8 Ingenious Ideas To Make Your Intex Pool the Talk of the Town

Intex offers affordable pool varieties that are also easy to install and maintain.

If you have decided to create a water oasis in your yard with an Intex pool, you can give it an appealing look with easy and budget-friendly upgrades.

Intex Pool Hacks

We are here to reveal 8 Ingenious Ideas To Make Your Intex Pool the Talk of the Town.

1. In-ground Mounting With A Wooden Rim

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The Intex pool can quickly be upgraded to a built-in pool by digging a hole in the ground. Make the hole bigger to fit it in easily.

To make the pool area look appealing and comfortable, surround the pool rim with wooden beams for sitting or sunbathing.

A budget-friendly idea for decking is to cover the pool area with gravel that will drain the splashed water.

2. Surround It With Palms

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To make the pool area appealing, surround it with palms or tall trees that will create an exotic atmosphere.

To minimize the possibility of getting dirt into the pool, add a layer of polyester fabric to the ground where the pool will be placed.

3. Deck It

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This over-the-ground Intex pool looks like a solid water feature thanks to its polyester sides and pipe supports hidden with wooden cladding.

This idea also features a two-level wooden structure that creates visual interest and ensures gradual access to the pool.

The colors of the wooden slats and the pool decking repeat those of the adjacent relaxing area and fence to create the perfect outdoor oasis.

4. Choose The Best Place For It

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Choose the best place for your over-the-ground Intex pool. This is very important not only for its comfortable usage but also for the overall look of this entertainment area.

The well-maintained lawn sets a green backdrop for the large grey pool.

The surrounding shrubs and trees create a natural shade and privacy partition for the relaxing use of the water feature.

5. Outdoor Oasis

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This small pool is covered with wooden beams that hide its material. Steps are added to the wooden structure to make access possible and give a modern look to the pool.

This entertainment area is decorated with a solar-powered string of light stretched over the pool and a cute rustic banner.

6. Attach It To The Porch

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Make the Intex pool look like an extension of your porch. Use the same materials to line it up as those for the decking of the porch to create a united and continuous look.

To blend the pool with the garden, add a gravel edge around the pool and continue it around the flower bed.

7. Improve The Experience With The Perfect View

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Surrounding features like plant varieties and landscape can also improve the look of the plain Intex pool.

If you set it in a place that reveals a gorgeous look towards the mountains, doe it matter what the pool was made of?

8. Line It Up

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A budget-friendly idea for covering the blue material of the Intex pool is the bamboo rolled fence sections.

You can tie them around the pool with rope or glue the sections directly to the outside of the pool.

Since the fence pieces will also hide the rim of the pool, it is good to use a ladder to access it.

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