26 Best Outdoor Patio Tile Ideas and Designs

One of the most effective ways to create a comfortable outdoor living space is by sprucing up your patio. The flooring itself can make or break the entire look.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your patio is by using tiles. We have some great outdoor patio tile ideas waiting for you below.

  • What tiles are best for patios?

Porcelain pavers are known for their strength and are the most popular choice for outdoor patios. Other strong contenders are ceramic, wood tiles, and slate. Terracotta has been a popular tile choice in the southwestern US and in Central America for years.

Other tile choices to consider are soapstone, travertine tile, and cement. If you’re concerned about durability, granite tile is the strongest natural stone you can find.

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  • What is the best flooring for an outdoor patio?

The best floorings for an outdoor patio are concrete, composite decking, porcelain tiles, and brick. We cover all of these options on our website.

  • Can you put tile outside on the patio?

Yes, you can put tile outside on the patio. Make sure that you’re using tiles that are designed for outdoor use. Indoor tiles are not weather and heat resistant enough to withstand climate changes.

  • What outdoor tile is not slippery?

Ceramic tiles are a good choice to prevent slipping. There they have good traction and are a durable choice for foot traffic. Soapstone is another good option for a non-slip surface. You can check out the Home Depot website for information on the slip resistance for many types of tiles.

1. Straight Edge Patio Tiles

Straight Edge Patio Tiles

The tile material can be singles, slabs, or the interlocking variety. Single tiles give you the flexibility to create your own pattern.

Their flat edges mean they can be butted together, creating a smoother overall surface.

via Kurt Krueger Architects

2. Painted Floor Tiles

Painted Floor Tiles

Tiling a patio of this size would have cost more than the patio itself.

The solution was to paint a pattern using a stencil. It was sealed with four coats of clear matte natural paver sealer.

3. Cement Patio Pavers

Cement Patio Pavers

Outdoor patio tiles used around a fire pit. Because of the low cost per square foot, cement or concrete pavers are often the go-to choice for outdoor flooring.

A blend of gray and brick red hues match the facade on the bench seating.

via Jacobsen Landscape Design

4. Bluestone and Flagstone

Bluestone and Flagstone

Bluestone and flagstone bring natural colors to a patio. The irregular pattern works well with an undulating edge.

The sandstone colored grout brings out the rich tones in the deep colors.

via Jacobsen Landscape Design

5. Geometric Stenciled Tile Look

Geometric Stenciled Tile Look

Here’s another example of a patio with a tiled look created with stenciled floor graphics. In this instance, the pattern stands out because of the thick lines and colors.

A neutral palette works well here.

via Homestead 128

6. Bold and Graphic Tile Pattern

Bold and Graphic Tile Pattern

Porcelain tiles are an indulgence that’s very gratifying. The bold patterned tile seen here makes them the focal point of the garden.

via Adam Robinson Design

7. Wood Look Patio Tile

Wood Look Patio Tile

Even an indoor-outdoor space needs to take into account how the weather will affect the patio. Wood look glazed tiles have the look of hardwood floors.

It’s meant to stand up to the elements and heavier, dirtier foot traffic from grass and pool areas.

via Pacific Dimensions

8. Large Outdoor Porcelain Tile Slabs

Large Outdoor Porcelain Tile Slabs

Large outdoor porcelain tiles add depth to a patio. Fewer grout lines and a linear setting look great in a modern home.

Using a neutral palette with browns and tans will give a patio an earthy, organic look.

via Mandarin Stone

9. Outdoor Slate Tile

Outdoor Slate Tile

Using outdoor slate tile takes more preparation than other outdoor tiles. They cannot be dropped right on top of grass or dirt like flagstone.

Outdoor slate tile needs to be installed on a smooth, durable surface. This can be plywood or an existing cement patio.

via Decor and the Dog

10. Balcony Bliss

Balcony Bliss

Large white tiles cover a typical concrete balcony. It elevates the look from a typical condo into a delightful, airy entertainment hub.

via Lowe’s Home Improvement

11. Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers make quick work covering a large patio space.

They’re easy to set, are permeable, and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

via Front + Main

12. Large Tile Look with Paint

Large Tile Look with Paint

You can get the look of large floor tiles like this. The owner prepped the patio by cleaning with a degreaser. Then she started with two codes of porch and floor paint. She added the segments using painter’s tape.

Whenever you try a project like this, you’ll need two to three coats of a good concrete sealer product.

via A Beautiful Mess

13. Marble Patio Tiles

Marble Patio Tiles

While marble might not come to mind when we’re thinking of outdoor tile ideas, it’s necessary to remind ourselves that it comes from quarries, not created in a glass shop.

They look just as good as an outdoor flooring as they do as a bathroom tile or kitchen wall tile.

Larger textured slabs are suitable for outdoor spaces. Polished marble isn’t recommended. When used as patio tile, marble demands more care than many materials, but the results are worth the effort.

14. Quarry Tile

Quarry Tile

Quarry tiles inherently have that earthy color palette we long for in an environment inspired by nature. 

This tile was hiding under a linoleum floor covering. It was removed and then cleaned and sealed using products from Tile Doctor.

via Tile Doctor

15. Warm Ceramic Tile

Warm Ceramic Tile

This patio has tiles that pair well with the home’s Mediterranean style. They have the color of traditional brick, but these tiles are wider and smoother than their cousins.

Seen here with the pergola and outdoor lights, the reddish brown tiles create a warm, welcoming space at night.

via Built By Newkirk

16. Cooling Gray Patio Tile

Cooling Gray Patio Tile

Gray slate patio tiles bring a calming attitude to this outdoor patio. Lighter colors will keep it airy and darker colors keep it earthy and cooler on hot summer days.

via Renowned Renovation

17. Classic Red Brick

Classic Red Brick

It’s hard to ignore classic red bricks for use as a patio tile. Their versatility in pattern and color make them a popular choice.

They work well in colonial homes, but are also great for just about any other style.

via Blake Shaw Homes

18. Terracotta and Talavera Tile Design

Terracotta and Talavera Tile Design

Terracotta tiles are a time honored choice for Mediterranean style and Tuscan homes. It’s nice to see it here on a raised patio with rounded tiles softening the edges. 

Talavera is a tin-glazed ceramic tile. The use of Talavera tiles on the stairway risers brings the right amount of color and graphic tile design in hypnotic patterns.

via Mission Tile West Showrooms

19. Arabesque Cement Patio Tile

Arabesque Cement Patio Tile

Handcrafted Arabesque cement tiles have a light brownish red color and bring a touch of Moroccan style to your patio.

It looks great against the blues of a pool and the glass in a fire bowl. It’s the kind of pattern that looks good over a large outdoor area.

via Art Tile

20. Mid-Century Patio Tile Design

Mid-Century Patio Tile Design

The number of outdoor tile options is endless. You can have your patio tiles in any style, just like you can in your home.

This covered patio has tiles that are reminiscent of a mid-century modern look.

via BMA Architects

21. Cobble Look Tiles

Cobble Look Tiles

Interlocking porcelain patio tiles have an almost high gloss glazed look.

The rougher surface area and smaller tiles keep this floor patio from becoming too slippery.

22. Spanish Ceramic Tile

Spanish Ceramic Tile

Spanish style unglazed ceramic tiles are a show-stopper in this Mediterranean patio. The terracotta base color is an inspiration for many cultures.

You can find a pattern and color that’s personalized to suit any home decor.

via Chas Architects

23. Cement Mosaic Tiles

Cement Mosaic Tiles

Small black and white cement Mosaic tiles sit together under a black and white canopy.

The small pieces create a texture that seems to come alive.

via Breeze Giannasio Interiors

24. Two Tile Types Create a Transitional Patio

Two Tile Types Create a Transitional Patio

Here’s a beautiful example of a transitional patio that uses terracotta under the overhang and a clean white pattern on the sunny side.

We’ve seen that this can be accomplished with a stencil, but you’ll get a cleaner, more professional finish by using a pre-printed ceramic glazed porcelain tile or concrete tile.

via Regal Construction & Remodeling

25. Stone Tile Elegance

Stone Tile Elegance

While these tiles look real, they are man-made. They can be set in any pattern and manufactured to look like natural stone tile.

This particular tile is made to look like reclaimed brick. You can also get tiles that look like travertine, limestone or quarried slate. They are also eco-friendly, making them a solid alternative to real quarried stone.

via Express Flooring

26. Natural Tile for Outdoor Kitchen

Natural Tile for Outdoor Kitchen

There are some great tile tips in this space. The design goal of this outdoor kitchen was to make it look like it is original to the home.

Everything had to match, and the patio floor tiles look like they were native to the surrounding area. Their angular placement makes the walkway look wider.

via Tradition Outdoor Living

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