12 Ingenious Pool Designs Perfect for Small Yards

There’s no longer anything stopping you from making your small garden into a lovely relaxation area.

Whether you want a pool to take a refreshing dip in, get some exercise in, or splash about, there is one just fit for your space.

Maximize your small yard space with these 12 ingenious pool designs. From compact lap pools to stylish plunge pools, discover innovative ideas that bring relaxation and luxury to even the most petite outdoor spaces, creating a refreshing oasis right at home.

Small pools for small backyard spaces offer just as much leisure and entertainment possibilities.

Look at some of these pool ideas and find the pool to suit your style and garden.

1. Multi-Level

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@DDLA Design Landscape Architecture

Enjoy the ambiance of tranquility in your backyard multi-level pool. A multi-level pool with a water feature creates a spa-like atmosphere.

You don’t need a big backyard to have a multi-level pool. Use the length of your backyard and have two levels, one in-ground and the other partially in-ground.

The pool’s coping serves as seating to aid your entry and exit. The turf and tile steps neatly going along the long end create a cohesive look with the tile facade of the pool.

2. Retreat Combo

12 pool designs for small yards 2

@Creative Environments

An ultimate creative pool design that offers an outdoor area for relaxation and entertainment.

An organic stone wall creates an aesthetic border of the pool that beautifully blends in with the surrounding greenery.

A waterfall feature enhances the aesthetic and sensory appeal.

A precast coping coincides with the firepit entertainment area, while the turf and tile grid layout is a gorgeous addition that impacts the whole design.

3. Narrow

12 pool designs for small yards 3

@Mike Farley Pool Designer, SWD, ASLA

A narrow design can be the optimal choice to fit in a pool as big as possible in your backyard.

Create a contemporary outdoor space to accommodate a seating area, pool, and raised platform, all in a narrow space.

White precast coping borders the pool, while patterned concrete grey tiles cover the rest of the area.

The swimming pool opens up the space unexpectedly, and the greenery on the one wall helps create a natural privacy wall.

4. Curvy

12 pool designs for small yards 4

@Betz Pools Limited

Curved pool designs let you work with the space of your backyard, allowing you to maximize your pool area.

By introducing curving lines, natural stone materials, and split boulders, we can soften the edges and create an appealing contrast to the geometric lines of the house and fencing.

An overlooking raised spa is a feature that will impact and effectively accent the entire poolscape.

If the pool is close to your patio door, a great option is to feature radius steps, making it easily accessible and offering more length for the deeper end.

5. Overspread

12 pool designs for small yards 5


A centered classic rectangular pool has a stately and formal look with grass and lush greenery surrounding it.

Let your pool take center stage and become the focal point of your backyard design.

Occupy most of the backyard with an inground pool by positioning it in the middle and leaving enough space on the sides to walk around it.

6. Deck Pool

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@Apex Landscapes Pools

A unique deck design that flows out from the back door and beautifully incorporates an in-ground pool. The design offers different areas for both relaxation and entertainment in a small space.

A beautiful frameless glass pool enclosure puts the finishing touch, offering a sleek design and safety feature.

This type of enclosure is the perfect safety barrier, allowing a pleasing and clear overall view of the pool and backyard, resulting in an eye-appealing design that optimizes the space to its maximum.

7. Deck Height

12 pool designs for small yards 7

@Lost West

Easily access your pool right out of your back door with a small deck connected to a partially in-ground pool—the perfect option for incorporating a pool to relax and cool off on those hot summer days.

The pool is positioned along the long side of one of the boundary walls.

The gorgeous greenery on the side provides seclusion and natural character, while the turf and tile layout becomes a charming accent to the backyard design.

8. Harmonize

12 pool designs for small yards 8

@Modern Pool

A modern minimalistic pool design becomes a cohesive extension of the home. Connected to a wooden deck, the pool has a large tile coping installed in the gravel backspace.

The matching turquoise seating reflects the water and boldly stands out against the backyard’s mix of wood walls and tropical greenery.

A small water feature is included for a sensory and tranquil experience.

9. Contemporary Elegance

12 pool designs for small yards 9


Add a shimmering centerpiece to your backyard for a clean, contemporary look, and enjoy lounging around and cooling off on those hot summer days.

To make a small water body a focal point, consider adding interest with a feature like a cascading waterfall, submitting a pleasing and relaxing sound.

A seating area with black hanging chairs is just a gorgeous addition to the outdoor space.

10. Plunge Pool

12 pool designs for small yards 10


When you want to relax, there’s nothing like a backyard plunge pool. A plunge pool is a great way to enjoy a pool on a smaller scale.

They are ideal for aquatic exercise, hydrotherapy, or simply to soak away the day’s care. 

They can be installed above or in-ground, and because of their smaller size, they are cost-effective and a great solution for someone with limited space and budget.

A small plunge pool with comfortable seating is a relaxing backyard refreshment!

11. Lawn Border

12 pool designs for small yards 11


Give it a garden like feel and surround your pool a rectangular plunge pool with lush green grass.

Using natural or artificial grass around your pool or patio area adds color and a unique backyard ambiance.

You can use a mixed approach by using grass and hardscape.

Install stone or concrete in only one area around the pool, and complete the rest with the soft, lush green alternative.

12. Landscape

12 pool designs for small yards 12


Incorporate tranquil zen vibes into your outdoor space with its minimalist aesthetic and mixed materials. Create the illusion of more space and depth with dark colors, adding a touch of glamour to your pool.

A dark swimming pool is high-end, alluring, and unexpected.

One of its best characteristics is that the water looks so dark it becomes reflective, almost like a mirror.

Enhance the charm further with dark surroundings like black fencing, precast concrete paving, and greenery, making the entire backyard look stylish.

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