100 Best DIY Christmas Wreaths To Make Your Home Stand Out

The Christmas Wreath is something special for the season.

There is no beginning and there is no end for the circular wreath that represents the never-end circle and the evergreen means growth.

Best DIY Christmas Wreaths #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

No matter what your wreath means to you, please enjoy this list of creative and festive DIY Wreaths – may they bring joy to your world.

1. Create a Festive Statement with a DIY Birch Christmas Wreath

Birch Evergreen Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This Birch Beauty would look amazing as your new front door signature Christmas Wreath.

The best part is, no tutorial needed. Making this one requires a few limbs trimmed for the tree in the yard. Happy Creative Hour!

via An Extraordinary Day

2. Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Wreath with Burlap and Pinecones

Burlap Christmas Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

When it comes to the DIY Christmas wreaths, the Burlap simplicity is the perfect choice for your Farm House style home. This one is a foam ring, easy to cover with a few pinecone picks. It is that easy.

via Love of Family and Home

3. Make a Santa-Inspired Burlap Wreath 

Burlap Santa Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This jolly old elf’s belt will have everyone that comes to your door saying “HO HO HO that is the perfect Christmas wreath.

via Chatsworth Ranch

4. Adorn Your Door with a DIY Burlap Candy Cane Wreath

Candy Cane Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This one will sweeten up the barest of walls. All you need is a couple of hangers, bend it into your candy cane, and slip your burlap on.

This one might rank easiest when it comes to DIY Christmas wreaths.

via The Country Chic Cottage

5. Make a Uniquely Decorated Evergreen Christmas Wreath

Christmas Evergreen Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

There is nothing artificial about this fancied-up evergreen. Creative colors and designs are all years with this Christmas wreath.

via Frugal Homemaker

6. Create a Rugged Christmas Wreath with Fabric

Christmas Fabric Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Using a wire wreath from the dollar store, this one is so fun and easy you can even have the kids cut strips of the scraps of Christmas fabric, then tie one on, and keep on tying.

via Craftaholics Anonymous

7. Craft a Refined Christmas Feather Wreath

Christmas Feather Boa Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Making a Christmas wreath was never so easy than with this clear idea. Make this the perfect gift, put it together for the Diva in your life.

via HGTV.com

8. Bring Nature to Your Door with a Moss Christmas Wreath

Christmas Moss Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Images of Christmas wreaths sometimes need a chance to grow on us. This one is simply gorgeous.

via Aimee Weaver

9. Give Your House a Glossy Look with an Ornament Wreath

Christmas Ornament Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Let’s face it, some of us have a problem called Christmas tree ornaments galore!

This one can be a real treasure, use this design idea to preserve all grandma’s decorations you can’t part with, or even all the handmade ornaments the kiddos made you over the years.

via Decor Chick

10. Make a Colorful Christmas Ornament Wreath

Christmas Ornaments Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

The kids will have a blast with a bag of pompoms and a bottle of glue. You can even make this wreath by cutting a pool noodle and duct tape it into shape. The kids will proudly give this to their teachers.

via Live Love DIY

11. Impress Guests with a Christmas Pom Pom Wreath

Christmas Pom Pom Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

When it comes to how to make Christmas wreaths, it’s not about knowing how, it’s about making up your mind, or make them all.

12. Glam Up Decor with a Gold Glitter Ribbon Wreath

Christmas Ribbon Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

When it comes to how to make Christmas wreaths, it’s not about knowing how, it’s about making up your mind, or make them all.

via 36th Avenue

13. Create a Plaid Christmas Wreath with a Red Rose Accent

Christmas Wreath DIY #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Make them big or make them little, so many Christmas Wreaths ideas.

via Lil Luna

14. Make a Fluffy Christmas Wreath with a Ribbon Bow Accent

Christmas Wreath White #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This one will warm any heart as it reminds us of earmuffs and hand muffs, Warm and cuddly, soft, and pure. What is Christmas is all about?

via Craftberry Bush

15. Enhance Interior Decor with a Yarn Pom Pom Wreath

Christmas Yarn Pom Pom Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Pom Poms are so much fun to make! Gather all that leftover yarn you have and make something amazing.

via Kim Power Style

16. Craft a Red and White Christmas Wreath with Yarn

Christmas Yarn Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

The colors red and white scream the North Pole, wrap them around your wreath for a Santa’s Helper gift.

via All You

17. Achieve a Rustic Look with a Clothespin Christmas Wreath

Clothespin Christmas Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

The perfect outdoor Christmas wreaths, it’s fun and easy. This is a DIY Christmas wreath dream.

via Gwenny Penny

18. Decorate a Mesh Wreath with Christmas Decor Pieces

Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This front door Christmas wreath can also be made with green, Grinchy for sure.

via Blog Her

19. Make a Nature-Inspired Christmas Berry Wreath

DIY Berry Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Red means love, white means pure. This wreath will adorn your door and bless all that enter the pure love of the season.

via That’s What Che Said

20. Create a DIY Burlap and Red Ribbon Wreath

DIY Burlap Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Making a Christmas wreath does not require multiple sorts of decorations. Keep it simple all you DIY Christmas wreath makers.

via What’s Ur Home Story

21. Utilize Bows for a Colorful Christmas Wreath

Diy Christmas Bow Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Even on a tight budget, your front door can say Merry and Bright!

via Design Improvised

22. Build a Wood Star Christmas Wreath with a Joy Sign

DIY Christmas Joy Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Next time you run in the craft store, have a picture of this on one of your phones. Pick up what you need and run home to make the star that will bring you joy.

via Six Sisters’ Stuff

23. Elevate Your Outdoors with a Red and White 

Diy Christmas Ribbon Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Use your favorite ribbon cut into strip, add a little of your ideal wrapping paper for on that wraps up just right

via Shelterness

24. Make a Statement with a Rustic Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath Idea #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This idea is an eye-catcher, no matter if you love it or hate it, you will remember it.

via Homemade Ginger

25. Create a Nitid Frozen-Themed Christmas Wreath

DIY Frozen Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Tule, Tule, Tule will bring out everyone’s Yule because it is fun and fancy. Put some fun and whimsy on your door today.

via Paging Fun Moms

26. Elevate the Christmas Spirit with a Jingle Bells Wreath

DIY Jingle Bell Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Listen, do you hear the bells? Nothing says Christmas is near like the bells of Christmas. Your front door will have a little jingle with its ring.

via Country Living

27. Let Kids Enjoy Christmas with a Marshmallow Wreath

DIY Marshmellow Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Here is another on the kids will love to make, buy lots of marshmallows for the two to one ratio of gluing and eating. Warm and fluffy says all is right.

via The Sweet Escape

28. Embrace Nature with a DIY Pinecone Wreath

DIY Pinecone Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This one is great for a winter nature walk with your kids or even on a date. Gather your bits of nature and then create.

via Remodelaholic

29. Make a Modern Evergreen and Burlap Rectangle Wreath

DIY Rectangle Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This one is fantastic; it is not square; it is not round. It is an old picture frame that you have hanging around.

via Shanty 2 Chic

30. Upgrade Your Door with a Suave Snowflake Hanger

Dollar Store Snowflake Door Hanger #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Just like when you were a kid, you gathered those snowflakes on your sleeve to looks at each detail and design.

Gather some flakes; this one says love to all no matter your color and shape. If we hang together, we will be just fine.

via Staying Home Sawyer

31. Repurpose Family Photos into a Classic Wreath

Family Photo Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

We all have a family, even if it is just our cat. But what team, so you work with, go to lunch with or make plans for.

This one is great for high schoolers, even a selfie ring for your best boy or girl….awwwwwwww

via The Crafting Chicks

32. Add Rustic Bells to Your Wreath for a Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Need more Cow Bell! (if you don’t get it, look it up)

via Shades of Blue Interiors

33. Enrich Your Christmas Decorations with a Fluffy Wreath

Fluffy Christmas Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Heavenly clouds and sliver bells just seem like part of decking your halls and making them bright.

via Just Destiny

34. Be Creative with a Gleamy Tinsel Wreath

Fluffy Tinsel Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

White and fluffy, the Christmas wreaths with fluffy tinsel will remind you of the angels.

via Country Living

35. Make a Colorful Frosty Pinecone Wreath

Frosty Pinecone #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

No artificial Christmas wreaths here, only natural and fresh Christmas wreaths make the perfect outdoor Christmas wreaths.

36. Create a Contemporary Wreath with Christmas Gift Boxes

Gift box Christmas Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Everyone loves a pretty wrapped gift, Most of us have little time for wrapping, gift bags to the rescue but don’t forget the gorgeous packages- right on your wreath.

via Crafts Unleashed

37. Utilize Gift Wrapping Paper for a Colorful Wreath

Gift Wrap Wreath Hutch #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This is wrapped up perfectly! This one you can do tonight, start rolling and have some creative fun.

via Centsational Girl

38. Celebrate Christmas with a Grinch-Themed Wreath

Grinch Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Deco mesh Christmas wreaths need a little practice on how to make Christmas wreaths, but you will love them.

39. Make a Natural Christmas Wreath with Magnolia Leaves

Holiday Magnolia Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Grapevine wreath with beautiful green magnolia leaves.

via Jolly and Happy

40. Use a Twig Wreath to Complete Your Joy Sign

Joy Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Another way to spread the joy. Joy is for Jolly, Old, Yuletide.

via Renovated Faith

41. Craft a Unique Joy Sign with Twig Wreaths

JOY Wreaths #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Triple the fun, triple the beauty. And triple your ideas and creativity!
The word JOY can be created in so many creative ways.

via Shanty 2 Chic

42. Create a Gorgeous Gold Leaf Wreath for Your Decor

Leaves Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Spray paint some leaves with gold to make an adorable and classy wreath.

via Decor Chick

43. Add a Frosty Snow Design to a Buffalo Plaid Wreath

Let it Snow Holiday Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Now, can you say cool? Easy street cool! Color or natural, these can go far by design.

via The Happy Housie

44. Upcycle Popsicle Sticks for a Beautiful Snowflake Wreath

Let It Snow Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Popsicle sticks or tongue depressors, either will work.

via Ballard Bunch

45. Upgrade Your Grapevine Wreath with Christmas Lights

Lighted Grapevine Snowman Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Grapevine Christmas wreaths are festive for sure. You will love this Frosty man hanging on your door.

via Crafty Morning

46. Repurpose Mason Jar Lids and Bulbs for Your Wreath

Mason Jar Lid Ornament Christmas Tree #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

This little Mason Jar lid tree is so homey and comfy looking. Old lids, Old bulbs and a little paint and you will create spectacular decoration.

via Funky Junky Interiors

47. Create a Colorful Wreath with Mason Jar Lids

Mason Jar Lid Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

What a great idea of you have old ones of these that can be upcycled to adorable.

via Twelve O Eight

48. Unleash Your Creativity with a Paper Wreath

Paper Christmas Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Love the creativity that those can draw out of you.

via Lia Griffith

49. Embellish Front Door with a Peppermint Christmas Wreath

Peppermint Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Front door Christmas wreaths are sweeter than ever. You will love how this one makes your house smell sweet and inviting.

via Gwynn Wasson Designs

50. Upcycle a Red Picture Frame into a Refined Wreath

Picture Frame Christmas Door Hanger #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Another way to spruce up some of those frames you have sitting in a box.

51. Decorate with a Handmade Pinecone Christmas Wreath

Pinecone Cluster Door Hanger #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Have a friend that is a minimalist; this one is simple yet elegant.
Pinecones hanging in a cluster say homemade Christmas wreath loud and clear.

via Brown Sugar Toast

52. Utilize Different Colored Pine Cones for Your Wreath

Pinecone Cone Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Weather permitting, gathering pinecones in parks and on trails is a great activity ending with a great memory.

via Tried and True

53. Create a Frosty-Looking Wreath with Pine Cones

Pinecone Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

via Felicia Cramer

54. Amaze Guests with a Plastic Christmas Wreath

Plastic Christmas Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Did you have any idea that plastic wrap count looks so classy and elegant?

via Designs Sponge

55. Uplift Your Door with a Grand Poinsettia Christmas Wreath

Poinsettia Christmas Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Deep red, always the favorite gift to give the season. Easy to assemble, gorgeous to display.

via Vanessa Christenson

56. Make a Bright Poinsettia Wreath with Mesh

Poinsettia Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Poinsettias can be found in many different colors. This would be fun to put together in team colors, school colors, etc…

via Trendy Tree

57. Delight Everyone with a Popcorn Christmas Wreath

Popcorn Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

What a great idea, have a popcorn party, watch some Christmas flicks and send everyone home with their own hand made gift.

via Martha Stewart

58. Create a Festive Holiday Wreath with Red Ribbon Knots

Red Ribbon Knot Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Fabric of different colors or all the same, this one looks like fun to make for your door or maybe as a gift. Personalize our fabric and your colors.

via Woman’s Day

59. Put Glitter Ornaments on a Red and White Wreath

Red White Diy Christmas Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Maybe wrapping paper, maybe a ribbon or even fabric but the ideas are endless with an idea like this.

via Polka Dot Chair

60. Create an Alluring Ribbon Candy Christmas Wreath

Ribbon Candy Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Rock Solid Christmas cheer. Yes, it is found right here, candy, such a great treat.

via Petal & Ply

61. Creative Rudolph the Reindeer Burlap Wreath

Rudoph Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Rudolph is the kid’s favorite, the red nose reindeer that we all know and love. Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?

62. Get Timeless Decor for Christmas with Rustic Burlap Wreath

Rustic Burlap Christmas Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

From times gone by, burlap the old gunny sack. Pretty now, the envy of all. When it goes missing, tell them to put it back!

via Titi Crafty

63. Prettify a Grapevine Wreath with Evergreen and Pinecone

Rustic Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Where do all these ideas come from, the past and the present all get rolled into one.

64. Make a Santa Wreath using Tulle

Santa Tulle Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Happy Santa’s always thrill and delight. Let’s hope this isn’t his tutu as that might be a fright.

via Baby Rabies

65. Create a Scandinavian Style Christmas Wreath

Scandinavian Christmas Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

The ancestors that went before had hard times and sorrows, we can remember them and their sacrifices hanging just outside on the door.

via Sisters, What

66. Let Kids Have Fun with a Frosty Snowball Wreath

Snowball Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

What a creative idea. For every child that wanted to keep their snowballs for the rest of the day, where just might be the way.

via Daisy Mae Belle

67. Make a Cute Tulle Snowman Wreath

Snowman Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Once there was a snowman tall, tall, tall. On the wreath, he hangs proudly on my wall.

via Grillo Designs

68. Elegantly Arrange Pom Poms for a Snowman Wreath

Snowman Wreath Idea #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

What a great idea together. Gather your things, a little glue and see how easy you can make your door look a little better.

via A Crocheted Simplicity

69. Beautify Your Door with a Boxwood Snowman Wreath

Snowman Wreath Door #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

In the sun he melted small, small small, The snowmen of the of cold weather stand tall and bring joy to your door.

via Sweet Little Blue Bird

70. Create a Trendy Snowman Wreath with Adorable Mittens 

Snowman Wreath Mittens #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Wreaths are for doors, snowmen just make them so much better. Have you had the same wreath for years, maybe it is time for an update?

via Trendy Tree

71. Make an Elegant Snowflake Wreath using Pine Cones

Snowy Pinecone Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

The perfect combination of rustic and elegant, Throw in a bit of class, and you will have some fun.

via Southern Living

72. Repurpose Stripped Straws into a Chic Christmas Wreath

Striped Straw Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

There are so many fun straws on the market, what a great idea for something new and different and a great gift for the waitress in your life.

via Tater Tots and Jello

73. Add Gingerbread Decor to Your Evergreen Wreath

Sweet Holiday Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Visions of sugarplums all dance in heads. Till morning we rest but when the sweet sunrises – will you be the first out of bed?

via Nourish and Nestle

74. Bring Sophisticated Look with a Tinsel Garland Wreath

Tinsel Garland Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

You will never go wrong with the tensile and garland. Indoor or outdoor, they make any space look festive.

via Prudent Penny Pincher

75. Make a Classic Star Wreath with Twine

Twine Star on Red Front Door #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Anything at all, cardboard, or an old rusty star hanging outside. A little glue and twine and you have wrapped yourself up a shining star!

via Lowes

76. Brighten Your Christmas with a Light Bulb Wreath

Vintage Christmas Light Bulb Wreath #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Do you love this idea, so simple and full of life? I wish I had a few lights that look like these.

via Good Housekeeping

77. Create a Rustic Red Candy Cane Wreath

Wreath Candy Cane #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Candy canes are the best Christmas decorations. They are festive and really easy to put together. Create a design that is just right for you.

78. Use Gold Spray Paint for an Opulent Leaves Wreath

Wreath Gold Leaves  #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

Gold spray paint makes most everything look a little better. These leaves make a golden ring that is elegant for sure.

via eHow.com

79. Make a Red and White Pinecone Wreath

Wreath Pinecones Red #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

We love pinecones and Christmas. We love the color red at Christmas, combine the two just so. No better way to say Ho Ho Ho.

via BHG.com

80. Decorate Your Door with a Handmade Snowflake Wreath

Wreath Snowflakes #Christmas #diy #wreath #decorhomeideas

You can buy snowflakes already made and create your wreath, but why not try your hand a few felt cut flakes you have designed yourself?

via Better Homes and Gardens

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