45 Best Above Ground Pools With Deck

Having a cold drink at the pool could be your winter dream. Your kids surely dream about splashes in the warm water, playing with pool noodles, and swimming. Briefly said the pool is the most desired outdoor addition by all family members, even the pets. If you haven’t added a pool to your backyard, you may be researching the pros and cons of the pool types.

Today we are going to focus on the above-ground pools with decks because building and installing them is cost-effective, they give the landscape a point of interest, and last but not least is easy to maintain.

Best Above Ground Pools With Deck. Above-ground swimming pools are a popular, less-expensive alternative to in-ground pools. Get the best ideas on above-ground pools with deck with this top selection. #decorhomeideas

If you are considering building an above-ground pool with a deck by yourself we have a handy tutorial that will help you with the most critical aspects of the creation.

DIY Above Ground Swimming Pool With Deck

Here is the article: DIY Above Ground Swimming Pool With Deck

If you haven’t installed your above-ground pool yet, here is a list of the best options available:

Now that you already ordered your pool and waiting for it to be delivered, let’s see some ideas about decking so that your above ground pool with deck will be the best in the neighborhood.

1. Illuminate Your Above Ground Pool and Deck with LED Lights

1. A Glowing Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

Life is cool by the pool and that is valid not only during the day! To extend the time spent in the pool, install lights under the pool rim. They function as a means to give effect to the pool and not to give emphasis on the light source.

This is why the place of LED lights is chosen to be beneath the pool liners looking downward the decking.

They will illuminate the inside of the water, giving it an appealing glow and also the decking surrounding it. Stepping in and out of the pool will be easy and pleasant with this extra.  

2. Make Your Dream Pool Deck a Reality with Pallet Slats

2. Above-Ground Pool with A Simple Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

Looking for an affordable deck for your stock tank pool? Then make it yourself! Thus you will not only save money from the building process but you would also ensure that the size is perfect for the dedicated piece of your yard and your taste.

You can use pallet slats to make the above-the-ground deck. This is probably the most budget-friendly solution. Raise the deck on rigid wooden posts and add a staircase to access it.

3. Upgrade Your Above-Ground Pool with A Tiered Deck

3. Above-Ground Pool with A Tiered Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

Make a terraced wood deck for your pool if you are looking for a compact and functional pool area. The aboveground pool lets you build tiers up which are in the shape of wide and long stairs.

Usually, the stairs are the way to access the pool clean, however, when they are well and thoughtfully designed, they can have many functions.

Use them for sunbathing, for drying your towels. Add flower pots in the corners to blend the pool with the surrounding nature. This pool above the ground is a clever space-saving idea.

4. Get the Most of Above-Ground Pool with Deck and Trampoline

4. Above-Ground Pool with A Trampoline #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

For those of you who are not limited in space, this is a great above-the-ground pool with a deck idea. It has many advantages. Let’s start with the first one- the raised deck is wide enough to sunbathe, to place a sitting set, even a pergola.

The pool above the ground with such a wide deck structure ensures no installment issues like the inground pool would create.

Secondly, this type of structure is budget-friendly. You can use lumber material on your budget and coat it with special wet-resistant liquid.

The raised level of the deck also provides an increased entertainment level with the possibility to jump inside the pool from height. If you prefer to adapt to the temperature of the water, use the ladder installed inside the pool

And while adults are enjoying swimming in the pool, the kids can jump in the safely-covered trampoline under the supervision of their parents.

5. Elevate Your Above-Ground Pool with Acrylic Fence

5. Above-Ground Pool with Acrylic Fence #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

There are two types of approved materials for pool fence guards and the most affordable and good-looking one is the PERSPEX Sheet, also known as acrylic.

It is many times stronger than glass, it is UV-resistant and best of all it can be of the shape you line as it is flexible.

If you want to separate the pool deck from the rest of your backyard, use this inspiring idea for an acrylic fence.

Barely seen, it will add an elegant and lux touch to your backyard and will improve the curb appeal of your home.

6. Get a Contemporary Vibe with an Automatic Cover

6. Above Ground Pool with Automatic Cover #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

The above-the-ground pools allow easy maintenance because of the access to all pool accessories hidden in the deck structure.

If you want to further minimize the care about your summer entertainment feature, you can add a cover to keep the insects and dirt away at night.

And instead of stretching it manually which could be an adventure, invest in an automated type of cover.

7. Transform Your Backyard with Luxurious Composite Pool Deck

7. Above-Ground Pool with Composite Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a pool that is on a budget and yet gives you the feel and looks of real wood decking? The composite above-the-ground pool deck is what you need.

Before placing your pool structure on the ground, level it with dirt. Put the pool in its place and then install the composite deck at half of the pool. To make the access to the pool easy and clean, add walk-in steps on one or either of the sides.

In addition to the acceptable investment in this project, you would be also enjoying a low maintenance level.

8. Enhance Your Backyard Pool Area with a Timeless Design

8. Above-Ground Pool with Deck Idea #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This deck idea follows the concept of the house. Made of solid wood slats and boards and supported by white posts and lattice panels, the deck reminds the interior of a classic elegant home.

This idea has the advantages of a design compatible with the concept of the adjacent house. Leftovers from the house makeover can be used and thus create the water feature deck in a budget-friendly way.

9. Add a Rugged Appeal with a Stone Above-Ground Pool

9. Above Ground Pool With Deck Made Of Stones #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

Natural-looking pools are trendy lately. However, making your pool look like a natural pond requires a big investment.

There is a way to add a natural look to your pool nook and that is with stone lining in neutral colors. You can choose the texture of the stones and enhance the rustic design.

The flagstones in particular give the pool and the deck a unique look and ensure a lifetime warranty.

For a pool above the ground, the flagstones usually cover the sides of the pool and the deck while the landing of the deck is usually made of flat stones.

via Brothers Three Pools

10. Create a Glow of Beauty With Above-Ground Pool Lighting

10. Above-Ground Pool with Fancy Lighting #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

The lighting idea of this pool over the ground is very simple. The same light sources you would use to trace a walkway through your garden are repurposed into edging lights of the pool.

They are inserted in a garden bed covered with stones. The spilled water will easily drain through this coverage while adding an element from the surrounding backyard landscape at the same time.

11. Add Privacy to Above-Ground Pool with Fenced Deck

11. Above-Ground Pool with Fenced Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a way to add privacy to your overt-the-ground pool area, you can add a thick fence to your deck. Depending on the material of the deck, you can continue the material and design concept to create a finished look.

This example of a deck showcases a wooden deck with a wood fence made of slats in blond color. The size of the backyard is big enough to allow a symmetrical shape of the deck placing the pool right in its center.

12. Transform Your Pool Nook with a Floral Background

12. Above-Ground Pool With Flowers Around It #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

Make the pool nook an elegant continuation of your backyard landscape by adding an element that repeats in the garden. Of course, that is flowers. Simply create a garden bed around the deck of the pool.

The garden can be planted with ornamental plants that will match the exotic vibe of having a water feature in your own property or they can be seasonal flowers that reveal a pop of color and nice fragrances.

13. Enjoy Exotic Elegance with an Ipa Wood Pool Deck

13. Above-Ground Pool with Ipa Wood Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This over-the-ground pool design aims to add an artificial feature to a picturesque landscape. This is a very difficult task, especially if you are not keen on the natural-looking pond pools.

A deck made of IPA wood has numerous advantages- cost-effective, easy maintenance, long life. To blend it to the green surroundings, create a small garden adjacent to the deck and plant species that look alike the existing nature.

14. Get a Rustic Look for Your Backyard Pool with Platform Deck

14. Above-Ground Pool with Platform Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

If you want your pool area to take you to another, more exotic reality, build a platform deck that follows the comfortable designs of the hotel pools.

The relaxing vibe is sure to be experienced when you dive into the big pool and then sunbathe on the lounge on the deck platform.

And while it could be quite expensive to mimic the designers’ choices of pools in hotels or resorts, you can go for an affordable material to plank the platform. This is wood in the shape of identical slats.

Stained in dark, the wood is well protected from the climate and the wet conditions caused by the water splashes. Furthermore, the stain gives the wood a very elegant look.

15. Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space with a Resin Pool Deck

15. Above-Ground Pool with Resin Pool Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

The resin pool decks are simple to install and an alternative to a full-size wooden deck. This option comes to help people that are limited in backyard space and also in savings.

You can buy the deck in sections and choose among sizes of the landing, the ladder length and also the fencing.

16. Keep Your Family Safe with Safety Pool Covers

16. Above-Ground Pool with Safety Cover #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

IF you have a pool above the ground with a deck, you can use a safety pool cover during winter or any time the pool is not used.

The deck design above also showcases a gate on the upper deck that is connected to the house.

The lattice panels on the lower level give the entertainment feature a charming rustic look. They are installed there to hide the pool structure and the accessories.

17. Bring Comfort to Your Above-Ground Pool with Terrace Deck

17. Above-Ground Pool with Terrace Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This is a two-leveled deck aiming to differentiate the wet area next to the pool from the relaxing zone.

The initial reasons to build the deck in this design have been other- to cover a rough terrain that is difficult to maintain.

18. Add Splendour to Backyard Pool with Terraced Deck

18. Above-Ground Pool with Terraced Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

Creating a built-in look of the above-the-ground pool is possible only with a deck. Partially or entirely surrounding it with the wood platform changes the look of the pool and turns it into an elegant addition to the backyard.

The terraced design improves the curb appeal of this zone. The surrounding stampcrete and grass add natural contrast to the stained wood platform and let the pool pop out.

19. Create a Visual Continuation with a Wooden Bridge

19. Above-Ground Swimming Pool with A Bridge #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This bridge makes a visual relation with the porch of the house. The material of the bridge and the deck of the pool is identical to the porch planking.

The concept for continuous look and union of the outdoor zones is backed up by functionality and comfort. The bridge makes sure that the people going to the pool remain clean.

The bridge also ensures a quick walk from the outdoors to the inside of the house.

20. Elevate the Vibe of Your Above-Ground Pool with Slides

20. Above-Ground Swimming Pool with Slides #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

If you are fed up with your above-the-ground pool, you can make the zone more exciting by adding a pool slide.

Depending on the extreme level you would like to experience and the age of the users of the pool, you can choose among a few slide types.

21. Get a Unique Look with a Hexagonal Pool Deck Design

21. Beautiul Above-Ground Pool With Wooden Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This beautiful hexagonal deck surrounds a round pool to make it an entertaining summer oasis for the family. Two entrances ensure quick access to the pool from the porch and from the garden.

The design idea of every piece of the deck aims to create a continuous look of one entity, making it difficult to recognize where the gates are.

via Foxy Farm Constructions

22. Make a Statement with a Big Enclosed Above-Ground Pool

22. Big Enclosed Above-Ground Pool #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This raised deck is very spacious although it covers only the back side of an oblong above-the-ground pool.

The landscape surrounding the pool area enhances the relaxing vibe with its natural elements showcased by shrubs, green plants in a rock garden and ornamental grass.

When adding a deck to an above-ground pool, you don’t need to completely enclose it. That could be a good solution for easy maintenance of larger pools.

23. Unlock Beauty of Nature with an Above-Ground Garden Pool

23. Big Round Above-Ground Pool #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This above-the-ground pool is surrounded by a garden bed with ornamental kinds of plants. Due to the lack of space, the deck is represented by two step-like platforms positioned next to each other.

If you take a closer look, you could get inspired by their design and make your own steps from pallets.

24. Create a Functional Above-Ground Pool with Terraced Deck

24. Corner Pool with Terraced Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This design of terraced deck ensures multifunctioning as stairs, seat places and also as flower stands. This compact design is space-saving without compromise to comfort and look.

So if you a having a small yard and haven’t decided if you could incorporate a pool in your property, take this idea as an inspiration.

25. Upgrade Your Pool with a Composite Wood Deck

25. Half Submerged Pool with Composite Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This is another oval large pool that is placed above the ground. Its deck is a composite wood deck. It is built on the ground and covers half of the pool wall height.

This type of deck gives the pool a unique continuous look. The elevation shortens the distance between the rim of the pool and the landing ensuring safe usage and comfort.

The deck also helps maintain the pool clean and accessing water for swimming or cleaning easier.

26. Get a Polished Look with an Above-Ground Pool

26. Infinity Above-Ground Pool #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This design of a pool over the ground and an adjacent decking is very stylish and trendy. The alignment of the deck coincides with the top rim point of the pool, creating a view of an infinite water feature.

The stone lining of the pool matches the rustic planking of the deck, giving this outdoor entertainment nook an amazingly stylish look.

27. Add Charm to Above-Ground Pool with a Beautiful Landscape

27. Landscaping Around Above Ground Pool #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

The deck of this pool takes only one-third of it because of space issues. This hasn’t stopped the homeowners to look for a way to make the surrounding ground around the pool attractive and to look as belonging to the existing landscape.

Thanks to a garden bed formed around the uncovered part of the pool, the water feature looks attractive and welcoming. Different kinds of plants grow in there, some are even placed in pots instead of planted directly in the ground.

The stones covering the soil ensure good drainage and limit the growth of weeds.

via Brothers Three Pools

28. Unwind in Luxury with a Stylish Above-Ground Pool

28. Luxury Open Above-Ground Pool #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

The pools in the backyards have already become a traditional feature. Recently, they have been used for more than an entertainment zone. Their design aims to improve the curb appeal and give the outdoors a personal touch.

This type of above-the-ground pool provides depth to the horizon and even enhances the calming feeling created by the natural beauty of the ocean.

29. Improve Your Pool Design with Multi-Level Deck Stairs

29. Multi-Level Pool Deck Stairs #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This round pool placed above the ground is half surrounded by a tiered deck. The multileveled design of the wood platform ensures easy access to the area for sunbathing where lounge chairs sit.

Furthermore, it creates a point of interest hiding the pool until you get closer. This pool is installed closer to the flower garden and therefore it continues the natural concept with flower pots placed on the stairs and an edging garden bed.

30. Indulge in the Lavish Look of Nonagon-Shaped Pool

30. Nonagon Shaped Above Ground Pool #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

The limits of space have made the creator of this deck around a pool over the ground to be very creative. Instead of a large deck, a small deck of an interesting design has been made from wood slats.

The rustic concept has been transferred to the pool as well. The lining of the round pool gives it an interesting geometrical shape of a nonagon creating a pool’s edge for sitting or arm resting while people are relaxing in the pool.

via Texas Sculptures

31. Get Ready for Summer with a Wooden Deck and Lounge

31. Oval Above-Ground Pool with A Lounge #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This pool deck is actually a continuation of the porch. It covers half of a pool of an oval shape giving access to the water through a ladder.

This type of stained wooden deck gives the pool a one-of-a-kind look and integrated appearance. It is constructed on the ground keeping the pool tidy from dirt.

The size of the deck is quite big and that gives endless opportunities for utilization of the space. Place lounge chairs in one of the corners, a sitting table on the other, some flower pots are never redundant.

32. Add Character to Backyard with Oval Above-Ground Pool

32. Oval Above-Ground Swimming Pool #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This oval above-ground pool is surrounded by a deck that is not that raised but yet adds an elevation. This elevation helps maintain the pool area clean.

Furthermore, it defines the pool area as a special zone in the backyard. It is an interesting idea how to avoid cutting trees that stand in the way of the deck. Instead of getting rid of them, build the deck leaving holes for the trunks. .

33. Uplift Your Backyard with a Majestic Oval Pool

33. Oval-Shape Above-Ground Swimming Pool #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This backyard is very spacious and allows installing a large pool over the ground. Its outer surface is very interesting, decorated with antique motifs.

The columns look as if integrated into the structure of the pool thanks to the protruding half and the identical color of the walls and the faux columns.

The garden bed formed around the pool is covered with gravel in light grey to create good drainage of the spilled water and to let the evergreen bushes stand out.

34. Transform Your Pool Experience with an Elevated Deck 

34. Oversized Step Section and Walk-Around #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This pool could be called partially above the ground. There is a hole dug in the soil where the structure stays. The gap takes into consideration space for installing the pump accessories.

They are covered with wooden slats which continue as an elevated staircase for access to the pool. The composite frame and deck are not large, however, they succeed in giving the pool an elegant look and ensuring good maintenance of the pool.

35. Create a Relaxation Spot with an Elevated Patio Design

35. Pool With Deck and Patio #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This pool deck incorporates a covered patio where a set for sitting stays to offer a comfortable shade from the sun. The deck is elevated and built entirely around the oval pool almost flush with the pool rim.

At the corners of the deck, the landing is wider and therefore cleverly utilized. Instead of lounge chairs, there is a coffee table and chairs set where people can have a drink enjoying the glow of the water created by the sun rays.

via Brown’s Pools

36. Bring Farmhouse Charm with Wood and Stone Pool Design

36. Pool Wrapped in Wood and Stone #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This is an excellent example of an ordinary above-ground pool that is given a unique look by wrapping the sides of the pool with stone and wood.

This way the pool nook blends with the surrounding nature and exterior of the house. Another inspiration you can source from this design is the alignment of the deck.

It covers two-thirds of the pool perimeter creating a large enough deck for placing a shader, a sitting set and two lounges.

37. Create a Signature Style with an Elegant Pool Deck Design

37. Semi Buried Pool with Composite Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This pool and the deck around it are of unique design. The deck is at ground level letting the lining of the pool walls be visible and impacting.

The deck and the lining of the pool are made of stained wood planks. This texture and this color create an elegant rustic vibe that matches the concept of nature outside.

38. Embrace Minimalism with a Chic Above-Ground Spa

38. Small Above-Ground Pool Spa #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

Use your limited in space yard by utilizing its height. Create an elegant pool on the first level and a deck around it. If the pool is of a rectangle shape, you can experiment with the deck, widening the space of the deck only at one of its sides. That would be the sun deck.

Thinking about compact alignment and size, there aren’t regular lounges but a long bench. This design reminds me a lot of a spa atmosphere. The stone, the concrete and the wood materials enhance this look and make the nook very appealing.

39. Craft Unique Outdoor Pool Setting with Lattice Fence Panels

39. Small Above-Ground Pool with Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This deck is of three levels. The top one coincides with the top surface of the pool’s edge creating an illusion of infinity. Steps help pass through the levels.

All of them are wide enough to be cleverly utilized but the authors of this idea have aimed to create a French cottage oasis. The pale wood covering the platform and the walls of the pool has a weathered look which gives the nook a unique effect.

The lattice fence-like panels attached to the stone wall behind the pool enhance the vintage look and give this outdoor nook a homely feel.

40. Maximize Space with a Modern Above-Ground Pool

40. Small Backyard Above-Ground Pool #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This above-ground pool is modern and minimalist. It is situated in a narrow but long backyard of a suite design house. The clean shapes, the stone, the glass and the lights complete the Mediterranean feel of the place.

There is a tall and solid fence that will keep the pool a private place. There are two decks tracing the long sides of the pool.

One of them is made of concrete, the other one is planked with wood. Both of them are right on the ground because they are adjacent to the architectural parts of the property.

41. Create a Unique Entryway to Your Above Ground Pool

41. Small Wood Pool Deck McHenry #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

This pool deck is more than a landing to access the above ground pool. It is turned into a connection to the second floor acting as a shelter above the front door.

It is entirely made of wood and covers only a small part of the pool perimeter. The reasons for this design are many- starting from the limited space of the yard and continuing to cost-effective solution and multifunction.

via Rock Solid Builders

42. Experience Unrivaled Style with a Stock Tank Pool

42. Stock Tank Pool With Deck #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

Stock tanks are great for above-ground pools! You will use them for at least 25 years if you maintain them well and that with a little investment compared to a typical over-the-ground pool structure.

The stock tanks are preferred by owners that are limited in space and also by creative persons that want to get out of the cliche.

This boho-style deck and pool create an oasis in the comfort of your own home. Do you want to make your own summer oasis? Check the inspirations below.

via Salt Shack Backyards

43. Design Your Dream Outdoor Space with a Raised Deck

43. Tropical Round Above-Ground Pool #abovegroundpoolwithdeck #decorhomeideas

The deck around this pool gives the illusion of an inground pool. Well, that is one possibility. The other is to build the deck high up so that surface is flush or above the rim of the pool. This is the other option to mimic this intriguing vision.

The deck acts as a relaxing zone where the lounges are placed. The green plants in ceramic pots help enhance this feel. The fence from wood provides privacy and safety of the elevated deck.

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