24 Enchanting Natural Swimming Ponds for Your Relaxation Retreat

Natural swimming ponds are an excellent addition to a backyard featuring the beauty of a natural-looking water feature, eco-friendly cleaning and flawless blend with the outdoor environment.

Natural swimming ponds attract dragonflies and are usually decorated with water lilies that drift on the water’s surface. These make them look like natural ponds, but one significant difference exists. People can swim inside them without getting mud on their feet.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our collection of 24 enchanting natural swimming ponds. Explore these serene retreats that seamlessly blend the allure of water and the tranquility of the outdoors, creating the perfect relaxation spots for your escape.

The key to the cleanness of the water is preventing algae growth. That can be achieved through different methods- with a pump that filters the water or suitable plants that clean the microorganisms.

Let’s look at 24 Enchanting Natural Swimming Ponds for Your Relaxation Retreat.

1. Naural Swimming Pond With Asymmetric Decks

natural swimming ponds 1


This pool idea combines nature and modernity in one. Half of it is structured as a standard pond, and the rest is curved, following the natural lines of a pond.

The addition of water plants at the rim and inside of the pool ensures the filtration of the water and an inspiring natural look.

Three deck platforms provide spaces for sunbathing, relaxation and access to the pond.

2. Small Pool Tucked In The Garden

natural swimming ponds 2


You can build the natural swimming pool in the size that most fits your backyard space. This image of a natural pool features a smaller version tucked among the garden’s greenery to mimic a natural landscape.

The stone walls descend into the pool and make it more authentic. A garden with ornamental plants and gravel filling surrounds the pond.

3. Natural Swimming Pool With Extras

natural swimming ponds 3


Building a naturally looking swimming pool doesn’t mean skipping comfortable extras such as a descending ladder to access the water or a platform to jump from.

To keep the design as natural as possible, go for decking in a natural color and texture.

4. Large Pool With Brick Steps

natural swimming ponds 4


If your yard is big, you can build a big swimming pool. The idea here features a pool with an organic shape interrupting the yard’s greenery with its natural beauty.

Semi-circle steps from stone and bricks lead the way to the depth of the pool. There is a small waterfall opposite the steps and aquatic plants surround the entire pool.

A deck at the pool’s side ensures a spacious relaxing or sunbathing area.

5. Swimming Pool With Natural Surroundings

natural swimming ponds 5


This is a typical swimming pool structure. However, including many water plants in different spots adds a natural flair to its design.

Tile decks and stepping stones provide a relaxing area and also access to the water.

6. Natural Swimming Pond With A Deck And A Gazebo

natural swimming ponds 6


This beautiful asymmetrical swimming pond is the best place to spend hot summer days. Once you leave it, you can relax in a gazebo area created on the adjacent decking.

7. A Swiming Pond In The Meadow

natural swimming ponds 7


This naturally looking swimming pool is built in the middle of a meadow that reveals a wide horizon with a forest and agricultural seedlings.

The pool itself is decorated with water plants that blend it with the natural landscape and also ensure good filtration.

8. A Pool In The Backyard

natural swimming ponds 8


When going for a naturally looking pool, most people design it in a kidney shape. If the size of your terrain allows, make the pool large, as that will minimize the likeliness of developing algae.

Specialists claim a minimum of 45 to 50 square meters ensures a healthy and clean pool.

9. A Pool With Rich Biodiversity

natural swimming ponds 9


Plants are an essential part of the natural swimming pool. Usually, the swimming area is about 50-70% of the total surface area. The rest is dedicated to water with aquatic plants that do the filtration.

10. Combined Pool And Breeding Pond

natural swimming ponds 10


Building a pond that offers a pool and a breeding pond area is perfect for rural hotels where visitors can enjoy both activities.

Of course, the size of the natural pool should be large enough to ensure a suitable environment for biodiversity in the breeding area and swimming.

11. Fairytale Garden With A Natural Swimming Pool

natural swimming ponds 11


This pool is tucked in a garden with various lush plant varieties. The pool in this idea is of a standard rectangular shape. Purification is done by water lilies and other aquatic plants living in a shallow water area blended with the pool.

You can admire the pool’s beauty and relax under the sun’s rays on an island with a bench or a deck.

12. Pool With A Fountain

natural swimming ponds 12


If you have a natural pool, then you must also ensure a deck or a seating area next to it. This space is the perfect spot to relax or sunbathe in summer.

The most practical location of such an area is next to the coast, so it also acts as a jumping platform.

Add some sturdy and low-maintenance furniture and it’ll be your new favorite entertaining spot in no time – our guide to the best wooden garden furniture has plenty of stylish picks.

13. Contemporary Natural Pool

natural swimming ponds 13


The concept of natural pond cleaning doesn’t mean you can’t have it in a contemporary design.

Let’s start with the shape, the cleaner and straighter the lines are, the more modern the pool will look. Add stepping stones from marble or granite for a crisp flair.

The shallow area with plants is a must, but instead of including many and various plants, go for fewer plants in tufts and water lilies, which will keep the organic feeling without overwhelming the pool.

14. Rustic Swimming Pool

natural swimming ponds 14


This pool integrates seamlessly into the rural landscape of this backyard. The pond is of a kidney shape and is surrounded by wildflowers and aquatic plants.

Even a fountain made from a pipe is hidden in a wooden beam.

15. A Pool Surrounded By A Gravel Coast

natural swimming ponds 15


Another great surrounding for a natural swimming pool is the gravel layer.

It drains up water quickly and enhances the natural look of the pool.

16. Large Stones As Walls

natural swimming ponds 16


Incorporate larger stones and rocks around the pool’s edges to give it a lagoon look.

Add gravel over the soil and ornamental plants to transform the space into an oasis.

17. Pool With Steps

natural swimming ponds 17


The structure of this pool is modern, featuring steps leading to a shallow pool area. Next to it is the actual pool, which can be reached also through a ladder attached to the wooden deck.

The pool is surrounded by plenty of greenery and water plants, giving the modern design a natural look.


natural swimming ponds 18


The partition wall between the swimming and shallow areas for plants only partially divides them.

That ensures the uniting of the water and purification by the aquatic life. This barrier is almost invisible when you look at the pond at its side.

Another fantastic inspiration from this pond idea is its location, which offers a beautiful view of the mountains.

19. A Waterfall And A Pond

natural swimming ponds 19


When you go for such a lovely water feature like a natural pond for swimming, combine it with a waterfall. The most popular designs are cascading waterfalls like the one shown in the image above.

The multiple tiers that give the waterfall a cascading look should be made from stones that match the natural concept of the pond.

20. Natural Pond Hidden Behind A Stone Wall

natural swimming ponds 20


If you want to make the pond area private, you can build a stone wall that will differentiate it from the rest of the backyard and hide the neighbors’ curious eyes.

To increase the height of this wall, add plants that grow in height.

21. Pond With Stepping Stones

natural swimming ponds 21


Natural ponds are a great addition to wildlife gardens. They attract water boatmen, beetles, dragonflies and birds.

To make the pond convenient for swimming, add a ladder or descending stepping stones that will gradually lead to the pond’s depth.

22. A Deck To Make A Connection Between the Patio And the Pond

natural swimming ponds 22


If you have located the natural pond close to the patio of your house, you can build a deck that unites them.

Cover the deck with suitable material that is suitable for this environment and that also matches the natural concept of the water feature.

23. A Small Pond With A Coast To Relax

natural swimming ponds 23

@Gary McDonald and Son Inc.

Cover the coast of your pond with gravel to use it as a sun-bathing place.

Gravel will keep the weeds away and quickly dry when water spills.

24. DIY Natural Pool

natural swimming ponds 24

@Southview Design

Swimming natural ponds are a cost-effective water feature compared to a standard pool. If you are keen on building yourself one, plan well the pond’s location so it is constantly lit by the sun.

Create an edging garden around it to blend the pond with the garden environment.

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