38 Low-Budget Floating Deck Ideas To Spruce Up Your Backyard

If you don’t have a traditional deck attached to your house and you are eager to make one to differentiate the outdoor living area from the rest of the surroundings, you can build a floating deck.

Floating decks can be made in whichever place from your yard. They can be laid directly on the ground or over a gravel or concrete bed.

Best Low Budget Floating Deck Ideas. Add a low-budget floating deck to your backyard and create the perfect relaxation oasis for your family and guests. Inspire yourself with these cheap DIY floating deck projects. #decorhomeideas

If you think that a floating deck will cost too much for your budget, there are plenty of budget-friendly materials that are durable and look fantastic.

Before we show you the best Low-Budget Floating Deck Ideas, let’s get together into the most important aspects of the floating deck feature.

  • What is the cheapest deck to build?

Untreated wood is the cheapest deck material but not in a long-term perspective. If you are looking for cheap and at the same time relatively durable deck material, pressure-treated wood is the better option. In all cases, prepare for annual maintenance of the wood.

  • How do you make a simple floating deck?

The simplest floating deck idea is placing wooden pallets tightly together on the ground. To make sure that the deck is tough and usable, make sure that the ground is even.

  • How much is a DIY floating deck?

The cost of a DIY floating deck depends on its size. A small one, measuring 10×12 feet will cost as low as $700.

1. Extension Of The Patio

Extension Of The Patio

If you need more covered space, you can build a floating deck as an extension of the back patio.
This small deck was made with pressure-treated wood beams.

The deck is higher than the patio floor to create elevated aesthetics. The black paint coat gives the new outdoor area a modern look.

via So Much Better With Age

2. DIY Hexagonal Floating Deck

DIY Hexagonal Floating Deck

This floating deck idea is great for utilizing backyard space when there is a small staircase.

The floating deck is built on a high platform which compensates for the distance between the ground and the top stair.

The hexagonal shape of the floating deck and the pergola feature create a modern boho outdoor shelter.

via Instructables

3. DIY Pallet Deck

DIY Pallet Deck

Do you want a quick and cheap floating deck idea? The detailed instructions below will help you build yourself a gorgeous cascading deck from pallet slats.

The geometric shapes of the separate sections give the repurposed wood a contemporary flair that blends perfectly with the existing landscape.

via Remodelaholic

4. Corner Floating Deck Idea

Corner Floating Deck Idea

This small floating deck has been built in an empty backyard corner. As you can see, the ground is uneven but this is not a problem when there is a support structure under the deck wood to compensate for the height difference.

The umbrella is a must when no pergola is added to the deck.

via House By The Bay

5. Repurposed Wood Floating Deck Idea

Repurposed Wood Floating Deck Idea

Isn’t this floating deck charmingly rustic? The combination of reclaimed railroad support and blonde wood boards gives it this unique look.

To blend the new outdoor feature with the garden landscape, there is a set of metal freestanding planters with clay pots.

6. Portable Floating Deck

Portable Floating Deck

This floating deck idea is for adventurers that travel a lot and want to enjoy unique landscapes comfortably.

The deck consists of pallets and plastic barrels. At the bottom of the pallets, additional slats are mounted to keep the wood section fixed onto the barrel.

via Reddit

7. Deck Over A Patio

Deck Over A Patio

If you like the warmth of the wooden deck, you can add it to the existing concrete patio with no rework of the existing flooring.

To make it, you need to measure and plan well the alignment of the deck sections shaped as squares.

The reclaimed wood slats used for the top of the deck are stained to get a refreshed rustic look.

via Redodux

8. Corner Deck With Privacy Walls

Corner Deck With Privacy Walls

The deck can be located at the end of the backyard, next to the fence. The existing fence can be used as a privacy feature or you can create extra walls on both sides of the L-shaped deck to differentiate it from the surroundings.

For this floating deck design, pressure-treated wood is used in its natural color which creates a fresh and contemporary look for the outdoor seating nook.

via The Eagles Nest

9. Deck With Pergola

Deck With Pergola

A deck and pergola combination creates an outdoor oasis that can be enjoyed all year long.

The stable beams of the pergola can function as supports for extras like hammocks.

Unite the deck and the pergola by building them from the same wood material or blending them using the same stain color.

via The Neutral Family Home

10. Traditional Deck With Pergola

Traditional Deck With Pergola

The traditional deck with a pergola look is shown in this floating deck idea.

The reddish hue of the cedar wood gives the outdoor feature a rustic look which is enhanced by the wooden set of seating furniture.

11. Outdoor Living Space On A Floating Deck

Outdoor Living Space On A Floating Deck

If you have a spacious backyard, it is always smart to create an outdoor living space where you can do the majority of your domestic activities in the fresh air.

To differentiate the nook, you can build a floating deck directly in the ground or on a gravel bed.

12. Pallet Deck With A Built-in Firepit

Pallet Deck With A Built-in Firepit

This is the easiest and quickest deck idea but for it, you need perfectly even ground.

As easy as it looks, pallets are aligned tightly on the ground leaving an empty space in the middle for a metal firepit.

13. Salvaged Pallets Floating Deck

Salvaged Pallets Floating Deck

This is the cheapest floating deck idea ever! If you have a bunch of old pallets, repurpose them into a firepit floating deck.

Making it is easy! Simply placed the pallets together as right as possible and attach them to each other.

via Minettes Maze

14. Choose The Best Location For Your Floating Deck

Choose The Best Location For Your Floating Deck

If there is an old big tree in your backyard, then you should focus your floating deck idea around it.

The added platform creates a contemporary point of interest and also takes advantage of the natural shade and beautiful landscape.

via Show Home

15. Outdoor Oasis Entirely From Pallets

Outdoor Oasis Entirely From Pallets

Most people think that pallets are only good for burning but this floating deck idea is here to show them that pallets are great for rigid outdoor flooring.

Of course, their condition should be good. The entire structure is built from pallets, even the seating set!

via 99 Pallets

16. Deck Built-in The Ground

Deck Built-in The Ground

This deck looks like emerging from the ground and that gives the whole nook a modern look although it is made from wood boards.

This effect comes from inserting the support of the deck into a ground bed. This way the unevenness of the ground is overcome.

The color of the pergola gives an extra modern flair to the outdoor oasis.

via Lucky Plot 13

17. Cozy Elevated Deck

Cozy Elevated Deck

This deck is built to serve as an uncovered front porch. The floating deck covers the stairs leading to the front door but ensures easy access up and down the platform with one stair.

The elevation creates a lovely display for decorations.

via Timber Fields

18. Cinder Block Floating Deck Support

Cinder Block Floating Deck Support

Cinder blocks are a suitable material to support an outdoor feature.

People use them as a base for walls and why not for floating decks?

19. Build Your Deck Like A Pro

Build Your Deck Like A Pro

Trees are not an obstacle to creating a comfortable relaxing nook outdoors. On the contrary, they are the reason to build a platform close to them.

As you can see, this floating deck idea takes care of the trees’ position and even incorporates them to take advantage of the natural shade they spread.

via HGTV

20. Deck Over Mulch

Deck Over Mulch

A plain garden corner inspires this floating deck idea. There was no need to change the existing mulch layer. The posts of the support are inserted directly into the ground.

Pallets are placed vertically against the fence to complement the garden deck with beautiful flowers.

via Timgineered

21. From No Back Patio To Deck Patio

From No Back Patio To Deck Patio

Placing a floating deck at the back of your house will instantly spruce up your property.

Depending on its size, you can use the even flooring to create a small living space with beautiful natural decorations.

via Home Depot

22. Large Floating Deck

Large Floating Deck

The size of the floating deck should comply with the size of your yard and your idea for usage.

If you want to gather many people together in the fresh air, this is a good idea for a floating deck.

23. Concrete Deck

Concrete Deck

Concrete is a durable material for a deck but it costs a bit more than a wood structure does.

Its advantages come with a modern look, customizable shape and low maintenance.

via Grasshopper

24. A Deck Over Concrete Slab

A Deck Over Concrete Slab

This is another inspiring idea of adding a floating deck directly on an existing concrete slab.
With this idea, you can upgrade or even extend your patio in a cost-effective way.

25. Floating Deck On Uneven Ground

Floating Deck On Uneven Ground

This floating deck was built at the side of the house to create an outdoor entertainment nook with a grill.

The deck lays on a crushed gravel layer which is extended further to end in a rock garden with greenery.

26. Small But Cozy Floating Deck Idea

Small But Cozy Floating Deck Idea

This small deck made from decking boards is an extension of the back patio. The beautiful corner is differentiated from the rest of the outdoors with a privacy wall from slats.

Budget-friendly accessories are added to the deck area to create a stylish space for a coffee in the fresh air.

via A Dabbed Dwelling

27. The Dreamy Outdoor Space

The Dreamy Outdoor Space

A floating deck, a pergola, a comfortable seating set and a firepit tie up together in a fantastic outdoor nook.

It is made to chill out in fresh air in a cost-effective way. The focal point is the concrete gas fireplace which makes the atmosphere cozy and inviting.

via Blooming DIY-er

28. Mimic A Traditional Deck

Mimic A Traditional Deck

The weathered wood look of the pallet slats pairs with the brick structures of this patio to create together a rustic oasis.

The uneven terrain has been overcome with cement feet in the lower area.

via Mwando Mubanga

29. Japanese-Inspired Garden Deck

Japanese-Inspired Garden Deck

The closer you are to nature, the better person you are! An evergreen saying which becomes more and more reasonable nowadays.

To let yourself connect with nature, make a floating deck in your garden. Why not build it under a tree or next to a pond or a fountain?

This deck was made from wood to relate to natural elements and create synchrony with the outdoor landscape.

30. No Digging Deck

No Digging Deck

Another great idea for a floating deck is revealed in this image.

No digging was needed to build it. Instead, the wooden frame is connected to the concrete blocks underneath.

31. Under Natural Shade

Under Natural Shade

This reading nook is magical! It will let you reconnect with nature while sitting comfortably on the deck under the tree shade.

It is elevated and built around three tree trunks. When you make a floating deck in a similar location, mind the size of the holes for the trees leaving them enough space to grow.

32. Modular Deck Idea

Modular Deck Idea

Another easy and pretty good-looking deck idea features modular decks that are easy to be assembled together with tools already on hand. The number of panels depends on the size of the deck you wish to build.

It is an interesting fact that the modular decks are made from composite materials which are very durable.

via UDeckx

33. Grey Modular Deck idea

Grey Modular Deck idea

Another advantage featured by the ready-made modular decks is the texture and color options. The brick color is great for a casual look.

If you are looking for a contemporary minimalist look, the modular deck sections are also offered in grey color mimicking concrete slabs.

34. Paver Walkway And Floating Deck

Paver Walkway And Floating Deck

This raised floating bed is elevated to cover a shared backyard area between a garden and a walkway.
The contrast provided by the green grass and the stone pavers is fantastic.

35. Lattice Screen And A Floating Deck

Lattice Screen And A Floating Deck

This floating deck works as an enclosure to the side of the house. It is divided from the surroundings with a lattice wall.

The deck itself is very simple featuring a wood structure covered with blonde wood boards.

36. Floating Deck With Fabric Privacy Walls

Floating Deck With Fabric Privacy Walls

If you like the idea of differentiating the floating deck from the rest of the garden, here is another cost-effective idea for a privacy wall.

It consists of wooden post supports and curtain rods. They ensure the hanging of stylish curtains which create a homely feel for this outdoor area.

37. Floating Deck Next To The Fence

Floating Deck Next To The Fence

And the cheapest way to equip your floating deck with a privacy screen is to build it next to the fence.

via Lolo Bay

38. Floating Deck With Special Foundation Systems

Floating Deck With Special Foundation Systems

There are special deck solutions that can make a DIY deck an easy game for you. The one you see here is made with Tuff Blocks.

This is a smart deck-building system that is a highly versatile foundation for a floating deck.

via Build Tuff

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