35 Amazing DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas You Can Do In One Day

I bet everyone’s favorite time of the year is when the weather gets warmer and all the family and friends are gathering around the fire pit, roasting marshmallows, drinking mulled wine and enjoying the moment.

A couple of months ago I decided to update the fire pit and started to search for inspiring fire pit ideas. Here are 35 of the best ones I’ve managed to collect, hope I will help you out!

Best Fire Pit Ideas. Fire Pit Ideas that you can DIY easily and with cheap materials. These DIY firepit projects are very simple yet beautiful and will add more coziness to your backyard or outdoor space. #decorhomeideas

This list could save you hours of browsing the internet looking for the best DIY outdoor fire pits, so don’t forget to save it for later in your favorites.

If you don’t want to bother with DIY stuff we have reviewed the Best Cheap Fire Pits Under $100 so you can always just buy one and start enjoying it tomorrow.

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Before we start with firepit projects, here are some answers to the most popular questions we receive all the time:

  • How do you make an inexpensive fire pit?

Use some materials that you already have in your home or garden. For example – cinder blocks, bricks, or simple rocks. Arrange them in a circular pattern and put some small rocks on the bottom. As per nationwide research, the average budget for a fire pit is $90 so you have to try your best to get in to this amount.

  • What should I put in the bottom of my fire pit?

Put a layer of sand at the bottom of the pit, and then top the sand with gravel or small rocks.

  • What is the best surface to put a fire pit on?

Concrete pavers or patio slabs are most preferred, but you can also use just dirt.

  • How far away does a fire pit need to be from your house?

Place your fire pit at a minimum distance of 20 feet from any flammable structures or surfaces in order to be safe.

1. Building A Simple Fire Pit For Less Than $50?

DIY fire pit made of tree concrete rings #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


The first idea is for those of you who are passionate DIYers with a very limited budget. You can build this small and practical backyard fire pit by using pebbles, road gravel, small stones,  or decorative rock for about $50.

The best thing is that this type of pit can be easily moved to a different spot (so if you are not sure where exactly to position it – that is your game).

More info: Here

2. Build a Fire Pit In The Ground

DIY In-Ground Fire Pit #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

Hey you, dear DIYer, here is how to build your own fire pit in the ground in 6 easy steps:

  1. Dig a hole (4 inches wide and 12 inches deep)
  2. Fill the bottom of the hole with lava stones
  3. Set brinks in slightly reclined on sides
  4. Get rid of the grass around the hole
  5. Place some flat rocks around the rim on top of the bricks
  6. Fill in the top area around and between the rocks with sand

And here it is –  easy, cheap, volcano-looking fire pit!

More info: Here

3. Fire Pit Ring – An Useful Graphic

DIY The 9-Step Fire Pit #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

While searching for some cool fire pit ideas, I found this useful 9-step detailed scheme on how to build a fire pit ring.

This one could perfectly fit the patio or small yards. Hope it could be helpful for some of you.

4. DIY Fire Pit Idea On Concrete Slabs

Round stone fire pit on a patio #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

Continue with the useful step-by-step scheme for another variation of the circular pit. What I really like about this one is that there is a picture included for every single step.

Plus, the instructions are very detailed. The design is not complex, too. So this beautiful and easy fire pit could be made by a beginner DIYer with a pinch of enthusiasm and a bit of free time.

5. Big Fire Pit Made Of Cinder Blocks

DIY Square Cinder Blocks Fire Pit #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


For this design, you can use Cinder blocks for the base, cement landscape edging for the walls, landscape blocks for the corners and old bricks to wrap it up.

Just keep in mind that this type of pit would take quite a lot of space so If your yard is spacious – stick to this idea!

More info: Here

6. A Simple Tutorial How To Make A Fire Pit In 4 Easy Steps

Easy DIY Round Camping Fire Pit Made Of Concrete Blocks #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


The reason I chose to add this design to my top 35 list is that it reminds me of a camping fire pit…and I love going camping! It is made of stones, it is safe enough and a great spot to gather friends and family around.

The four steps you need to follow are OUTLINE, DIG, LOAD UP, BUILD… the rest is on the pictures.

More info: Here

7. Cute Table Top Small Fire Pit

Tabletop Mini Gas Fire Pit With Pebbles and Glass Cover #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


I instantly fell in love with this modern fire pit and decided to build it for the wooden table on the patio.

Here are the materials you will need: any kind of metal netting ($2-3); marine silicone ($4); small round rocks ($1-2); any kind of metal planter with an edge ($7-10); gel fuel ($4); and cheap glass photo frames ($5 max).

More info: Here

8. Brick Fire Pit Step-by-Step Tutorial Project

 Easy DIY Round Brick In-Ground Fire Pit Tutorial #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


I love this simple circular in-ground pit made from old bricks. It could be easily built by a beginner DIYer in 5 steps for less than 3 hours. It is also suitable for very small yards.

Plus, I like the rustic atmosphere it brings to the whole landscaping.

So now you know how to build a fire pit with bricks… I cannot wait to see the result!

More info: Here

9. Large Square Fire Pit For The Backyard

DIY Square Concrete and Stone Firepit #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


This large square fire pit takes about 6-7 hours and $150-180 to be built.

If there is a space in your yard which you rarely use – this may be the solution! Imagine…making a barbecue while you are drinking beers and chatting with some friends around the pit. Not bad, isn’t it?

More info: Here

10. Above-Ground Rustic Fire Pit

How To Build Raised Fire Pit #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


This lovely fire pit could be made of concrete in 6 easy steps (shown in the pictures).

In my opinion, this design has a slightly higher level of difficulty so If you are a beginner DIYer ask someone to give you a hand to pour the concrete, put the wooden construction etc. Good luck!

More info: Here

11. Cheap Fire Pit For Only $60

Cheap and Simple Fire Pit Idea Under $60 #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


I am always saying that sometimes simple ideas are the best ones.

For instance, this lovely simple fire pit made from pavers could be made for less than $60 but it looks very stylish and could perfectly fit any kind of yard’s design.

More info: Here

12. DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Idea

DIY Repurposed Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


Can you imagine that this outdoor pit is made for less than an hour, spending about $15, and using a recycled washing machine drum? I love the vintage stylish look it brings to the whole garden.

Plus, it could be easily moved everywhere.

More info: Here

13. Pirate Ship Pit – Metal Art

Metal Pirate Ship Fire Pit Art Project #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

When speaking of unique fire pit designs, I always think about this one! It is catching the eye and at the same time, it is actually a grill.

So you can spend some quality time with your beloved ones while enjoying cool beers and juicy hamburgers.

14.  How To Build A Fire Pit For As Low As $5

DIY Small Gas Fire Pit From Flower Pot #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

I was a bit surprised to see this tiny DIY fire pit made from a flower pot.

There are three ‘ingredients’ you need – a flower pot (medium size), chafing fuel and a bag of small river rocks.

You can, for example, put it on the table on the patio.

More info: Here

15. Inexpensive Wooden Pallet Fire Pit

Movable Backyard Wooden Pallet Fire Pit #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

You should definitely add this one to your list of amazing backyard fire pit ideas!

If you love organizing garden parties and making barbecues – this type of pit would be your partner in crime. Plus, it won’t break the bank!

More info: Here

16. Square Concrete Fire Pit With Lava Rocks

DIY Board-Formed Concrete Fire Pit #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

Another simple concrete-made fire pit that is meant to inspire you! It will easily fit the whole garden design as it has a very clean stylish look.

The material reminds me of wood, however, it is 100% made of concrete.

More info: Here

17. Making A Circular Fire Pit In 4 Easy Steps

DIY Stone Fire Pit with Half Wall #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


When I first saw this pit design, I thought it reminds me of Roman remains. It is made of stone pavers and a bit of sand, and it does not require endless hours of hard work and a big budget.

If you also like it, I hope this 4-step tutorial in pictures would be helpful!

18. Just Another Mini Table Top DIY Fire Pit…

Tabletop Conrete Bowl Fire Pit With Lava Stones #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


…that should go to your list with amazing cheap fire pit ideas! It takes about 2 hours to be made and it looks very contemporary with these lava rocks. Love it!

The materials you will need are:

  • Concrete
  • 2 Large plastic bowls
  • Bucket to mix the concrete
  • A bag of lava rocks
  • Fire glass
  • Gel fuel can
  • Grill topper

More info: Here

19. An Old Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Repurposed Old Barrel Turned Into Fire Pit #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

Here is a great patio fire pit made of a refurbished oak barrel.

I have found this one in an online shop for $2399.99 and after the initial shock, I started searching for a DIY step-by-step tutorial that could save me $2000.

More info: Here

20. Rocks and Stones Fire Pit Ideas

Easy DIY Round Fire Pit Made of Rocks #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


To be honest, this is one of my favorite in-ground fire pit ideas. It has a very clean design and looks a bit like one of those wells people were using to access groundwater.

Here is a 5-step tutorial to help you start.

More info: Here

21. An Old Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

Wheelbarrow Fire Pit Design #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


For those of you who want to bring an additional vintage look to their garden – consider transforming an old wheelbarrow into a pit.

It is cheap, it is not time-consuming and it is very safe!

More info: Here

22. Koi Pond Fire Pit Design

Koi Pond Fire Pit DIY idea #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


I find this design truly inspiring! It makes your imagination racing.

This is an old Koi pond transformed into an in-ground stoned fire pit. All you need is just a bunch of flat stones and some free time. It’s a traditional wood-burning fire pit that you can make in your backyard.

More info: Here

23. Colorful Mosaic Fire Pit

Backyard Mosaic Round Fire Pit Ideas #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

The colorful tiles put a strong accent on the whole design of the garden.

This above-ground fire pit idea may take more time but the result would not make you regret it.

More info: Here

24. Another Patio Fire Pit

Raised Stone Fire Pit With Metal Grill Bowl #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


If your patio is not spacious enough, this may be the best option for the fire pit. But it doesn’t just save you space – it is also very cheap (less than $130).

It is made of a black steel fire bowl and some stones that add more character.

More info: Here

25. DIY Fire Pit Table

Table Fire Pit Design Idea #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


This lovely and unique table fire pit with 12 feet diameter might be the best companion for your patio. I love this idea – it is a great spot to gather with friends and family on chilly nights.

The pit will warm you up and you can leave your glass of wine on it. It’s a metal fire pit.

More info: Here

26. Simple Brick Fire Pit For A Rustic Look

Rustic Raised Square Fire Pit Made of Bricks #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


The main reason to add this lovely outdoor design to my fire pit ideas DIY list is because I find it quite universal (of course, it won’t fit well in a modern home!).

You can use stoned paver, bricks, or concrete blocks (it depends on the look you want to bring).

More info: Here

27. The Backyard Stone Fire Pit Project

Stone Fire Pit Project Under $117 Step by Step Tutorial #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


This basic stone fire pit is created to fit the existing rocky landscape. It could be a great space to gather 10 to 15 friends and family members around and enjoy the juicy barbecue. The most exciting about this design is the price – it costs about $110! Unbelievable!

More info: Here

28. Keep It Simple

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit With Big Rocks #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

This backyard fire pit is basically made of five large rocks and some dirt. It goes somewhere between the contemporary and the rustic style. I love it!

Tip: It can be a bit pricey due to the price of this type of big rock. Do some research and try to find a cheaper alternative. 

More info: Here

29. Circular Stone Pit

Build Round Fire Pit With Flagstones #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

I decided to include this design even though the price to build it could go up to $500 ( keep in mind that those flat stones are not really cheap).

In the end, If you still want to build this pit in your garden, here is a detailed list of the materials you’ll need:

  • 4 bags of concrete
  • Sandy flagstones – 1,600 pounds
  • About 50 fire bricks (can be old ones)

More info: Here

30. Outdoor Fireplace With Bench

Square Propane Fire Pit With Bench and Patio Area #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

This design shows the charming rural idyll – crafted wooden benches, propane fire pit, romantic lighting… what else would you need?

More info: Here

31. Another Simple Circular Pit Design

Easy Round Backyard Fire Pit DIY #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


Here is something basic, functional and, yet, amazing! Think of a spot where you can build it and… start digging!  🙂

More info: Here

32. Stacked Flat Stones Fire Pit

DIY Stacked Stones Outdoor Fire Pit #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas

If you are not very tight on the budget, by any chance, you should definitely go for the flat stones. They are usually more expensive but the atmosphere they bring to the whole landscaping is priceless!

I would add this to my list with backyard fire pit ideas, however, it could easily fit the patio as well.

More info: Here

33. The Fire Pit As Part Of The Whole Scenario

Modern Patio Fire Pit Design and Ideas #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


I believe the pit is as important as the garden furniture, the flower beds and the rest of the accessories.

Check how this amazing stoned fire pit suit to the white bench and the colorful vintage pillows.

More info: Here

34. Modern Fire Pit

Modern Round Bowl Fire Pit With Black Pebbles #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


To be honest, I left this one for the end but it is actually my favorite one. I love the shape, the size, the stones, and how contemporarily it looks thanks to the concrete material. How could you not love it?

If you are looking for something modern and trendy – you should definitely go for this one.

More info: Here

35. Stone Fire Pit

Natural Rock Boulder Fire Pit #firepit #firepitideas #diy #garden #decorhomeideas


In the end, this simple but incredible fire pit made from natural stone is ideal for any outdoor living space.

However, it could be a bit more expensive due to the pricey stones. The good thing is that this design could be easily integrated into the whole landscaping. Just remember – simplicity is the key to brilliance!  🙂

More info: Here

36. Square DIY Fire Pit Design

Outdoor Diy Fire Pit Design

If you are looking for a simple DIY firepit to spruce up your outdoor space this one is really easy to do in just a day.

You can add one Adirondack chair on each side and enjoy cooler evenings with your beloved one or best friend.

via Bitter Root DIY

37. Homemade Fire Pit From Leftover Bricks

Homemade Fire Pit

If you are wondering what can you do with leftover bricks we have one really simple and easy idea – a DIY brick fire pit. It is one of the easiest on this list as you only need bricks, glue, pea gravel and a tape measure.

I bet it won’t take you more than an hour to build this wood burning fire pit and enjoy it with your family.

via Hammers and Hugs

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