16 Wonderful Outdoor Christmas Decorations

When the Christmas season comes around, we display the outdoor festive decoration, usually without a solid planning.

However, you can create something magical and eye-catching with a little holiday encouragement. From messy lighting to enormous red berries wreath, it is easy to make a statement with your outdoor Christmas decorations.  😉

Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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To help you get started, here are 16 wonderful Christmas outdoor decorations ideas. Enjoy! 

1. Hanging Basket

Christmas Lights Hanging Basket #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Actually, this hanging basket is made of reshaped and secured with wire grapevine wreaths.

Wrapped with battery-operated LED lights and filled with some shining Christmas red ornaments, it is simple and easy to make yet truly captivating!

Definitely a statement piece of outdoor décor, which can add visual interest and personality to any outdoor space!

2. Birdbath With Red Ornament

Christmas Ornament Birdbath Decor #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Have a birdbath? Adorn it to add to the Christmas look of your outdoors.

This one embellished in the traditional Christmas colors stands out against the snowy beauty of the winter garden!

A shiny red ornament and a ribbon complemented by berries, spay-pained pinecones, and evergreens create an eye-grabbing display that can dress up any outdoor space for the holiday season!

3. Red Accents

Glass Topiary Red Balls #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

Use some leftover décor to dress up your garden potting table.

Just unleash your creativity! Look at this simple, easy-to-make, and budget-friendly cloche display!

Definitely a fascinating arrangement, which adds color, freshness, interest, personality, and touches of vintage charm! Irresistibly captivating, don’t you think?

4. Inexpensive DIY Cranberry Candleholders

Candles and Cranberries #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

If you are on a tight budget, you might feel forced to find some cheap DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

You can just layer chunky glass vases with faux snow and fresh cranberries (as shown on the picture above). Then embed white pillar candles. Align on your front door area. And voila!  🙂

5. Snowy-White Candy Cane Holder

Candy Cane Arrangement #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

There are lots of candy cane outdoor Christmas decorations on the Internet, however, keep in mind you should use the store-bought plastic candy canes when you’ll display them outdoor.  😉

All you need to do to re-create this cute DIY project is to fill a snowy-white planter with the decorative candy canes and display it in some place where all the neighbors can see it.   🙄

6. Large Traditional Christmas Setting

Flower Pot Christmas Arrangement #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

For those of you who prefer the large outdoor Christmas decorations, building a custom pot might me what you actually need. It looks very cheery and festive.

Here some of the things you can use: evergreens, pheasant feathers, gourds, red berries, and holiday lights.

7. Outdoor Metal Christmas Ornaments

Oversized Christmas Ornaments #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

When you’re planning outdoor Christmas decorations, bare in mind that festive ornaments are not just for the tree!  😉

Display a bunch of these oversized metal round ornaments for a rustic unpretentious feel. You will avoid breakage by using metal (or plastic) Christmas balls.

8. Wrap the Presents Up

Outdoor Greenery Gift Boxes #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

Christmas presents? Keeping them under the tree? Overrated.

If you want to brag with unique outdoor Christmas decorations, these decorative presents made of faux evergreens and traditional red ribbon, are an ideal addition to your porch.  😉

9. Luminous Holiday Globes

Glowing Globes Centerpiece #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

These glowing frosted globes in various sizes look insanely chic. Something else you need to include to your list of outdoor Christmas decorations ideas.  😉

Spread the orbs around your front yard to create a divine snowy landscape, or group them in a rustic style metallic container for maximum impact.

10. Scandinavian Themed Outdoor Holiday Decor

Christmas Lanterns Decoration #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

Nowadays, the Nordic-themed outdoor Christmas decorations are very appealing and beloved.

This rustic metallic lantern, for instance, looks very provincial, unpretentious and homey in the meantime. Also, take a look at the other details that complete this stylish Christmas-y setiing.

11. Exquisite festive Lights Spheres

Christmas Light Orbs #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

Looking for some lofty ideas for simple outdoor Christmas decorations?

These spheres of grapevines wrapped in fairy lights displayed in birdbaths or on stairsteps bring a delicate glow on your outdoor landscape.

12. Outdoor Lights for a Strong Statement

Christmas Lit Pyramids #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

Dressing your porch up with a wide variety of lights is one of the timeless outdoor Christmas yard decorations.

These pyramidal festive trees will surely turn into the focal point of your outdoor space. To make it more sparkling and stunning, display more of them situated next to each other.

13. Spectacular Festive Tree

Christmas Lit Tree #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

In the process of planning your outdoor Christmas decorations, make sure to illuminate the exterior of your home to keep it as spectacular as the inside is.

Here is a thought – to make something personalized and showy, instead of buying a Christmas tree, you can display the lights on the cherry tree in your front yard.

14. Lanterns Made of Faux Snow

Christmas Lit Snow Balls #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

The battery-operated outdoor Christmas decorations, such as the one on the picture above, are a good option if you have little kids or a dog running around the yard.

All you need to re-create this simple, yet sophisticated, project is some faux snow (a large pack of cotton is also an alternative) and some fairy lights.

15. Smiling Porch-Sitter for Christmas

Snowman Outdoor Christmas Decoration #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

Every porch needs a good friend for Christmas. Santa Claus, a stuffed reindeer, or just a smiling snowman (such as this one on the picture), can add some whimsy to your Christmas outdoor decorations.

Hint: You can personalize this idea by including a written welcoming message on a chalkboard.

16. Welcoming Christmas Spheres

Wreaths and Balls #Christmasdecor #Christmas #outdoor #decorations #decorhomeideas
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Photo: Credit

Finally, for the fans of homemade outdoor Christmas decorations, I’ve got an interesting DIY project to share.

These eye-catching shimmering red Christmas balls wrapped with grapevines cast an ethereal vividness on your outdoor space. Add some evergreens and ribbons for a final touch.

This year, oversized rustic ornaments lighted displays and the good old Santa (sitting on your porch) should be the crown jewels of your outdoor Christmas decorations that will bring holiday spirit to the entire neighborhood. Hope you like my ideas!  😉 

Outdoor Christmas Decorations
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