32 Amazing Bedroom Ideas For Couples – Decors and Designs

The couple’s bedroom should be a place where both parties feel comfortable. And this is not limited to the furniture only. The decor itself should be likable to the feminine and masculine parts.

To make the master bedroom appealing for both of you, you need to match your tastes. Neutral colors or combinations of the favorite colors of both of you.

Best Bedroom Ideas For Couples. Get some ideas on how to decorate your bedroom in a way that everyone is happy with it. These bedroom ideas for couples will help you out. #decorhomeideas

The decor pieces have to be such that you both like. But if you have already decided to live together, then you will surely find the best master bedroom decor for both of you.

We are here to make this choice easier and more pleasant. Check 32 of the Best Bedroom Ideas For Couples that will create a cozy and perfect environment for you.

1. Two Pendants Give the Bed Symmetry

Add Pendants on Both Sides #decorhomeideas

The neutral dark grey makes this bedroom suitable for masculine and feminine tastes. Added pendants on the wall spread warm light over the bed to make the ambiance cozy, private and inviting at night.

The black metal of the light fixtures matches the French window frame to add a minimalist industrial vibe to the sleeping room.

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2. Romantic Color-Washed Wall With Panel Moulding

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Shades of Grey #decorhomeideas

This is one of the most romantic bedroom ideas ever. Various shades of grey differentiate the parts of the bedroom giving it a customized decor.

The ornamented panels lining the wall behind the bed create a statement with depth. This is the best place to put an inspiring sign related to the couple’s love.

The white color of the sign’s background relates to the accents in this grey bedroom- the antique lamps, the white knitted throw, the porcelain jug.

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3. Hang a ‘Together’ Message Over Headboard

Better Together Couples Retreat Bedroom #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse statement wall makes this master bedroom space very cozy and special. The white shiplap sets a neutral background for a letter sign that speaks about the couple’s feelings when together.

The contrast created by the black script turns it into the focal point. Two sconces in black frame the sign and make it feel just right. Make the sign feel in the right place and create a couples retreat without leaving the comfort of your own home.

via The Rustic Boxwood

4. Add Pale Rose Accents to Gray Colorwash

Blush Pink and Grey Great Master Bedroom #decorhomeideas

Men don’t like the master bedroom to be too feminine. The compromising solution would be to add a feminine color as an accent.

The gorgeous blush pink pairs perfectly with the neutral and modern grey shades of the shiplap wall. The farmhouse design of the furniture makes the ambiance very cozy and private.

Nightstands stay on either side of the bed to accommodate rustic candlesticks and clear vases with greenery.

The added shelf above the headboard is practical and also impacts when it comes to decorative function. It enhances the rustic vibe and makes a special place for inspiring phrases of the couple’s relationship.

via Simple Cozy Charm

5. Add Organic Accents to Neutral Pallet

Bring in Earthy Elements #decorhomeideas

The decor of this master bedroom is inspired by nature- earthy tones, natural materials and textures and accents directly from nature.

The headboard is given interest with the antique shape of the white wooden beams. This shape is followed by the decoration adjacent to it consisting of many in number and various in size wreaths with simple greenery.

The metal circles symbolize eternity and the endlessness of love.

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6. Florals and Texture Soften Metal Bed Frame

Cozy Cottage White Master Bedroom Decor #decorhomeideas

White could be called the perfect color for a couple’s bedroom. It is bright, it brings light in and is suitable for both genders.

Combined with a metal-framed vintage bed and industrial sconces to pair with, the bedroom is ready for relaxing shared nights. The masculine presence can be felt in the basic elements such as the grey flooring and black metal accents.

The feminine touch is represented by a pale pink throw across the bottom part of the bed, the vases with delicate flower bouquets on the nightstands and the welcoming wreath above the headboard. All these give the room character and make the place special for this couple.

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7. Introduce Vintage Finds for Rustic Look

Don't be Afraid To Use Rustic Elements #decorhomeideas

The bedroom has to be inviting, cozy and quiet, hence the rustic style matches it so much!

A headboard from reclaimed wood, an upcycled vintage nightstand and some rustic elements for the accentuating decor are just enough to anchor the homely vibe in.

The typical rustic colors are very neutral so they match the concept of a bedroom space shared by a couple.

8. Neutral Palette Showcases Modern Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Bedroom For Couples #decorhomeideas

Neutral white shiplap embraces the contrasting yet earthy wood hues. They mark the bed frame, the nightstands and the accents.

The other color that is present in this bedroom is the grey color, typical for the masculine presence. Altogether, the colors and the textures create a modern farmhouse bedroom with an airy feel and welcoming look.

Two framed signs stay above the headboard to display a phrase in the bedroom theme.

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9. Compromise Is Key When Choosing Colors

Go With Pastel Colors #decorhomeideas

If you want to visually make the decor of the couple’s room fairly balanced, go for a color palette that combines each party’s favorite colors.

Most of the time, men go for grey and navy blue while the delicate part of the couple goes for white, peach or blush pink.

Here is an example of how well navy blue and blush go together. They create a room with a character which is welcoming, cozy and modern.

10. Gold and Marble Pieces Feel High-End

Gold and Marble Nightstand Tray #decorhomeideas

Gold accents make the rooms look more luxurious. Plus, the finish matches both masculine and feminine tastes. For a shared bedroom, the gold accents can be the element balancing the tastes.

You can use the golden finish for little items such as picture or sign frames, candlesticks, and lamp stands.

This metal texture can be combined with another luxury material like marble, for example, to create a piece that is more visible.

This nightstand tray acts as a display of items that speak about the couple. The handles of the tray facilitate the movement of the piece to different places across the room.

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11. Golden Accents Pop Against Dark Background

Golden Accents for Your Golden Years Together #decorhomeideas

This is another interesting couple’s bedroom decor idea with golden accents. The background is a deep grey, the furniture is in light neutral colors. Together they set the perfect backdrop for bolder and personalized decor pieces.

The golden frames accommodate hearty memories of the couple and make a relation to the golden years together.

Placing the photographs on the wall above the headboard and in an interesting pattern adds a modern touch. symbolize the n this bedroom, you’ll find all the elements you need to take you into your golden years together.

Make sure that you match the finish of the frames with other elements of the room to create a united and appealing atmosphere.

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12. Geometric and Gold Touches Raise Modern Look

Gorgeous Geometric and Grey Modern Master #decorhomeideas

An easy way to upgrade the master bedroom and give it a modern look is with the addition of gold accents and geometric furniture or elements.

In this example, the traditional bedroom gets more contemporary and personalized with the added nightstand with geometrical details. They are delicately outlined with golden lines. The sconce above continues to anchor this accent color.

The metallic gold finish can be seen on the picture frames above. This idea is very simple, it does a great transformation and makes the overall design cozy and homely.

via Merrick’s Art

13. Introduce Fun Framed Messages Over Headboard

His Beard & Her Butt Rustic Bedroom #decorhomeideas

Add fun detail to your bedroom with this cute idea. It represents two signs in a rustic style saying a fun thing about the other person in the couple.

The design is simply aiming to let the phrases be the focal point. The signs stay on the rim of the headboard but they can be also nailed to the wall above.

14. A Romantic Accent Pillow Is Everyday Message

I Love Us Master Bedroom Accent Pillow #decorhomeideas

You can add a romantic and personalized accent to the bedroom with a pillow. This idea is great for couples that don’t want to hang on large signs with phrases and rather prefer a more delicate way to show their love for each other.

The pillowcase is in a black and white combo matching the bed set. The pillow stays in front of the pile to be easily seen. The fabric colors of the pillows behind are very important as they set a contrast that lets the special pillow stand out.

via 2 Ladies and a Chair

15. White & Gray Blends Vintage and Modern Styles

Love You Always Grey & White Bedroom #decorhomeideas

This is another good idea for a couple’s bedroom in the white and grey color combo. Here we see the trendy grey color setting a modern vibe and the white color anchored by vintage furniture pieces.

Together they create a balanced interior that corresponds to the balance in the couple’s relationship. On the wall, there is a picture of the couple complemented by a large farmhouse sign above it.

The sign speaks about love to make a direct relation to the photograph.

via Wilshire Collections

16. Modern Scroll Message in Rustic Bedroom

Marvelous Master for You & Me #decorhomeideas

Simple and so impacting- this is how we can describe the sign above the headboard. All that matters in this world is You & Me.

The rich color and texture rustic headboard create a beautiful contrasting transition to the pale letter sign above it. The color of the sign and its style is complemented on either side by upcycled shutters that act as a frame of the sign.

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17. Mid-Century Modern Mirror Recreates Classic Style

Mid-Century Modern Sunburst Mirror Master Bedroom #decorhomeideas

This couple’s bedroom design is enjoyable when it comes to balance. We see bits of each party’s taste present.

There is the grey color and the clean geometric lines related to the masculine part. Plants, a sunburst mirror, the light fixture and the accent pillow are added by the feminine party of the couple.

The mirror is an important piece of the decor as it reflects the natural light coming from the windows aside from the bed to make the room look and feel airier.

via Bigger Than The Three Of Us

18. Blend Styles Using Color and Texture

Mix Patterns, Colors and Styles #decorhomeideas

When a couple is formed two separate lives unite in one. This is also applicable to the bedroom where two different tastes and various preferences need to find the matching point.

As you share different interests and hobbies, let the bedroom interior be also a mix of patterns and colors, of course to a certain pleasant-for-the-eye extent.

Try colors different from black, white and grey which relate both to men and women. Combine rough fabrics on the floor with the delicate bed linen. Add clean and simple furniture and bolder accents. You will see how wonderfully the opposing styles match together.

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19. Combined Mid-Century Modern With Organics

Modern and Mid-Century Master Bedroom #decorhomeideas

Usually, dark colors are not advisory for small rooms but not if they are applied in one place.

This is one of the small bedroom ideas that prove this rule wrong. The bold black wall doesn’t create an overwhelming feeling but on the contrary- it gives the small bedroom depth, character and loads of modern vibe.

The black color could be barely seen on other smaller items such as the hairpin legs of the side table, the accent pillows’ fabric and on a small accent on the side wall.

The feminine part of this bedroom decor defines the rest of the decor which balances the bold statement wall- a colorful retro carpet, farmhouse flower pots and wall decor.

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20. Coordinate Favorite Colors With Patterns

Navy, White, & Blush Master Bedroom Idea #decorhomeideas

This is another gorgeous idea for a master bedroom for couples which proves that going beyond the typical color combinations and textures is never wrong.

Combine favorite colors of the parties as well as favorite items from different designs. Placing them in the right places and coordinating them by colors will create a custom design and casual feel where the couple will easily feel at home.

via Brian and Kaylor

21. Wedding Photos Become Black & White Art Prints

Never-Ending Honeymoon Master Suite #decorhomeideas

Implant the special feeling of your honeymoon as a neverending experience into your bedroom. It is represented by three large black and white photographs framed in plain white frames.

The interior is clean and neutral letting the room feel very airy and cozy. The natural light comes from two windows on both sides of the bed. The curtains belonging to the windows additionally emphasize the wall decoration.

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22. Barnwood Becomes Rustic Feature Wall

Rustic Barn Wood Wall Bedroom Retreat #decorhomeideas

Weathered barn wood creates a lovely rustic statement on the wall behind the bed in this master bedroom. Its greyish hues and worn texture provide an amazing contrast to the delicate personalized accents.

The nightstand is custom-made showcasing a hand-painted floral ornament on the top which color coheres with the barn wood.

The metal and glass bead lamp, the small succulent in a plain white pot and the coffee mug enhance the farmhouse vibe and complete the general look of this cozy customized bedroom.

via Our Happily Ever Home

23. Song of Solomon Sings Over Cabin Décor

Rustic Cabin Song of Solomon Master Bedroom #decorhomeideas

The design of this couple’s master bedroom is inspired by nature. Buffalo plaid in black and red create a warm contrast of two animal-printed pillows and a larger focal one wrapped in burlap.

The sequence of these rows of pillows is with a set purpose. The animals symbolize the parties of the couple and how they are united in their wild kind and the front accent pillow- how they are united in becoming a family.

The letter sign above the headboard is an important part of this cabin-inspired decor. It displays a quote from the Song of Solomon dedicated to true love. The beauty of the phrase and the sign itself is emphasized by the framing with faux greenery.

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24. Modern Minimalism Features Precious Memories

Simple and Minimal Modern Charm Master Bedroom #decorhomeideas

This couple’s bedroom idea is perfect for those of you who like simpler, cleaner and minimal design. Furthermore, it is pretty easy to be incorporated since there are only a few elements to be included.

The color palette is represented by grey hues.

Dark grey for the wall behind the bed to give the room depth and provide an appealing contrast to the rustic wooden shelf standing above the headboard.

There, there is a set of two simple signs posessing so much love and meaning in them.

A favorite photo of the family stays in between the signs to relate to the phrases they display. Added white pom-pom garland emphasizes the decor pieces on the shelf and makes the ambiance welcoming.

via Timber and Gray

25. Monograms Scrollwork Is Master Bedroom Feature Art

Simply Elegant Scrolls and Monogrammed Master Bedroom #decorhomeideas

A great way to display the family value in the bedroom is with this elegant family monogram sign. It is simple when it comes to color combination but quite large in size and impressive in design because of the chosen letter font.

Hence, it should be placed on a bare wall where it will stand out. Right above the bed is the best place for this sign. You can leave it alone on the wall or frame with two identical vases with flowers.

26. Message of Devotion Is Featured Under Canopy

Soul's Desire Bedroom Design for Couples #decorhomeideas

Whether you have Latino reminisce or heritage, or you appreciate the well-known Latino passion, you can visually prove it with this bedroom idea. “Love is the desire of the soul” says the inscription under the color photograph.

The moment that is pictured is very private showing the love and desire for each other. Added wall candlesticks at the sides of the picture play an important part in enhancing the strength of the phrase and turning it into the focal point of the bedroom.

via Creative Mommas

27. Ground the Room With Basic Colors

Stay Simple #decorhomeideas

If you like the dark statement walls but want to get away from black, try the navy blue. This color has a calming character that suits the bedroom’s romantic atmosphere.

The deep blue is also great for a couple’s bedroom because it is universal. It pairs well with simpler decor with fewer furniture, lighter and earthy tones and natural textures which will help overwhelm the “too dark” problem.

via Christy Winegarden

28. Loving Message Framed Above the Headboard

The Life You Love in Your Master #decorhomeideas

This sign is one of the best ones for a master bedroom because it praises the efforts the couple has made to come to the current place and moment.

Put the meaningful phrase “And so together they built a life they loved” on a background that will let it stand out. The grey color of the wall easily pairs with the white backdrop of the sign and the thin rustic frame to make this saying special and important.

Words can be very powerful, especially when they are spoken from the heart.

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29. Modern Color Palette Revives Vintage Pieces

Use Vintage Accents #decorhomeideas

Another amazing example of a powerful phrase sign for a master bedroom features a large white canvas with a scripted saying.

The words are scripted in cursive for calligraphy which enhances the personal feel and customized look of the wall decor piece.

The rustic design of the sign coheres with other accents in the room such as the lamp stands, the headboard fill and ornamented wood posts of the bed frame.

30. Fun Message Personalizes High-End Master Suite

Warm and Simple Traditional Master Bedroom #decorhomeideas

If you are a fan of rich brown custom furniture, you should be careful about the wall color. Tan color is great as a background because it smoothens the heaviness of the wood pieces.

The rest of the decor is also very well picked up to be able to carry the impact of the rich brown. We see plain bed coverings and pillows, identical simple lamps and a sign consisting of two large prints placed tightly next to each other.

31. Powerful Messages Touch the Heart Every Evening

With You I am Home Master Bedroom #decorhomeideas

You can be very short and powerful in defining your love. Just take a look at the black and white scripted sign placed against the shiplap wall of the master bedroom.

It stays in the center of the wall and right above well-aligned pillows in three rows. The front one continues the love topic with the simple “love” word. No efforts are needed when it comes to love, simply feel and show it.

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32. Reclaimed Wood Becomes Loving Sign Over Headboard

You Will Forever Be My Always Bedroom #decorhomeideas

This couple’s bedroom idea features a quick and affordable way to turn it into a romantic master bedroom. With the addition of a sign displaying a love phrase, a quote from the vows or an inspiring quote, the atmosphere gets warmer, personalized and very private.

The sign is rustic with its weathered wood material, distressed white and grey background and curved font.

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