17 Stunning Above Ground Pool Ideas for Your Backyard Oasis

A swimming pool can instantly transform your backyard into an oasis of relaxation and fun.

You can create your dream backyard with an above-ground pool, which will provide a beautiful and functional outdoor space to enjoy during the hot summers.

Transform your backyard into a luxurious oasis with these 17 stunning above ground pool ideas. From modern designs to tropical paradises, find inspiration to create your perfect outdoor retreat.

No matter what shape or size your backyard is, you can make the best possible use of the available space with an above-ground pool.

With these ideas, you can see how an above-ground pool can be a beautiful design feature in your backyard.

1. Tranquil

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 1


Give your above-ground pool an aesthetic appeal and lush greenery resembling a pond.

An above-ground pool can become a tranquil beauty in your outdoor space with a natural green border.

You can create a natural and inviting atmosphere by strategically surrounding your pool with grasses, ferns, shrubs, and succulents.

With minimal upkeep, these plants will thrive in your garden and provide a beautiful, low-maintenance oasis. 

2. Contemporary

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 2


An above-ground pool can be easily integrated into your patio walkout with a design to compliment your outdoor space and offer convenient accessibility.

Achieve a contemporary, sleek design with a plunge pool and a wood deck.

A wooden pool deck is perfect for those who want to combine natural elements with a modern style.

The black border of this pool beautifully contrasts with the wooden deck.

3. Entertainment Resort

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 3


You can use an above-ground pool to transform your outdoor space into a refreshing haven for entertainment and relaxation.

While an above-ground pool isn’t usually as attractive as traditional pools, a stylish pool deck can change that.

Create the ultimate pool party and entertainment area with a floating above-ground pool deck and ground-level side pool bar.

The multi-level design offers a functional space for lounging and relaxing before and after swimming.

4. Concrete Pool

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 4


If your home is built on a sloping block, an above-ground pool is perfect for you. This type of concrete pool is usually formed to meet an existing decking or house floor height.

You will be able to see the pool from your house or deck, and it all comes together as one, resulting in an impressive feature pool.

Accentuate your landscape with a minimalistic open space design that will let you relax and take in the view.

Install a frameless glass pool fence for a hidden barrier that will provide safety without detracting from the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Add visual intrigue around the pool with round concrete pavers and grass peeking through.

5. Compact

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 5


A plunge pool is the ideal centerpiece for a stunning small courtyard setting.

Their compact size allows them to fit into smaller yards or patios, turning a small space, even a modest outdoor living space, into a luxurious and relaxing oasis.

Plunge pools are a great way to beat the summer heat and enjoy the cool waters of a swimming pool.

The calming effect of water, coupled with the serene ambiance that a small plunge pool often provides, can be therapeutic. 

6. Container Pool

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 6


An innovation wave in pool design has taken over, transforming ship containers into pools. They are becoming the must-have item for those wanting to beat the heat with a splash of style. 

Change your scenery and make a statement by installing a container pool in your backyard. They are affordable, quick to install, eco-friendly, and even portable.

Customize yours with a gravel border and a small deck bordering one side.

7. Oval

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 7


Oval pools give large above-ground swimming pools a more attractive and artistic look than traditional rectangular-shaped models.

Their curved edges help blend in with the landscape better than the hard corners of rectangular models, providing a much softer and natural-looking appearance that can add greater visual appeal to your garden space.

A beautiful way for your above-ground pool to appear higher end and blend in with the natural environment is to dress the outside of it in stone veneers.

Choose a shape and color that complements the rest of your backyard. 

8. Round

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 8


Provide an in-ground feel to your pool area with an above-ground pool emerging from your deck.

The partial deck design saves you money and, at the same time, still leaves you with enough space to lounge around and relax.

Something also useful about a partial deck is that it provides space for you to hide pool equipment underneath.

To upgrade the pool, encircle the outer section with gravel, and you can also add plants.

9. Concrete Corner

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 9


Fit a compact-sized pool in your backyard corner to enjoy a dip and refresh on those hot summer days.

If you want utilize your outdoor space rationally a concrete pool is the ideal pool choice.

Concrete allows for pools to be built to various designs, customized to suit the shape and size of your backyard.

A tub-like pool with a smooth exterior finish of concrete gives off a more minimalist, modern, and elegant character.

Lining plants along the fence bordering the pool will add a rich green wall that instantly captures the eye. Screening plants provide privacy and are perfect for creating shade in the heat of summer.

10. Contemporary Container

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 10


Boast a sleek, minimalist aesthetic design of a ship container pool that will turn heads. Its rectangular shape and metallic exterior scream industrial chic.

This makes it blend perfectly with contemporary architecture.

If you’re into minimalism and want a pool that radiates that ‘less is more’ vibe, a customized design with a black panel border and white sides placed halfway in-ground in gravel can be just what you’re looking for.

11. Deckless

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 11


If you’re unsure about a deck design or want to save yourself the expense, skip the deck altogether.

There are varieties of above-ground pools with beautiful exterior designs.

If you want safe and convenient access to water, pool ladders for above-ground pools can be an ideal choice.

These ladders come in various configurations and styles, which you can incorporate depending on your pool setup.

Add an aesthetic finish by layering pea gravel around the pool, either as the main “walking surface” to and from the pool or around the non-access sides of the pool.

12. Oasis

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 12


Create a luxurious backyard oasis! For a high-end look, this above-ground pool features a stone facade that gives it a rustic atmosphere.

The external structure using natural stones can revamp any pool space and make you feel like you’re at a luxury spa resort every day! 

Wrapping an above-ground pool with stone will naturally blend in with the surrounding landscape design.

Furthermore, you can highlight the stone features by strategically placing soft lighting fixtures to enhance the ambiance.

13. Enhance

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 13


Incorporate an above-ground pool as a backyard landscape feature with an aesthetic appearance that blends with your backyard design.

An easy way to do so is to start by planting low-maintenance plants and gravel along the edge of your pool.

Using plants around your pool can make the space feel inviting and really define your preferred style.

You can plant monkey grass because it’s low-maintenance and easy to grow. Complete the look by installing mini lights underneath to illuminate it at night.

14. Private

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 14


Backyards don’t always feel private, especially when you have a pool. To minimize the potential of prying eyes, consider making your pool area and yard more private.

Make your backyard feel private and secluded by creating a tall privacy screen and linking your above-ground pool to your deck.

Use wood to create a more natural feel that makes the pool and surrounding decking feel more one with nature. 

If you don’t like the feel of tall walls, you can obscure the view with a short fence and tall plants.

15. Decagonal

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 15


Enhance the design of a decagonal pool with wood and give it a natural and warm look.

Along with adding visual interest, a wooden structure will create a precise entry and exit side while supporting a ladder. 

Access your pool using a functional geometric design of a decagonal boardwalk around the edge. 

Defined by the existing shape, a staircase follows the decagonal angles of the pool, leading to a section that is used for both a landing to sit by the pool and a place to jump in.

16. Tropical Chic

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 16


Evokes the feeling of a serene resort with tropical abundance. A plunge pool with a tropical landscape design creates a relaxing holiday atmosphere in this backyard.

Concrete steps offer elegant and easy access to the pool, while leafy shrubs and palm trees create a luxurious and private outdoor oasis.

The vibrant greenery contrasts beautifully with the sleek and neutral colors in the surrounding layout.

17. Freeform

17 backyard above ground pool ideas 17


Some simple above-ground pool and patio ideas include landscaping around the pool and patio area.

Landscaping is an excellent way to integrate a freeform above-ground pool with nature, so add various plants, from grasses to colorful flowers suited to the environment.

Incorporate a water feature in or around your pool to give it a more upscale feel.

The beautiful stonework of this pool makes it appear as if it has risen from the surrounding landscape, providing a serene retreat.

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