10 Best Gas Fire Pits For Deck

It’s not an easy task to choose the best gas fire pit for your deck. There are so many models and options available, that you could easily get overwhelmed.

We have done our best to make this selection as good as possible and to answer all the questions that most people would like to know before buying a gas fire pit for deck.

10 Best Gas Fire Pits For Deck #firepit #gasfirepit #propanefirepit #firepitdesign #decorhomeideas

I assume that you’ve already selected gas fire pit over wood burning one so I won’t be discussing here the advantages of the gas unit.

The most important are: Easier to operate, low maintenance and no risk of fire and sparks ( if operated properly ). Of course, there is always a fire hazard when operating such fire pits and extreme caution must be obtained when storing and using the propane tanks.

You should follow manufacturer requirements at all times. In some US states there are some law requirements when using gas appliances so you must first check whether you need to take some special measures before getting a gas fire pit.

If you would like to put the gas fire pit on your deck – carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer whether you need to have some heat resistant barrier like concrete pavers, bricks, etc. in order to keep your deck from the extreme heat.

In most cases you just need a base under the gas fire pit to protect the wooden deck. If your deck is made of concrete or other non-flammable materials it has no risk of fire from the gas fire pit.

Comparing different models of gas fire pits we thought that the most important features are:

  • Design
  • Price
  • Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Overall satisfaction with the purchase

so we have tested each product and below is our opinion.

1. Stone Gas Fire Pit

Stone gas fire pit #firepit #gasfirepit #propanefirepit #firepitdesign #decorhomeideas
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The first thing that catches your attention is the design. Made of light stones ( weight less than 50 lb ) and round shape it tends to look like a natural fire pit. The tank is not included so you have to put it near the fire pit. Fortunately, they have included tank seat and a long tube to connect them. So you just need a proper gas tank size ( 20 pounds ) and you are ready to invite your guests and show off.

Lava rocks and a PVC cover are also included. High quality stainless steel is used for the burning area.

You can use the gas fire pit up to 5 hours with one propane tank which is more than enough. You could easily regulate the flames with the side knob.

Can be used on a composite deck with a non-flammable and heat resistant barrier such as a grill mat, concrete pavers, brick, stone, etc

Pros: compact size, not very heavy, cheap

Cons: possible difference in the color of the stones

Design is good, it’s cheap, low maintenance cost, safe to use….

Satisfaction on purchase: 4/5

Learn more about this product: Here

2. Portable Gas Fire Pit

Portable gas fire pit for deck #firepit #gasfirepit #propanefirepit #firepitdesign #decorhomeideas
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We have a portable unit here, which is made entirely of heat resistant metal.

Easily stowed in your vehicle for rapid deployment for instant parties, the Portable Fire Pit includes a 10-foot hose to keep your propane tank safely out of sight, and generates 58,000 BTUs of fire goodness.

Included decorative lava rocks are long-lasting, and complete the look for maximum visual appeal.

All you need is the propane tank.

It weights only 22 lbs so you can put it on your deck easily.

Pros: light and easy to carry wherever you go, very cheap

Cons: it lacks the feel of a natural fire pit

Satisfaction on purchase: 3.5/5

Learn more about this product: Here

3. Bowl Gas Fire Pit

Bowl type gas fire pit #firepit #gasfirepit #propanefirepit #firepitdesign #decorhomeideas
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If you would like to have a gas fire pit to impress your guests, that’s the one. Amazing modern bowl design.

With no assembly required and an adjustable flame at your fingertips, this fire pit will be a hit at all of your outdoor events. It’s natural gas convertible and includes everything needed to hook up to an external 20 lb. propane tank.

It is safe to put the unit on concrete, a rock surface or stone as long as the surface is flat and level. the unit cannot be placed on a combustible surface or on a composite wooden deck

You can choose between propane and natural gas which is great.

The best thing about this one is the price – similar models are 2x or even 3x the same price.

Pros: modern and trendy design, propane and natural gas convertible

Cons: cannot be put on a wooden deck without a heat barrier

Satisfaction on purchase: 4/5

Learn more about this product: Here

4. Blue Fiberglass Gas Fire Pit

Outdoor propane gas fire pit #firepit #gasfirepit #propanefirepit #firepitdesign #decorhomeideas
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This 30,000 BTU liquid propane fire pit gives you all of the benefits of a classic fireplace without the hassle of hauling wood or cleaning up ashes.

You’ll get the same toasty warm vibes without all the worry and work.

Simply push the ignite button, and you’ll be on your way to waves of warmth. This fireplace features a 30 inch, handcrafted resin mantel that sits upon steel, twin peak panels.

The panels conceal the heat source for a polished look. The fire bowl is designed to wear well through all the seasons, so you’ll be able to enjoy coziness year-round.

Because it stands on its feet and there is air below the fire, you can safely put it on your deck.

Pros: no need of a heat barrier, good price, relatively cheap

Cons: blue fiberglass is not looking as natural lave rocks

Satisfaction on purchase: 3.5/5

Learn more about this product: Here

5. Concrete Gas Fire Pit

Concrete gas propane fire pit #firepit #gasfirepit #propanefirepit #firepitdesign #decorhomeideas
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This fire pit brings a streamlined and modern aesthetic to the traditional outdoor fire. Made from durable, yet lightweight concrete composite.

As a staple of outdoor living, you’re guaranteed to make memories around your fire pit for years to come.

This one is quite heavy as it’s made of concrete. You can use it with propane and natural gas. Makes it the perfect gas fire pit for deck.

Pros: can be used with propane and natural gas, modern design

Cons: heavy and expensive

Satisfaction on purchase: 3/5

Learn more about this product: Here

6. Propane Firebowl

Propane gas fire pit bowl #firepit #gasfirepit #propanefirepit #firepitdesign #decorhomeideas
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  • Stainless steel burner and for corrosion and heat resistance
  • Generously emits 40k BTUs of heat
  • Propane fuel flame for easy starts every time (tank not included)
  • Lava Rock glow
  • Comes with a custom fit vinyl cover

Pros: nice addition to any garden decor

Cons: can’t gather around it with family

Satisfaction on purchase: 2.5/5

Learn more about this product: Here

7. Natural Stone Gas Fire Pit

Natural stone gas fire pit #firepit #gasfirepit #propanefirepit #firepitdesign #decorhomeideas
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  • Designed with beautiful, natural stonework to provide an attractive and functional addition to any outdoor living space
  • One-step spark-ignition button with a flame control adjustment knob allows you to enjoy a fire of up to 30,000 BTUs
  • Fire pit’s complete design features a stainless-steel burner, decorative lava rocks, a cover, and propane hose
  • Watch the flame burn for hours with a 20-lb. propane tank (not included) that sits outside of the fire pit
  • Overall Dimensions: 27.6″(Dia) x 9.5″(H)

Pros: natural look

Cons: need a heat barrier

Satisfaction on purchase: 4/5

Learn more about this product: Here

8. Rectangular Concrete Gas Fire Pit With Glass Guard

Concrete gas fire pit with glass guard #firepit #gasfirepit #propanefirepit #firepitdesign #decorhomeideas
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  • 60” Rectangular Modern Fiber Concrete Fire Pit Table with Glass Guard and Fire Reflective Crystals
  • Burns Liquid Propane (LP), rated up to 50,000 BTUs of heat. Certified for use with standard 20lb LP tank, for up to 10hours (high setting) or 28 hours (low setting) of burn time.
  • Propane tank sits outside of the table and connects via gas hose, Electronic Ignition, (Can be converted to natural gas, a natural gas conversion kit sold separately)
  • Cast from lightweight fiber concrete and steel that is tinted to the finish color for increased outdoor durability

Pros: great design, glass guard, propane and natural gas could be used

Cons: heavy, expensive

Satisfaction on purchase: 4/5

Learn more about this product: Here

9. Round Stone Gas Fire Pit

Round stone gas fire pit #firepit #gasfirepit #propanefirepit #firepitdesign #decorhomeideas
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  • Turn you backyard into the great outdoors and safely recreate the experience of sitting around the campfire with this natural stone fire pit. Perfect for telling ghost stories, enjoying a summer night, or just warming yourself as the sun goes down. Easy to maintain, and made from strong materials, this fire pit will allow you and your family to safely enjoy the wonders of open flame in your own backyard.
  • 40,000 BTU PROPANE FIRE TABLE ~ Will Bring Warmth to Your backyard
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!! Un-box and connect your propane tank (NOT INCLUDED) and you’re done
  • ENJOY LIFE ~ Spending Time with Family and Friends Over a Soothing Fire on Your backyard Patio is one of Life’s Small Pleasures that can Make a Big Impact. Having Cocktails with Friends or Roasting Marshmallows With the Kids Your New Fire Table Will Be the New Favorite backyard or Poolside Spot!

Pros: great design, no assembly required

Cons: heavy, expensive

Satisfaction on purchase: 4/5

Learn more about this product: Here

10. Mini Gas Fire Pit

Mini Gas Fire Pit #firepit #gasfirepit #propanefirepit #firepitdesign #decorhomeideas
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Here is one portable unit that could be safely installed on your deck. It’s more like decorative then a real gas fire pit for deck, but we have included it here just in case you only need to decorate.

Pros: great design, cheap, portable

Cons: only for decoration

Satisfaction on purchase: 3/5

Learn more about this product: Here

If you would like to build your own fire pit in your backyard, check this article: 35 Best DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

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