58 Romantic Bedroom Ideas and Decorations

The bedroom should be your private oasis. The room where you can take a rest and enjoy an ambiance where love can be felt even in the air.

Two main elements keep the romance alive- the state of your soul and the surrounding atmosphere.

Best Romantic Bedroom Ideas Decor. These romantic bedroom ideas will turn your sleep sanctuary into an intimate retreat for couples. Relax into a more comfortable bedroom interior with these romantic bedroom designs and decorations. #decorhomeideas

If romance is what you want to anchor in your bedroom, then check our collection of 58 Romantic Bedroom Ideas and Decorations!

1. French Cottage Bedroom

French Cottage Bedroom

French praise love and they show it even in the details of their home decor. This cottage decor is created to make the bedroom a romantic nest for a couple to enjoy their company.

The warmth and the soft light from the fireplace cohere with the pastel color palette of the interior. Together they set a cozy atmosphere where the couple can relax in privacy.

via Annie Schlechter

2. Airy And Light Bedroom

Airy And Light Bedroom

The predominant white color of this bedroom decor makes sure that the limited space doesn’t feel overwhelming.

The bed is placed right next to the window which lets natural light come through and warm up the air. Two white linen curtains act as a canopy of the bed. They differentiate the bed zone from the rest of the room and make sure that the most private zone of the couple is well differentiated.

via Fantastic Frank

3. Royal Style Canopy

Royal Style Canopy

The combination of a blue canopy frame and geometric repetitive pattern on the fabric give this bed design an elegant royal-inspired look.

Added big white pillows with individual sleeping set with initials in front of them enhances the special bed arrangement.

via The Interior Archive

4. Modern Romantic Bedroom

Modern Romantic Bedroom

A couple’s bedroom should be decorated in such a way that it ensures comfort and visual appeal for both parties. This romantic bedroom design idea showcases how this works in interior design.

The bed is big enough to let two adults sleep comfortably. All other pieces of furniture are doubled- there are two armchairs, two nightstands and two lamps.

The color palette is neutral to satisfy a man’s and a woman’s taste. The accents are universal when it comes to gender- nothing too feminine or too masculine.

5. Red Is For Passion

Red Is For Passion

Colors are an important part of interior design studies. They are known to help a room adopt a certain feel.

When we speak about a romantic bedroom, the colors should be light, urging you to relax and cuddle with your partner.

The red color is related to passion and including it as an accent in a neutral bedroom decor creates visual interest.

6. Rustic Bedroom

Rustic Bedroom

The size of this bedroom limits the color variety in the interior. To make it visually appealing without overwhelming the space with bold colors, the interest the textures create is used.

Wood lining on the ceiling and rugged white walls create a cozy rustic interior as if in a lake house.

Added exposed beams to the covered ceiling create a visual illusion of a canopy bed.

7. Luxurious Bed

Luxurious Bed

The atmosphere in your master bedroomо will quickly be transformed if a luxurious design of a bed is chosen.

The sophisticated design and the unique textures will create a feeling of comfort and class and that will quickly make the bedroom look and also feel more romantic.

8. Farmhouse Accents For A Budget-Friendly Romantic Bedroom

Farmhouse Accents For A Budget-Friendly Romantic Bedroom

The farmhouse style is timeless and it can be incorporated into every room of your home. This romantic bedroom idea shows natural colors which are so warm.

The combination of white walls with rich textured wooden headboard creates visual interest.

The bedroom is neat and that makes sure that the retro shapes and natural textures are highlighted.

via Laura Stewart

9. A Personalized Decoration

A Personalized Decoration

There is no better way to make the master bedroom of a married couple special than adding a personalized decoration.

That can be a photo from their wedding, a sign with their initials and date of family establishment or this interesting initial collage.

It consists of the initials of the couple, each framed with a weathered wood frame and joined together with the sign &.

10. Frame Collage

Frame Collage

This is another interesting idea of using frames in romantic bedroom decor. This time, instead of framing an accent, the frames are left empty. Each of them features a unique rustic design.

The choice of attaching them to the wall empty also aims to let the focal decoration stand out. That is a large silhouette of a heart in a dark color.

via Aubrey Kinch

11. More Light Fixtures

More Light Fixtures

Instead of mounting one big light fixture in the center of the ceiling, go for many light fixtures with different installation positions.

When you choose this light source idea, make sure that the intensity of the light bulbs is low so that the feeling of privacy is kept despite the number of light fixtures.

12. Exposed Brick Wall

Exposed Brick Wall

This is one of the moody romantic bedroom design ideas. It features a combination of whitewashed brick walls that add texture and a dark metal bed frame.

The light sources are very important for making this rustic bedroom feel warm and romantic. The designer chooses scented candles spread on the surfaces of the furniture next to the bedroom which will make the space calming.

The overall bedroom decor is intimate and ready to welcome the couple to enjoy its company on bedding consisting of natural fabrics.

13. Go For White

Go For White

The all-white interior sets a calming atmosphere. A small master bedroom will easily embrace white shiplap boards on all walls and why not also on the ceiling.

The bed is covered with a soft white duvet decorated with two rows of pillows. The colors of the fabrics are in the earthy palette to cohere with the farmhouse interior and with the small accents on the wall behind the bed.

14. Scented Candles To Add A Romantic Touch

Scented Candles To Add A Romantic Touch

The easiest way to enhance the romantic vibe in your bedroom atmosphere is to add candles to the decor.

They can be grouped in glass containers or inserted on candlesticks. Light them up when the night comes and watch them transform the mood. There is no other way to ignite love than the gathering flame and the smooth light.

15. A Feminine Touch For An Elegant Bedroom Decor

A Feminine Touch For An Elegant Bedroom Decor

The addition of flowers creates an extra special touch to the bedroom. To make sure that they do not make the home decor too feminine, add them only in one place, for example on her nightstand.

That can be faux or real flowers or twigs with blossoms. Use an interesting container to let them stand out.

Fresh flowers arranged in vases may provide a splash of color to the room. Along with this nightstand’s elegant tassel hardware, subdued beige hues, paired with pops of soft pink, add to this bedroom’s relaxing vibe.

via Urban Farmgirl

16. Vintage Mirrors

Vintage Mirrors

There is something special about the mirrors in the bedroom. They do help the room look bigger but they also make it look more romantic.

This set of identical in size and decoration mirrors is special also in its design. They are tall, leaned against the wall, with unique frame curvings. One of them is stained with metallic paint, and the other one is coated with white matte paint.

They reflect a vintage sitting set in white which adds extra glam to the bedroom.

17. Canopy Bed With Extra Lights

Canopy Bed With Extra Lights

This is an easy DIY idea for making the bedroom more romantic in a budget-friendly way. In case your bed is not equipped with a canopy, let us quickly lead you through the steps of adding such to your existing bed.

Instead of building a frame to hang it on, you can use screw hooks. Screw them in 9 points on the ceiling above the bed making sure that the space between them is equal.

Drape the fabric on the screws leaving flounces and then add the fairy lights.

via Breakfast With Audrey

18. Tropic-Inspired Romantic Bedroom Decor

Tropic-Inspired Romantic Bedroom Decor

Make a unique statement wall in your bedroom to give it a special personalized look that will please your couple’s eyes.

Most of the time the statement wall is the wall behind the bed. The bedroom decor idea here shows a dimensional texture created by the layering of sculpturing paste on the wall. It pictures a tropical landscape in a neutral color that will keep the ambiance relaxing.

Accents in green and natural textures cohere with the statement wall and turn this bedroom into a paradise.

19. Poster Bed Without Canopy

Poster Bed Without Canopy

If you don’t like the idea of a canopy but you like the visual effect of the bed frame, you can leave the poster structure uncovered.

When the bed is placed tightly against the wall, the structure will create an interesting wall decoration.

20. Retro Look With Grey Shades

Retro Look With Grey Shades

Grey is a modern color that matches any home decor style. In this master bedroom decor, the grey color is presented through the furniture and the wall decoration.

Choosing it for the master bedroom has a meaningful reason. Grey is calming and intimate and this is how a romantic bedroom should feel.

21. Photo Collage To Praise Love

Photo Collage To Praise Love

Another great couple’s bedroom idea that offers an easy decor update. To make your private space more personalized and romantic, hang a set of your favorite wedding photos.

Depending on the existing decor, you may want to use the frames of the photos to add color or texture or you can leave them in the shape of canvases for a subtle touch.

22. Chick And Simple Flower Arrangement

Chick And Simple Flower Arrangement

Calla Lilies are always related to love, probably because they are the most used flowers in wedding arrangements.

This bedroom decor idea is inspired by the symbolism of this flower. The unique emotion and the purest love during the wedding day can be part of your everyday life by bringing the Calla Lily flowers into your bedroom decor.

via Pret A Vivre

23. A Plaque To Show Your Love

A Plaque To Show Your Love

Express your deepest love for your partner with a handmade plaque.

The rustic look of the weathered wood will give charm to the wall hanging design and will also enhance the strength of the personalized message.

via Aimee Weaver Designs

24. Decorate A Mirror With Flowers

Decorate A Mirror With Flowers

Rose is another flower related to the love feeling. When you use it in your bedroom decor, it creates a special romantic touch.

You can use the flower as a real bouquet in a vase or use faux versions to decorate an item in the bedroom. The vintage design of this mirror matches perfectly the delicacy of the rose garland.

via Dedicartes

25. A Lamp In A Cage

A Lamp In A Cage

Enhance the birds’ nest symbolism in your master bedroom with a special decorative lamp. Instead of a lampshade, a vintage bird cage is used to surround the bulb.

The shadows the wire will throw on the flat surfaces are very interesting and welcoming intimacy.

26. A Bold Feminine Touch

A Bold Feminine Touch

If your husband doesn’t mind, you can add a bold feminine piece to the neutral master bedroom decor that will make the interior more romantic.

This is only an idea of where the blush pink color can be used. You can apply it on a retro piece of furniture, paint a mirror frame, choose fabric in pink for the pillowcases or the curtains or you can add it with roses- the options are so many!

via Welke NL

27. Coastal Style Bedroom

Coastal Style Bedroom

Whether because of the calming sounds of the waves or because of the free time during the holiday, the beach-themed style matches perfectly the concept of a romantic bedroom.

You can set the nautical theme with accents such as collage of ocean landscapes, bedding in blue or stripes.

Another budget-friendly idea to incorporate it is to make a bed frame from pallets. Give it weathered driftwood look with white paint or grey stain.

Some light under the bed is always a good idea and the pallets make its installation very easy. Simply stretch string lights between the pallet rows.

28. Satin Long Curtains

Satin Long Curtains

The texture of the satin fabric and its muted purple color enhance the elegance of this stylish bedroom. They are draped down from the ceiling leaving them longer than the actual height of the wall.

This creates a visual illusion of a higher ceiling and also a touch of luxury.

29. Forest Fairytale

Forest Fairytale

Make your room look like a fairy place by adding twigs and fairy lights. Tie the canopy on birch wood branches and decorate the back and front opening with decorative branches.

Stretch string lights over the canopy. You can leave their ends dangle down the birch wood posts.

30. Romantic Lantern Lights

Romantic Lantern Lights

You can use lanterns in the place of candles if you prefer a safer light source. The paper lanterns are beautifully casual and the light they spread is warm and smooth.

Those of neutral creamy or white color are great for any interior decor.

31. Layers Of Fabric

Layers Of Fabric

Believe it or not, the texture of the fabric is also capable of setting a particular look and feel in the room.

Most people like satin for their bedrooms which is silky and sexy. The natural textures such as cotton, knit fabric and linen bring in a nostalgia that is also related to the romanticism that we have read about in the books.

32. Shabby Chic Romantic Bedroom

Shabby Chic Romantic Bedroom

Typical for the shabby chic style, this romantic bedroom idea features old furniture with curved ornaments.

To ensure that the bedroom remains airy, the furniture is painted white. Added vase of flowers is also a typical feature of this style. Together they create a calming retro vibe that warms up the atmosphere and adds a timeless romance to the interior.

33. Weathered Doors As A Headboard

Weathered Doors As A Headboard

Another easy DIY romantic bedroom idea that will instantly transform your bedroom interior features the repurposing of two barn wood doors into a headboard.

The wood is quite damaged and aged but for a decorative purpose it is priceless. Whitewash the surface to refresh it and blend it with the existing calming decor.

via Interier Magazin Sk

34. DIY Bed Canopy With Linen Fabric

DIY Bed Canopy With Linen Fabric

You don’t need a poster bed to add a canopy. You can add a structure to hold sheer or linen curtains to another bed design.

As you can see from this decor idea, the linen curtains are draped down white curtain rods. The rod structure is supported to the ceiling with suitable hardware and is of the size of the bed.

via Welke NL

35. Farmhouse Romance

Farmhouse Romance

There are a few decor pieces that make this bedroom so romantic and fine. The large sign over the bed, the pillowcases in front of the pile and the bed panel filling use hand-written inscriptions to incorporate casually a love motif.

The soft texture of the fabrics welcomes the couple into a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

All that is tied up by wooden elements in a retro design that enhance the farmhouse flair.

via Jaci Daily

36. A Cuddly Blanket

A Cuddly Blanket

This is another great example of how fabric textures can affect the overall feeling of a space. The soft cotton and the knitted fabrics will make the bed more comfortable and will welcome you to lie down and warm up.

What a great way to set a mood for cuddling with your partner!

via Love Grows Wild

37. Antique Accents For Unique Romance

Antique Accents For Unique Romance

Similar to the farmhouse elements, the antique pieces used in the bedroom decor also succeeds in making it casually romantic.

The interior designer here chooses a neutral interior in which the antique shapes, textures and dark colors will stand out.

via Edith and Evelyn Vintage

38. Floral Arrangement

Floral Arrangement

Flowers are the language of love and incorporating them into the bedroom decor will surely make the atmosphere more romantic.

Bringing them into an existing decor is easy and there are many decor ways to do that. You can go for a statement floral wall with faux flowers or wallpaper. You can simply add a vase with flowers on the nightstand or you can use them in a fabric pattern to decorate a piece of furniture.

via Rock My Style

39. Attic Romantic Bedroom

There is something about the attic space that makes it originally romantic. It is the inclined short ceilings, the small size of space, the ceiling windows that urge you to go to bed and relax.

This attic bedroom idea is inspiring with its interior design. The comfort of the space is ensured by practical built-in storage furniture. It is painted white to blend with the walls and the ceiling and does not affect the airy feel.

The bed is in the center of the room, right under the ceiling windows. No need for blinds, on the contrary, leave the windows uncovered to enjoy the natural light during the day and the starry sky at night.

40. Niche With Recessed Light

Niche With Recessed Light

Upcycle old barn wood or pallet slats to create a modern cottage bedroom. The natural wood sets warmth and coziness and it can easily blend with contemporary bedroom furniture.

Added niche with recessed light in this bedroom decor idea considers another feature that makes the space so casually romantic.

41. Lavish Statement Wall

Lavish Statement Wall

A hint from an interior designer- make the bed the focal point to create a more sophisticated and romantic atmosphere.

How to do that? The easiest way is to turn the wall behind the bed into a statement piece. You can use a number of textures to give the wall interest. Another way to focus the attention on the bed is to build it in a structure- poster frames, inset wall frames or canopy.

via Hakwood

42. Creamy Color For Elagant Romantic Bedroom

Creamy Color For Elagant Romantic Bedroom

The creamy color is timeless and very elegant. When used in bedroom decor, it anchors a feel of royalty. This look can be enhanced by the choice of textured fabrics such as plush, shimmering silks, etc.

You can use the gold metallic finish for the accents to create a point of interest.

via Bseid

43. Rustic Master Bedroom

Rustic Master Bedroom

This romantic bedroom idea features a king-size bed with layers of bedding and pillows and a sitting nook with comfortable armchairs.

The dark wooden flooring is continued by an upcycled barnwood sliding door that opens to a bathroom.

The color shades, the textures and the ornaments create a unique rustic ambiance for intimate retreat and relaxation.

44. Trash-To-Treasure Bedroom Idea

Trash-To-Treasure Bedroom Idea

The old furniture is of very high quality and of a unique design that neither modern item can repeat.

There are so many design ideas of how to give it a new life with different paint and stain techniques.

This bedroom decor is inspired by the timeless quality and design of the old furniture. The light sources are of an antique style which perfectly blends with the retro interior of this bedroom.

45. Provance Style Decor Idea

Provance Style Decor Idea

The Provance style is the style of the romanticists and there is no wonder why this decor idea is part of our Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas.

The Provance style always includes natural materials. In this interior, these are the wooden ceiling and the stone walls.

The bed is always big and comfortable usually made from wood or wrought iron. There is always a big amount of natural textile wrapping the bed around for improved privacy and comfort.

46. Shabby Chic Vanity

Shabby Chic Vanity

Make the bedroom decor more romantic by creating a feminine nook in the shabby chic style. An old wooden vanity with curved legs, a chair to match and beautiful metal knobs set the retro vibe in the arrangement. The most important part of the nook decor is the floral motif addition.

That can be decoupage with flowers on the wooden surface, a lampshade with a floral pattern, or simply a vase with flowers.

via Tamsyn Morgans

47. Boho Style For A Romantic Bedroom

Boho Style For A Romantic Bedroom

When you are looking for a real romantic atmosphere, the boho chic decor is what you need. It features neutral colors, natural textures and creative arrangements.

The headboard in this example has been made from old wooden doors.

Together with the rustic nightstands they make the bedroom unique and inviting.

48. A Love Quote In The Master Bedroom

A Love Quote In The Master Bedroom

Place a long sign with a love quote over the bed in the master bedroom to leave an inspiring message and to make a romantic point of interest.

The design of the sign in this example is a farmhouse which easily blends with most of the decor styles.

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49. Tuscan Style Romantic Bedroom

Tuscan Style Romantic Bedroom

If flowers speak the language of love, which are the countries most related to love- France and Italy! This bedroom interior is in Tuscan style and every inch of it anchors romance.

The tones are warm and earthy. There are pieces in the rustic and Mediterranean style. The textures are elegant and vibrant.

And the element that shouldn’t be missed in a Tuscan style bedroom is the large window from which you can admire the beautiful sunsets.

50. Bold Dark Statemen Wall

Bold Dark Statemen Wall

The dark colors can also set a romantic vibe if they are well-managed with the rest of the decor. In this example, the statement wall stays behind the bed. It is painted in deep gray color which sets a feeling for intimacy. This mood is enhanced by the smooth light from the reading lamps on the nightstands.

The rest of the interior is in a lighter color palette to ensure the airiness of the space.

51. Your Own Starry Sky

Your Own Starry Sky

Bring the outdoors inside your bedroom with an outset ceiling fixture mimicking the night sky. This structure can be made with drywall or with wooden beams.

Make holes in the flat surfaces and then fix the bulbs of string lights into the holes.

52. Bedding Is Important

Bedding Is Important

The type and color of the bedding you set on your bed is very important for the overall look of the bedroom.

For a romantic atmosphere, choose bedding in light neutral shades and from natural materials such as linen and cotton.

The layering of bed linen and pillows will also help anchor a romantic look.

53. Headboard From Fabric

Headboard From Fabric

If your bed is with a poster frame, you can use the back of it to make a unique headboard design that will transform the atmosphere into a romantic one.

Stretch a piece of white fabric at the back posts and stretch down fairy lights. The effect is magical when the night comes.

54. Alternative To A Canopy

Alternative To A Canopy

If you like the privacy and the intimacy of the canopy bed but you do not have a poster bed, you can make an easy upgrade to your decor which will mimic the canopy.

Actually, depending on the position of the bed, it can be called a private screen.

Add a curtain rod or a rail to the ceiling and attach sheer curtains to it.

55. Fireplace To Warm Up The Nights

Fireplace To Warm Up The Nights

Having a fireplace in the bedroom is a dreamy extra! It evokes warmth and intimacy and makes the overall interior so welcoming.

Luckily, nowadays there are many designs to add this feature to existing decor.

56. Traditional Farmhouse Bedroom

Traditional Farmhouse Bedroom

The white walls and the wooden furniture in this romantic bedroom idea create a tranquil environment where all senses can be relaxed.

This is how you should feel in your couple’s private space. The other elements that impose the romantic vibe are the natural fibers on the windows and the bed linen and the exposed ceiling beams.

57. Elegance In A Romantic Bedroom

Elegance In A Romantic Bedroom

This decor idea proves that elegance and romance go together. Instead of overwhelming space with love signs, flowers, old furniture, you can go for a more contemporary interior and yet keep the romantic vibe on.

Keep the colors of the contemporary furniture in a light color palette. Double the accessories to show your care for your partner. Make sure that all bed linens are comfortable and soft.

58. Ruffled Bedding Idea

Ruffled Bedding Idea

If you like the ruffled type of bedding, you should think a lot before buying it.

To let the ruffled layers look appealing in your bedroom, the overall decor should be very clean and simple. Otherwise, you are risking turning the royalty design of the bedding into a chaotic overwhelming piece.

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