19+ Irresistibly Charming Christmas Decorations In Silver, Blue and Turquoise

Heretofore, we have seen green or white Christmas trees decorated with ornaments of different colors such as red, gold and silver. But how often have you seen turquoise Christmas decorations, for instance? Not often, right?

That is because most people prefer to stick to the traditions and leave the bold experiments aside.

Christmas Decorations In Blue, Silver and Turquoise #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

However, if you positively want to stand out, I’d suggest you go for some blue and silver Christmas decorations this year.

And to help you, I have gathered a list of 20+ lovely blue white and silver Christmas decoration ideas. Take a look and enjoy!  😎 

1. Glass Hurricane Candle Holders with Assorted Blue Ornaments

Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

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Fill in clear glass hurricane candle holders with assorted glass ball ornaments to create an easy, simple yet definitely eye-grabbing Christmas centerpiece.

Use containers of different shapes and heights for extra visual interest and appeal. Add candles for touches of romance.

2. Simple Christmas Décor with Silver and Blue Painted Pinecones

Pinecones In Blue Christmas Decor #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas


Spray paint pinecones in silver and blue and arrange them in a wooden bowl to create this simple, Christmas budget-friendly yet so stylish piece of décor.

A stunning way to add texture, visual interest, and an organic feel to your seasonal décor!

3. Elegant Silver and Blue Holiday Decor for Festive Dining Room

Christmas Table Setting In Blue #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

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Delicate dining chair décor complements a festive table in silver and blue…A graceful mantel display and a Christmas tree in the same color scheme complete the look of the space.

Candles add charm and romance. This Christmas set is definitely the epitome of elegance and sophistication!

4. Handcrafted and Glazed Ceramic Christmas Ornaments

Turquoise Christmas Stars

These hand-formed and hand-glazed ceramic ornaments will decorate every place in your home or garden regardless of whether you hang it on the Christmas tree, door, wall or in the window.

They will bring a Christmas atmosphere and plenty of positive Christmas energy to your home.

Ceramic decorations are also a lovely gift for a Christmas, housewarming or moving.

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5. Add a Festive Touch with Navy Blue Christmas Stockings

Blue and White Christmas Stockings #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

These handmade themed Christmas-themed stocking in navy blue are surely one of the most mesmerizing and fun blue Christmas decorations.

Moreover, they are bringing additional warmth to your home. The design with buttons gives it a modernized, tailored look.

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6. Luxurious Turquoise and Silver Ribbon Wreath

Christmas Wreath Balls and Ribbons #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

While you are looking for some blue and silver Christmas tree decorations ideas, take into consideration this beautiful handmade ribbon door wreath as it will surely be a quirky addition to your festive home decor.

The turquoise and silver ribbon gives the wreath a glossy luxurious look.

7. Vintage Blue Christmas Ornament for Festive Trees

Blue Christmas Ornament #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

This charming blue Christmas ornament is sure to give your festive tree that wanted vintage style. The ornaments in these colors look particularly lovely in a farmhouse space.

All in all, it is one of the prettiest blue Christmas decorations ideas I have ever seen. What do you think?

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8. Spread the Christmas Mood with Blue Christmas Candlesticks

Blue Candles Christmas Decoration #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

Candles unquestionably spread a very special mood.

To put their soft light into a scene, they are displayed in candlesticks made of silver glass and decorated with Christmas tree balls in shades of blue. I just love it!

9. Sew Light Blue Christmas Stockings with a Snowflake Accent

Blue Stocking for Christmas #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

These light blue stockings are very fun and will create total excitement on Christmas morning.

You simply need to cut two stocking silhouettes from felt. Then sew together and turn inside out. Hook up contrasting cuff at the top. Create a cute decorative snowflake with a wire form. Slip-stitch to attach, and then fill the stockings with gifts!

10. Delightful Blue and Silver Christmas Candy Jars

Turquoise candies #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

Having glass jars full of colorful candies is a fantastic blue and silver Christmas decorations idea in case you are hosting a Christmas party.

Use your imagination and create something beautiful that will be a real show-stopper at your festive dinner table!

11. Go Bold with Turquoise and White Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Tree Decorated in Turquoise Blue Silver #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

When I first saw this photo, it instantly made me think YES!  😎 Perhaps this year I will be brave enough to try it.

I just love the combination of turquoise and snowy white ornaments. This will perfectly fit dark furniture and dramatic Christmas lighting.

12. Acrylic Hand-Painted Blue Christmas Tree Ornaments

Blue Water Paint Christmas Ornament #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

These hand-painted (with acrylic paint) Christmas tree ornaments are very delicate and stylish. They fit various interior designs, from rustic-themed homes to luxurious contemporary designs.

In fact, my little princess told me this is one of the best blue Christmas tree decorations she has ever seen.

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13. Add Poise to Décor with Turquoise and Silver Candlesticks

Elegant Silver Christmas Centerpiece #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

Looking for some delightful turquoise and silver Christmas tree decorations? If so, then take a look at these mesmerizing festive candlesticks!

Turquoise, aqua or teal complements glittery silver fully and upgrades the look of any Christmas dining table from ordinary to outstanding.

14. Create Festive Décor with Existing Blue Glass Vases

Turquoise Christmas Decoration #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

As I have a bunch of charming blue glass vases that are hanging around the house all year round, I decided to re-create a blue and silver Christmas decorations idea I’ve seen on the internet.

The result is simple but stunning at the same time. Shop your own house, that is my brand new motto!

15. Craft a Christmas Wreath with Blue and White Decorations

Blue and Silver Christmas Wreath #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

Some of the blue and white Christmas decorations you will probably see on the internet are ideal for those of you who are often in a crafting mood.

For instance, you can try re-creating this Christmas wreath made of baubles in the picture.  😉

16. Sparkling Blue Christmas Table Décor for a Magical Holiday

Glitter turquoise Christmas candles #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas


When we are speaking of blue Christmas table decorations, we should always stick to the glittery accent!

The glitter makes the holiday decoration brighter and more inviting without a doubt. Also, a bit of greenery won’t hurt anyone, don’t you think?  😆

17. Cheery Turquoise Ornaments for Christmas Mantel Decoration

Turquoise Framed Christmas Wreath #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

Photo: Credit

I know that some of you might look to buy some affordable blue and silver Christmas tree decorations – you can use an old picture frame.

But why don’t you just repurpose the old Christmas tree ornaments and transform them into an eye-catching festive mantel decor (as shown in the photo above)?  🙄

18. Transform Your Front Door with a DIY Silver Wreath Decoration

Christmas Decorated Mirror #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas


Let me ask what would you get when you combine a cheap can of silver spray paint, a grapevine wreath, and a couple of glossy accents?

The answer: a front-door centerpiece that will make the entire neighborhood envy you.  😉

19. Celebrate Nature with Turquoise Swan Ornaments

Glass Turquoise Swan

Absolutely lovely. There are swirls on it that look like swans down.

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20. Decorate Your Foyer with Silver Christmas Decorations

Turquoise Christmas Decor #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

For those of you who will host a Christmas party this year, why don’t you settle on silver Christmas decorations?

As the foyer is a key space to decorate, there are some important aspects to consider before you welcome guests through your Christmas decorated front door.

Take a detailed look at the photo above to get some inspiration.  😉

21. Add Festive Touch with Blue and White Mason Jar Décor

Christmas Decor Blue Mason Jars #Christmas #Christmasdecor #blue #silver #turquoise #decorhomeideas

This set of four hand-painted blue and white Mason jars will surely make a great addition to your home blue Christmas decorations, party decor or even as a symbolical gift for a special friend.

The letters painted on the jars spell out the word S- N- O- W…with a cute snowflake that replaces the letter “O”.

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22. Brighten Up Your Home with Turquoise Chair Decorations

Chair Christmas Decoration In Turquoise


What about turquoise chair decoration? These ribbons are fabulous. It looks like turquoise goes well with green and orange.

23. Stylish Aqua Blue Ornaments with Rhinestone Design

Christmas Rhinestones Aqua Blue

These elegant Aqua blue ornaments are hand-made, with a unique rhinestones design, perfect for your home decor!

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This year, I suggest you put aside the traditional color combination for Christmas decoration and try some of the lovely blue and silver Christmas tree decorations ideas I just showed you. Did you feel the low-key and relaxed vibes they exude even on a picture?  😉 

Hope you truly liked the DIY projects just showed! I am dying to know your silver and blue Christmas decorations ideas!

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