27 Best Grey and White Bedroom Ideas For Peace Of Mind and Serenity

When we’re looking for ways to bring more peace and tranquility into our lives, our focus often shifts to our bedroom.

We strive to create a room that communicates tranquility. This can be achieved by using a neutral palette of white and gray. We have found examples of the best gray and white bedroom ideas that bring feelings of peace and serenity.

When picking the perfect shade of gray for your room, keep in mind that there are three undertones that affect the overall look of any paint or furniture.

The undertones need to be considered when you add any accents and when you’re trying to create certain moods. These undertones are blue, green, and purple or violet.

Best Grey And White Bedroom Ideas. Create a soothing atmosphere where to relax and be tranquil with these awesome grey and white bedroom ideas and designs. #decorhomeideas
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Blue undertones are calming. Purple is warm and works well with rooms that have a southern exposure. Green undertones often look more green than gray.

Most people prefer shades of gray with blue undertones. These shades make blue accents pop and are the most calming. These should be the first colors you look at when creating your oasis.

Blues and greens work with a north or west-facing room. Light grays with purple undertones will also work in a room with western exposure.

Rooms that face east will appear more serene when the gray paint has blue undertones with a touch of green.

A southern-facing room will actually do better with wall colors that are beige or cream. Work with grayish-green undertones in your furnishings.

We hope these examples will encourage you to create your oasis.

1. Light Gray Shiplap Reimagines Coastal Elegance

A Cool And Coastal Bedroom #decorhomeideas
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Painting the shiplap walls a soft gray tone and using floor-to-ceiling sheer drapes let in lots of light. Bluish gray stripes in the bed linens play up the nautical influence.

Dark woods like the four-poster bed and ebony hutch ground the room.

2. Steel Gray Wall Defines Modern Industrial Feel

A Grey And White, Urban Industrial Bedroom #decorhomeideas
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The deep gray accent wall calms the tone of this light-filled bedroom.

The vintage side table, brass light sconce, and faux animal area rug bring this industrial retreat to life.

3.  Soft Gray Linens Lighten Dark Gray Room

A Rustic Bedroom Aesthetic #decorhomeideas
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A deep gray accent wall sets the tone for this bedroom. Ranch-style design is brought out with a bull skull framed by reclaimed light gray boards.

The room gets a lighter touch with the soft rose Persian rug and tufted headboard.

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4. Gray Barn Wood Headboard Adds Rustic Style

Add Some Vintage Flair To Your Grey Bedroom #decorhomeideas
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A gray headboard made from reclaimed rough wood panels and an antique wool rug set the tone for this room.

The chandelier and lamp bring more vintage flair. The end-of-bed bench is the perfect settee for this cottage-style bedroom.

5. Introduce Gray Undertones in Accent Pieces

Another Accent Color Idea #decorhomeideas
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The color of the accent wall is picked up in the pillow shams and blanket throw. You can also see it in the picture frames and a throw pillow in the basket.

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A touch of green complements the gray accents. This is a good example of gray with purple undertones.

6. High End Gray and White Style

Beach Escape Grey Bedroom #decorhomeideas
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Decorating in gray and white gets a high-end look by adding a textured rug, Venetian plastered walls, and a unique settee. Crisp white linens contrast the gray fabric textured headboard.

via Richard Powers

7. Gray Headboard and Rug Absorb Sunlight

Bright and Airy With Grey Accent #decorhomeideas
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You don’t have to go all-in with a gray wall. A sense of calm is established with a touch of gray in the rug and in the bed’s headboard and frame.

The room gets a touch of mid-century style with tripod table lamps and chrome and leather chair.

via Tessa Neustadt

8. Accent Wall Adds Depth to Small Room

Check Out Dark Grey And White #decorhomeideas
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Using a neutral palette visually increases the size of the room. It starts with the gray area rug over dark floorboards.

The room literally lightens by keeping dark elements like the radiator below eye level. Light gray walls continue to lighten the room.

The white ceiling completes the transition. Soft textures in the rug, seating area, and desk chair keep the room from looking sterile.

9. Black Accents Add Modern Feel

Decorate it With Some Black Accents #decorhomeideas
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When using a darker shade of gray, black accents give the room a calming tone.

Dark accents in this room like the frames, side table, and skirting help ground the room. These touches contrast the light gray ceiling, giving the room more depth.

10. Add French Country Style With Toile Linens

Design A Country Style Grey And White Bedroom #decorhomeideas
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The lavender and gray throw pillows and duvet set are an example of a shade of gray with purple undertones.

11. Modern Eclectic Studio With Gray Accents

Exciting And Eccentric #decorhomeideas
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The gray accent wall and dark gray area rug create division from the kitchenette in this studio rental.

Yellow sconces and orange accents bring a pop of color without disrupting the room’s tranquility.

12. Throwback Style Looks Like Black & White Photo

Fab And Futuristic #decorhomeideas
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Nearly every piece of furniture and accent piece in this bedroom features a shade of gray. The rounded corners of the chair, dresser, and table give this room futuristic appeal.

The iron bed frame and pendant lamp are signature pieces of the 20th century.

13. Soften Bright Sunlight With Soft Gray Furnishings

Farmhouse Style Bedroom #decorhomeideas
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The panel ceiling takes center stage in this room. Using soft textures over a dark gray carpet adds to the serene feeling.

via Kristofer Johnsson

14. Color Blocks Modernize Mid-Century Style

For A More Mid-Century Modern Look #decorhomeideas
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The minimalist style of mid-century modern furnishings is always a calm style.

The tone is brought down even more with a dark gray wall block of color, gray pillow cases, shades, and an area rug.

15. Classic Dark Furniture and Color Block Ceiling

For A More Traditional Approach #decorhomeideas
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The gray hues in this room have blue undertones which allow the powder blue chair and rug to blend in. The room is anchored with dark stained dressers and the end-of-bed bench.

16. Modern Bedroom Has Black Curtains, Oversized Headboard

Go With A Grey, Black, And White Bedroom #decorhomeideas
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A conventional bed frame and headboard get a big boost with a tufted floor-to-ceiling wrap-around feature.

Using charcoal gray curtains is key to bringing a sense of peace to the room’s neutral palette.

17. Use Gray in Wall Patterns and Curtains

Grey and White Bedroom With a Touch of Beige #decorhomeideas
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Use grays with creams and shades of beige to subdue the light in a room.

18. Deluxe Living With Mirrored Furniture

Grey And White Glam #decorhomeideas
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Bring A-list glamor to your room by using furniture with crushed mirror and chrome accents and introducing lots of fuzzy and furry textures.

19. Pops of Color Bring Out Undertones

Grey, White, And Blue Bedroom #decorhomeideas
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Using gray with blue undertones unifies the furniture. It also works very well with wood. The blue accent pieces pop.

20. Include White in Your Wall’s Décor

Hang Some Grey And White Wall Decor #decorhomeideas
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Gray with green and blue undertones allows you to introduce soft green accent pieces.

A three piece picture mimics the rectangular side tables. The yellow and white also play off of the wall color.

21. Creamy Whites Bring Vintage Style

Ideas For A Vintage, Grey And White Bedroom #decorhomeideas
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A vintage metal four-poster bed with its light gray brocade bed clothes looks stately against a creamy gray background.

Keep a Victorian bedroom feeling light by using the lighter shades of a neutral color palette.

22. Simplify the Room With Tone-on-Tone Neutrals

Make Your Bedroom Simplistic And Stylish #decorhomeideas
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This simple bedroom uses various textures and a wood slat headboard to create a room that’s stylish and relaxed.

The round copper accent table adds a surprising personal touch.

23. Accents Add Personality to Gray & White Room

Stay In The Moment With Grey And White #decorhomeideas
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Traditional white block furniture is grounded with three separate color blocks of dark gray and rose against a lighter gray background.

The end-of-bed bench has more storage area and a third chance to add gray accents with storage baskets.

24. Upcycling in Soft Whites Creates Serenity

Test Out The Shabby Chic Theme #decorhomeideas
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The shabby chic look is all about reclaiming and reusing furniture to create a high-end look.

The chandelier was painted the same color as the wall and decorated with crystals.

via Overstock

25. White and Gray Textiles Make It Unique

Try A Cream, Grey, And White Bedroom #decorhomeideas
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Gray accent throw pillows shown here add plenty of color to an overstuffed mattress without disturbing the tranquil feeling of the room.

A distressed rug also works to add warmth and color.

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26. Mix Up White and Gray Patterns

Use Different Patterns In Grey and White #decorhomeideas
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Different patterns can be used in the same décor as long as they match in tone and hue.

The dark gray headboard and light gray footboard are brought together with the stripes in the fringe blanket.

27. Boho Style Meets Mid-Century Modern

Your Dream Bohemian Bedroom #decorhomeideas
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Create a subtle boho style with a headboard held in place with leather straps, a macramé plant holder, and fringe on the textiles.

Architect lamps bring memories of the 1960s to the room.

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