35 Best Decking Ideas With Fire Pit To Add To Your Outdoor Area

Are you already planning an upgrade of your deck? Nothing could do that better than the fire pit.

This feature is perfect to enhance the curb appeal of your outdoors and to make it more inviting.

Best Decking Ideas With Fire Pit. Nothing takes a deck to the next level like a cozy fire pit. It makes for a perfect outdoor gathering place and these decking ideas with fire pit will surely prove it.  #decorhomeideas

The decking ideas with fire pits are many but we have made sure that the best ones are easily accessed in the collection of 35 Best Decking Ideas With Fire Pit.

1. Enjoy the Panorama Around a Captivating Stone Fire Pit

All Stone Circular Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This outdoor fire pit is built in a zone on the deck where there is a breath-taking panorama. The greyish hues of the deck boards create a feeling of depth and enhance the natural texture of the wood.

The fire pit has been made from stones of different sizes which instantly make it the focal point of this relaxing area. The tabletop surrounding the flame is heat-resistant and specially made from stones that complete the overall design of the firepit.

via Kona Contractors

2. Add Modern Flair to Your Deck with a Built-In Gas Fire Pit

Built-In Gas Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The firepit area is clearly defined by the elevated floor section. The decking is the same on all levels in order to give the zones a means to unite.

A large sectional sofa is placed at an L-shape for space reasons. The firepit covers a corner opposite the seating area to spread light and warmth around.

The dark stone top coordinates with the black basis of the sofa and the metal side tables. Built-in lighting traces the elevated contemporary decking to enhance the modern look of the nook.

via Houzz

3. Be Charmed with a Contemporary Fire Pit Table

Contemporary Fire Pit Table #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This idea features a table with a built-in firepit. This ingenious piece of furniture takes care of functionality and smart space utilization.

The straight lines of the table and its material define the style as industrial. The view from this patio shows buildings and the modern look of the patio coordinates perfectly with the surrounding urban world.

via Harold Leidner Company

4. Maximize Your Deck Space with a Stylish Corner Fire Pit

Corner Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

Even the smallest deck can be furnished with a deck. This inspiring fire pit design features a quarter-circle design fitting right in a corner.

It is made from concrete and the fire container is filled with black fire glass. Below the firepit, a contemporary in color decking is interrupted by a hollow section with a mix of pebbles.

Together with the fire, they create the atmosphere of a spa zone where relaxing is the priority.

via Jeffrey Gordon Smith

5. Add Depth to a Curved Deck with a Raised Fire Pit

Curved Deck with Raised Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The warming fire of the firepit gathers people around. And why not make them feel comfortable outside? This bench design does that on the wooden deck!

Its curved shape traces half of the firepit zone. The firepit remains the focus with its central position and beautiful workmanship. This is one of the wood-burning fire pit designs where you can enjoy the bonfire atmosphere.

via Paragon Homes

6. Transform Your Outdoors with a Unique Deck and Fire Pit

Curved Minimalist Deck with Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This ground deck is made from wood slats that reveal two earthy tones in combination. They create visual interest and give the deck the illusion of depth.

The fire pit is built on a stone lining right above the ground. Its level is lower than the level of the deck to make it an intriguing part of the outdoors. The fire pit stays in the center of this zone and is made of pavers that match the surface look of the surface.

The stones, the pavers and the wood decking act in harmony to create a rustic overall look.

via Residential Improvement Services

7. Add Style to Your Deck with a Copper-Toned Fire Pit

Deck with Copper-Toned Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The hammered copper finish is a classic and preferred look for a fire pit. One of its advantages is that it doesn’t look dirty after usage. Secondly, metal is good for fire applications as it isolates it well.

Other pros of this propane fire pit design are its mobility and dual function also as a table when the fire isn’t going.

via JK Architecture

8. Be Creative with a Lifted Deck for Your Fire Pit Idea

Fire Pit with Deck Surround #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

You may think that the fire pit zone is sunken in the ground but actually it is not. The copper fire pit is ground-level and the deck is lifted one level up. Its height is conformable with the height of the sitting set so that it creates backs of the bench sections.

The fabric of the cushions makes a lovely contrast with the grey decking. All elements create an aesthetic deck design.

via Jake Moss Designs

9. Adorn Your Fire Pits with Charming Water Feature

Fountain-Flanking Fire Feature #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The patio has been turned into a private oasis with a number of outdoor extras featured. Raised-bed gardens trace the edges of the composite deck.

Two fire pits frame a tiered waterfall acting as the focal point of the patio. At one of the sides, there is a comfortable rattan sofa. Next to the other fire pit, there are lounges to ensure optimal relaxing.

Because of the sloped ground, the patio also has dedicated walls made from the same decking material that enhances privacy.

via Platinum Landscape and Pools

10. Enjoy Minimalism with Portable Glass and Steel Fire Pit

Glass and Steel Portable Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The design of this firepit is very compact and perfect for those of you who simply want to add some warmth to the outdoor living space without making a general makeover.

This portable item is made from a polished steel base and a glass top. It is fire-resistant and keeps the flames contained while spreading their warmth at the same time.

via Welcome Home Design Group

11. Modernize Your Space with a Circular Glass Fire Pit

Glass Circular Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This firepit zone is awesome! Built-in a dedicated area of the decking, it fascinates with the elevated design and modern look. A semi-circle bench and opposing steps frame the firepit with contrast and style.

The firepit is also very intriguing visually- stone lining creates a point of interest and stability. The fire glass on the top reflects the nature above and keeps the overall look contemporary.

via Miles Decks and Construction

12. Place a Fire Pit on the Edge of Deck for a Unique Look

Ground-Level Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This fire pit idea features a different design and positioning. Instead of placing it on the deck, there is a cutout in it acting as a heat shield around half of the fire pit.

The fire pit is built on the ground. It is made from stones mimicking the brick texture. They pair with the stone basis securing the fire zone.

The seating benches are placed on both sides of the deck. They are adjacent to the fire pit and thus people sitting there will be able to enjoy the warmth of the flames.

via Unique Home Constructions

13. Unwind in Total Luxury with Bathtub and Fire Pit Accent

Hot Tub-Side Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This fire pit idea features an alternative place for the fire pit on the deck. Instead of placing it next to the sitting set, you can place it next to the hot tub in order to enjoy the warmth of the flames while resting in the water.

The pit is made from granite tiles that reflect the light. Its design is versatile and can fit any deck style.

via Anthony Wilder

14. Light Up the Night with a Stylish Fire Dish

Large and Low Fire Dish #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The classic decking and furniture of this patio are complemented by a heavy and simple in the design fire pit. The dish sits on four short legs, placing it close to the ground but yet at a safe distance from the wood.

The decking beams are long and aligned in a herringbone pattern. The point the beams meet is where the fire pit sits to make it the focal point.

Once you see the light and feel the warmth of the flame, you will instantly rest your body and adjust to relaxing mode.

via Decks By Kiefer

15. Enhance Your Outdoor Experience with Modern Fire Pit

Long and Lean Modern Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The design of this firepit has been customized to match the size of the decking and the style of the existing outdoor features. A pool with a waterfall showcases the white stone as the perfect match for the water feature.

The firepit basis is built from white flagstones with greyish veins that anchor the clean and modern fire feature. The top is lined with the same stone surface as that of the pool to create a continuous look of the elements.

This backyard fire pit idea fascinates with one more thing- its strong relation with nature seen in the tall tree kinds planted around the fence and the well-maintained boxwood shrubs and lawn.

via Randy Angell Designs

16. Bring a Mediterranean Vibe with Your Deck Fire Pit

Mediterranean Deck and Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The place this deck has been made and the warm colors of the elements make this deck Mediterranean-inspired. The dark wood deck coordinates with this style and gives this open area a homely vibe.

The hexagonal fore pit sits in the center of a seating nook showcasing a unique basis and top. The basis is made from sections completing a continuous circle design reminding castings from wrought iron.

The top is lined with tiles that leave a small opening in the center for the flame. The rest of the surface can be used as a table.

via Dennis Mayer

17. Indulge in the Lavish Look of a Bowl Fire Pit

Minimalist Bowl Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

Every part of this deck area focuses on the goal to create a relaxing zone with a spa-like vibe. The pale colors of the fence and the furniture balance the dark stain of the wood decking.

The bowl is made from concrete and is large enough to warm up the people standing on the sectional and the lounge.

The fire bowl is filled with pebbles which add to the zen atmosphere and let the flame set by gas stand out. Don’t worry about flying embers since the flame is set by gas.

via Falken Reynolds Interiors

18. Stand Out with a Contemporary Concrete Fire Pit

Modern Concrete Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

If you want to give your deck a modern look, you can do it quickly and budget-friendly with a cement firepit. Cement succeeds in adding bits of industrial, minimal and modern in combination to this outdoor living space.

This particular design features concrete legs supporting a round metal dish where the fire will go.

The rusty look of the dish creates some interest and enhances the charm and warmth of the fire pit. This is one of the wood-burning fire pit designs, so make sure that you always have a fire extinguisher on hand, just in case.

via Seattle Staged To Sell

19. Get a Polished and Trendy Look with a Fire Pit Bench

Modern Fire Pit Bench #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The modern design of this outdoor space is so inspiring! Two bench modules and a firepit section create an arrow-like seating area pointing outwards at the fabulous view.

Not only the alignment of these three elements is trendy, the materials they are made from scream modern and elegant. The firepits are two and both fired with propane which ensures easy to control flames.

Wood beams go over concrete bases in an incredibly linear shape. The overall look is very contemporary and appealing.

via Sticks and Stones Furniture

20. Enjoy a Cool Breeze with a Wooden Square Fire Pit

Modern Square Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The look of the decking material used all over this zone creates a spa-like atmosphere. The finish reminds fresh cedar which adds the traditional rustic to the contemporary world.

That choice is very good provided the amazing view. The fire pit stays slightly off the center of the nook. The base is wooden but there is an extra glass section that keeps the fire protected from the breeze.

via Phil Kouffman Builder

21. Enhance Outdoors with Stunning Octagonal Fire Pit

Octagon Tile Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

If the fire pit top is made in an octagonal shape, it will be able to gather more people. It is created by durable faux stone tiles as tabletop and small square tiles to cover the sides in a curious visual way.

The marble texture of the tiles classifies this firepit as being of a traditional look and practical feature. The hues of the stones enhance the classy look of the fire pit and also match the color of the decking and the armchairs surrounding it.

via Kona Contractors

22. Upgrade Your Patio with a Metal Fire Pit Table

Outdoor Living Room with Fire Pit Table #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This metal cabinet with a built-in firepit is placed under a pergola, the ideal summer retreat. Two benches follow the shape of the patio fence, to fit optimally in the zone.

The rug underneath the firepit and the pillows thrown on the benches and on the ground enhance the homely feeling. The firepit is surrounded by tiles that act as a table where you can place your coffee cups or wine glasses.

via Ilumus Photography

23. Bring Rustic Elegance with a Stone Fire Pit

Rustic Stone Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

Whether because of the surrounding nature or because of personal taste, this deck is very rustic. The composite decking is painted a pale brown color that coordinates with the seating furniture.

The fire pit and the hot tub are lined with stones. Thanks to the variety of earthy tones combined, these two features succeed in standing out.

via Hot Spring

24. Enjoy Cozy Nights with a Simple Dish Fire Pit

Simple Dish Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The simple design of this firepit actually makes it contemporary. The deep dish is also quite large to hold many stones flamed with gas.

The rusty finish of the metal gives the dish interest and makes it match the wood decking. The earthy tones of this relaxing zone synchronize with the eye-catching panorama. The end of the deck feels like overflowing with the horizon, leaving the surrounding nature be the focal point.

via Michele Bohbot

25. Farmhouse Feel with a Slab Stone Fire Pit and Bench

Slab Stone Ground-Level Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The surroundings of this deck have defined the style of the deck elements. All are made from natural materials in order to create a strong relation with nature.

The firepit stands in the center of the round deck. It is built from slab stones stacked in a round shape. The cabin vibe is enhanced by the semi-circle fence built at the end of the deck. From there the sloped backyard continues with gardens with greenery that set a magical welcoming atmosphere.

via Molior Construction

26. Jazz Up Your Deck with a Chic Fire Pit Brazier

Small Deck Fire Pit Brazier #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

Another temporary option for a fire pit is this metal fire feature. It is portable and relatively light, allowing you to move it everywhere.

The dedicated place from the patio is a balcony with wood decking, facing a natural landscape. The metal fire pit is placed in the center of the deck. The flame is set in a dish at a low level. At the top, there is a cone with an opening where the smoke goes out.

via Prideaux Design

27. Monumental Beauty with a Southwest-Inspired Fire Pit

Southwest-Style Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The large size and the egg-shaped design of this fire pit give it a southwest flair. Its color and texture remind terra cotta and give the outdoor space visual interest.

Every piece of this zone has a clean and elevated style and together they turn the entire place in an exquisite and modern oasis.

via The Design Laboratory

28. Bring Industrial Charm with a Steel Fire Pit

Steel Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The metal finish of this free-standing firepit turns it into the star of the outdoor relaxing nook. The sleek finish of the steel creates the perfect balance with the wood decking and furniture and succeeds in giving the traditional style an industrial vibe.

It works with gas which makes the firepit easy to control. The metal housing of the firepit enhances its safe usage.

via Houzz

29. Make a Bold Statement with a Stepped Fire Pit

Stepped Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

If the area from your patio where you are going to dedicate it for a firepit zone is not big, there are ways to optimize it and yet make it comfortable and inviting.

The vertical design of the firepit and its position aim to save space from the decking. The three leveled fire sections expand the size of the fire without affecting the size of the firepit.

The structure is made from flagstones with a rougher surface which makes the firepit so rustic. The sitting set is very comfortable facing the firepit and the natural landscape across. All that turns this deck with a firepit into the most welcoming outdoor paradise.

via Michael F Gallagher

30. Get Unmatched Aesthetics with a Stone Gas Fire Pit

Stone Gas Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This fire pit on wood deck design looks so elegant! The classy look is achieved by the stone lining and marble countertop.

The natural materials complement the wooden decking in a herringbone pattern and together with the cozy outdoor armchairs, they create a cozy and welcoming outdoor space.

via Decks By Kiefer

31. Showcase Your Style with a Rustic Stone Slab Fire Pit

Stone Slab Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

The straight lines of the deck boards instantly create a feeling of organization and neatness. The firepit is a handmade workpiece from stone slabs stacked together in a round shape.

The curved bench amazes with its style matching the deck and the surrounding fence and mostly with its coziness. Built-in flower pots and added pillows add cheer and make the outdoor entertaining zone very inviting.

via Brookside Lumber

32. Add a Rugged Appeal with a Stone Slab Fire Pit Table

Stone Slab Fire Pit Table #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This is another one from our fire pit ideas of a table combined with a fire pit. It is customized to fit the deck area. Made from slab stones, it is safe and provides plenty of usable space.

The mix of styles on this deck is very intriguing. The classic and warm wood bench balances the modern style of the armchairs.

The slab stone table with a fire pit is what unites these opposing styles together.

via Sculpt Gardens

33. Elevate Patio Design with a Sunken Fire Pit Seating Area

Sunken Fire Pit Seating Area #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This outdoor fire pit nook is very special. It is given a visual interest by building it on a level lower than the level of the deck.

The stairs leading to it, the surrounding benches, the floor and the firepit lining are made from the same decking material to unite the zones.

Grey stones accentuate the fire feature and coordinate with the pillows with satin fabric.

via Alair Homes

34. Add Glamour with a Built-In Deck Gas Fire Pit

Sunken Gas Fire Pit #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This built-in deck firepit has a sleek modern design. Only its stone round top sits above the level becoming the focal point of the outdoor relaxing area.

A large rattan sofa with comfy cushions sits close to the firepit to let people sitting there enjoying the warmth and magical color of the flame created by the fire glass.

via Advantage Lumber

35. Experience Unparalleled Beauty with Chic Fire Pit Table

Trendy Fire Pit Table #decking #firepit #decorhomeideas

This firepit has a modern sleek design, classifying it more or less like a piece of art. The texture of the steel is matte and uneven. The blue fire glass in the container enhances the cool effect of the firepit.

The octagon pattern on the decking defines a special place for the fire feature. The rest of the decking is planked in a simpler straight-line pattern so that the focus remains unblurred.

via DPG Pavers

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