19 Creative Cement Patio Ideas To Revamp Your Backyard Oasis

A patio is an essential part of outdoor living.

Providing great design versatility and durability, concrete is great for creating a patio space that requires minimal upkeep.

In fact, it’s the perfect material to enhance your space and create upscale patio designs.

Transform your backyard oasis with these 19 creative cement patio ideas. From minimalist designs to intricate patterns, discover how cement can elevate your outdoor space and create a stylish and functional patio area for relaxation and entertainment.

These ideas will help you maximize your space’s fun and function potential with durable, low-maintenance, and eye-catching flooring, creating a designer space you can be proud of.

1. Living Space

19 backyard cement patio ideas 1


A gorgeous patio design can increase your living space by extending it just right out of your back door.  

Leaving your back doors open gives that freeing sense of indoor-outdoor living.

Stamped concrete offers a wide variety of patterns and textures, so consider using a combination of rectangles and squares in a mix of colors and sizes to create an interesting patio design.

Add interest to your mulched planting beds by implementing concrete stepping stones. They are a versatile and beautiful option for implementing hardscape in your design.

2. Coastal

19 backyard cement patio ideas 2

@Talianko Design Group, LLC

Create a calm, attractive patio that boosts aesthetics by transforming your outside space with maritime charm.

Creating a space that feels open, breezy, and seamlessly connected to the outdoors is crucial in coastal design.

A sand-toned tiled patio seamlessly extends from the house, anchoring a coastal design that incorporates patio furniture and décor in white and blue tones to ensure that the outdoor space reflects the relaxed, inviting vibe of a seaside retreat.

The use of drapery helps mimic the lightness and airiness of the beach breeze.

3. Pergola

19 backyard cement patio ideas 3

@Affordable Shade Patio Covers

A beautiful raw cedar pergola tied into a patio cover over extended concrete slabs looks gorgeous.  

Built into the existing patio, concrete slabs are poured, making additional space for outdoor dining and seating underneath the pergola.

These structures offer protection from the sun and rain, add architectural interest, and define outdoor living spaces.

They create a distinct outdoor room, and their open structure allows for connection to the rest of the yard.

4. Straight Flow

19 backyard cement patio ideas 4

@Morgan Howarth Photography

Bring multiple spaces together with a custom path. A creative path from one area to another will bring attention to the space in the best way and give you and your guests a moment to admire your landscaping.

The square shape and smooth surface allow you to play with colors and patterns. Line up concrete pavers for a clean contemporary look with pebbles.

This combination exudes a masculine charm, marrying the hardiness of concrete with the raw beauty of pebbles.

5. Secluded

19 backyard cement patio ideas 5

@Land Art Design, Inc.

Shield any secluded section of the garden using trees and shrubs, and build a great patio with using stones and tiles.

Creating walled boundaries and borders defines the patio and creates the feel of an outdoor room.

The curved retaining wall in this design separates different seating areas while displaying a water feature in the middle of the patio.

The flooring and coping of the retaining wall beautifully replicates bluestone.

6. Sunken

19 backyard cement patio ideas 6

@Land Art Design, Inc.

A beautiful sunken paved patio in the backyard is surrounded by a natural rock border and greenery.

A sunken structure cleverly overcomes the limitations of the land, while simultaneously adding a sense of comfort and artistic appeal to our outdoor spaces.

Sunken patios are private and intimate social spaces, so a comfortable and well-planned seating area is essential. 

To create an inviting seating area in your sunken patio, choose comfortable seating with cushions and coffee tables.

7. Solid Cover

19 backyard cement patio ideas 7

@Affordable Shade Patio Covers

The combination of a concrete patio with a solid cover pergola is the ideal option for you to enjoy your backyard patio no matter what the weather brings.

A concrete patio makes a secure base for a pergola.

The solid-style patio covers give a completely different look to a patio and they can transform the appearance of your house.

They provide shade from the summer sun and offer protection should the weather change.

8. Courtyard

19 backyard cement patio ideas 8

@Western DuPage Landscaping, Inc.

A stamped concrete slate patio uses borders as design elements to break up areas and unify expanded spaces.

Defining the edges of your patio with a new color adds a stylish dynamic that makes your design more personalized.

Adding borders to solid colors or patterned patios can take your design to the next level.

With stamped concrete, you can easily have flagstone, cobblestone, or slate borders adding texture and color that will make your spaces come alive.

9. Elevated

19 backyard cement patio ideas 9

@Southview Design

If your house is on a slope, this is the perfect idea to bring your backyard to the next level.

Take advantage of an unleveled backyard and create a great multi-leveled patio. Get creative and give each level a purpose.

Step up your patio with a concrete staircase to transition you from the yard up to a seating area that overlooks your fields, bluffs, or waterfront property.

The fire pit serves as a focal point that can be for cookouts as well as provide the allure and warmth of a fire for cooler nights on the patio.

10. Slabs & Gravel

19 backyard cement patio ideas 10

@LandCurrent Landscape Architects

Create a fuss-free urban feel to the outside area of your house. It’s simple, all you only have to do is match the walls to the floor.

The purpose of matching the walls and floors is to allow other details to be fully appreciated.

Concrete pavers can be used as stepping stones. Match the steps with textural gravel, enhancing visual interest. When laid horizontally, the stepping stones create the illusion of a widened space.

You have the freedom to dress up your patio with plants and accessories. Just including a few pots will add color and soften the design.

11. Exposed Aggregate

19 backyard cement patio ideas 11


Pairing white and grey has wormed its way into residential homes.

When done right, a grey concrete aggregate can exude that contemporary yet simplistic appearance that gives you a blank canvas to express your creativity.

Grey aggregate slabs can be overwhelming and therefore, it needs a little bit of modification. That’s where inserting some whiteness becomes useful.

12. Modern

19 backyard cement patio ideas 12


If your patio is all about the table and chairs, take time to pick out pieces that add beauty and character to your backyard.

The gray tones of this patio flooring are contrasted with black iron seating with green accents and the striped cushions add a chic touch.

The design instantly turns into a distinct outdoor room with a pergola.

Use a more open pergola design to allow more airflow and light filtering effects that make a patio feel more open.

13. Daydream

19 backyard cement patio ideas 13


Make your dream seating or dining area in the backyard. Set the mood with a fire pit and create a bonding experience for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Even a small concrete patio can be constructed with a fire pit!

Define your sitting area the same way you would indoors with a smart space plan and cozy accessories.

This design carries neutral colors from the inside to the outside helping visually expand the space and perfectly blend with the greenery.

14. Tailored

19 backyard cement patio ideas 14


You can pour concrete in the shape you wish to suit even the most complex contours of your backyard. Install a concrete patio with a smooth clean finish and customize a design to suit your space and budget.

The stripped-back look of concrete allows you to focus on the detail, so put a focus on picking furniture, accessories, and foliage that will make your patio come to life.

15. Classic

19 backyard cement patio ideas 15


A flat concrete surface can give a patio a clean and minimalist look. A concrete backyard patio is durable, affordable, and easy to maintain.

Make an attractive border for a concrete walkway or patio using brick pavers set on a bed of gravel and sand. With a solid gravel base, a brick border will last for the life of your house.

16. Transitional

19 backyard cement patio ideas 16


There are an endless number of design possibilities when working with concrete pavers. You can create patterns, designs, and borders to achieve any look you desire.

Concrete pavers require little maintenance and are extremely durable.

This transitional design features grey pavers with a black border line that creates a dramatic contrast in what would otherwise be a fairly neutral patio. 

17. Curved

19 backyard cement patio ideas 17

@Partridge Fine Landscapes Ltd.

Backyard concrete patios don’t have to be big rectangular slabs. Incorporating curves in a patio can give it greater visual impact while allowing it to integrate more naturally with your existing landscape.

Concrete is a great paving material for free-form patio designs because it can be formed into any shape you desire.

This style gives you the freedom to create outdoor rooms, separate spaces for different kinds of entertaining.

18. Symmetrical

19 backyard cement patio ideas 18

@Southview Design

A beautiful patio in the backyard is surrounded by green foliage. Influenced by a sense of order and symmetry this concrete paved patio blends elegantly with the white exterior of the house.

The wide patio anchors a seating and dining area.

Combining both functions into a single space creates a sense of intimacy and leaves plenty of space for a big lawn.

The simple symmetrical style used in the garden beautifully defines the patio. Matching potted trees mark the transition from the lawn to the patio.

19. Contemporary

19 backyard cement patio ideas 19

@Ginkgo Leaf Studio

The best concrete patios have zones that can accommodate a variety of outdoor activities, plus enough space for lots of comfy seating and other outdoor furnishings. 

Concrete can also be used to maximize your entire backyard space by creating connective destinations.

This multi-leveled patio features concrete retaining walls and multiple seating areas.

The focal point in the design is the concrete and stone circular seating with a fire pit. Mixing materials helps enhance and define different features in the design.

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