23 Amazing All White Christmas Decorations That Are So Stylish

There may not be any snow on 25th December but it can inspire your Christmas decor to create a dreamy atmosphere with an aesthetic arrangement.

Here you can find 23 Amazing All White Christmas Decorations that will help you create the perfect Christmas home setting.

1. Cozy White Christmas Mantelscape

Cozy White Christmas Mantelscape
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You can use white Christmas decor even if the interior is neutral. Using textures like glittery, pearl or fluffy finish and various shapes the snow-inspired ornaments will stand out.

via Haneen’s Haven

2. Stunning White Breakfast Nook

Stunning White Breakfast Nook
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The frosted pine twigs of this Christmas tree bring a natural look inside the cozy dining room. Strings of lights glowing in yellow make the tree so festive and charming.

via Decor Gold Designs

3. Natural and Rustic All White

Natural And Rustic All White
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The vintage finish of the mantel and the farmhouse decor pieces let the white Christmas pieces easily stand out. The combination between a frosted pine tree wreath and a garland with beads and baubles gives the nook a festive look.

via Liz Marie Blog

4. Pom pom Stockings

Pom Pom Stockings
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If you have decided “to go white” this Christmas, you may be needing inspiration about Christmas stockings to attach to the mantel.

These are hand-knitted in a pattern creating protruding pom-poms. Added green buffalo bow at the top differentiates the stocking from the rest of the decor and lets attaching to the mantel be easy.

via A Blissful Nest

5. White Mixed With Wood and Rustic Elements

White Mixed With Wood And Rustic Elements
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If you need a way to let your white ornaments be easily seen, use decor pieces in earthy tones as a backdrop.

Logs, grapevine wreaths, candles, piles of books, etc. will give your Christmas decor a cozy farmhouse touch and will let your snowy decoration stand out.

via Centsational Style

6.Christmas Tree Decor in White

Snow White Christmas Tree #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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I’m starting my collection of white Christmas decorating ideas from the Christmas tree.

The one in the picture looks very modern and elegant thanks to the snowy-white garlands and the combination of silver and crystal ornaments. I just love the sparkle they create!

7. Faux Frosted Garland

White Christmas Decorated Banister #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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Another idea for the fans of the white garland Christmas decoration – why don’t you hang a long faux frosted garland on the stairs balustrade at home?

Once you start working on the festive decoration, it’s important to cover all the spots at home so the Christmas spirit won’t run away.  😉

8. White Deer Christmas Decoration

White Christmas Centerpiece Decoration #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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With Christmas decorations sometimes simple is best, like in the case of this couple of cute all-white deer which are a nice elegant final touch to this festive setting around the window.

The natural light coming from outside makes them look even more fairy and beautiful.

9. All-White Christmas Wreath

White Christmas Wreath #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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This gorgeous DIY white holiday wreath, made of mini pinecones, a fluffy white bow, and a cute decorative Christmas tree, will bring to your home a nice rustic vibe.

It can hang either on the door or the kitchen windows. No matter where you decide to display it, it will surely make your white Christmas decoration chicer.

Learn More: Here

10. Metallic Christmas Ornaments

Silver White Christmas Centerpiece #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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The metallic ornaments add warmth and classic glow to every white Christmas decoration.

Love how the elements have been raised – that gives the Christmas decoration in white more texture and sophisticated look.

11. Personalized All-White Handmade Stockings

White Christmas Stockings #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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Speaking of white Christmas room decoration, hang some personalized white stockings over the fireplace to create a festive mood in the room.

Hint: As a final touch, display some shimmering elements in silver or white around the stockings.

Learn More: Here

12. Christmas Candleholders in White

Carved White Candle Holders #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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This year, place several simple white decorative candles in different sizes, or unpretentious snowy-white candleholders anywhere in your home.

They are able to create a serene, winterish effect. Moreover, they easily fir any color scheme with understated elegance.

13. Swanky White Bauble Set

White Bauble Christmas Ornaments #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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If you prefer the minimalistic holiday design, you can create a magical decoration for a white Christmas tree in Scandinavian style.

These chic snowy baubles can be a deliciously elegant addition to your festive home. The tree will look splendid when you hang them together amid the greenery.

14. Sumptuous DIY White Christmas Decoration

White Christmas Mason Jars #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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These Mason Jars transformed into sparkling luminaries is my favorite craft for this Christmas!

All you need for this DIY project is a couple of Mason jars, silkscreen snowflake stencils, metallic glass paint, Mod Podge, foam brush, tea lights & salt.

15. Sparkling White Christmas Decoration

White Christmas Centerpiece #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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Who said the snow white Christmas decoration can’t be glamorous?

Bring more gleam to your festive home by adding a bunch of white candles surrounded by crystal or brocade items (such as metallic garlands, faux pearls, and shimmering balls).

Now you have the perfect snow white Christmas centerpiece.

16. Over-Sized Christmas Tree Decor Idea

White Stars Christmas Tree Decoration #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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These snowy-white over-sized starts are one of the coolest decoration ideas for a white Christmas tree. 

They are both showy and stylish and give your festive tree a unique look. All of your guests will envy you, trust me!  😉

17. Barn Christmas Wall Art

Farmhouse Christmas Decor Paper Snowflakes #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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Do you like this rustic style wall sign, or it’s just me?  😛 I’m looking at this picture and all I can think is how much chic and warmth this wall art brings to the Christmas living room space.

A touch of white garland Christmas decoration and some evergreens draped across wall art can add to your holiday aesthetic.

18. Christmas Decor for the Space around the Fireplace

White Living Room Christmas Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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Frosted faux greenery always makes the room feel more cheery and festive.

For the Christmas season, experiment with a large wreath and candleholders in different styles and sizes displayed above the mantel.

19. White Owl Christmas Decoration Ball

Owl Christmas Ornament #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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This embroidered glass ball ornament is dressed up with sparkles and glitter to resemble owls.

Through history in ancient Greece, Asia and America, the owl has been a symbol of wisdom, magic, and feminity. So, consider the idea of getting a couple of these for your Christmas decoration in white!  😉

20. Squirrel Christmas Tree Ornament

White Squirrel Christmas Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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If you are a fan of the natural Christmas tree ornaments, you will surely like this snowy-white squirrel.

Displaying one of this on top of the mantel or a side table at your home will bring a fun cheerful vibe to your white Christmas decoration. Don’t you think?  😉

21. Rustic Style White Christmas Decoration for the Entrance Hall

Farmhouse Staircase White Christmas Decoration #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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This year, instead of stocking the presents under the Christmas tree, why don’t you find an old rustic buggy and keep the presents there?

Creating this Christmas farmhouse style setting in the entrance hall will make your guests feel the warmth since the moment they come in.  😎

22. DIY Vintage Christmas Angels

Vintage Christmas Angels #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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The angel is one of the most divine white Christmas decorations. It brings a magical feel of coziness.

If you want to jazz up your living room shelves a bit, you can simply do it by incorporating a couple of these beautiful vintage-styled angels. It can put you in the holiday spirit in an instant.

23. Shiny DIY Snowman Sculpture

Snowman Christmas Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #white #whitechristmas #decorhomeideas
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And what is a holiday without a snowman sculpture sticking around?

If you love the traditional style white Christmas decoration, you need to create one of these enhancing sculptures surrounded by shimmering ornaments and frosted faux greenery.  😉

So, that was all from me, my dears! I hope these 18 white Christmas decoration ideas managed to convince you to experiment with the festive decoration a little more this year.

From snowy-white garland draped across artwork to grouping frosted faux greenery wreaths in varied styles and shimmering metallic tree ornaments, you’ll want nothing more than to stay at home, with a cup of tea, and enjoy your own creation!  😉 

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