23 Fantastic Backyard Deck Ideas To Instantly Create The Perfect Garden

Are you dreaming of a deck to spend the days and nights out comfortably in the privacy of your own backyard? Stop dreaming and start making it!

We have collected 23 Fantastic Backyard Deck Ideas that will improve your outdoor space. Whether a small or big backyard, there is an inspiring idea for all of you.

Best Backyard Deck Ideas. If there is something that would really improve the look of your garden it's a deck or patio. These awesome backyard deck ideas will help you choose the one that suits your taste. #decorhomeideas

The deck ideas here will let you plan a scheme and design that is perfect for your backyard. Enjoy!

1. Build an Enjoyable Outdoor Nook on a White Wooden Deck

A White Wooden Deck For A Simple Seating #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

Clean backyard area with a farmhouse charm welcoming you to sit and read a book in fresh air! This is how you can describe the cute backyard deck idea consisting of a wooden beam decking, an umbrella shading a round table, a set of chairs and a rocking chair.

The relaxing outdoor nook is framed by a short wooden fence giving it a finished look and differentiating it from the rest of the backyard.

2. Breath Life into Your Backyard Wooden Deck with Flowers

Backyard Deck For Private Space #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

This simple idea features a typical decking area of a smaller size. It covers a square piece from the backyard where there is a natural shade ensured by a large tree crown.

The decking is lifted above the ground to ensure a cleaner area, differentiated from the lawn. Added flower pots act as a uniting element enhancing the welcoming atmosphere of the outdoor space.

via Family Handyman

3. Revamp Your Outdoor Space with Extended Decking

Beautiful Deck Ground With Colorful Flowers #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

This is a great idea of how to blend the extended decking protruding in the lawn with the backyard. Surround it with flowers and plants forming an edge.

If you are keen on landscaping improvement, check the inspiring ideas below.

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4. Enhance Your BBQ Experience with a Classy Wooden Deck

Beautiful Outdoor Entertaining Area #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

The shape of this decking follows the curves of a gravel walkway. The sections created by the deck section ends make gaps for adding entertainment features such as a barbeque.

Flower pots and ornamental plants beautify the edging garden filled with pea gravel that ensures good drainage and weed growth prevention.

via Follow The Yellow Brick Home

5. Make a Statement with a Backyard House Deck

Deck For Backyard House #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

Making this backyard decking idea is easy. The simplicity of the material and the alignment pattern are what actually make the general look so charming and welcoming.

The casual feel this deck area creates is enhanced by two comfy lounge chairs and an umbrella.

via Hoosier Homemade

6. Illuminate Your Backyard Deck with String Lights

Deck For Outdoor Space With String Lights #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

If you love spending the nights outside at the deck, you can make it more inviting and comfortable by adding strings of lights suitable for outdoor exposure. The Edison bulb-style fairy lights trace the open air above the deck.

Metal posts inserted in the large plant pots placed at the corners of the deck serve as supports for these light fixtures.

via UDH

7. Transform Your Backyard Pool with a Wooden Deck

Deck For Small Pool #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

For maximum entertainment on the hot summer days, equip the backyard deck with a pool. Even a small-sized pool would let you chill out in the comfort of your own outdoor oasis.

This deck design could be called effort-friendly since there is no digging in the ground to make space for the pool basin. Instead, it is built in the deck which stands above the ground.

Steps lead to the dry area for sunbathing and for entering the pool.

8. Build a Beautiful Rustic Deck Pathway

Deck Pathway #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

You can extend the deck with a walkway standing a level down and yet, above the ground, to remain clean from dirt.

The deck and the walkway are built from wooden beams stained in a warm dark color that stands out against the natural surrounding.

via One Kind Design

9. Upgrade Your Backyard Deck with a Pergola and Fire Pit

Deck With Bench Under Pergola Design #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

This deck idea ensures comfort during the hot summer days thanks to the added pergola. The square feet of the backyard doesn’t allow building a large decking. Nevertheless, its compactness doesn’t make a compromise with comfort.

A corner bench made from wood accommodates easily four people. There is a fountain opposite the bench to make the decking more welcoming and relaxing. This idea can be changed by replacing the water feature with an over-the-ground fire pit.

via Plasticine House

10. Unwind in Total Comfort with a Deck Hammock in a Pergola

DIY Outdoor Hammock Stand with Floating Deck and Pergola #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

This triangular deck has been built especially for the hammock. Stepping in or out of the hammock is facilitated by the even wooden surface laying over the ground.

Lattice fence panes and a pergola give this piece of decking a finished look. Two handmade wooden planters stay at the ends of the triangle to make the pergola deck fit in the backyard atmosphere.

via Woodshop Diaries

11. Create a Contemporary Vibe with Your Wooden Deck

Modern Design Outdoor Space with Wooden Deck #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

This boho-inspired deck design ensures privacy, a relaxing atmosphere and comfort. The deck is made from blonde wooden beams laid in a square-shaped structure laying over the ground.

Stepping on the upper lever is eased by three square stones anchoring a zen feel. This exotic hue can be caught in the design of the furniture and the adjacent firepit.

via Everyday Old House

12. Enjoy Shade and Privacy with a Pergola on Your Deck

Open Living Space With Wooden Deck And Pergola Design #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

Building a pergola over the deck is one of the most practical ideas ever as it provides shade and ensures privacy.

These two can be achieved naturally with climbing plants. For a quicker effect, you can use fabric curtains. This deck idea inspires also with the positioning of the furniture and entertainment features.

There is enough space for a small pool, two lounges, two plain chairs and a table, and a firepit- all you may need to spend a fantastic day out.

via Everything Backyard

13. Modernize Yard with Floating Wooden Deck and Woven Chairs

Open Space With Wooden Floating Deck With Woven Table and Chairs #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

The position of this floating deck makes it an extension of the house. Its design is very practical. A bench built from the material of the decking increases the number of seats.

The comfortable rattan furniture makes it possible to have a meal in the fresh air as if in the comfort of the living room.

Another advantage of this outdoor living space is the decoration featured by hanging baskets with cascading blooms and exotic plants, letting you enjoy the beauty of nature.

14. Transform Your Outdoor Kitchen with a Wooden Deck Base

Outdoor Kitchen With Deck Ground #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

This is another great design of a backyard deck where you can do practically everything but in the open air. The kitchen set consisting of a stove, a grill and cabinetry is made from modern stainless steel which is easy to be maintained from dirt.

A set of furniture next to the kitchen nook lets you sit comfortably and have a meal as if in the indoor dining room. Once the meal is over, you take two steps up to go and stretch on a comfy sofa and enjoy the starry sky.

via Countryliving

15. Be Bold and Creative with a Red Pallet Deck

Red Pallet Deck #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

The backyard deck ideas can be very affordable if you do them yourself with recycled materials. Pallets are perfect for outdoor DIY projects. Figure out the size, color and pattern of your deck first. Prepare the ground so that they stay rigidly in the soil and decorate.

Add baskets with plants, a lounge, a side table from repurposed barrels. You can even use the gaps between the slats to grow your own plants from seeds and observe closely their growth.

16. Create a Glamorous Retreat with Your Deck Seating Area

Retreat Seating With Deck Ground #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

This deck has been built next to a concrete wall to become a private nook in the outdoors. Tall trees ensure thick shade during the hot summer days.

The sitting furniture is simple and practical so that it can be moved everywhere on the deck as needed. A bench from pavers decorated with a soft cushion and pillows ensures more sitting places. The walkway leading to the deck adds a relaxing zen feel thanks to a layer of gravel and round stones.

via BHG

17. Bring Rustic Elegance with a Reclaimed Wooden Deck

Rustic Wooden Deck For A Corner Of Living Outdoor Space #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

Reclaimed wooden beams are the savor when it comes to an affordable DIY deck in the backyard. Wooden beams with a weathered surface create a private space closed with lattice boards and beams.

Uncovered sections are left at the edge of the deck to make dedicated spots for climbing plants.

via Apartment Therapy

18. Get Creative with a Floating WoodenDeck Under a Tree

Simple Floating Deck Under Tall Tree #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

When you plan your backyard deck design, first think about its place. If there is an old tree with a large crown, it instantly becomes the most suitable spot. The thick greenery will make shade in summer and will give the dedicated outdoor nook an appealing look.

This floating deck idea is simple when it comes to design and materials. Wood beams, wooden posts to level the deck structure and paint.

19. Get a Polished and Trendy Look with a Stock Tank Pool Deck

Stock Tank Pool Deck #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

Don’t miss adding a summer entertainment feature if you are just about to build your backyard deck. This idea thinks about how to combine a pool and a deck in one with little investment and curb-appealing design.

The stock tank repurposed into a pool is one of the trendiest outdoor projects! Do you need inspiration or tutorials on how to make a pool out of a stock tank? Don’t miss our article below!

via Stock Tank Authority

20. Boost Curb Appeal with White Wooden Deck and Furniture

White Color For Wooden Floating Deck With Furnitures #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

This deck idea fascinates with the appealing design reminding an indoor living space. The white color is the key to achieving this feel, as well as the decoration.

The deck is made from slats painted white. The rattan furniture with comfortable and soft pillows surround a gas-lit firepit with a wide edge that can be used as a side table.

The added carpet, a basket with throws and flower pots anchor the inviting vibe.

via Jessica Sara Morris

21. Bring Rustic Charm to Your Deck with a Swing

Wooden Deck with Simple Swing #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

This wooden deck is built under tall trees which have inspired the entire design of the outdoor nook. We see an inspiring idea of closing the deck structure- instead of boards, wooden logs of identical size trace the curious deck shape.

Rattan lounges, knitted ottomans and a wooden swing enhance the farmhouse decor of the deck to let it feel like belonging to nature outside the house.

22. Transform Your Deck Into a Cozy Boho Retreat

Wooden Floating Deck #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

Give your deck a boho feel by stenciling the top wooden beams. Add paper lanterns powered by the sun, wicker lanterns with candles on the deck to anchor a relaxing vibe.

The comfortable sofa is complimented by soft pillows and throws in wicker baskets letting you stay outside even when it becomes colder.

via The Pink House

23. Add Splendour to Your Wooden Deck with Pallet Furniture

Wooden Floating Deck With DIY Pallet Furnitures #deckideas #backyard #decorhomeideas

This floating deck structure has been made from reclaimed wooden beams. The signs of wear and age are visible but they are still in good shape to rigidly support and cover the backyard living space.

Leaving them untreated gives the deck a casual look that welcomes you to sit and relax after a busy day. DIY pallet furniture completes the farmhouse design of the deck and makes it possible to have a clean and dedicated outdoor oasis with little investment.

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