decor arrangement from old times.

It has a great sentimental value and increases the feeling of sanity at home.

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11. Add Holiday Cheer To Your Porch

Christmas-ify the Front Porch #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Dress the front porch like a Christmas scene to make it more welcoming for visitors.

Use indoor motifs like a pine tree, a bag of gifts, a basket of logs to warm it up.

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12. Crocheted Snowflake Coaster Project

Coast With Snowflakes #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Make the dining table very special for Christmas by dedicating a coaster with a winter motif to every person sitting on it.

The snowflakes have been crocheted, the red background has been cut from the felt sheet. If you don’t have any knitting skills, you may find snowflakes from felt or other material at the Dollar Store.

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13. Add Dramatic Greenery To The Mantel

Cozy Up Your Fireplace #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Christmas means coziness and harmony so when decorating your home for Christmas consider elements that enhance these.

Elements from nature have this function plus they will cost you no money. Pine twigs, pinecones, twigs shaped into stars or trees, a basket full of logs are among the elements that will make the home cozier for the holiday.

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14. Make Your Own Holiday Banner

Craft a Cheery Welcome #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Make yourself a banner that will welcome the visitors of your home for Christmas.

Including elements in the traditional Christmas colors, this is an easy DIY project.

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15. Faux Tree Wall Art Piece

Craft Your Own Tree #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

If you want to go beyond the traditional Christmas tree but yet don’t want to be too extravagant and stick to the stylish look, you can use this idea.

The tree is vertical and can be made on any empty wall. First, decide where the top of the tree will be and fix a nail there. Mark with nails the bottom of the tree where the twine will end forming the pyramidal shape.

The ornaments for this non-standard tree are paper circles, pom poms and felt balls. The star beautifying the top is made of wood sticks.

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16. Santa Charms In A Holiday Display

Create a Snowy Display #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

The Christmas expectation will be increased with figures of Santa and reindeer placed around the home.

Creating a holiday scene like this one will be even more impacting and will add a lot of charm.

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17. DIY Scalloped Tree Skirt

Cut Out a Tree Skirt #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

The tree skirt shows attention to every detail and anchors the tree in a very elegant way.

The post below gives the steps to cutting your own skirt from felt.

via Good Housekeeping

18. Add Festive Color To Your Banister Garland

Dangle Shiny Ornaments #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Make the banister of your staircase an inclined representation of the Christmas tree. You need pine garlands woven around the railings to create a basis for the ornaments.

Leaving them dangling will increase the size of the decoration and will create interest.

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19. Candy Canes Brighten A Window Hanging

Dangle Treats from Windows #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Another type of ornament you can use for your garland decoration is candy canes.

Their playful red and white spiral pattern instantly increases the cheerful mood and creates a point of interest because of the non-standard application.

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20. String Light Framed Card Display

Display Christmas Cards #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

This creative postcard display will expose the dearest Christmas cards collected through the years.

Make it on a framed plywood board and use a string of lights to attach the cards too.

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21. Cover A Tree Stand With A Collar

DIY a Rope Tree Collar #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

An alternative to the Christmas tree skirt is a collar which gives it an illusion for additional height and makes the setting more homely.

This is an easy project that requires cardboard and rope only.

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22. Bring The Décor To the Porch

Dress the Front Stoop #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Make the front porch part of the holiday celebration by making it festive looking and welcoming.

Instead of a pine tree, place a basket with pine twigs decorated with metallic star ornaments. Decorate the door with one or two wreaths and place red-colored accents around for a pop of Christmas color.

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23. Decorate A Festive Fireplace

Fake a Fire #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Spice up the holiday decor with a pile of logs that will keep the fireplace attractive when the fire is not lit.

Since the logs will be only decorative, you can surround them with pine twigs and gold elements.

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24. Tiny Tree Table Centerpiece

Get a Mini Tree #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Use a mini pine tree as a centerpiece for your holiday table. Give it height by placing it on a cake stand.

Wrap the bottom with a burlap to dress the tree and make it more attractive. You can leave it undecorated or place small ornaments onto it to replicate the other tree.

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25. Tree Mural Advent Calendar

Get the Kids Involved #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

This idea for an advent calendar will become an interesting decor and a fun game for your kids.

The DIY part of it is making the date ornaments from felt. The tree printout has been bought from Ikea.

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26. Add Seasonal Shimmer With Ornaments

Give Ornaments a Different Use #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

The easiest and very elegant decor idea is to place the Christmas balls into a container like a bowl, a plate or a tray and use the arrangement as a centerpiece or addition to a nook.

Changing their application will instantly attract attention.

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27. Holiday Marquee Signs

Go Jolly With Decorations #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

The LED light signs are very cute, however most of them go out of the concept for stylish or elegant style because of the plastic material they are made of.

You will be surprised how easily that look changes by replacing the plastic with wood. It becomes a meaningful sign with a vintage design, the perfect addition to an elegant mantel decoration.

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28. Highlight Indoor Windows With Wreaths

Hang an Indoor Wreath #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Hang a wreath in a charming and attractive way. Instead of hiding how it is attached to the surface, make this an effect by exposing it.

Tie a piece of ribbon around the wreath and leave the ends dangle.

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29. Mantel Top Stocking Holder

Hang Stockings With Care #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

If you don’t have a mantel or you don’t want to damage its surface, hang the stockings another way.

Make a stand out of two legs crafted from upcycled furniture to hold a curtain rod. String each stocking on the rod and voila!

via Becki Adams

30. Creative Advent Clock Calendar

Keep Track of Time #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

This creative advent calendar idea must be part of your Christmas decor! It is a very interesting modification to the standard way to count the days till Christmas.

This stylish rustic clock has a hidden feature- there is a pocket behind each number that can hold a paper with activity or challenge so it promises a fun family time!

via Thrifty and Chic

31. Add Drama With Trailing Greens And Ribbons

Let Ribbons Hang #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Give the banister a festive look by dressing it with a garland of fresh pine twigs. Attach them with crimson bows and leave their ends to hang for more interest.

Add shaded holy leaves to give the garland depth and a traditional Christmas accent.

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32. Charming DIY Candleholders

Light Up the Mantel #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

If you don’t have two or three or even more identical candle holders, here is an idea of how to make inexpensive and very charming ones.

Get plain paper cups and draw winter patterns onto them with a black or gold marker. Fill each with moss to keep stable the inserted candle.

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33. Simple Candy Layered Hurricane

Make a Candy-coated Centerpiece #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

This is a 5-minute centerpiece craft that looks very festive and very sweet.

Just grab a tall transparent glass vase and fill it in with candles- red, green white red-and-whit. To make the arrangement more attractive don’t just randomly place them in – make them look layered.

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34. Add Warmth With A Hot Cocoa Bar

Make a Cocoa Station #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

We all know what Santa loves- hot cocoa and biscuits. Use these two as a theme for your Christmas decoration.

Make a small cocoa station that includes a cute set of mugs and a fun chalkboard sign.

via Liz Marie Blog

35. Shimmering Green Palette With Trees

Plant a Row of Trees #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Decorate the mantel with small evergreen trees planted into galvanized buckets. Fill the space between the plants with Christmas balls of the same color.

Complete the decor with a bead garland and ornaments in the same color pattern as the accents on the mantel.

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36. Cheeky Santa Mug Planters

Plant With Santa #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Another low-cost and cute decoration for a mantel or a windowsill is this set of Santa pots.

Fill them with evergreen twigs and put Christmas motifs like jingle bells in between.

via Jennifer Rizzo

37. Chalkboard Lit Christmas Tree

Play With Chalk #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Christmas can be anywhere in our homes. If you are lucky to have a chalkboard wall in the kitchen, simply draw a pine tree.

Decorate it elegantly with strings of lights attached with a clear command strip. You can also add paper ornaments.

The final visual result is amazing!

via Hunted Interior

38. Combine Natural Elements

Pot Flowering Bulbs #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Any flowers can become part of the Christmas decor by wrapping the pots with ribbon and surrounding them with thematic motifs like the pinecones.

To make the blending easier, use birch bark to cover the surface of the pots and give them a natural look.

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39. Repurposed Glam Bottle Candleholders

Repurpose Wine Bottles #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Empty glass bottles are the perfect repurposed candle holder. But how can you make them look more festive?

Glue a glittery paper on the glass and tie a wide ribbon onto them to give them a cheerful gift look.

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40. Candy Adds Holiday Style To A Centerpiece

Revamp the Coffee Table #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

You can make the centerpiece of your table Christmas-themed only by adding candy cane puffs to the existing decoration.

A very elegant and very easy trick to spruce up the holiday feeling.

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41. Add A Variety Of Holiday Greens

Spruce Up the Entry #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Whether you have much room or no room at all, the entryway can become part of your Christmas indoor decoration.

Bring the Christmas tree at the beginning of your home with pine twigs dipped in glass bottles.

You don’t have to decorate them, leave the natural for a more rustic welcoming look.

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42. Berry And Ornament Details

Step Up the Entryway #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

If part of your Christmas decoration collection hasn’t found its place on the tree or on the mantel, don’t worry- use it to make a festive staircase accent.

Weave faux or real pine twigs around the banister and attach the ornaments.

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43. Gingerbread Ribbon Swag

String Up Christmas Cookies #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

This garland is very simple and natural and that makes it an adored elegant decoration for Christmas.

The gingerbread people strung on the ribbon can be an addition to the Christmas tree or to a mantel.

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44. Simple Stockings Highlight An Evergreen Swag

Style Some Stockings #Christmas #style #decorhomeideas

Stick to the traditional colors but let them independently pop out. To achieve this, make sure to layer the colors instead of mixing them.

Mixing them will create a more overwhelming look.

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