30 Best Metal Fire Pit Ideas For Quick Backyard Makeover

The fire pit is a good way to gather your family and friends together and enjoy a shared pleasant time outdoors regardless of the season.

The fire pits not only add another entertainment feature but they also improve the curb appeal of your home.

And while building a ground fire pit could take time and money, metal fire pits are a good solution to get this feature quickly and affordably.

Best Metal Fire Pit Ideas. Gather around a crackling fire with the best metal fire pit ideas. Explore unique steel, copper and iron backyard fire pit designs from round to rectangular. #decorhomeideas

The metal fire pits are also preferred for their versatile character, possibility to move them, multifunctionality, easy maintenance and safe usage.

Depending on the design of the metal fire pit, you can enjoy a rustic or modern addition to your outdoor oasis, sometimes even both.

Let’s see the best metal fire pit ideas and designs that will inspire your next backyard improvement project.

  • What makes a good metal fire pit?

Painted steel is the most economical type of steel fire pit. Expect the finish to last about a year. You can restore the original look by applying heat-resistant paint. Stainless steel fire pits offer durability and corrosion- and stain-resistant surfaces.

  • What do you put in the bottom of a metal fire pit?

A layer of sand is meant to protect the metal at the bottom of the bowl from the extreme heat of the fire. The sand absorbs the heat and distributes the heat throughout the entire base of the pit evenly. Without the sand, the heat can become concentrated in one specific area.

  • Do metal fire pits rust?

Generally speaking, yes all fire pits will rust given enough exposure to the elements and time.

1. Bring a Contemporary Vibe with a Black Metal Fire Pit Ball

1. Attractive Black Metal Fire Pit Ball #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

Make a modern minimalist statement in your backyard with a fire pit ball. It is made of steel strips twisted in the shape of a sphere supported on legs.

The gaps between each strip let seeing the appealing light of the fire that will enhance the privacy and relaxing atmosphere.

These legs are very rigid and make it possible to move the fire pit to the place you desire.

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2. Modernize Your Space with an Aurora Steel Gas Fire Pit

2. Aurora Steel Gas Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This new model of a fire pit is called Aurora Gas Fire Pit. It is supplied with gas through a hose to be easily lit, provides less maintenance and safe use because of the woodless usage. Instead of logs, there are pumice stones inside that are affordable and easy to be lit with gas.

Its design is very interesting combining a round metal base with a lattice-pattern holder that creates visual interest.

It is quite compact and you can take it to different places, including a picnic in the woods or camping. The fire pit comes in a set with a lid that locks the container to store it outside.

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3. Get Monumental Beauty with Half Sphere Goblet Fire Pit

3. Awesome Half Sphere Goblet Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

The design of this firepit is exceptional. Its shape, metal finish and size are so intriguing that it will surely become the star of your backyard.

To make it yourself, you need to use the services of a laser cutting or plasma cutting machine which will ensure exact dimensions and good cuts of the geometrical shapes of the components. Assembling the pieces together requires another fabrication skill- welding.

This lotus-shaped fire pit is an outdoor masterpiece and even that it will take some time to be made, it is totally worth it.

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4. Add Texture and Definition with a Custom Metal Fire Pit

4. Beautiful Custom Metal Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

Another design of a customized firepit features a metal pit with sun laser cuts that will reveal the light and warmth of the burning logs.

It is made of metal pieces welded together in the shown shape. When metal is used for applications where heat resistance is required, you can choose a special heat resistant steel grade or coat regular steel with a special powder that will provide the resistance.

The sun motif cut on the top part of this fire pit structure is only an example of a way to give the fire pit a unique touch. Sun is related to warmth and light but you can add your family initial, a specific logo or another image you have a personal relation to.

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5. Create an Enchanting Display with a Metal Fire Ring Pit

5. Beautiful Northwoods Metal Fire Ring Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

The design of this custom fire pit makes a tight relation with nature. That makes it very appealing and unique. Its shape is also non-standard. Composed of a metal ring and a steel base, it allows you to take it anywhere with you.

The laser-cut silhouettes of bears, deer, pine trees and stars tell a forest story that warms you while you are standing next to the fire.

The effect when the logs are set on fire is also very stunning. The cutouts let you see easily through and the light becomes more intense when the flames roar.

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6. Boost Your Curb Appeal with a Chimney-Like Fire Pit

6. Chiminea Outdoor Fire Place Pit DXF #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

The outdoor metal firepit can remind an indoor fireplace. Its square shape and the chimney ensure warmth and relaxation outside in your backyard.

The wide door at the front lets you put the logs inside and start the flame. When you close it, the fire gets isolated and yet visible through the mesh-like sides.

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7. Create Lasting Memories with a Zilker Steel Fire Pit

7. Contemporary Zilker Steel Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

If you have a fire pit in your backyard, you will be enjoying fun family and friend gatherings all year long. When the fire pit is made of metal, it lets you move it to different places so there is no need to create a special sitting area for the fire pit.

Instead, you can take it where your outdoor furniture is and create a relaxing area. Pea gravel is the perfect base for fire pits. This model of a firepit is called Zilker and lets you do that plus, it will improve the curb appeal of your outdoors with its geometrical shape and rusty finish.

It is made of raw metal that is not coated with any protection. The rusty effect appears naturally over time. There is an option to get a cover together with the fire pit bowl which is a good idea if you insist on safe usage. The flat cover lets you use the fire pit as a table when it is not lit.

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8. Accentuate Your Fire Pit Bowl with a Metal Footrest

8. Cool Fire Pit Bowl with Footrest #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This fire pit will add rustic beauty to your outdoors with its design and finish. The bowl is made from raw carbon steel that becomes rusty over time.

The added ring around the pit adds safety and also acts as a support of the round fire pit. You would be surprised to understand that this ring has actually been added as a foot resting area.

Move lounges next to the fire pit, stretch your feet and have a glass of wine under the starry sky.

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9. Add Glamour and Personality with a Steel Aspen Fire Pit

9. Cool Steel Aspen Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This fire pit is simplistic and minimalist. Its design could get into the Scandinavian style concept in terms of clean shapes and aesthetics.

It is made of special weathering steel, known as Corten steel, which is very durable and also interestingly behaving when exposed to outer conditions.

This steel has once been developed to eliminate the need for painting so in 6 months expect to see the rust-like appearance of your fire pit.

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10. Stun with Style with a Summer Outdoor Gas Fireplace

10. Endless Summer Outdoor Gas Fireplace #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

The design of this firepit has been created to give a backyard a personalized focal point. It is tall, black, with vintage decorative elements that add elegance and style.

It is called Endless Summer LP fireplace and works with gas that creates a flame over a faux stone construction. The tall column-like structure of this firepit has not only a decorative function.

It hides a propane tank and a control panel inside which lets you operate the fireplace.

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11. Embrace Minimalism with Custom Portable Metal Fire Pit

11. Great Custom Portable Metal Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

Remember that we mentioned the idea of laser-cutting your family’s initial or name? Well, if you have wondered how the metal firepit will look incorporating this type of decoration, check the image above.

The container is quite big, made of 4 rectangle metal sheets welded together. The wider sides are decorated with the family initial and the name and the narrower sides reveal an image.

This type of decoration makes any shape and size of the metal firepit customized.

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12. Bring Rustic Elegance with a Metal Hemisphere Fire Pit

12. Handcrafted Metal Hemisphere Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This fire pit is very appealing and very practical for people that prioritize safety. Its hemispherical bowl is very deep and stands on a rigid metal support.

When the logs are inside and lit, you don’t need to worry about sparks. The dome this crafted firepit has been made of is of a large diameter and is deep enough to put a number of logs to warm the atmosphere outside and let more then a dozen people entertain.

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13. Get a Spotless Fire Pit with a Snuffle Lid

13. Handcrafted Snuffer Lid and Fire Pit Top #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This metal fire pit is an alternative design to the hemispherical pit above. The lingering embers are not a problem because you get the bow in a set with a snuffle lid.

The metal surface isn’t protected in any way so you will be soon enjoying the patina spatters revealed after exposure to the outer conditions.

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14. Industrial Charm with Hexagon Modular Fire Pit Kit

14. Hexagon Modular Fire Pit Kit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

If you are not good at welding, you can assemble the parts of your customized metal firepit like a puzzle. That means that slots and inserts will take turns to put the pieces together.

This “no weld” fire pit can be assembled in 30 minutes, a perfect solution for those of you that don’t have time and tools available.

It is made from cast iron steel which will last for a long time. There are cut-outs inspired by natural elements that give it a visual interest added to the big size of the structure.

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15. Make Gatherings Unforgettable with West Lynn Fire Pit

15. Modern West Lynn Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This square fire pit is an example of how adorable simplicity could be. Offered in two sizes, the metal is not protected and soon after outer exposure, the patina starts to appear.

The weathered look makes this type of fire pit appealing to people that adore the rustic style.

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16. Add Depth to Your Outdoors with a Penta Pit Fire Pit

16. Penta Pit Outdoor Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This custom-made fire pit imitates an old-school firepit. What has been upgraded to the cottage-style fireplaces is the geometrical shape and the untreated surface of the steel.

That will lead to getting rust in time which will enhance the farmhouse charm of this fire pit model. The tall chimney added to the bowl will lead the smoke upwards, letting everyone around the fire enjoy the fresh air outside.

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17. Add Class with Custom Chiminea Metal Fire Pit

17. Personalized Chiminea Metal Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This minimalist steel fire pit is very compact. In addition to that, it is mobile thanks to the provided legs on which the container in a chimney shape stands.

The front plate can be customized with a logo, image or monogram to make it the perfect entertainment addition for your backyard.

The design of this clever firepit provides another functionality. There is a removable grate in the set which turns the fireplace into a grill.

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18. Stand Out with a Rugged Chevy C10 Metal Fire Pit Grill

18. Rugged Chevy C10 Metal Fire Pit Grill #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

The maker of this fire pit is surely a Chevy fan. Its shape reminds a Chevy C10 made of metal laser-cut sides.

The complicated cut-out model ensures openings for placing logs and seeing the flames through slots.

The grate on the top is not just the ceiling of the car, it is the place to make your unique firepit a temporary grill.

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19. Make a Statement with a Rustic Fire Ball Metal Pit

19. Rustic Fire Ball Metal Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This fire pit is a piece of art. Its flower cut-outs and the brownish rusty finish add a combination of functionality and elegance to the outdoors.

The three legs at the bottom of the bowl make sure that there is no contact between the hot steel and the floor so you can place this fire feature even on your deck.

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20. Get a Warm Ambiance with a Rustic Steel Fin Fire Pit

20. Rustic Steel Fin Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

The design of this firepit can be taken to the group of metal fire pits in the Scandinavian style. Its size is big providing functionality. Its lines are simply clean creating a pleasant visual interest. The surface of the steel is unfinished to let the metal rust and get a natural look.

The straight lines of this fire pit let you add a cover on top that will make lingering of wood safe and usage of the fire pit as a table when not used in its usual application.

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21. Take Backyard to the Next Level with an Elegant Fire Pit

21. Savannah Garden Lights Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

The decorative design of the metal pieces creating this fire pit is very attractive. It adds style and elegance to the backyard and ensures safe and pleasant observation of the lit fire.

The crafted Garden Lights fire pit consists of a bowl with cutouts, legged support and a dome cover. Inside the bowl and the cover, there is a mesh layer acting as a spark guard that keeps the embers inside.

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22. Add Sophistication with Solid Steel Sanded Fire Pit

22. Solid Steel Sanded Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

The pin legs of this firepit and the interesting shape of the bowl make this outdoor entertainment feature very modernistic.

It is made from solid carbon steel that has been sanded. When you receive it, the steel will look almost bright and even. Once you start using the fire pit outside, you will start seeing the rust appearing. Actually, having sanded the steel accelerates the rusting process.

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23. Get a Polished Look with a Stove Metal Bonfire Pit

23. Solo Stove Metal Bonfire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This is one of the most unique metal fire pits in our collection. It has a sleek finish thanks to the polished stainless steel material it is made from and also a special feature.

Thanks to the double-wall construction, the smoke produced is minimized. The cylindrical pit is not of big size which makes it the first on your list when going camping or for a picnic in the woods.

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24. Transform Your Camping Trips with a Stackable Fire Pit

24. Stackable Custom Travel-Friendly Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This hexagonal ring fire pit is large to accommodate many logs for a big group of people to enjoy their company a long time outside in nature.

It consists of 6 sliding sides with puzzle-like ends that fit each other easily. The maker lets you add a personalized touch to the design with laser cut-outs. You can get a bigger firepit if you choose the option for an 8-piece fire pit.

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25. Enhance Outdoor Experience with Grill and Fire Pit

25. Steel Fire Pit Bowl and Stand #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This metal fire pit is how we usually imagine fire pits- a dome bowl and legs. The ordinary design of the campfire fire pit is upgraded with a modern look thanks to the black cast iron and the big size of the bowl.

The fire pit is spacious enough to take up numerous long logs. Another advantage this model of a fire pit ensures is adding a grill to the top of the bowl to improve the entertainment feature of your backyard.

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26. Be Charmed with a Striking Yanartas Fire Pit and Grill

26. Striking Yanartas Fire Pit and Grill #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

The name of this metal fire pit is inspired by the burning flames of Yanartaş. The wide dome bowl lets the burning of logs be extended.

The grill above the bowl gives the opportunity to use the fire pit as a grill. It can be added with special supports from a bright steel profile.

The black color of the dome creates a modern contrast with the whimsical geometrical legs. In time, this black color will change into brown rust, creating more interest. When you purchase this model, you can add a lid to the set.

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27. Add Modern Flair with a Table Top Rim Fire Pit

27. Table Top Rim Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

The size of this metal fire pit makes sure that a big group of people enjoy together the warmth and coziness of the fire. The wide rim of the bowl provides the comfort of an outdoor table where you can place drinks, plates with food.

The dome is deep enough to be untroubled by the burning logs at the bottom. You can get this model in two sizes. The small one is more compact and short while the bigger one is tall and spacious to hold a good amount of logs.

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28. Get Unmatched Aesthetics with Steel Log Set

28. Unique 7-Piece Steel Log Set #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

This is a great idea if you are looking for a way to give your outdoor gas fire pit a unique natural look like the one from a wood burning fire pit. You can get a set of steel logs in different sizes which are stacked in a pile as if a real fire is to be set.

Using them over the base of your gas fire pit is easy and safe. When you do not use them, you can enjoy their handcrafted look reminding the finish of a real log. This fire pit design gives you the look of a stone fire pit when placed on your patio.

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29. Bring Lasting Charm with Hot Rolled Steel Fire Pit

29. Versatile Hot Rolled Steel Fire Pit #metalfirepit #decorhomeideas

The assembly method of this metal fire pit idea makes it preferred for people that don’t have time and are also afraid to leave the fire pit unobserved.

The assembly happens through a sliding slot system and getting all four pieces together takes less than 30 minutes. Disassembling and maintenance are also easy so you can add them to your luggage when you go on your next vacation.

The material of this metal fire pit is hot-rolled steel which looks quite even but starts rusting in time.

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