20 Stunning Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas To Inspire Your Backyard Oasis

If you are lucky enough to have a big yard, then you have already considered adding a swimming pool. A swimming pool is a great outdoor addition that is more than just a place to chill out on hot summer days.

The swimming pool area is a place to relax and gather with friends and family.

Transform your backyard into a paradise with these 20 stunning inground pool landscaping ideas. From lush greenery and tropical plants to elegant stone pathways and modern minimalist designs, this post offers a variety of inspirations to suit any style. Discover how to create a serene and inviting oasis that will make your outdoor space the ultimate retreat. Dive in to find out more!

Therefore, not only the pool itself is important in this background area. The surrounding landscape is essential to make the outdoor experience at the pool unique.

Go through our collection of 20 Stunning Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas To Inspire Your Backyard Oasis.

1. Surround With A Lawn

20 landscaping around pool inground 1


A well-maintained lawn next to the pool ensures a great landscape and provides an additional place for sunbathing in case the deck is crowded.

2. Natural Pond Surroundings

20 landscaping around pool inground 2


The natural pool concept doesn’t welcome too modern or artificial decorations around the pool. The best surrounding landscape features natural materials.

A lawn, a pond, a garden bed, and a wooden deck are suitable options for beautifying your natural pool.

3. Deck And A Pond Idea

20 landscaping around pool inground 3


Check this idea if you want to keep the surroundings natural yet have enough comfort to use an in-ground pool’s entertainment features.

Garden beds surround half of the pool; the other half has a deck where people can sit or sunbathe.

The gazebo close to the pool is the perfect place to find shade and a cool drink when the sun is too hot.

4. Edging Garden And Stepping Stones

20 landscaping around pool inground 4


Add tiles or stepping stones to provide comfort when stepping into an in-ground pool surrounded by a lawn.

The other side of the pool, which is close to the fence, can be surrounded by a small edging garden that will enhance the relaxing feel.

5. Deck And Garden

20 landscaping around pool inground 5


The size of this pool is suitable for professional swimming. Its sides are covered with wide decks where a person can sit or lie.

The empty space between the pool deck and the fence is covered with a mulch garden with ornamental varieties.

6. Stone Fence Next To The Pool

20 landscaping around pool inground 6


Another landscaping design idea around the pool involves a stone fence that differentiates this zone from the rest of the backyard and a walkway with stepping stones.

7. Natural Surroundings

20 landscaping around pool inground 7

@Lewis Aquatech

This pool has a unique shape. Half of it is surrounded by a stone patio, and the other by gardens.

This is a great example of balancing the comfort humans want with nature.

8. Tiled Deck

20 landscaping around pool inground 8

@Solda Pools Ltd.

This tiled deck acts as a transition between the house and the pond.

The stone tiles match the backyard design, which offers a combination of a covered patio area and edging gardens with fountains.

9. Patio Next To The Pool

20 landscaping around pool inground 9

@Land Water Design

Having a patio with seating next to the pool is very comfortable. Once you have had enough in the pool, you can sit comfortably on the chair and have a cold drink.

Or why not use the gorgeous landscape and calming water sounds and enjoy dinner next to the pool?

10. Terraced Patio

20 landscaping around pool inground 10


The slopes of this backyard have defined the terraced design of the patio to the pool. A stone retaining wall outlines the deck and matches the pool’s fountain feature.

Two lounge chairs are on the small deck next to the pool. If more people enjoy the pool, they can take advantage of the second deck.

11. Gravel Garden

20 landscaping around pool inground 11


A gravel garden next to the pool is a great idea because the spilled water can quickly dry out.

Also, pea gravel looks great, and making a patio or a garden with it is not difficult.

12. Mulch Garden

20 landscaping around pool inground 12


The mulch garden will contrast beautifully with an inground pool with stone lining and rim.

13. Small Forest Surrounding

20 landscaping around pool inground 13


If you are lucky to have a big backyard, you can cover the area next to the pool with shrubs and trees.

The landscape the thick and tall greenery will create will instantly drift you to another place.

14. Rock Garden

20 landscaping around pool inground 14


Despite the size of this small backyard, it offers all you may need. A pool takes the central place.

It is surrounded by a rock garden with vines on one of the sides and a narrow patio on the other.

15. Terrace Next To The Pool



Sunbathing in this house can be done on the tiled deck next to the pool or on the terrace. A glass fence ensures the safety of the terrace.

The material of this fence is important to keep the house’s modern flair and also provide an unprevented look towards the pool.

16. Wild Flower Touch

20 landscaping around pool inground 16


One of the sides of this pool is surrounded by lovely lilac bouquets.

These flowers grow in tall tufts, and when you lie on the opposite lounge chair, you may forget where you are and drift to the airiness of the fields.

17. Glass Partition

20 landscaping around pool inground 17


The glass material of this partition aims to create an invisible border between the adjacent garden and the pool. Only the golden hinges hint that a partition has been installed.

The garden plants are draught-resistant and tropical, matching the relaxing design of this pool space.

18. Raised Deck

20 landscaping around pool inground 18


This inground pool is surrounded by a gravel patio.

A raised deck platform is added to make lying on the lounge chairs more comfortable.

19. Tropical Surroundings

20 landscaping around pool inground 19


Palms are probably the best plants to surround a pool with.

Their exotic nature instantly anchors a holiday feeling and creates a green natural screen.

20. Patio With A Firepit

20 landscaping around pool inground 20


Do you want to improve the entertainment level of the pool area?

Add armchairs and a firepit so that everyone can gather after a long sunny day at the pool.

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