35 Awesome Sunken Fire Pit Ideas For The Best Family Gatherings

There’s nothing cozier than hanging out by the fire on a cool summer night.

If you have the space in your backyard, a sunken fire pit is a gorgeous addition to your landscaping. The recessed design creates a natural seating area that’s perfect for parties and family gatherings.

Best Sunken Fire Pit Ideas. These wonderful sunken fire pit ideas are here to make your summer the best one ever. Enjoy more family or friends gatherings outdoor. #decorhomeideas

Whether your home is a country cottage or a desert oasis, these awesome sunken fire pit ideas provide all the design inspiration you need.

  • How do you make a sunken fire pit?

First, find a good location in your yard away from the house and away from low-hanging limbs. Also, make sure it’s a spot that won’t collect water. Then you are ready to build it.

  • How much is a sunken fire pit?

It might surprise you to learn the national average cost to install a fire pit is right at $700, and most spend between $300 and $1,500 for the project, but it really depends on the fire pit design. You can also DIY and make it as low as $50. Check our top selection of DIY fire pits.

1. Create Unforgettable Memories with a Sunken Fire Pit

1. Cement Patio with Sunken Fire Pit and Versatile Seating #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Your guests won’t be able to stay away from this sunken fire pit; it rises from the center of a deep seating area, creating a contained spot for conversation and s’mores.

The best thing about this fire pit idea is the combination of a bench and chairs that will suit any taste.

2. Make a Statement with a Contemporary Circular Fire Pit

2. Circular Cement Fire Pit with Blue Glass #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Make a statement in your yard with an enormous circular fire pit. The cement construction looks sleek and contemporary, all while blending in with the natural environment.

In the center, sparkling blue fire glass adds a burst of icy color.

3. Have a Cozy Gathering Place with Built-In Firewood Storage

3. Circular Sunken Fire Pit with Built-In Wood Storage #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

There’s no need to run out for firewood when you have this clever fire pit. Firewood storage is built under the seats, so there’s always a supply on hand.

Two staircases make it easy to get in or out of the seating area.

4. Discover Timeless Elegance with a  Circular Stone Fire Pit

4. Classic Circular Stone Fire Pit #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

This adorable little sunken fire pit adapts to your needs. When the weather is nice, the stone walls act as seats.

The rest of the year, you can use them to display plants, lanterns, or other decorative items.

5. Upgrade Modern Sunken Fire Pit with Wooden Seating

5. Contemporary Wood Seating and Sunken Cement Fire Pit #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Complement the exterior of your modern home with a sleek wooden seating area and a rectangular cement fire pit.

For a softer touch, add a selection of colorful pillows and glowing lights.

6. Get a Luxurious Vibe with Fire Pit in a Pool Design

6. Covered Fire Pit in a Pool #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Go from swimming to sitting by the fire in seconds when you have this spectacular fire pit in your backyard.

The sunken seating area is surrounded by a small pool, so your guests have plenty of ways to relax.

7. Light Up Your Rustic Fire Pit Seating with String Lights

7. Cozy Wooden Fire Pit Seating with Lights #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

If you don’t have the budget for a built-in sunken fire pit, this version is more affordable.

The wooden seats are a breeze to make; just leave space for an elegant metal fire pit.

8. Add a Rugged Appeal with Sunken Stone Fire Pit Seats

8. Deep Sunken Fire Pit with Stone Seating #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

If you’re ready to transform your backyard, this extra-deep fire pit is the perfect project.

Surround it with plants and a water feature for a secret-garden vibe.

9. Elevate Your Yard with a Wood and Cement Fire Pit Area

9. Elegant Wood and Cement Fire Pit Area #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

If your yard is hardscaped, it’s a breeze to integrate a fire pit. Here, cement retaining walls and wooden seats blend in with the rest of the yard.

Add gravel for texture, and set a beautiful metal fire bowl in the center.

10. Spend Quality Time with Family with a Flexible Fire Pit

10. Flexible Sunken Fire Pit #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Enjoy intimate family gatherings or big parties with this flexible sunken fire pit.

Integrated bench seating runs along one-third of the pit, leaving the rest of the space open for mingling or extra seats.

11. Enjoy More Fun in Your Backyard with In-Ground Seating

11. In-Ground Fire Pit and Seating #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

There’s something magical about deep in-ground seating; it turns the fire pit area into a world of its own.

Here, natural wood and plush blue cushions create an inviting spot to rest.

12. Add Definition to a Sunken Fire Pit with Rectangular Benches

12. In-Ground Fire Pit with Rectangular Benches #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Do you love the rustic feeling of a traditional campfire? Recess your fire pit into the ground.

The gravel around the pit provides protection from sparks, and the simple wooden bench seats offer lots of space for family and friends.

13. Redesign Your Exterior with a Sunken Stone Fire Pit

13. In-Ground Stone Fire Pit with Bench Seating #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

If you have a stone fire pit, it’s a breeze to build a sunken firepit.

Here, the lines of the pit are echoed in the curved bench seat for a beautiful, organic look.

via Belgard

14. Boost Your Curb Appeal with an In-Ground Fire Pit

14. Landscaped Backyard with Sunken Deck Fire Pit #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

This cute little fire pit is a fun way to maximize deck space.

All-around seating leaves plenty of space for lounging or big groups; plus, each spot is close to the fire for warmth.

15. Add Modern Flair with Linear Fire Pit and Water Feature

15. Modern Linear Fire Pit and Water Feature #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Turn a small backyard into a showpiece with this remarkable fire pit.

The long, linear fire area intersects with the deck, creating a mix of lines and materials. A subtle water feature completes the design. You can add your favorite outdoor furniture to the scene.

16. Discover Endless Possibilities with Your Rectangular Fire Pit

16. Rectangular Ocean-View Fire Pit with U-Shaped Seating #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

If you love to entertain, a big seating area is a must.

That’s where a rectangular fire pit comes in — it’s the perfect centerpiece for a U-shaped sectional sofa with plenty of seats for family and friends.

17. Enchant Your Backyard with a Chic Lighted Fire Pit

17. Relaxing Lighted Wooden Fire Pit #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Encourage your family and friends to cuddle up by the fire with this stunning lighted fire pit.

The lighted benches enhance the glow of the fire, and the fur seat covers are soft and cozy.

18. Spice Up Your Wooden Deck with a Retro Cement Fire Pit

18. Retro Cement Fire Pit with Gravel #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Is your deck looking bare? Cut out a large square for a fire pit and lounge area.

The clean lines and cement construction of this design complement the wood deck, and the bright orange cushions add a retro twist.

19. Transform Your Patio with a Landscaped Fire Pit Border 

19. Round Fire Pit with Landscape Border #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Set your sunken fire pit apart by surrounding it with a landscaped border.

Here, a semi-circular row of plants separates the fire from the rest of the patio.

20. Bring Rustic Elegance with a Natural Stone Fire Pit

20. Rustic Natural Stone Fire Pit #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Maintain the relaxed, natural feeling of your backyard with this rustic DIY fire pit.

The walls, floor, and pit are all made from irregular stones that blend in with the surroundings.

21. Cozy Up Your Backyard with an Exclusive Sunken Fire Pit

21. Separate Backyard Fire Pit with Sunken Seating #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Use some of the open space in a large backyard by creating a fire pit that’s separate from the house.

The distance creates a retreat-like feeling, and the sunken seating adds a cozy vibe to small outdoor gatherings.

22. Embrace Minimalism with a Wood and Stone Fire Pit

22. Simple Minimalist Wood and Stone Fire Pit #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Make the most of a small backyard with this fire pit, which uses a minimalist wood and stone design.

The fire pit is removable, so you can store it easily when winter sets in.

23. Step into Luxury and Comfort with a Square Sunken Fire Pit

23. Sleek Square Sunken Fire Pit with Stone Seats #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

A square fire pit and seating area contrast beautifully with organic plants and flowers.

In the off-season, simply remove the cushions; the stones are naturally weather resistant.

24. Have a Camping Experience in Backyard with a Rock Fire Pit

24. Southwestern Desert-Style Rock Fire PIt #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Step into this sunken fire pit, and you’ll feel like you’re on a luxury camping trip.

The sleek circular seating area features plush cushions for comfort, and the natural rock fire pit adds a back-to-nature feeling.

25. Enhance Your Sunken Fire Pit with Pea Gravel

25. Square Sunken Fire Pit with Gravel #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

You’ll want to dig your toes into the pea gravel that surrounds this square fire pit.

A small corner seating nook is the perfect spot to hang out by the fire.

26. Create a Lavish Look for Your Fire Pit with Gravel Base

26. Stone Fire Pit with Gravel Base #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Gravel is the perfect material for a fire-pit surround; it’s not flammable, and it’s easier to install than expensive flooring.

Here, a beautiful stone retaining wall doubles as a frame for the garden.

27. Unleash Your Creativity with a Small Stone Fire Pit

27. Stone Fire Pit with Natural Landscaping #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

If your yard has a lovely, wild vibe, create a fire pit that fits in.

The secret is to build up the ground around the stone pit, so it looks like it was dug into a hillside.

28. Unwind in Luxury with a Fire Pit on Pool Deck

28. Sunken Fire Pit on Pool Deck #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

If you’re remodeling your pool area, why not add a sunken fire pit? It adds warmth and charm to the space, giving you more opportunities for outdoor entertaining.

Here, the pool wall also doubles as a bench seat.

29. Add Texture and Character to Your Fire Pit with Boulder Seats

29. Sunken Fire Pit with Boulder Seating #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Large boulders make breathtakingly beautiful seats around this fire pit. Integrate the stones into the soil of your yard for a natural yet awe-inspiring result.

Your guests will be delighted to choose a rock and settle in for a fun evening.

30. Create a Cozy Retreat with a Sunken Metal Fire Pit

30. Sunken Metal Fire Pit with Recessed Wraparound Seats #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

The wraparound walls that line this sunken fire pit create an instant cozy feeling.

Climb down, and you’ll feel like you’re in a different world. Note how the metal fire pit contrasts with the weathered wood deck.

31. Bring a Contemporary Vibe with Your Outdoor Fire Pit

31. Sunken Outdoor Fireplace with Sofas #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

This clever design integrates an outdoor fireplace and cushy seating to create an outdoor living room.

The magic is in the deep seats, which give you plenty of space to curl up.

32. Add Farmhouse Charm to Your Fire Pit with Weathered Wood

32. Weathered Wood Fire Pit Surround #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

Create a fire pit that’s an extension of your deck by using the same boards to build seating. The weathered wood looks elegant and relaxed, and the round fire pit is the right height for roasting marshmallows.

Use a shallow metal fire pan for easy cleanup and simple winter storage.

33. Create a Zen Oasis with Your Sunken Fire Pit Design

33. Zen-Style Sunken Fire Pit #sunken #firepit #decorhomeideas

With its minimalist design and use of natural wood, this gorgeous fire pit is the perfect complement to a contemporary backyard. Integrated bench seats with back support create a cozy spot to relax.

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