20 Creative Landscaping Ideas for Above-Ground Pools

Adding a pool to your home will elevate its look and increase the property’s value. While in-ground pools have traditionally been the go-to option, above-ground pools can also have the same functional and aesthetic value. 

With a myriad of fun and interesting designs, above-ground pools can transform your outdoors in an instant.

Transform your above-ground pool into a stunning backyard oasis with these 20 creative landscaping ideas. Discover how to use plants, lighting, and unique structures to enhance your pool area. From tropical themes to modern designs, these tips will inspire you to elevate your outdoor space. Dive in to learn more!

The best thing about such pool designs is that you can always get a design to fit your budget, unlike in-ground pools, which are often costly. 

Here is a range of above-ground pool designs that you can try.

Take a look!

1. A Cascading Water Feature 

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 1


Above-ground pools allow for a great degree of creativity in design, so you can go all out. This pool design uses a cascading water feature as a delivery system. 

The paving stones used for the patio have also been used for the pool, creating a seamless design. Visual interest has been added by the plants above the waterfall and the flowers near the pool. 

2. Try a Fountain 

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 2


Of course, a pool primarily has to add some functional value to a space. However, this doesn’t mean the design has to be plain and mundane; you can spruce up your above-ground pool design by adding a fountain. 

The fountain adds a unique element to the pool and can also double as the delivery system. Here, the paving and steps leading to the pool complement the style and add some rustic charm to the design. 

3. Blend it With the Surroundings

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 3


One of the most significant marks of true landscaping craftsmanship is blending artificial elements with nature; this above-ground pool design is the epitome of this. 

Even though the pool is above ground, the expertly landscaped plants added around it make it appear to be an in-ground pool. The shrubs and flowers around the pool also complement the lawn well, creating a well-rounded design.

4. Make It the Center of Your Backyard

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 4


Like interior spaces, outdoor spaces can also be centered around a particular element, and an above-ground pool may be the perfect feature to center your backyard design around. 

Here, the above-ground pool is the highlight of this backyard, with several lounge chairs surrounding it. The pebbles around the pool help create a well-defined pool area.

5. Create a Raised Deck 

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 5


One of the pictures that comes to mind when they mention an above-ground pool is the height.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, having a separate raised pool and deck area could impact the functionality of the design, making it hard to enjoy those sunny days in the pool. 

When creating a raised pool, opt for a raised deck to match the pool so you have a well-designated area to relax after a swim. 

6. Use some Gravel

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 6


Adding gravel around the pool is a great way to minimize the wet zones and reduce the mess.

This is especially important if there’s no paving around the pool, which makes the area more susceptible to becoming overly soaked from water splatter. 

Here, gravel has been added around the pool, not only defining the area but also ensuring that water doesn’t reach the grass, which may be at risk of being overwatered.

7. Try a Jacuzzi Design 

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 7


Bigger isn’t always better. When you’re constrained by space, the best thing you can do is make the most of your tiny space. 

Here, this above-ground pool with a contemporary design makes the most of the limited spaces by adopting a jacuzzi-like pool design, with one side serving as a patio sitting area and the other as the poolside.

8. Add Some Steps

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 8


An above-ground pool with a raised pool area needs easy access, and adding some steps may just be the way to achieve this. Here, this raised pool uses naturalistic steps that match the slabs on the patio to create stepping stones to the pool. 

The plants on the opposite side of the patio add visual interest and liven up the space, whereas the succulents on the gravel give the design a naturalistic look. 

9. Blend it With the Patio

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 9


For most people, a patio often entails a sitting area, outdoor bar, or fire pit, but an above-ground pool can have a similar aesthetic value if designed well. 

This large outdoor patio has been carefully divided into sections. One area serves as an outdoor sitting area, while the other side has an outdoor pool, with the deck being a basking area. 

The succulents around the patio spruce up the design and match the patio’s stone selection well.

10. Utilize the Landscape

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 10


Although an uneven landscape may be difficult to design and utilize, it can sometimes be a blessing when used creatively. 

Here, this above-ground pool combines well with the uneven terrain of the space, creating an above-ground pool that seems to be in-ground due to the creative use of the terrain. Plants have been added to the lower side of the pool, giving the entire area a natural look.  

11. A Pool Oasis

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 11


The pool doesn’t always have to be the defining feature of a space; sometimes, it works better as a complementary feature. In this design, the above-ground pool complements the yard, which is surrounded by greenery. 

The pool breaks the monotony of green and contributes to the space’s visual interest. 

12. Match the Pool with Nearby Elements 

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 12


Even though it’s easier said than done, matching your pool with other elements outdoors is the perfect way to create a seamless design that fits naturally to your space. 

Here, this aquamarine green-tiled pool combines well with the greenery surrounding the space, giving the pool a luxurious natural look that complements the surroundings.

Ensure you choose colors that match well with other elements in your outdoor space when choosing such a design. 

13. Illuminate It 

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 13


I’m a big fan of illuminated pools for their appearance and because they make night swims more exciting and fun. In this design, the black-tiled pool has been illuminated by purple and blue lights. 

The design increases the pool’s visibility at night while improving its aesthetic appeal. When considering an illuminated pool, it’s important to note that some light wavelengths may attract bugs, so choose the right light before proceeding. 

14. Go For a Modern Design

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 14


A modern, contemporary design that emphasizes simplicity could also work for your above-ground pool. All you need to do is pick the right materials and the right design. Here, the pool design is a simple above-ground concrete pool with green tiles. 

The plants around the pool add a naturalistic look without overcomplicating the design. Remember, simplicity is key in modern, contemporary designs. 

15. Maximize the Space

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 15

@Secret Gardens

Narrow spaces can be a design nightmare indoors and a landscaping nightmare outside, but with the right craftsmanship, you can get the most out of them.

This above-ground pool has been tailored to fit the narrow space on the side of the house. 

Given the limited space, the retaining wall has been joined with the pool, with some greenery creating a separation and defining the pool area.

16. Go For Natural Stone Finish 

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 16

@V.I.Photography Design

Natural stone is one of the most versatile materials. It can be used in a variety of outdoor spaces, from paving to patios and even for your pool.

Here, the above-ground pool uses natural stone as the main material, which matches well with the natural stone paving. 

The ambient lighting around the house ensures the pool area is well-illuminated. 

17. A Concrete Pool 

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 17

@D-CRAIN Design Construction

One of the most reliable materials for construction is concrete, so it’s no surprise that it can be a good material for your pool. Recently, lap pools have become a major trend in above-ground pool designs, and you can easily construct one using concrete. 

This rectangular lap pool design matches the concrete used for the slabs with the pool with plants between the paving and pool to spruce up the design. 

18. Create an Outdoor Haven

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 18

@Brothers 3 Pools

A pool with a sitting area is the perfect combination. After you have taken a swim, you can sit back and relax, enjoying the sun or making merry with friends.

The above-ground pool is in the outdoor sitting area, making it the perfect outdoor chill spot. 

The natural stone used for the raised garden adds a rustic charm to the space, while the plants make it feel more lively.

19. Add a Garden Pool 

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 19


Nothing beats the beauty of this garden pool surrounded by greenery. The pool area has been separated by acrylic glass, creating a well-defined outdoor pool area. 

Ambient lights have been strategically placed around the pool to make the area more inviting, while the plants not only add visual interest but also make the space more calming and relaxing. 

20. Camouflage it with the Outdoors 

creative landscaping ideas for above ground pools 20

@Brannelly Outdoor

If you want to create a low-key, inconspicuous pool, why not try an above-ground pool and camouflage it with climbers like in this design? Here, the pool has been artistically camouflaged by climbing plants matching the outdoor greenery surrounding it. 

The pool’s raised deck creates the perfect outdoor sunbathing area. The concealed steps leading up to the pool and deck contribute to the design’s camouflage. 

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