15 Wooden Pool Decks: A DIY Masterpiece for Your Backyard Oasis

If you don’t want to break the bank and yet have a swimming pool in your backyard, go for an above-ground pool with a deck.

This is certainly a more affordable and easy-to-make design than built-in pools. The deck is an important feature that can upgrade the pool’s look and functionality.

Discover how to transform your backyard into a serene retreat with 15 DIY wooden pool deck designs. Each project combines style, functionality, and a touch of personal flair to elevate your outdoor space. Dive in and explore how you can create your own backyard oasis!

Here are 15 Wooden Pool Decks: A DIY Masterpiece for Your Backyard Oasis.

1. Keep The Pool Small

15 Wooden Pool Decks 1


You can give the small and affordable pool a luxurious look with a deck surrounding it.

The enclosed design adds a modern flair that can be enhanced by choosing a darker wood decking color.

2. Deck To Add A Natural Touch

15 Wooden Pool Decks 2


 This plunge pool is half into the ground, and half over it.

The area that protrudes above the ground is surrounded by light wood planks, which form a wide enough rim to sit or sunbathe on the decking.

3. Two Level Decking

15 Wooden Pool Decks 3


The greatest thing about DIY stuff is that you can customize it without breaking the bank. In this wooden pool deck idea, the deck is constructed on two levels to help with the visual differentiation of the two zones.

To create the upper level, build a short structure that will be fixed to the first level.

4. Surround A Silo Tank

15 Wooden Pool Decks 4


A small custom pool deck doesn’t require advanced building skills. You can use wooden planks 2x4s or wooden pallets for your DIY deck.

This stock tank pool is small and surrounded by wooden planks, giving it an enclosed design. You can read or sunbathe on the platform.

5. Sophisticated Deck

15 Wooden Pool Decks 5


This beautiful deck has been built around an above-ground pool, offering plenty of space for sunbathing, seating, and shade.

The pool is positioned very close to the fence so decking leaves some of it uncovered. Instead, its rim creates an edge of the corner gardens with ornamental plants.

6. Weatherproof Deck

15 Wooden Pool Decks 6


Some people prefer over-the-ground pools because they are less expensive than built-in ones. Luckily, you can give any over-the-ground pool an appealing look with a deck.

In this idea, the pool and deck are made from concrete to ensure long-lasting usage. Only the top of the deck is covered with weatherproof wood, which can resist water spillage.

7. Corner Deck

15 Wooden Pool Decks 7


DIY pool platforms are the best solution for strange locations or shapes. As you can see in this pool deck idea, the deck covers half of the stock tank’s periphery and has an L-shape that follows the curves of the house.

This design could inspire owners of small backyards and DIY enthusiasts.

8. Build The Pool Into The Deck

15 Wooden Pool Decks 8


Another interesting idea for giving an above-ground pool a built-in look is to insert it into the existing deck.

To do that, you need to cut an area of the deck that matches the size of the pool.

9. Partial Deck

15 Wooden Pool Decks 9


This is another inspiring idea for a partial deck, and a stock tank repurposed into a pool. People who choose a partial deck usually do it because they lack space or because they want to combine the pool area with another entertaining extra.

With this deck design, you can easily access it through the provided steps. There is enough space for sunbathing and under-the-deck storage.

10. A Deck Extension

15 Wooden Pool Decks 10

@Apex Landscapes Pools

This amazing scenery can truly be called an outdoor oasis. The combination of dark wood decking, glass partitions, and wood fence sections easily separate the zones of the patio.

The bamboo, built-in lights, and metal fireplace create a modern and relaxing feeling.

11. DIY Deck

15 Wooden Pool Decks 11


DIY decks can be very affordable and easy to make. Our advice is to keep it simple. Limit the materials to one or two for the decking.

Choose a pool that is big enough and worth its price. Check out this example. The pool is placed on the backyard ground. A wooden structure surrounds it to hide its outer surface and to provide space for sitting and sunbathing.

Next to the pool, the ground is covered with gravel to drain out the spilled water. This is a simple DIY with a great result.

12. Matching Deck And Fence

15 Wooden Pool Decks 12


If you have located the pool next to the fence for privacy reasons and are considering building a deck, try matching the deck with the fence.

This idea will upgrade the simple and cheap pool, and the united look of the fence and the deck will give the backyard a more contemporary and clean look.

13. Deckign With Stairs And Railing

15 Wooden Pool Decks 13


Add a deck to make the pool area appealing.

When space is limited, the deck can be used for sunbathing or for a more decorative function. In either case, you can add stairs and railing to make the space functional.

14. Easy-To-Access Pool

15 Wooden Pool Decks 14


The over-the-ground plunge pools require a deck and a means to get into it.

With your custom DIY deck, you can plan for stairs. The side of the staircase can be equipped with a door to access the niche and used for storage of bulky items.

15. High-end Construction

15 Wooden Pool Decks 15


With a suitable platform, you can turn the above-ground pool into a high-end oasis. Surround the pool with white wood planks, providing width around the periphery of the pool, where people can sit and dip their toes or sunbathe.

Continue the platform with decking from the same wooden material where you can differentiate different zones – one for sitting or lounging and another for eating.

Since these will be “dry” zones, you can add interior elements to make the space welcoming and homey.

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