15 Amazing Hillside Fire Pit Ideas That Would Perfectly Fit In Your Sloped Backyard

There is nothing more appealing than a fire pit in your backyard, right?

Unfortunately, if your backyard is sloped you might be in doubt if you can make a fire pit at all and if it will look nice and comfy?

Well, no need to worry, because these hillside fire pit ideas look amazing and some of them are really easy to do all by yourself.

Best Hillside Fire Pit Ideas. Are you considering a fire pit for your sloped backyard? These hillside fire pit ideas will inspire you to make one and gather with family around the fire on colder nights. #decorhomeideas

DIY fire pit ideas are something you can build in a day and they won’t cost you a fortune. So check out the ideas below and get inspired.

1. Embrace Nature with Adirondack Seats and Hill Fire Pit

Award Winning Warmth #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

This beautiful seating area is on the grounds of an award-winning home in Maine. The architects created this focal point where the roof lines meet.

Using Adirondack chairs gives the impression of lying back against the hill.

The fire pit may look ancient, but it’s controlled by a remote.

via Acadia Landscape

2. Get Grilling in No Time with a Custom Fire Pit

Born to Grill #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

This fire pit sits in the middle of a yard built for entertainment. The gravel and the flowers surrounding the fire pit match the undertones of the pavers.

The bench has a nook for keeping firewood out of the way and out of sight. The lighted pathway and custom-cut seating invite guests to enjoy the smell of great grilled food.

via Rebecca Webb Garden Designs

3. Be Charmed with a Stunning DIY Fire Pit

Deluxe DIY #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

A Reddit contributor shared his completed fire pit project. He set several layers of paving stone as benches. He soon realized the benches wouldn’t be enough to hold back the hill.

He then built a concrete wall and water barrier behind the bench. When that was set, he glued sandstone to the concrete wall.

The grill’s elevation is adjustable according to what the owner decides to cook. The project took four years to finish.

via Reddit

4. Bring Rustic Elegance with Concrete Slab Seats

Functional and Fabulous #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

Building up the slabs of granite creates seating of different heights.

The hill prevents the wind from hitting everyone in the back.

5. Provide a Beautiful Floral Backdrop to a Hillside Fire Pit

Grotto Garden #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

While this isn’t technically a grotto, the high stone retaining wall lends a cave-like feel to the seating area. Colorful flowers peek out between the squared-off boulders. The comfortable chairs and table make this a sweet secret hideout.

Firepit bowls are the answer when zoning laws prohibit lighting a hole in the ground. This makes sense if you think about the dangers of digging and hitting an underground pipe. Firepit bowls made of copper improve with use. This makes them an ideal solution.

The fire pit sits on flagstone pavers. This is a reminder that building a wonderful fire pit area doesn’t mean you have to commit to a permanent solution. The pavers are on grass and the fire pit is portable. If the owners want to move on from this idea, they can do so with little effort.

via Gasper

6. Give Your Hillside Fire Pit a Mediterranean Vibe

Mediterranean Serenity #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

This fire pit area is surrounded by lush greenery and tiki torches. Stone pavers build up the wall. Colorful bricks define the line between the walking and seating areas.

The seating area is filled with earthen red-toned pea gravel. If flagstone and pavers are stretching your budget thin, pea gravel is an affordable alternative. It’s smooth and comes in a variety of natural colors.

via Susan Els Landscape Design

7. Add Lasting Charm with a Contemporary Fire Pit

Modern Elegance #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

Poured cement provides a smooth seating area against the grass berm. The results are striking.

Dark gray gravel provides a definition between the bench and the fire pit. The fire pit is also encircled with the lighter-colored cement.

8. Relax in Style with a Luxury Fire Pit Patio

Modern Marshmallow Roast #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

The beauty of a campfire gets a high-end upgrade with this patio. The seating wall is made with concrete paving stones and includes ground lighting. More lighting is created by the white tile lights along the walkway.

Granite brings light into the earthen-toned patio. When it’s not in use, the fire pit gets covered and converted into a coffee table.

This wood-burning fire pit has a grate for grilling. It also has a spark screen, which is a useful and welcome accessory to any fire pit.

via Conklin Limestone

9. Bring Farmhouse Elegance with Red Brick Retaining Wall

Red Brick Charm #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

Traditional red brick and mortar create the retaining wall for this fire pit. Flat pavers surround the pit and the stone slabs on top provide extra seating. The bricks create the look and feel of a rustic fireplace.

Building a submerged fire pit means jumping through municipal red tape. It can be built with fire bricks or pavers. It’s best to brush up on the rules of water drainage and ventilation before you start.

10. Take Entertainment to the Next Level with Your Fire Pit

Star Bright #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

This is a great look for a home amphitheater. There’s plenty of room for performers and the audience.

The sunken fire pit is the star of the show. The pavers are artistically set on the gravel in a starburst pattern.

The wood bench seating is a neutral tone. The high stone wall will keep the noise from echoing through the neighborhood.

via Greenhaven Landscapes

11. Unwind in Total Luxury with a Serene Fire Pit

Stepped-Up Views #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

This is another multi-tiered solution to a very steep yard. A decomposed granite path connects the levels. Flagstone pavers help create the Mediterranean feel.

The fire pit area sits on the top level and offers beautiful views of the valley. While many designers leave the boulders on the hillside exposed, these are covered with moss. This adds warmth, color, and softness to the area.

via Sarah Herman Landscape Design

12. Embrace Minimalism with Your Hillside Fire Pit

Sustainable Beauty #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

100% sustainability is the crowning achievement of this private residence. The result is a natural connection of color and tone between all the materials used in its construction.

The stones were created for this welcoming entrance. It lies at a natural drop-off on the property. The surrounding grasses and foliage are native to the area.

The owners didn’t compromise on technology. The fire pit is remote-controlled.

via Houzz

13. Transform a Sloped Backyard into an Entertaining Oasis

That’s Entertainment #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

The owners of this home needed to find a solution for their sloped backyard. The answer is this three-tiered entertainment area. Multiple levels kept down costs for building retaining walls.

Outdoor lighting and bench seating ensure everyone gathers near the fire pit at the end of the evening.

The final cost for all the sections was equal to the cost of building a single retaining wall. It pays to do your research. Explore alternative solutions for an unusable backyard.

via Outdoor Dreams

14. Control Soil Erosion with a Rustic Hillside Fire Pit

Tiered Solutions #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

This fire pit acts as a stopping point for slowing erosion. Boulders also act as retention.

Setting lower on the property provides access from both levels of the home.

via Moss Creek

15. Elevate Your Backyard with a Raised Hillside Fire Pit

Wishing Well Dreams #hillsidefirepit #decorhomeideas

The raised fire pit and seating area are tucked into the hill using traditional gravel landscaping techniques.

Folding chairs move everyone a little closer to fading embers.

via Johnny Knox Garden Design

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