How To Make a Hot Tub Surround With Deck

What could make summer even better?

The answer is quality time spent in the backyard. No matter big or small, any yard could be turned into an oasis for the coming hot days.

Our friend Danielle and her husband, both from Pencoed, Bridgend have made a great project for a hot tub deck with surround.

It is complemented by a sunbed deck which makes it a gorgeous and clean sunbathing station for all family members.

DIY Hot Tub Surround With Deck. How to make a hot tub surround with deck for sunbeds. Step by step instructions, needed supplies and tools. #diy #hottub #surround #deck #decorhomeideas

The free space of their yard isn’t very big so they have used the area along the fence length to locate the decks.

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The family has been so nice to share with us the detailed instructions on how they have built it so making it will definitely be facilitated.

All materials and tools are easy to be found at stores so get ready to make your private sunbathing place at home.

What You Need:

The tools and materials you are going to need for the same or similar hot tub deck:

  • Long water level – Get one HERE
  • Screwdriver
  • Electrical saw – Get one HERE
  • Jigsaw – Get one HERE
  • Shovel
  • Screws
  • Timber (fence posts, tanalized timber, salvaged timber and standard deck boards)
  • Postcrete
  • Breathable roof membrane
  • Thermal insulation
  • Tart
  • Led lights – Check some HERE
  • Hot tub – Get one HERE ( The one used in this project is Lay-z-spa Vegas Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Spa, 4-6 Person – 2m diameter )
DIY Hot Tub Area Preparation

Step By Step Instructions:

The first step from this project is to make channels in the ground for the posts of the structures since they will be dug into the ground to be able to take up the weight of the hot tub and the sunbeds, respectively.

Make sure you also measure with your water level if the ground where the frames will be placed is leveled. Remove excess soil if needed to flatten the area.

DIY Hot Tub Deck Building Step 1

Now it is time to make the frames for the hot tub deck and the sunbed deck.

The hot tub structure is made out of 6m x 2m tanalized timber.

Shorter timber sections must be screwed between the longitudinal beams to keep them distanced and to provide further strength to the frame. The end form of the structure must look like a grid.

Each corner of the frame is supported on 100 mm x 100 mm ( 4″ x 4″ ) fence posts.

Place the frame on the intended place. The posts must be put in the dug holes. Make sure to use your leveler again to ensure that the surface of the structure remains flat and leveled when placed on the ground.

Fill in the holes for the fence posts with postcrete to make the structure more durable and stable in the years forward.

DIY Hot Tub Deck Building Step 2

The frame structure for the sunbeds is built analogically. Here the couple has used 4 m x 2 m treated timber to make 2 frame structures that will be adjoined later on.

The final dimension of the sunbed deck structure measures 7 m x 2.2 meters. Of course, this total measurement may vary depending on your yard size.

DIY Hot Tub Deck Building Step 3

You will notice that the couple has decided to make the decks at a different level. The hot tub deck is higher than the sunbed one. After you have set the sunbed structures at their place, fix their posts with postcrete.

In order to prevent the growth of weed from the ground underneath the structures, cover the entire area with a weed barrier. This is a plastic sheet of tart which is suitable for that purpose. It will not be visible eventually as all sides of the frames will be covered.

Start lining the structures with the deck boards. Screw the boards to the frame using the screw driver.

DIY Hot Tub Surround Support

The next step from the project is to build the surround of the hot tub. It consists of two wooden rings cut from plywood with size 4 m x 2 m.

The distance between the internal and external diameter of the ring measures the width of the salvaged timber posts. These posts will be used as vertical support of the surround for the hot tub.

If you are looking for an easy way to draw out the perfect circle, the couple has provided a piece of priceless advice. Drill a screw in slightly in the center of the plywood board, tie a string to it at the right measurement and trace a circle with a pencil.

Prepare the surround frame in advance. Arrange the posts along the circumference of one of the rings. The distance between each pair of posts measures the width of the decking board. The couple needed 15 off posts to make the frame. Screw in the posts to each ring.

When the frame is ready, you can place it on the hot tub deck. Fix it securely to the deck with screws.

DIY Hot Tub Surround Insulation

The formed circular frame has been covered outside by a breathable roofing membrane prior to planking it with decking timber.

DIY Hot Tub Surround Insulation

They have also decided to place thermal insulation inside the circle to lower the cost of running the hot tub.

Now it is time to complete the lining of the hot tub surround. Place the vertical deck boards first. Fix them to the posts with screws. The top circle has also been covered with boards to make a beautiful edge of the hot tub structure.

Our inspirers have decided to make the deck usable during the night by installing 12V LED lights. If you fancy this idea, drill in holes in the deck boards and place them in the intended holes. In this particular case, they have used 8 off for the upper ring, 8 off for the hot tub deck, 2 off on the step of the landing and 1 off in front of the landing.

If you are happy with the alignment of every part of the decks, you can close the gaps at the sides of the frames using deck boards. For a more sophisticated finish, screw in longitudinal boards at the edges of the hot tub deck.

DIY Hot Tub With Surround

DIY Hot Tub Surround With Deck. How to make a hot tub surround with deck for sunbeds. Step by step instructions, needed supplies and tools. #diy #hottub #surround #deck #decorhomeideas

Since the hot tub deck is one level higher than the level of the sunbeds deck, the couple has made a small landing for easier access to the hot tub. Make it following the same steps as those for the bigger frames.

DIY Hot Tub Surround With Deck. How to make a hot tub surround with deck for sunbeds. Step by step instructions, needed supplies and tools. #diy #hottub #surround #deck #decorhomeideas

Your preparation work is almost done! Put the hot tub in the surround. Connect the hot tub to the power outlet and water supply.

DIY Hot Tub Surround With Deck. How to make a hot tub surround with deck for sunbeds. Step by step instructions, needed supplies and tools. #diy #hottub #surround #deck #decorhomeideas

Voila! Your hot tub with surround is ready to be used! When you use it, make sure to be accompanied by a bright mood and good company! Cheers!

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