25 Best Poolside Fire Pit Ideas To Take Your Outdoor To Another Level

Are you considering an upgrade to your swimming pool area but don’t know what could be the most practical yet appealing addition?

Well, if you are not ready for a major landscaping makeover or investing in a pergola and a fancy patio, there is an easy and budget-friendly solution – add a fire pit near the pool.

Best Poolside Fire Pit Ideas. Poolside fire pits are a nice addition to your outdoor space as they will combine the pool activity zone with the comfort of the relaxing fire pit seating area. #decorhomeideas

A poolside fire pit is a perfect spot to warm up after your swim and could bring together family and friends on a breezy night for some nice conversation.

Rest assured, all of these poolside fire pit ideas will turn your outdoor space into a relaxation oasis you wouldn’t want to leave.

1. Add a Pergola

Add a Pergola #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

Define an entertainment area with a pergola. This fire pit is in direct line with the pool’s waterfall feature.

via Pool Craft

2. Beach Retreat

Beach Retreat #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

The custom-shaped infinity pool at this house in Mexico City is a show-stopper.

Floating steps lead to the fire pit area. The modular bench surrounds a fire pit that appears to float in its own pool.

via Ike Kligerman Barkley

3. Bench Seating with Backrest

Bench Seating with Backrest #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

You can create an island pool that looks like this. Extend the pavers to the edge of the irregularly shaped pool. The poolside fire pit with custom seating is surrounded by water.

A footbridge with iron railings adds to the island theme. The blue glass in the fire pit matches the pool.

4. Bright Patio on a Budget

Bright Patio on a Budget #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

Keeping the color scheme monochromatic expands the look of the space. The commercial-grade umbrella is mounted permanently into the ground. Adding new cushions is cheaper than buying new furniture.

The fire table was custom-built for the patio.

via Krista + Home

5. Built-in Fire Pit

Built-in Fire Pit #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

This fire pit was built as part of the garden retaining wall.

This frees up space for chairs and room for walking around the pool.

via By The Blade

6. Colorful Cushions

Colorful Cushions #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

You may not have a pool and lounge area the size of this home’s backyard, but you can borrow some of the design elements.

Striped cushions add the right amount of brightness and flair. The coral color adds personality to an otherwise sterile look.

via Waterside Builders

7. Concrete Slab Fire Pit

Concrete Slab Fire Pit #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

The fire table near the furniture can be used serving drinks and snacks. The fire pit in the foreground creates a nice area for gathering while in the pool.

Mosaic tiles along the edge create visual interest.

via Bergen Brick

8. Contemporary Fire Pit

Contemporary Fire Pit #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

Designers created lounge areas that take advantage of the view of the estuary.

Surround seating on cement benches overlook the fire pit. Choosing glass barriers over common fencing materials creates an unobstructed view.

via Peter Glass

9. Contrasts in Color and Shape

Contrasts in Color and Shape #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

The pool here is isolated from the rest of the patio with square floating pavers. The pool’s blue hues and square design visually separate it from the rest of the patio.

The biggest contrast is with the color and circular design of the fire pit. The dark orange and browns are in contrast to the blues. The curved bench seating creates an intimate gathering area.

10. Fire Pit and Water Feature

Fire Pit and Water Feature #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

A unique water feature surrounds the fire pit. This flows into the pool.

via Pool Environments

11. Fire Pit Extends Patio

Fire Pit Extends Patio #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

The patio and pool deck maintain the black and white décor of the modern farmhouse. Keep the same materials for a uniform look.

The custom fire pit is made of fire-resistant Ipe wood, Cor-Ten steel, and board-formed concrete.

via Terra Ferma Landscapes

12. Garden Retreat

Garden Retreat #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

This fire pit creates a separate seating area. The surrounding plants will fill in, creating more privacy.

A brick walkway joins the two areas.

via David N Brush

13. Interesting Patterns

Interesting Patterns #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

The designer broke up the backyard of this two-story cottage house with a graded slope.

The white pop of the fire pit area breaks up the monotony of the half-circle design of the yard.

via Grassi and Associates

14. Intimate Seating

Intimate Seating #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

This patio is lower than the rest of the deck. It creates an intimate area near a large pool.

The stone archway creates a unique transition to and from the pool.

15. Inviting Staircase

Inviting Staircase #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

This staircase brings everyone to the patio for the party. The fire pit patio area makes use of the retaining wall.

It’s made from concrete which is scored and stained.

via Southview Design

16. Island Ideas

Island Ideas #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

Many homes near waterways like this one use island influences in their design.

The chairs and fire bowl are built on separate deck sections. This creates the idea of each section being a swim raft.

via Ibi Designs

17. Laid Back Lounge

Laid Back Lounge #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

The deck, large fire pit, and walkway are all made from the same type of brick. The light color widens the look.

A low retaining wall creates an intimate vibe.

via Common Wealth Curb Appeal

18. Modular Furniture

Modular Furniture #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

If you don’t want to commit to a permanent fire pit area, here’s a comfortable option for you. Modular furniture was placed in a semi-circle around an outdoor rug. A copper fire pit bowl glows brightly in its stand.

All these items can be stored away in winter.

19. Narrow Space Symmetry

Narrow Space Symmetry #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

The narrow pool, hot tub, and fire pit make use of every inch of this small backyard.

The fire pit fills a visual void where the patio ends. There are fountain bubblers at both ends of the pool. Fire bowls at the opposite end of the pool bring another fire element to those seated at the far end of the yard.

via Southernwind Pools

20. Natural Blends

Natural Blends #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

The stones, grasses, and plants in this backyard can all be found locally.

It creates a seamless blending of the elements of the pool and patio areas.

The fire pit is custom cast from concrete.

via Bent Grass

21. Sectional Seating

Sectional Seating #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

A line of shrubs creates the backdrop for this pool and deck area. A patio cover provides shade.

Sectional seating creates a cozy fire pit area.

via Patio Heaven

22. Small Space Seating

Small Space Seating #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

The pool and deck are the star of the show, but that doesn’t mean a fire pit can’t fit in here.

A sitting wall was the answer to trying to fit furniture behind the fire pit. Lighted piers bring visibility to a dark area.

via All Seasons Pools

23. Sunken Lounge

Sunken Lounge #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

This backyard retreat features a sunken lounge and pool.

Stone pavers appear to float across the water and separate the two areas.

The fire pit offers a warm and inviting contrast to the cool stillness of the pool.

via Pool Environments

24. Transitional Design

Transitional Design #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

This is a beautiful example of a transitional backyard.

The custom-shaped pool moves without interruption to the spa and then to the fire pit area.

via Pool Environments

25. Warm Space

Warm Space #firepit #poolside #decorhomeideas

Adding a fire pit allows the space to be used into the cooler nights.

This fire pit burns using bioethanol, which means there’s no smoke and no flying embers landing on guests or furniture.

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