62 Best House Number Ideas To Make Your Home Entrance Unique

The house number sign is an important part of the outdoors of your property.

Imagine that someone who has never been to your place needs to find you or you have purchased something and the delivery person can’t find your address?

If you haven’t ever thought that your house needs a way to be identification, it is already time to think about it.

Best House Number Ideas. From sleek and modern to historic and traditional, find the house numbers that are perfect for your home. #decorhomeideas

Luckily, you are at the right place where the Best House Number Ideas And Designs are compiled to inspire your customized sign!

When you find the design you most like, it is time to think where to place it. Signs should be at a visible place and should match the surrounding.

Let’s see these unique House Number Ideas And Designs!

1. Old Fence To Support A Glass Lantern

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Use reclaimed pieces to create your unique customized house number sign. A piece of a fence is beautifully refreshed with distressing and decorated with a simple glass jar.

The house number is sprayed on the glass with black paint to stand out and match the metal wire used for hanging. A perfect vintage porch decoration that will greet your guests.

2. Polka Dot Numbers On A Wooden Plaque

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Add a pop of color to your exterior with this cheerful house number sign. Use a wooden board as support to nail on the decorated numbers.

via The Happy Scraps

3. Wooden Slats Sign With Metal Numbers

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The design of this sign coheres amazingly with the exterior rustic look of this house.

The combination of wooden slats and metal numbers provides more natural textures that complement the stone wall lining.

4. Easy DIY Number Sign

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The contemporary look of this porch requires a simple and elegant house number sign. The design of the sign here aims to match the existing exterior decoration.

Metal frame completes the metal parts of the lanterns. The black and white color combination makes sure that the sign is readable regardless of its position.

via Haute House Love

5. A Round Planter House Number

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Make the house number sign more appealing by incorporating it in a planter.

The round shape of this metal planter and its cold grey color define this decoration as modern and elegant. Added succulent plants and metal numbers complete the contemporary look.

via Sarah Hearts

6. Wood And Metal Sign

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This is another great inspiration for a number sign made from wood and metal.

Here the wooden plaque is taller to be able to accommodate larger metal numbers.
The stain of the wood contrasts the blue shade of the siding.

via Family Focus Blog

7. Rustic Planter With Numbers

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This planter box reminds the design of a mailbox. This idea makes the planter more rustic appealing, especially when painted in bold black.

The added front plaque is made from wood to ensure that the house number stands out and enhances the rustic vibe of the design.

via Pallet and Pantry

8. A Post With A Planter And House Number

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This idea is great for garden decoration. It functions as a planter stand and as a house number sign.

You are probably wondering what can be hung on the bracket once the summer is gone? A rustic lantern will do a great job to light up the walkway and the metal numbers.

via Hello Farmhouse

9. A Lantern With House Number

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Speaking about lanterns, here is an idea how to turn a vintage outdoor lantern into a house number sign.

Simply seal vinyl black numbers of a suitable size on the glass.
The black color of the numbers will make sure that they are seen in the day and in the night.

via The Seasonal Home

10. Rustic Planter

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A sign and a planter in one is a great porch décor idea. This design separates the planter and the number sign.

The box for the plant doesn’t cover the entire wooden support. It leaves enough space aside it for large metal numbers to be screwed.

via DIY Vibes

11. DIY Cement Numbers

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If you like this DIY house number sign idea, make sure that you have a suitable place to insert the tall concrete numbers.

If there is an edging garden in front of your gate, then this is a project for you. Prepare molds in the desired size and pour the cement. Once it has dried you can experiment with the final look with paint.

via A Joyful Riot

12. Posts With Hanging Number

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This DIY house number idea is for those of you that prefer the classic look. It is made from two wooden posts, two beams and chains to hold the wooden plaque.

The final look of the sign can be easily customized with paints or stain to make sure that it stands out and matches the exterior of the house.

via Second Chance To Dream

13. A Front Door With A Number

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Who says that the house number should stand on the porch wall or in the front garden? It can be also displayed at the front door!

This idea features a functional door decoration. The wooden box is used to hold an arrangement of faux flowers that will last long time.

The house number is designated on the front side of the box with numbers with metallic finish.

via The Cofran Home

14. Modern Planter

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This house number planter complements the front door design.

It features black wooden plaque with a box planter and metal numbers at the top of the plaque.

This design is great for application on walls painted a color different than the one of the door.

via Houze Wize

15. Free-Standing Crate

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The house number doesn’t have to be displayed on a vertical surface. If there is a front porch, you can use the floor or the top rail of the fence to show it with a rustic assembly.

The crate consists of two compartments where flower pots are inserted. You can change the content in the crate as the seasons change to make sure that there is always suitable decoration to draw the eyes to the house number.

via Bullocks Buzz

16. Reclaimed Rustic Number Sign

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A piece of scrap wood makes this front porch sign so unique! It hangs down from a metal chain and holds metal numbers.

The simplicity and authenticity of this look will improve the rustic charm of the house.

via The Honeycomb Home

17. A Saw Turned Into A Dragonfly Number Decoration

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Another DIY idea uses a useless old saw to turn it into unique house number sign.

To make sure that the metal numbers and the dragonfly decoration stand out, the metal surface of the saw is painted bold black.

via Dragonfly Treasure

18. Blue And White To Welcome Cheerfully

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Use the welcome sign to also identify the house number. Some pallet or reclaimed beams, a fresh coat of paint and an inscription make this sign customized and appealing.

Since it will be exposed to outdoor conditions, apply a coat of seal that will ensure long usage.

via Single Girl’s DIY

19. Vintage Planter With House Number

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If you want to give your planter house number plaque more farmhouse look, use a galvanized pot in the place of the wooden box.

via Modern On Monticello

20. Easy-To-Make Number Sign

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Do you like the free-standing house number signs? The supplies for this DIY project are only from the Dollar store.

A flag stand makes sure that the sign is visible for all delivery people and new visitors.

via Dollar Store Style

21. Modern Farmhouse Number Sign

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Modern and farmhouse come together to inspire this gorgeous house number sign idea. A small metal basket in the front makes sure that there is place for three separate small flower pots. They are dressed with burlap to complement the blonde finish of the wooden support.

The metal numbers can be bought individually from a hardware store and be painted in the desired color. Black is the perfect choice here to pair with the mesh basket and create a sleek overall look.

via If You Say I Do

22. Welcoming House Number Sign With A Wreath

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This address sign design combines three features together- front porch decoration, house number identification and greeting.

All that happens on a piece of wood made from pallet slats. They are given a rustic look with whitewashing and distressing. All letters and numbers are painted black to stand out.

The top part of the wooden surface is covered by a small wreath which can be changed with seasonal decoration as needed.

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23. Modern Glowing Numbers

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This house number idea is suitable for modern homes. The design is sleek and polished and is backed up with lights that reveal the numbers in the darker hours of the day.

The numbers make a wonderful accent to the exterior of this porch and improve the contemporary curb appeal.

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24. Sunny Number Sign

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The number design here will inspire all of you that are looking for a sign to add a pop of color. It is made from a yellow plastic sheet to which a smaller steel piece is screwed.

The numbers of the house are laser-cut on the steel piece to be filled with the bright color of the plastic once it is attached to it.

25. Metal Number Sign On The Driveway

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This is another great idea for a free-standing house number sign. It is made entirely from steel. The address is written on both sides of the sign with contrasting white paint.

For this idea you can use a flag stand from the Dollar Store to minimize the costs.

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26. Elegant Laser-Cut Numbers Sign

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The number sign is not only an information tag but also part of the outdoor decoration. When you are choosing your sign, make sure that it matches the exterior of the house.

The stone lining of this house is beautifully completed by the stone finish of the sign.

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27. Modern Farmhouse Number Sign With Wood And Cement

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This sign idea is perfect for modern and farmhouse exteriors. The combination of wood and cement ornaments give the sign a simple natural look.

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28. Minimalist Farmhouse Sign

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This is another great design of a house number sign that can match any sign. Its size is considerable making sure that all guests and delivery people see it from first sight.

The combination of textured wood and metal numbers make the overall look contemporary and stylish.

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29. Rustic Sign To Match The Porch Decor

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The stain of this house number sign is what makes it so fantastic. It creates contrast with the dark grey color and adds warmth and brightness to the modern porch.

Thanks to painting the numbers the same shade of grey the overall porch look is appealing and elegant.

30. The House Number On A Large Monogram Sign

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You can put the house number on a personalized monogram sign. The monogram sign can be made from wood or metal with the numbers cut on a part of it.

When you choose its color, make sure that it makes contrast with the surface on which it will be attached and complements the surrounding décor.

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31. A Pillow Number Sign

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This is one of those DIY ideas that clearly says that you are a person different from the standards.

Most people will expect to see the address on a sign. Imagine how surprised they will be to see it on a pillow at the front porch?

The pillowcase is made from burlap which matches the weathered look of the sofa it is added to. In addition to the house number the street name is added. You can customize the inscription with your family name, for example.  

32. Wrought Iron Sign

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If you are looking for an elegant house number sign, you can choose from a wide variety of metal signs with laser-cut ornaments.

They are pretty light and also withstand outdoor conditions.

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33. DIY Mosaic House Number Idea

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Your weekend DIY project can be this colorful sign design. It is made from scrap tile pieces sealed to a large tile with grout.

The style of this plaque is great for garden decoration. No need for screws or nails, just lean it against a large flower pot.  

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34. Laser-cut Metal Sign

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This is another great idea for a metal sign with laser-cut letters and numbers. It is offered in a big size making sure that it is visible from long distance.

It is designed for ground fixing thanks to built-in stakes.

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35. Fancy Glass Sign

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This is a stylish design of a house number sign. It features two glass parts assembled together with steel studs. The back one is with an imprinted image featuring a white backdrop with a floral edging.

The front glass piece is what actually displays the address and the house number. The letters and the numbers are positioned in such a way to be backed up by the white color of the bottom piece.

36. Wooden Plaque With A Planter

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This rustic sign idea features light numbers and a matching planter box.

They are mounted on a dark-stained wooden plaque that sets a warm tone to the exterior and lets the sign stand out.

37. Tiered Flower Pots For A House Number Sign

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This is one of the easiest and most affordable DIY house number ideas. Three different in diameter terra cotta pots are stacked together to form a flower fountain.

The outer surface is decorated with polka dots to give the plain pots a cheerful look. The bottom pot is used also as a canvas for the house number. The bold black numbers and the painted frame make sure that the address is visible from a distance.

via Positively Splendid

38. Family Initial Number Sign

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If you happen to find a rusty metal letter with your family initial at a thrift shop, don’t miss it. Once it will be turned into your personalized house number sign.

You can paint the entire surface or leave the rust to give it a fabulous farmhouse look. Add metal numbers to the letter and you are ready with your custom address sign.

39. A Row Of Pots Display Your House Number

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Another easy DIY idea that will create a point of interest in the garden and will also be a functional part of the exterior!

A group of terra cotta pots is used as a display for the house numbers. A small pot is added in the beginning to clarify why the pots are decorated with numbers. Cute and easy, isn’t it?

40. Functional Porch Decor

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Give an old milk jug new life by turning it into decorative pedestal for a flower pot.
And why not double its function?

Simply paint the number of your house on the front surface.

41. Front Door Wreath With The House Number

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This front door wreath idea is great for all-year-long usage.

The basis is a grapevine wreath that can be customized to the seasonal themes with suitable decoration. Leave only half of it undecorated to glue digits showing your house number.

via Teach Craft Love

42. Handmade Mosaic Numbers

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These numbers are unique and funky and would look great as decoration of a neutral external wall, wouldn’t they?

The ornaments are inspired by Van Gogh stained glass and are made from tile pieces, shells, gems and glitter. The basis is wooden and painted black to let all colors stand out.

43. Landscape Rock For Your House Number Sign

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This is how you can display your house number creatively! No plaques, no metal hanging signs and posts, simply a large rock positioned in the right place!

Start with printing out the numbers on paper first and trial their look and positioning on the rock. Then, use paints to make the digits on the landscape rock.

via Paint Yourself a Smile

44. Vertical Modern Farmhouse Sign

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Make a sophisticated sign with affordable materials- wood slats, metal numbers and a wooden solid support to hold the slats together. Stain the planks dark brown color and attach them to the support.

The sign will arrange the numbers vertically so make sure that the size of the numbers fit the length of the piece or the other way around.

via 4 Men 1 Lady

45. Customized Initial Sign

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You have probably seen the large wooden letters sold at the craft stores? They are usually part of personalized home décor.

In this project the large initial is used for a gorgeous customized outdoor number sign. The wood material is suitable for many types of decorations. You can use paints, napkins, or wallpaper pieces to change the plain surface into a customized one. Then just add smaller wooden numbers in a bright contrast color.

via Craft Cuts

46. House Number Sign From Wood Slice And Screws

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This is another DIY house address idea that represents an unlimited creativeness. Instead of screwing ready-made metal numbers on the piece of wood, the numbers are formed with stainless screws.

The industrial farmhouse look of this customized sign will pair best with brick exterior walls.

via Instructables

47. Large Planter With A Number Sign

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This house number post structure functions also as a garden. The large planter accommodates a lovely flower arrangement.

The colorful blooms and green vines flow down the white wooden planter to set an epic embellishment of the house number sign.

48. Burned Wood Slice Numbers

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This is another idea of a vertical house number sign. The standard wooden planks are replaced with wood slices attached to each other with metal wire.

Each slice shows a digit from the house number. If you have a wood burn tool, you can easily make the numbers. Another way to put them on the wood, is to use paints. If you go for this option, make sure to apply a sealant to protect the paint.

49. Shadow Box Modern Sign

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The design of this house number sign adds a trendy touch to the standard rectangular shape. For that a shadow box is needed. A piece of faux grass is cut to the size of the shadow box.

The modern look of the finished piece is the perfect complement for a well decorated front porch.

via A Beautiful Mess

50. Mason Jar House Number

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Mason jars prove to be an endless source of DIY crafts! In this idea, they are used as planters which also show the house number.

You can insert real flowers inside or go for a universal decoration consisting of faux greenery.

51. Rusty Plaque

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Do you like the weathered look of this metal planter? You can recreate it with a copper patina medium.

Add shiny silver numbers to the pot of the planter to give the rustic piece a modern look.

52. Mailbox And A House Number Sign On A Stone Post

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This driveway post has a multiple function- as a mailbox holder and as a house number stand.

This version is very practical and original because it pairs beautifully with the outdoors.

via Beneath My Heart

53. Beach-Themed House Number

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Add the beach to your city house with this lovely house number sign! It is made from paint sticks attached to a wooden board back.

The color combination is what makes the sign beach-themed. It also pairs perfectly with the color of the front door.

via Home Stories A to Z

54. Stenciled Number In The Cement

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If you are looking to add some curb appeal, you can do it with house numbers stenciled into the sidewalk.

This is a trendy outdoor decoration that matches the sleek concept of a modern and minimalist home.

55. Rustic Fish Sign

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Another beach-themed house number sign but this time offering loads of farmhouse charm.

The fish decoration hangs from a driftwood piece with twine loops. This unusual house number sign will surely be noticed by your guests.

via DIY Network

56. Vintage Milk Jug As A House Number Sign

56. #decorhomeideas

Here is another milk jug house number sign inspiration. This time, the jug is pained sleek black color to reveal the number of the house with white digits.

The color of the jug is chosen to match the front door paint and add to the curb appeal. Added wrought iron hanging planter makes a beautiful transition between the jug decoration and the outdoors.

57. Trash-To-Treasure Number Sign

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No doubt that this is one of the most creative house number ideas! Wine bottles are recycled into custom art piece displaying the number of your house.

To make mounting on a flat board possible, the bottles have to be fused and them flattened. Use glass paint to stencil the numbers on each bottle.

via Glass With a Past

58. Make Your Own Glowing House Numbers

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If you have ever admired the illuminating house numbers and you have wondered how they are made, here is a closer look of their structure.

The number consists of a led lamp and a metal part both in the number shape. They are offered together in one piece and an instruction for mounting.

59. Wrought Iron Bracket To Hang The Number Plaque

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If there is a tall tree in the front of your garden or in the driveway garden, use it as a post for your house number sign.

The rustic flair of this idea pairs beautifully with the outdoor nature.

60. Moss Numbers

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The moss decorations are on trend not only for the interior but also for the home exterior. The moss house numbers are a unique addition to a rustic house because they cohere with the natural concept of the style and enhance it.

To keep the moss vibrant spray it with water from time to time in case you are living in an area with less rain and humidity.

via DIY Network

61. House Number On The Net Screen

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Sometimes the house number sign will have a great impact if it is placed on a non-traditional surface.

Well, the screen door is surely a place you wouldn’t expect to see the address! See how to cross stich the number in the tutorial below.

via Martha Stewart

62. Oversized Concrete Numbers

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This idea for anchoring concrete numbers in the garden is perfect for a minimalist or modern home.

The concrete house numbers are oversized and impossible to miss. You can leave them in their original grey color or decorate parts of them with a matchy color.

via A Joyful Riot

63. Write It On The Door

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The house number can be elegantly written on the front door.

To make sure that the numbers are even in size and identical in font, use stencils to outline them or vinyl decals.

64. Number And A Vase On A Wooden Slice

64. #decorhomeideas

If you are looking of a number sign of a small scale, try this DIY idea. It features a slice of wood holding a small Mason jar. The jar is attached to the wood with a metal bracket displaced from the center.

The point is to leave a clear view to the house number stenciled in the right corner after the jar is filled with a small flower bouquet.

via DIY Candy

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