Beautifully Unusual Christmas Tree Toppers

Although Christmas trees are usually topped with either a star or an angel, that does not mean you can’t break the rules.

Colorful tree topper

Why don’t you try something else that’s perhaps a little more modern or that fits better with the theme and style of your décor?

Get creative, the possibilities are endless.

You can try with a sea star, a crown, peacock feathers, ribbons, music sheets, and even antlers…Your only limit is your imagination and resourcefulness.

Just try to think outside the box and you can come up with a statement solution.

Ultimately, your unconventional tree topper might even serve as a great conversation starter for your holiday party or family get-together.

1. Royal Crown






Beyond doubt, everyone puts a lot of work into making the Christmas tree look stunning. That’s why an elegant crown seems to be the perfect finishing touch!

Just have a look at this lavishly embellished Christmas tree! It is definitely a statement seasonal décor piece, don’t you agree?  Photo: Credit


2. Stylish Hat


White beauty


Somewhat similar to the elegant crown topper idea is to use a beautiful vintage hat.

This white Christmas tree topped with an elegant hat looks absolutely stunning! What a brilliant idea! Photo: Credit


3. Peacock Feathers


So charming!


Love the blue-and-green color scheme? What about this Christmas tree?

Ribbons and feathers in blue and green lend it a peacock-inspired look. Isn’t it charming? Photo: Credit


4. Pair of Antlers



Unusual tree topper


Are you a hunter? Spending Christmas in a cabin or at home surrounded by rustic décor?

Then, why don’t you go for a pair of antlers, real or faux?

This is definitely an impressive way to both make your Christmas tree unique and add organic touches to the space! Photo: Credit


5. Old Sheet Music


DIY project


Want to try a DIY project? Opt for some old music sheets.

Look at this beauty! A jewel piece in the middle of the beautifully arranged sheets adds extra sparkle and visual interest.

So creative and beautiful! Pure vintage perfection! Definitely a magical Christmas tree! Photo: Credit


6. Twigs, Ribbon, and Other Crafty Things





Speaking of DIY projects, try combining a bunch of things into your own tree topper masterpiece.

Get inspiration and ideas from the statement Christmas tree shown above! Photo: Credit


7. Real Starfish


Partly traditional approach



Keeping with at least part of the traditional tree toppers, why not swap out a regular star for a real starfish?

This tree topper would look great on almost any tree, but it can turn a beach-inspired Christmas tree into a true show-stopper.

You can even go a step further and combine the starfish with some extra little seashells and pearls. Photo: Credit

What kind of a Christmas tree topper are you going to use this year?

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