14 Ingenious DIY Patio Light Poles To Brighten Your Outdoor Space

Extend the time spent outdoors on the patio with outdoor lighting! This is a simple extra that some people underestimate. Lighting affects not only the ambiance but also your mood.

Discover 14 clever DIY ideas for patio light poles that will transform your outdoor area into a cozy, illuminated retreat. These simple projects are perfect for enhancing evening ambience—find out how to create your own magical space!

Give your patio a glow-up with the next 14 Ingenious DIY Patio Light Poles To Brighten Your Outdoor Space.

1. Metal Pipes

14 diy patio light poles 1


Insert long metal pipes at the desired distance from the sand or gravel ground surface to support outdoor lighting.

To keep the strings in place, weld rings with a cut to the top of the poles where you can put through the strings.

2. Wooden Posts

14 diy patio light poles 2


Wooden posts are probably the most often used poles for outdoor lighting. You don’t have to buy thick ones as the strings of lights are not heavy.

To ensure rigid pole fixing, dig holes in the ground and insert the posts. Pour some water into the holes to let the soil thicken around the wooden base.

3. Wooden Posts In Wooden Boxes

14 diy patio light poles 3


If you don’t want to dig holes in the ground or the patio ground is covered with a layer of construction material, you can still add outdoor lighting with poles.

Prepare wooden or metal boxes where you will insert the poles, and pour concrete to keep the boxes and the poles in place.

4. Metal Poles In Planters

14 diy patio light poles 4


Thinner poles, like the pipe shown in the idea above, can be fixed in large flower pots.

This is a smart idea because it uses something already in hand and also gives the pole a decorative touch.

5. Wooden Posts In Planters

14 diy patio light poles 5


The same idea can be applied with wooden poles of a smaller diameter or section.

Insert them into the middle of the planters and water the well so that the soil surrounds the poles tightly.

6. Poles Integrated In The Railing

14 diy patio light poles 6


Speaking of outdoor lighting, we do not limit our ideas only to patios. If you have a balcony where you want to spend more time at night, you can still add it without any overhaul or damage.

Simply install poles on the internal or external side of the railing. Depending on the style of the railing, you can go for metal or wooden poles.

7. Poles In The Sand

14 diy patio light poles 7


You know how easy it is to insert the umbrella in the sand and enjoy its shade all day long?

Well, similarly, the poles of this patio are inserted in the sand that surrounds it.

8. Wooden Posts With Brackets

14 diy patio light poles 8


If you are wondering how to fix the solar-powered strings of lights for the wooden poles, check out this DIY mounting idea.

Add wrought-iron hooks or brackets to the poles where you can drape down the strings. This looks particularly good when the outdoor furniture is made from metal.

9. Built-in-the-ground Metal Posts

14 diy patio light poles 9


You can plan the poles in advance before you make your patio.

This is probably the best scenario because you can think of a long-lasting and functional design.

10. Stained Poles

14 diy patio light poles 10


You can use the poles to add contrast or a touch of whimsy to your patio. Check out this appealing patio idea: wooden poles complement outdoor furniture.

The mix of modern and farmhouses turns this outdoor place into a welcoming oasis.

11. Poles In Buckets

14 diy patio light poles 11


This is the cheapest and easiest patio light pole idea.

Plain wooden posts are inserted into plain white buckets. You can keep buckets from paint or milk and then repurpose them for this outdoor application.

The buckets can be filled with concrete or sand mixed with soil in case the poles are thinner.

12. Poles In Gravel

14 diy patio light poles 12


The poles in this patio idea have been well dug into the ground and surrounded with grey pea gravel to match the surroundings.

The designer has chosen poles made of wood that will match the Asian-inspired decor of the patio.

13. Poles Attached To The Fence

14 diy patio light poles 13


If the patio is created next to the fence, you still have an easy and affordable way to stretch outdoor lights.

Place wooden posts tightly on the fence and then fix them rigidly with brackets or screws to the wooden planks.

14. One Pole Idea

14 diy patio light poles 14


If the patio is adjacent to the house, you can use the protruding house parts as support for the outdoor lights.

You may need only one additional pole to enlarge the area that will be illuminated. This can be easily solved with a wooden or metal pole inserted in a large flower pot.

Why not give it a double function by weaving a vine around it?

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