16 Delightful Christmas Living Rooms To Leave You Spellbound

According to my personal observation, the living room, along with the kitchen, is the most preferred space for festive gatherings with friends and family around Christmas time.

So this year don’t stop at the Christmas tree (and a bunch of garlands) but broaden the decor through the whole living room space instead. Make it cheerful and welcoming by displaying your own style and taste.  😉

Best Christmas Living Rooms. Transform your living room—the heart of your home—into a perfectly chic space for Christmas with any of these 36 elegant decorating ideas. #decorhomeideas

Draw inspiration from 16 of our magical Christmas living rooms to give your space a spoonful of seasonal charm.

1. Make Your Living Room Shine with Red Traditional Decor

Christmas Living Room With Red Accents #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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Budget-friendly décor in the traditional red and white lends the space a festive look. An arrangement of stars over the mantel creates a lovely focal point.

A portable low-level coffee table adds to the functionality of the space. What’s not to love in this living room with a distinctive organic feel!

2. Give Your Living Room a Coastal Vibe with Blue Accents

Coastal inspired Christmas Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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A mind-blowing Christmas tree immediately grabs the eye in this charming living room with coastal-inspired Christmas décor in blue, silver and gold.

Furniture and accessories lend the space an elegant, sophisticated look. Greenery adds color and freshness.

3. Create a Cozy Living Room with Neutral Color Palette

Neutral Colored Living Room Christmas Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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A delightful Christmas tree complemented by eye-grabbing mantel décor lends a festive look to this adorable living room.

An area rug, throw pillows, a side table, and accessories add texture, visual interest, sparkle, and elegance. Definitely a space with dashes of the magical Christmas spirit.

4. Celebrate the Holidays in Style with Bold Christmas Accents

Arched Space Living Room #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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I’ve seen tons of pictures of living rooms decorated for Christmas and the ones that I really liked have some bold accents.

For instance, the large golden color festive tree serves as the perfect starting point for a fun and festive Christmas living room.

5. Brighten Your Fireplace with Gold Christmas Decor

Living Room With Fireplace Christmas Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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Often the best place to begin decorating your dream Christmas living room is the natural centerpiece of the living room area.

In this case, the fireplace acts as a natural base and is brought to the forefront thanks to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, shimmery elements, festive greenery and a pinecones-accented garland across the mantel.

6. Bring Industrial Charm to a Room with Metallic Ornaments

Contemporary Living Room Christmas Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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Most of the design ideas for elegant Christmas living rooms have some metallic decorations for a look that is both festive and smooth.

Besides, the metallic wallpaper in the alcoves is an ideal option for neutral homes—the all-year-round decor will look like it was made especially for your Christmas living room.

7. Turn Your Living Room into a Winter Wonderland

Rustic Living Room Christmas Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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Even though the traditional red-and-green scheme has led the Christmas living rooms, this rustic style sitting room proves that your existing interior design and color palette can inspire the most charming of holiday themes.

Wood, white, gold, and gray combine together in both ornamental and everyday vignettes for a design that feels both unpretentious and stylish.

8. Maximize Space in Small Living Room with a Tiny Tree

Cozy Small Space Living Room #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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A simple cozy arrangement can set the stage for your entire living room space, and it’s a great way to enhance your vintage home decor.

For instance, why don’t you display a teeny tiny faux Christmas tree with a bunch of old-fashioned large glass Christmas balls?

9. Adopt Nordic-Style Living Room Decor for Christmas

Silver and Green Decor Living Room #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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The simple colors palette recall the snow-topped forests of Norway, pairing well with the dirty white sofa and evergreens.

A bunch of metallic decorative stars and candleholders finish the sophisticated look while retaining a laid-back feel.

10. Warm Up Your Sitting Room with Tartan Plaid Decorations

Olive Green Living Room Christmas Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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The internet is full of beautiful Christmas living rooms ideas, however, it is also important to re-create a decor that gives additional warmth and coziness to our sitting room space.

What else is better than wrapping the holidays in cheery tartan plaid and topping it all with some gold shimmering ornaments.

11. Place a Tall Mirror above the Fireplace Mantel

High Ceiling Living Room Christmas Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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If you are desperately looking for some cool Christmas decorating ideas for small living rooms, take a look at the picture above!

Installing a tall mirror above the fireplace mantel will make the entire place looks more spacious. Plus, it adds some sparkle.

Aside from its pure drama, I just love how the mirror appropriated its linear pattern from the lines formed by the stacked stones of the fireplace.

12. Get the Perfect Look for Your Country Christmas Living Room

Classic Living Room Christmas Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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Here is a typical design idea for country Christmas living rooms!

Christmas stockings hung by the fireplace are an essential part of the traditional Christmas living rooms.

Gladly, today the stockings are available in all fabrics, colors, and designs to suit your personal likings.

13. Add a Touch of Coziness with Subtle Living Room Decor

Scandinavian Christmas Decorated Living Room #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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The crisp chocolate-and-soft-grey color scheme of this vintage Christmas living room will keep all guests’ eyes, while fun touches like the evergreen garland and rustic wall signs add hints of Christmas playfulness.

It’s surely one of my most favorite Christmas living rooms ideas!  😉 It’s more on the natural Christmas side, though.

14. Capture Guests’ Attention with a Modern Christmas Design

Chic Modern Christmas Decorated Living Room #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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For a more formal sitting room space, it’s a good idea to keep things simple with low-key Christmas decorations.

Here, for instance, the gracious Christmas tree becomes the room’s focal point, bearing a delicate assortment of vintage ornaments.

15. Build a Fairy Tale Wonderland with Christmas Decorations

Light Colored Living Room #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas

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Here, the abundance of golden accents, candles and evergreen branches are a perfect complement to this fairy-tale Christmas living room.

This subdued interior is been inspired by the Scandinavian interior design.

16. Bring the Holidays to Life with a Cheerful Christmas Setting

Red Accent Christmas Decor Living Room #Christmasdecor #Christmas #livingroom #decorhomeideas


I’d like to wrap my collection of cozy Christmas living rooms with this decor design inspired by the timeless red-and-green combination.

Crafty evergreens on the fireplace mantel and birch logs in the fireplace set a whimsical stage for joyful red stockings and chic accent pillows.

Checking out my 16 gorgeous Christmas living rooms ideas is a smart way to get inspired and consider how to decorate your halls this year. Because when it comes to Christmas decor, there shouldn’t be undesired surprises risking to destroy your festive spirit!  😉 

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