20+ Amazing Christmas Decorations In Silver And Gold

If you want to decorate your home for Christmas, but are tired of the bold and bright colors that are so traditionally associated with this time of the year, then it is time to consider the benefits of using silver and gold ornaments to showcase the beauty of your home.

When combined and used appropriately throughout your home, gold and silver Christmas ornaments are stunning.

Best Christmas Decorations In Gold And Silver. Decorating for Christmas in silver and gold will make your home look more expensive and stylish. Christmas tree ornaments, garland and socks - we have them all. #decorhomeideas

Let the bold colors speak for themselves, no matter if you want to hang them throughout your home or place them in a single location for a stunning look.

One of the reasons why so many people are turning to silver and gold Christmas tree decorations when decorating their homes is because these ornaments are incredibly classy and classic.

There is nothing childish or garish about gold and silver when they are combined appropriately and spread throughout the home.

From a Christmas tree gold and silver to a wreath on your front door, you can welcome in the Christmas season and celebrate with gorgeous decorations that will add to the beauty of your home and the excitement that your family and your guests feel.

All of these lovely Christmas decorations are sure to improve the appearance of your home and will really update your space.

1. Hang Silver and Gold Ornaments with Colorful Ribbons

Christmas Tree Ornaments In Gold And Silver


An incredibly simple way to incorporate silver and gold Christmas tree ornaments into your home is to hang them on ribbon in your windows. They are sure to attract attention from outside.

2. Make a Bold Statement with a Gold and Silver Tree

Christmas Tree In Gold And Silver

A silver Christmas tree that is dripping with gold ornaments is a true showstopper and will grab the attention of anyone who comes to your home.

3. Bring Christmas Magic with Silver and Gold Candleholders

Christmas Candle Holders

These Gold Checked Glass Tea Candle Holders are the perfect addition to your holiday, creating a delightful centerpiece for all your family and friends to remember the celebration.

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4. Adorn Your Staircase Garland with Silver and Gold Fabric

Silver and Gold Christmas Staircase Decoration

Don’t forget to decorate your banister. Instead of using just the traditional greenery, intersperse gold and silver ornaments in the green for a stunning look. This will really brighten up your stairs.

5. Create a Festive Centerpiece with Silver and Gold Accents

Christmas Table Centerpiece In Gold And Silver


Your Christmas table shouldn’t be neglected when you are decorating. Make sure that you use greenery, as well as gold ornaments and silver candlesticks for a unique and updated look.

6. Make an Impact with a Pair of Matching Gold Christmas Trees

Christmas Mantel Decoration In Gold And Silver


Gold Christmas trees with silver and white stockings will really catch the attention of anyone who comes to your home. Use a pair of matching Christmas trees to really make an impact and make your fireplace a focal point. Do not underestimate the power of the well decorated Christmas mantle.

7. Impress Guests with an Elegant Gold and Silver Wreath

Christmas Wreath In Silver And Gold

Your front door will benefit from a silver and gold Christmas wreath. Using a wreath on the front door in the same color scheme as the rest of your decorations will set the tone for what people will see inside.

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8. Elevate Your Candle Centerpiece with Gold Accents

Christmas Candle Centerpiece Gold And Silver


Few things are more festive than candles. Place yours on a gold charger in the middle of the table and surround them with ornaments that are gold and silver for a stunning and festive look.

9. Decorate Mantel with Gold Garland and Silver Candlesticks

Merry Christmas Decor Fireplace Mantel

Together with silver candlesticks, gold sparkly letters that spell out “Merry Christmas” or any other chosen message will really get your point across.

Consider hanging the letters on your fireplace mantle for an attractive greeting.

10. Brighten Your Mantel with a Silver Tinsel with Gold Balls

Christmas Garland In Silver And Gold


Another way to decorate your fireplace mantle is with silver tinsel and gold balls. Nestle the balls into the silver and intertwine white lights for a look that will really shine, especially at night.

11. Create a Colorful Contrast with Frosted Greenery

Fireplace Mantel Decorated For Christmas In Gold And Silver


Frosted greenery draped across your fireplace mantle will complement any silver balls and gold candles or balls that you have on the mantle as well. Allow a little green to show through for a great contrast.

12. Stack Gold and Silver Balls and Pinecones in Tall Jars

Christmas Glass Cylinders Filled With Gold And Silver-Ornaments


Gold and silver Christmas tree ornaments don’t have to just go on a tree. When stacked in clear glass containers they can be a striking decoration in your home. Place them in strategic locations for a lot of visual interest.

13. Enhance Your Silver White Tree with Gold Ornaments

Silver And Gold Christmas Tree


A silver white and gold Christmas tree is sure to attract attention.

Use a silver tree and decorate it with small gold ornaments for a huge impact. Use a lot of smaller ornaments for a visually striking decoration.

14. Transform a Tiered Cake Stand with Gold and Silver Decor

Christmas Centerpiece In Silver And Gold


Cake plates aren’t just for dessert! Display antique silver and gold Christmas tree decorations on the plates for a varied and interesting look.

This is a great way to showcase your favorite ornaments.

15. Add Sparkle to Your Home with Gold and Silver Trees

Christmas Staircase In Gold And Silver


Green Christmas trees that are covered with white lights and surrounded by silver and gold decorations will really stand out.

They are a great way to fill space in your home without a lot of work.

16. Create a Lasting Impression with a Brimming Bowl

Christmas Balls Gold And Silver

A gold bowl that is brimming with silver and gold balls and 3D ornaments is a wonderful way to decorate a side table or even to use in the middle of your dining table for a fun and bright look.

17. Embellish Your Entryway with a Rustic Silver Tree

Christmas Decorations In Gold and Silver

Skip the regular Christmas tree and opt for a white silver and gold Christmas tree that is made from twisted bare branches.

This is a fun twist on a traditional look that every family will love.

18. Upgrade Christmas Baubles with Glitter Decor

Gold And Silver Christmas Tree Balls

Use chunky glitter to decorate gold and silver balls for a look that is really unique and special.

These textured ornaments will stand out on your Christmas tree with silver and gold ornaments.

19. Make a Subdued Noel Sign in Gold and Silver

Noel Bottle Christmas Decor


Not all of your ornaments have to be bright and take center stage.

A subdued NOEL etched in gold and silver on a bottle and surrounded by baby’s breath flowers can be very attractive.

20. Uplift Your Christmas Tree with a Gold and Silver Topper

Christmas Tree In Silver And Gold Decoration


Use a silver and gold Christmas tree topper to really tie together the look of your Christmas tree. Combined with other ornaments, this will create a great look.

21. Enchant Your Christmas Tree with Gold Ornaments

Gold And Silver Christmas Tree
Kimberly Persinger

Put your Christmas tree in farmhouse styled wooden crate and decorate with silver and gold for a stunning result.

22. Utilize Gold Fabric for Your Christmas Tree Decor

Gold And Silver Christmas Tree Decor
Cotton Marvissa

There are many different Christmas tree decorating ideas silver and gold, and by implementing these two colors throughout all of your decorations in your home you can end up with a cohesive and attractive look.

Make sure that you mix the silver and gold ornaments carefully so that you aren’t overwhelmed with either silver or gold, and make sure that you display your ornaments with plenty of white lights.

The white lights will shine off of the ornaments, making them look brighter and helping the color scheme that you have chosen really pop and improve the appearance of your home.

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