24 Best Flagstone Patio Ideas and Designs

Flagstone is one of the best materials for adding a timeless aesthetic to your patio. Their natural colors and textures create the perfect relaxing mood, whether chilling alone or with family and friends. 

Whether going for a traditional or modern look, there are different ways that you can use flagstones to create a picturesque look. With various materials available for flagstones, such as limestone, travertine, sandstone, slate, basalt, and quartzite, you rest assured to get the right texture for your patio.

  • Is flagstone good for a patio?

Yes, flagstone is one of the best materials for a patio preferred due to the variety of interesting colors and durability. 

  • What is the best flagstone for a patio?

While flagstones make excellent materials for a patio, different stones have different properties, so the stone you choose will depend on your tastes and the properties you want. For example, Bluestone has attractive colors but may quickly get scratched, while slate is highly durable but has limited availability in large sizes. 

  • What base do you use under flagstone?

You can use several bases for flagstone, but the best base is gravel, followed by decomposed granite or stone dust. 

  • How to Install a Flagstone Patio:

There are two methods that you can use to install flagstones. One is through the dry laying technique, which entails laying flagstones in a bed of gravel or sand without using tools such as mortar.

The dry laying technique reduces time and effort and eliminates the need for materials such as concrete.

As flagstone is one of the most preferred materials to use in a patio we have selected the best flagstone patio ideas and designs to choose from for your next makeover.

The other method is mortared construction. This is the opposite of the dry laying technique. Here, flagstones are set with a mortar to the base of the sand, gravel, or concrete slab.

A mortar is used to fill the joints with fine gravel or grout. This method is more permanent but will require additional maintenance. 

In this article, we’ll explore some flagstone patio ideas and designs that you can use to inspire your backyard project.

1. Natural Stone 

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via Cobblestone Landscape

If you want to create a long-lasting patio, natural stone may be the ideal choice. These flagstone types give the place a rustic but welcoming look and will likely last for generations. 

This patio design elevates the backyard with a natural sandstone, a fire pit, and no cover. The wooden armchairs complement the natural look of the patio to create a well-knit design. 

2. Sun Soaked Patio

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via Ketron Custom Builders

A patio may be the best place to enjoy the warm evening or afternoon sun or even share a story under the warmth of a fire pit on a chilly night.  

The large natural flagstones used in the design make the patio appear bigger. The walkway also features flagstones set under the blooming greenery of the backyard to give the patio exciting contrast. 

3. Random Flagstone Patio

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via Stutzke Stone

You won’t have to waste time making difficult choices with this design; just lay the stone! Using multiple colors for the stone may elevate the look, as in this design where brown, blue, and rust bluestone colors are used. 

Use plants and bushes to add natural separation of areas in your patio and liven up the area. 

4. Outdoor Family Space

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via Penza Bailey Architects

Family gatherings are more lively outdoors, and how else will you liven up the occasion besides having a practical patio?

The irregular flagstone on this design forms the basis of a family-style patio with an outdoor space that can be used for dining or just enjoying a warm cozy day.

5. Outdoor Fire Pit Patio

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via Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

A built-in fire pit within a patio makes it a great central functional feature. When using this design, the walls of the fire pit are usually matched with the paver flooring to increase the fluidity of the space.

6. Serene Scene

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Peace and tranquility immediately come to mind when you see this patio. The dark flagstones paired with the brightly colored furniture complement each other and bring out the vividness of the colors.

7. Create a Neutral Background 

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If you already have a patio with many existing features, the flagstones can act as the backdrop rather than the main highlight of the space.

8. Patio With an Outdoor Kitchen 

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via Reynolds Landscape

Not just fire pits, a patio can also make an excellent venue for a cookout with a well-designed grill.

In this patio, large irregular shaped quartzite flagstones blend well with the grilling section and the flagstone path leading to the patio. The fire pit beside the dining area makes this a perfect all-weather spot. 

9. Use Edge and Borders 

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via Southview Design

Adding an edge to your flagstone patio will prevent the stones from shifting over time and give it a more finished look.

You can achieve this by adding a bolder edge or inlay to give the patio a touch of pizzazz, making it stand out. 

10. Eco-Friendly Rock Patio

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via Margie Grace

The abundance of vegetation and plants on this rock patio adds charm and welcoming characteristics.

This design is suitable if you have a garden and want to incorporate the natural characteristics of the backyard into the design.

11. Use Flagstones as Stepping Stones

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via Architectural Gardens

Don’t let having a small yard stop you from utilizing the versatility of flagstones. Large flagstones or concrete pavers can be used to lead to the patio and ensure visitors don’t get their feet wet when traversing the grassy area.

12. Natural Feel

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via CSDesign

Sometimes it works fine to let nature run its course, and with such minimal interference, you might get this fantastic patio.

The rustic sandstones make the patio’s centerpiece, while the backyard has been allowed to grow between the flagstones giving the yard a well-rounded look that fits with the natural elements.

13. Rustic-Modern Flagstone

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Flagstone pavers can create a modern look that fits well in a contemporary mountain house like these simple gray flagstones.

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A retaining wall in the same color has been added to the patio for visual interest. 

14. Mix and Match 

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via Barkman Concrete

Flagstones are the perfect materials for creating a traditional-looking and stylish patio. This patio’s combination of cobblestones and quartzite creates the perfect classic look. 

Combined with the vintage-style seats and table, this patio may be perfect for a movie scene!

15. Embrace the Curves

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A good design should always complement its surroundings; this patio has been designed to achieve this. The stone fencing on one side also acts as an outdoor bench with the addition of fluffy pillows and cushioning. 

The colorado red sandstones make the patio base with pea gravel between the spacing, while the fire pit completes the design.

16. Scenic Patio

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via Barkman Concrete

This beautiful flagstone patio is set next to the lake with a river flowing next to it; talk about the perfect scene!

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The patio island uses granite flagstones and a fire pit to match. To add a little character to this scenic patio, the designers chose bright-colored furniture to compliment it. 

17. Accent with Natural plants 

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via Mandala Gardens

Flagstones can seem bland and lifeless, especially if you don’t have other materials on the patio, such as furniture. 

Using natural plants could substitute the need for furniture and complement the space, as in this natural stone patio with minimal furniture and plenty of natural elements. 

18. Stamped Concrete 

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via Dennis Mayer

Looking to create the perfect look for your patio on a budget? Then try the stamped or acid-stained concrete for your indoor patio design.

Stamped concrete is a good option, especially if you want to design large spaces such as terraces, driveways, or extensive patios.

19. Patio in the Garden

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via Garden Lights Landscape

This light-colored natural flagstone patio is the perfect addition to the rustic outdoors. The patio is situated around a DIY cobblestone retaining wall.

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Wooden armchairs have been used to make the design well-rounded, and the fire pit uses stones of a similar texture. 

20. Barbecue Corner

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via Archadeck Salt Lake

The corner of this front yard has been converted to the perfect barbecue spot using irregular black basalt flagstones that match well with the wall surrounding the patio. 

The cobblestone barbecue area and the beige-colored furniture create a functional space, while the flowers bring a touch of life to the setting.

21. Use Flagstones to Spruce Up Your Outdoors

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via Doering Landscape Company

Flagstones are a great way to add character to your outdoor space and reduce plainness.

In this outdoor space, a DIY fire pit makes the center of a slate flagstone patio with several flat stones covering the path leading to the patio. 

22. Multi-Level Patio 

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via Magnolia Landscape and Design

Why have one patio segment when you can have two?! Here, large natural rocks separate the two slate flagstone patio segments, where one side features sun loungers, and the other features a sitting area with wooden armchairs. 

The design has been created to fit the landscape of the area.

23. Flagstones and Brick

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via Lord Design

The combination of brick and flagstones is not only practical, but it can also allow you to add other essential elements to your patio design.

In this design, the flagstone patio combines well with the brick firestone area, negating the need for a fire pit.

24. Outdoor Sitting Area

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Having an outdoor sitting area will make summertime even more enjoyable. This patio uses filled-up flagstones to create an outdoor summer chill spot. 

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