35 Best Interior Stone Wall Ideas To Add Style To Your Home

Are you looking for an impressive feature to make your home appealing and cozy?

What you need is a stone wall! Surprisingly for some of you, the cold look of the stone transforms into a warm and cozy feature when it is brought indoors.

The natural beauty of the stone with its irreplaceable texture and color matches almost all interior styles.

Best Interior Wall Stone Ideasл Add some texture to your home with these interior stone wall ideas. Create different patterns with natural stone. #decorhomeideas

The stone wall is an excellent choice for those of you who want to add dynamics and natural touch to your modern home.

The stone wall is also very universal when it comes to an indoor location. The stone walls look good in living rooms but they are also impressive in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Stone can configure an entire wall or only a section of it. Let’s get deeper into the stone wall ideas as unique décor features with our collection of 35 Best Interior Stone Wall Ideas.

1. A Stone Wall To Bring Peace And Harmony

A Stone Wall To Bring Peace And Harmony

Gneiss stones are preferred for indoor usage because they offer a natural look and easy building as a cladding to an existing wall.

The gneiss can be shaped in a geometric figure or can cover an entire wall. For improved interest emphasizing the beautiful and glittering finish of the gneiss stone, add lights to spark the surface.

2. Faux Stone For Tall Arched Wall

Faux Stone For Tall Arched Wall

This dining room is formed into a tall space with an arched ceiling. The fireplace wall is lined with faux stone panels to add to space texture and warmth.

The exposed beams cohere with the natural concept of the interior and together make the atmosphere homely and special.

Faux stone is great for fireplace walls because it is fireproof.

3. Kitchen Design With Stone Focal Point

Kitchen Design With Stone Focal Point

Stone claddings are also good for kitchen backsplashes.

The stone is durable, and fireproof and makes an amazing contrast with the steel appliances in the kitchen.

4. Bathroom Statement Wall

Bathroom Statement Wall

The resistance to outdoor conditions such as humidity turns the stone lining into suitable cladding for bathroom walls as well.

You can use it to line the bathtub wall to make the relaxing experience there more intense.

5. Kitchen Island Lining With Stone Bricks

Kitchen Island Lining With Stone Bricks

Turn the island of the traditional kitchen design into a focal point with stone cladding.

This idea is affordable and quick to implement because the islands are with narrow sides and are usually of medium size when it comes to floor space coverage.

Choose a wooden or marble countertop to continue the natural theme in the kitchen.

6. Fireplace Stone Wall

Fireplace Stone Wall

This interior stone wall idea shows how stone can be used only on a part of a wall. The natural color palette of this stone cladding makes this modern living room cozier.

Stone is perfect for this exposed fireplace as it improves its décor impact and is suitable for application on surfaces subject to heating.

7. Niche Wall With Natural Stones

Niche Wall With Natural Stones

Niches are usually used for extra storage places. Being open to the living space, attention to their décor is also required.

The stone lining is one of the ways to make the niche interesting and belong to the rest of the interior.

Added wooden floating shelves pair perfectly with the stone texture and together they create ana pleasing-for-the-eye interior accent.

via Butler Design Services

8. Statement Wall With Grey Stone and Wood Logs In

Statement Wall With Grey Stone and Wood Logs In

When you use stone in the interior, make sure that you surround it with colors, features and elements that are able to “warm up” the colder nature of this material.

This idea is a good example of how this is possible for a fireplace wall.

In addition to the niche filled with logs, the fabric of the seating furniture also balances with the composed flair of the grey stone.

9. Bedroom Statement Wall With Stones

Bedroom Statement Wall With Stones

This is an inspiring idea of how to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in a bedroom with a stone accent wall.

Use as much wood as possible! Use it for the ceiling, for the floor and for the furniture. Make sure that you stick to one stain color, preferably medium or light stain shades.

via OneKindDesign

10. Rustic Staircase Wall With Minimalist Stairs

Rustic Staircase Wall With Minimalist Stairs

This interior stone wall idea is appropriate for minimalist staircase designs. They can be made from metal, glass and even wood.

The open design of the staircase makes it possible to see the beauty and texture of the stone cladding on the wall. The color palette is natural and coheres with the floor tiles.

11. Spa Bathroom Corner

Spa Bathroom Corner

You have noticed that spa centers use stone in the décor a lot. Well, why not create your own small spa space in the bathroom?

Simply clad the wall where the bathtub sits with stone panels. The panels here are stone veneer and are effortless to cut and piece together.

12. Elegant Narrow Island With Stone And Wood

Elegant Narrow Island With Stone And Wood

If you have liked the idea of a kitchen island cladded with stones, here is another design that offers a generous amount of wood as well.

The countertop of the island continues down the side to create a frame of the stone wall.

The final look is a modern island with a rustic touch that can match all contemporary styles.

13. Transitional Wall In Stone Lining

Transitional Wall In Stone Lining

The stone cladding here covers an entire transition wall. It helps the wall look belonging to the space and also acts as a uniting element between the transition spaces.

Floating shelves decorate the grey stone lining to hold personal photos that warm up the cold texture of this natural material.

via Southeast Construction

14. Outdoor Shower Nook With Stones

Outdoor Shower Nook With Stones

If you are lucky to have a big backyard and a pool, then you would enjoy the comfort the outdoor shower offers.

Clad the wall with stones to blend the shower with the exterior and add a spa feel to the nook.

15. Interior Masonry Wall

Interior Masonry Wall

The owner of this cottage-style dining room uses stone and natural wood to make the interior appealing and the atmosphere homely.

You don’t have to add many accents to this interior because the stone wall itself is very effective in this.

You can only try to emphasize its texture and uniqueness with light fixtures.

via Apartment Therapy

16. A Stone Arch For The Warm Kitchen

A Stone Arch For The Warm Kitchen

Why choose stone walls for the kitchen? Because they will instantly warm up the atmosphere and give the space an elegant look.

Secondly, the stone is resistant to scents and that characteristic is more than important in the kitchen.

via Callier and Thompson

17. Masonry Wall In The Bedroom

Masonry Wall In The Bedroom

The design of this bedroom aims to mimic a loft interior.

The natural stone incorporated in the masonry bed wall is the focal point that also helps the space feel harmonious.

18. Stone Tiles For Fireplace

Stone Tiles For Fireplace

The decorative stone cladding here mimics the texture of the fieldstones. In addition to the typical color, this faux lining offers a gentle glitter that is visible in the light.

The stone wall and the fireplace complement each other perfectly and make sure that the fireplace is a feature to gather the whole family together.

via Kelly Elko

19. Bathroom Mirror Frame With Stone Tiles

Bathroom Mirror Frame With Stone Tiles

If you are looking for a way to make the bathroom désign more luxurious, install stone panels. That can be on an entire wall or on a part of the wall.

This example features a small wall stone cladding. Its place and the added décor elements create a unique illusion that the tall mirror is framed with stones.

via Maestro Bath

20. Natural Wall In Combination With Modern Spiral Staircase

Natural Wall In Combination With Modern Spiral Staircase

This is another stunning décor idea with stones. This time, large field stones clad a staircase wall giving the modern minimalist staircase design a warm touch.

The narrow design of this staircase requires a good statement adjacent wall because its open concept offers a clear view of the wall.

via Rizzi Scale

21. Italian Style Kitchen By The Water

Italian Style Kitchen By The Water

This is definitely a non-standard and brave decision!

Lining the ceiling with stones makes a whimsical look and a vacation feeling.

via Coco Lapine Design

22. Masonry Farmhouse Transition Wall

Masonry Farmhouse Transition Wall

To give a transition wall a unique look that matches both rooms behind it, clad it with stones.

In addition to visually separating the rooms, the stone cladding will also enhance their homely feel.

23. Dining Room With Stone Walls

Dining Room With Stone Walls

This stone wall goes up to the end of a tall arched ceiling and it is certainly adorable.

It creates a feeling of greatness which is enhanced by the exposed beams and the solid wooden table.

via House Beautiful

24. Elegant Farmhouse Mix Wall With Stone, Metal And Wood

Elegant Farmhouse Mix Wall With Stone, Metal And Wood

Another good design idea for cladding a fireplace with stone veneer features applying them to columns. This will create a beautiful accent in the shape of a frame.

In the middle, you can add metal or wood boards that cohere with the natural look of the faux stone.

25. Built-In Fireplace In Stone Bathroom Wall

Built-In Fireplace In Stone Bathroom Wall

This must be the bathroom paradise! A comfortable tub, a fireplace to warm the atmosphere and the temperature and delicate light to urge you for ultimate relaxation.

All these elements are backed up with a stone accent wall that makes the room cozy and homely.

via Eldorado Stones

26. Artistic Bedroom Patched Stone Walls

Artistic Bedroom Patched Stone Walls

The ceiling of this bedroom is quite tall and it offers a wide variety of wall designs.
Here, the focus is the cozy feel related to the loft atmosphere.

It is implemented through natural materials- slat ceiling lining, exposed beams and a mixture of masonry materials cladded on the walls as a patchwork.

Bricks, different sizes and colors stones, and adhesive materials create an artistic natural décor.

27. Modern Masonry Fireplace Wall

Modern Masonry Fireplace Wall

Even the most contemporary home needs a homely touch and a feature that makes it feel special.

The fireplace is one of the elements capable to do that. The masonry work on the chimney wall enhances this feature and coheres with the rest of the interior with its unique side curves.

28. Egyptian Style Wall With Stone Tiles

Egyptian Style Wall With Stone Tiles

If you want to decorate a big part of the wall with stones, choose large tiles or panels that will make your work effortless.

This stone wall inspires one additional creative idea- small niches for light fixtures which emphasize the stone texture and enhance the interest of the statement wall.

29. Rustic Stove In Front Of Natural Stone Wall

Rustic Stove In Front Of Natural Stone Wall

If you want to keep the free-standing vintage stove as part of your home décor, make sure that the setting is prepared for its antique value and nature.

What could look better than a stone wall striking with its natural beauty and texture?

via Cottage Life

30. Nature-Inspired Bathroom Décor With Stone And Wood

Nature-Inspired Bathroom Décor With Stone And Wood

If you are wondering what is the best place for a stone statement wall, choose such that is well lit up.

A window close to the stone wall will let the natural texture of the stone stand out and also keep the airy feeling.

This stone wall décor idea visualizes how this hint works even in a tiny space.

31. Elegant Shale Wall

Elegant Shale Wall

The interior stone walls look particularly chic and elegant in the kitchen and in the dining room. When you want to implement a rustic style, keep the tones in the brown palette.

The stone wall can be a tone lighter to stand out and to keep the airy feel.

via Church Brick

32. Create Your Statement Wall With Decorative Stone Tiles

Create Your Statement Wall With Decorative Stone Tiles

The natural stone used as cladding of this wall gives the space a vacation look. The stone lining is in a grey shade cohering with the color of the rest of the walls.

The relaxing atmosphere is enhanced by the addition of wooden elements on the ceiling.

33. Bare Stone Kitchen Wall

Bare Stone Kitchen Wall

These interior walls will quickly mislead you that this is a stone house. The masonry wall finish relates to the base building look and when used inside your home, it makes a fantastic farmhouse touch.

The floor tiles and the kitchen furniture follow this idea for natural and authentic materials to create together a relaxing kitchen ambiance that will make cooking more pleasant.

34. Neutral Stone Wall For Modern Flair

Neutral Stone Wall For Modern Flair

This living room wall décor is an example of a perfect combination between traditional and modern.

The cladding is stone veneer that imitates natural stone. Being in the neutral color palette coheres with the modern interior design of the room.

via Welke NL

35. Differentiate Spaces With Stone

Differentiate Spaces With Stone

The artistic look of this kitchen is thanks to the stone cladding and the modern storage furniture.

Stones cover both parts of the transitional walls that are facing the kitchen.

The other side of these walls is lined with wood that matches the nature of the stone material and makes a uniting relation with the furniture in the kitchen.

via Allers Lumber

36. Ledge Stone Wall

Ledge Stone Wall

When you decide on the texture of your statement wall, follow this designer’s advice: the wall should feature a dual aesthetic function- as a basis for décor accents and as an individual décor element.

The stone walls cover these functions; hence they have become so trendy in the interior of any room.

37. Elegant Statement Wall For A Traditional Home

Elegant Statement Wall For A Traditional Home

Another great advantage the interior stone walls offer is that they come in various colors, sizes and textures.

In the previous example, we saw how the traditional look of the stone can be given a modern twist with dark grey color, and here, we see what stacked stone color palette matches a stylish traditional home.

38. Provence Stone Wall

Provence Stone Wall

The light color palette of the stone cladding is incorporated also in the interior stone wall décor idea. Here, it creates a statement into a Provence interior.

The color palette and the texture of this kind of stone perfectly match the concept of class and relaxation of the Provence style.

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