48 Best DIY Clothespin Wreaths You Can Try Today

If you think that making a clothespin wreath is too difficult and time-consuming you are wrong! I’ve already made one and it was the easiest craft project I’ve ever done.

The best thing is it’s really cheap to make one as you only need a wire frame, clothespins, dye and some decorations.

You can make one for less than $30 and in two hours.

Best DIY Clothespin Wreaths that are really easy to do. Sunflower, 4th of July, watermelon, beach themed and fall ready are just some of the beautiful designs in this collection. #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

How do you make a clothespin wreath?

We’ve made a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a clothespin sunflower wreath with photos and video. You can find it HERE or you can watch a video:

How many clothespins does it take to make a wreath?

It depends on the size of the clothespins and the size of the wire frame. For example, for a 16″ wreath wire frame it takes approx. 104 pcs. of standard wooden clothespins.

How do you dye clothespins white?

You can dye them with a special Rit Dye or use acrylic paint or even spray paint them.

1. Create a Bright Sunflower Wreath with Clothespins

Sunflower Clothspin Wreath Tutorial #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This one is my favorite and not only because I’ve made it, but it’s so cheerful and inviting that people loved it.

Here is the full step by step tutorial: How To Make A Beautiful Clothespin Sunflower Wreath

2. DIY Clothespin Wreath with Purple and Turquoise Accents

DIY Clothespin Butterfly Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas
Amber Wade‎

Purple and turqouise go very well together and this clothespin wreath has taken advantage of this combination.

The wider rod of the wire frame has been covered with purple-dyed clothespins, the smallest rod- with green-dyed pins that have been additionally decorated with polka dots in purple.

You will be surprised that all supplies for this DIY project can be found at the Dollar tree, including the gerbera flowers and the butterfly sign. The butterfly can be easily attached to the wire rod with its hooks. The flowers are glued with a hot glue gun.

3. Celebrate Independence with a 4th July Themed Wreath

Patriotic 4th Of July Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas
Mindy Jemison

A good way to remind how freedom was fought is this 4th July thematic wreath.

It is placed between the wooden and glass section of the front door to make its life longer and that’s why the clothespins are arranged in one line to make the wreath’s width narrower.

Clothespins have been spray-painted in red, blue and white. The additional star decoration on the blue pins has been hand-made with acrylic paint.

You can hang from the top of the wire wreath a pre-made patriotic sign in the same colors and add three satin bows at the bottom of the wreath.

The end result is this festive and honoring wreath that deserves its place on the front door all year round.

4. Make a Summer-Inspired Clothespin Wreath

Coastal Beach Colored Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas
Dawn Benson Welch‎

Celebrate summer and honor beach rules with this adorable clothespin wreath.

Prepare 4 packages of wooden clothespins and a 16” wire wreath. Paint the clothespins with acrylic paints in turquoise, light blue, light pink and light purple.

Arrange them along the wire rods, following the pattern from the photo. Hang on an inspiring sign painted in the same colors with a string.

Glue seashells, starfish and rapanas and your summer front door decoration are ready to receive your guests and family.

5. DIY Clothespin Wreath with Bee and Sunflower Accents

DIY Cute Bee Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas
Lori Ward Parks

Making of this cheerful clothespin wreath requires a 9-inch metal wire frame from the Dollar Store, 75 pins, yellow, black and white paint.

Each clothespin has been painted manually. The polka dots are made with a pointed brush dipped in white paint. The clothespins are all arranged at the same level following the pattern of two black, two yellow pins.

The bee sign is attached to the wire wreath with hooks and since bees and sunflowers match perfectly, they have been combined to make this fun wreath.

6. Chalk Paint Clothespin Wreath with Flower Accent

Neutral Colored Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas
Michelle Burns Geary

The colors of this clothespin wreath have been chosen to match the flower sign in the middle.

The author has used chalk paints in purple, green, yellow and white. The arrangement pattern is as follows: one purple, one yellow and one green pin attached from the outer circle inwards.

That group is followed by a white pin on the second wire rod to make an accent by changing the pattern.

7. Make a Sunflower Clothespins Wreath with Acrylics

Welcome Home Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas
Victoria Noriega

The colors of this wreath are chosen to make a sunflower representation. 1 off light orange and 1 off black polka dotted clothespins are arranged consecutively.

The black ones are on the outer rod, the orange ones- on the internal wire circle.

The paints used are acrylic but the same effect can be achieved with dye paint.

The quantity of the clothespins depends on the size of the chosen wreath.

8. Paint Your Clothespins Wreath to Show Patriotism

4th Of July Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas
Kay Cross‎

If you want a patriotic statement for your front door for the 4th of July, make a clothespin wreath with the colors of the national flag.

The author has clipped the clothespins on the wire wreath first and then painted them with sharpies.

The stars are bought from Wish but they could be successfully replaced with any other star-shaped forms from the craft shop.

9. Craft a Sunflower Welcome Wreath for Your Front Porch

Clothespin Wreath With Sunflowers And Burlap #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas
Kelley Burrell‎

Have you ever wanted to make yourself a welcome sign for your front porch? Make it in a shining way with this sunflower wreath!

Part of the clothespins are painted half-yellow, half-brown. They are clipped on the internal two rods. The clothespins painted entirely in yellow are spread over the next 2 rods and in between the yellow-brown ones.

The “Welcome” sign is made out of a wood plaque that is preliminarily sanded off and painted in black.

The bow is made of burlap and glued at the bottom of the wreath. The faux sunflowers are hot glued on the left side of the wreath.

10. DIY Clothespin Wreath Craft for Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentines Day Diy Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas
Dawn Benson Welch‎

This clothespin wreath could fit well in a girls’ nursery or be used as a decoration for Saint Valentine’s Day.

White, pink and red colors are applied on the clothespins with sharpies. Each clothespin must cover two rods so that it stays securely.

Once ready with the clothespin arrangement, make a splendid burlap bow for the top of the wreath.

Decorate with hearts of the same colors as the clothespins. You can stick or hot glue them.

11. Add a Charming Frog to Your Clothespins Wreath

Frog Themed Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas
Jaimee DelCid‎

All supplies for this adorable wreath have been bought from the Dollar store except for the paints. So next time you visit it, make sure you get a 14-inch wreath, 2 ½ packages of clothespins, a sign that you like and some faux flowers.

Paint the clothespins with acrylic or spray paints. Let them dry and then make the polka dots.

The creator of this cute wreath has made all clothespins green and has decided to make small polka dots in two colors so that the accent remains on the faux flowers and the smiley frog.

12. Make a Beach-Inspired Clothespin Wreath

Take Me To The Beach Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This sold item is so inspiring that we decided to take a closer look and suggest how it could be made at home.

The creator has used 4 colors that go very well together and contribute to the summer mood.

The paints used must be chalk paints as the finish is very thorough and deep.

Make groups of 5 pins from the same color and start clipping them on a 16″ wire wreath. One clothespin is clipped on the second and third rod. The next pin covers the third and the fourth rod.

This is how the staggered alignment is achieved with all clothespin wreaths.

There is a section at the left where the maker has added 13 stained clothespins that match the color of “Take me to the beach” sign. 

All decorations have been glued with a hot gun.

via Simply Bella

13. Create a Scarecrow with Pizza Pan Clothespin Wreath

Scarecrow Pizza Pan Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This scarecrow wreath is so joyful that it is everything but scary.

The circle to which clothespins are clipped on is a pizza pan from the Dollar store which has been sprayed with tan color. Two different glitter blast colors have been applied afterward.

The orange glitter spray has been used on the clothespins as well.

Draw the face with sharpies, glue some raffia, the hat decorated with a faux flower of the field and the smiley scarecrow wreath is ready to be hung on your porch.

via The Keeper Of The Cheerios

14. Add Festive Decor with Double Clothespin Wreaths 

Snowflake Christmas Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

What could make a clothespin wreath even better? A double clothespin wreath!

Two wreath wire frames of different sizes have been adjoined to make an opulent Christmas decoration that can be hung on the front door, over the fireplace or on any wall.

The winter theme is achieved by the sparkling clothespin accents spread evenly around the wreaths and the glittery snowflakes and bow.

The basics of making this double wreath are similar to the wreaths suggested so far.

The glittery pins can be made either by applying glitter paint or by covering the surface with washi tape.  

15. Make a Colorful Summer Clothespins Wreath

DIY Summer Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

If you like decorations full of color, this clothespin wreath would be your next DIY project.

The creator has used an 18-inch wreath, 90 clothespins painted in 4 acrylic paint colors and foam brushes.

She has applied paint only on the visible part of the pins so painting will be reduced with a certain amount of time.

Two pins of the same color are clipped next to each other. The first one goes on the second and third rod, the second – on the third and fourth rod

via Life as Mama

16. Decorative Blue and White Clothespin Wreath

Blue And White Dots Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

The best thing about the clothespin wreaths is that you can paint them in colors that you like and will best suit best your interior or exterior.

Another color combination that will brighten a kitchen or even a bedroom is this blue and white clothespin wreath.

The white pins have been additionally decorated with blue polka dots. The pins have been clipped on the wire wreath in groups of two.

The first one is clipped on the second and third rod. The second pin is clipped on the third and fourth rod but is aligned opposite the first clothespin.  

17. Create a Ladybug Wreath with Clothespins

Ladybug Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Ladybugs are very cute and are among kids’ favorite bugs.

You can easily make the same wreath by painting the pins in blue and red with acrylic paints.

Make small polka dots on each clothespin with a sharpie or a brush and glue small wooden ladybugs on some of the pins.

Group and align the painted pins as shown in the photo or try another pattern.

You can add some faux red flowers and a big metal ladybug from the Dollar store in the center of the wreath.

via Simply Bella

18. Handcrafted Teal Clothespins Wreath with White Daisies

DIY Clothespin Wreath In Teal #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This hand-painted in the teal color wreath is one of the gentlest ones.

The staggered clothespins make a great background for the white daisies. They are faux and of two sizes. Arrange them in groups of 2 or 3 and glue them on the pins.

You may have noticed that the pins have been hand-painted with chalk paint.

19. DIY Christmas Wreath with Clothespins and a Tree

Christmas Peg Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

If you don’t have a metal wire frame, use a cardboard or wooden circle to clip on your pins.

Bear in mind that you will not be able to achieve the staggering effect, however, aligning the pins at the same level looks also great.

This Christmas wreath requires 2 packs of wooden clothespins that are decorated with washi tapes with winter patterns.

The tree in the center can be cut from plywood or cardboard. Put a string through the top of the tree and use it to hang on your wreath.

via Folksy

20. Reversible Clothespin Wreath for Valentine’s Day

DIY Reversible Clothespin Valentines Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Do you want a festive clothespin wreath that could be used for more than a month?

Rachel from Kitchen Cents has made a tutorial on how to make a reversible wreath suitable for Saint Valentine’s Day on the one side and Saint Patrick’s Day on the other.

The clothespins have been decorated with colorful paper and the respective holiday embellishments.

via Kitchen Cents

21. Decorate Your Fence with a Patriotic Clothespins Wreath

Patriotic Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Another idea for a patriotic clothespin wreath uses 100 pcs. of wooden clothespins, an embellishment from the Dollar store and a scarf with the national flag for a hanger.

The pins are arranged in groups to represent the flag color combination. The author has given easy instructions on how to paint the clothespins easily and at once- place them in a zip bag and pour the paint.

via My Purposed Life

22. Summer Wreath With Deep Blue Color and White Flowers

Blue Clothespins With White Dots And Daisies #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This wreath in deep blue could be the perfect finish to any living room during summer.

The pins can be colored with dye, acrylic or spray paint. Either way, the color you should be aiming to achieve should be very deep and even.

Apply small yellow polka dots along the pin surface following the pattern from the photo and glue on white flowers and daisies.

The end result would be fascinating!

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23. Show Your Team Pride with a Football-Themed Wreath

Favorite Team Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Think clothespin wreaths are more likely to be liked by women? Well, we can prove you wrong with this fav football team wreath.

It can be made in the colors of any team. The inscription is cut from plywood but such cut from cardboard instead would also look great.

Your boys will be glad to have such a wreath hung in their room!

via Ebay

24. Create a Seashell Clothespin Wreath

Sea Shell Crafts On Wreath From Clothespins #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Do you enjoy gathering seashells every time you are at the beach? Why not expose and enjoy them all summer long?

This beach clothespin wreath is very simple as it requires painting of the pins in one color only and gluing shells you already have in hand.

The pins can be dyed or hand-painted with acrylic paint in light blue. Clip one pin on the second and third rod.

The next clothespin should cover the same rods but should be opposite to the first one.

via Easy DIY And Crafts

25. Support Cancer Awareness with a Clothespin Wreath

Breast Cancer Awareness And Empathy #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Show compassion, respect and moral support with this handmade clothespin wreath.

The clothespins can be spray- or acrylic paint. Alternate black with pink clothespins in groups of 3 off around the entire wire wreath.

For a shinier finish, you can add glitter to the pink paint.   

via Ebay

26. Make a Brick Art Clothespin Wreath with Floral Accents

Clothespins Make A Brick Wall Decorated With Faux Flowers #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This clothespin wreath is a masterpiece and although it may be difficult to make the same, we must at least try.

The basis can be a wooden or cardboard circle. Glue a layer of burlap or lace on its surface.

The clothespins are preliminary disjointed and then painted with dissolved white acrylic paint.

After that, they have been sanded off and distressed at random places to get the brick-wall effect.

You may cover the entire surface of the circle or only half of it with clothespin halves.

The other part is beautifully decorated with faux roses, small flowers and buds.

via Annie Design

27. Create a Countdown Calendar with a Clothespin Wreath

Wreath From Clothespins With Date Cards #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Why not make a clothespin wreath to use as a countdown calendar?

The basis is cardboard covered with festive paper. The same colorful paper has been used to decorate the wooden clothespins.

Clip on the pins around the circle. The cards can be made from paper with different holiday patterns. Glue on the date numbers.

Make a game for your kiddoes by taking off the card with the date which is over and continue until Christmas comes.

28. Hang Your Christmas Cards with a Clothespins Wreath

Beautiful Way To Hang On Your Christmas Cards #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Have you ever thought what could be the best way to display the Christmas cards your friends and family send each winter?

Well, Craftiness Is Not Optional has provided instructions for a brilliant model of such a multifunctional and easy-to-make wreath.

An old metal wire hanger, a package of wood clothespins, green spray paint, some beads and a red ribbon is all you need.

Twist the hanger to form a circle and start stringing the parts.  

via Craftiness Is Not Optional

29. Handcrafted “Hello” Clothespin Wreath for Inspiration

Say Hello With A Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Remind yourself what you are by this inspiring clothespin wreath. Every time you look at it, your mood will become better.

The clothespins are painted by hand. Although the author has used many colors, the paint patterns repeat.

There are a few one-color pins that are used for the inscriptions. The thick circle to which the pins are clipped on could be made from wood plaque, cardboard covered with foil or an old record.

The HELLO letters can be made from the same materials.

via Ashley Horton

30. Add Nature Elements to Your Clothespin Wreath

Ladybug And Flowers Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

All materials for this jolly wreath can be supplied from your nearest Dollar Store – wood clothespins, metal wire wreath, wooden flowers, ladybugs and leaves.

Paint the clothespins in cheerful colors with acrylic paints and arrange them in groups of 2.

Glue the ornaments with a hot gun and tie a nice ribbon at the top to use as a hanger.

31. Grateful Clothespin Wreath with Cross Motif

Cross Motif On Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Show your gratefulness for each day with a clothespin wreath with a cross motif.

The pins of this beautiful and holly wreath are painted in pastel colors. They are clipped on a wooden circle painted in teal.

The cross and the inscription are cut from wood.

If you can’t find or purchase them, you can try making them from other hard material that is yield to shaping and cutting.

32. Make a Colorful Fall-Inspired Clothespin Wreath

Welcome Fall Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Fall is a magical season because of the variety of colors nature dyes into. Use these colors to make a welcome fall clothespin wreath.

Paint the clothespins with acrylic paints or sharpies. Make three or more burlap flowers of the same colors as the pins.

The wooden sign can be bought or crafted. Use old scrap pieces of wood, paint them, distress the edges and write a letter on each wood plate.

33. DIY Chicago Bears Clothespin Wreath

Chicago Bears Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Is your family a fan of the Chicago Bears? Make a statement for your porch or yard with a clothespin wreath in the team’s colors and initials.

The “C” sign can be found at the Dollar store or a craft store. Paint in blue and write the rest of the team’s name.

The pins can be dyed or painted with sharpies or regular acrylic paints. For a fancier look, add a large ribbon made of the same colors on the bottom.

via Happier Thank A Pig In Mud

34. Add Halloween Decor with Double Clothespin Wreath

Orange And Blue Painted Halloween Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Add a unique decoration to your Halloween interior or exterior with this beautiful double wreath made of clothespins.

They have been dyed in orange and blue color and arranged in two different patterns.

1 orange and 1 blue pin is the pattern for the smaller wire wreath.

The pins on the bigger wreath are arranged in groups- the blue ones are in a group of 4, followed by a group of 2 orange pins.

The big bow is made of burlap strips usually used to tie flowers bouquets.

35. Gray Ombre Clothespin Wreath with Pumpkin Accent

Fall Harvest Pumpkin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This clothespin wreath could be a great gift for any of your friends that own a country house.

The clothespins are painted in different shades of grey and arranged to make an ombre effect.

The pumpkin in the middle is also hand-made and glued over the top of the clipped pins.

Decorate the bottom of the pumpkin with dried flowers, decorative pumpkins and forest acorns.

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36. DIY Clothespin Wreath with Burlap Bow

Golden Ribbon Christmas Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

A wreath with clothespins in their natural color can look also fantastic.

Arrange them on a wire wreath, add baubbles in gold and red around the whole circle.

Then tie a big bow from burlap with golden thread at the edges and voila!

You would have made a great holiday accent for your interior or a welcome sign for the front door.

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37. Modern Clothespin Wreath with Moroccan Patterns

Morrocan Ornaments On Clothsepins Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This wreath reminds us so much of the trendy Moroccan patterns.

If you want to bring something from Southwest Africa, make a clothespin wreath that will suit your interior during all seasons.

The basis is made out of thick cardboard, cut in a circular shape and covered in felt.

Decorate the clothespins with washi tape and start arranging them. If you ever get fed up with it, just change the patterns with new ones.

via Alison Kreft Designs

38. Make a Music-Inspired Clothespin Wreath

Music Wreath Piano Keys #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This musical wreath will be an appreciated gift by any musician. The colors and arrangement of the clothespins remind me of the piano keys.

Together with the felt musical signs, they make a great melody that deserves hanging at a visible place.

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39. DIY Clothespin Wreath with Adorable Owl Motifs

Owl And Flowers Wreath For Nursery Room #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a DIY project for the nursery room? This clothespin wreath with a cute owl is perfect for that!

Some of the pins are hand-painted with acrylic paints in earthy colors, the rest are covered with washi tape in similar colors.

They are all arranged in groups of two and aligned at the same level.

Make easy paper origami and an owl to add some child motifs on the wreath.

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40. Unique Peacock Wreath with Vibrant Colors

Beautiful Peakok Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Nature has proven to show the best color combinations. What if you combine that with a peacock figure- the symbol of most admired human characteristics?

The pins are painted in green, purple and blue. The deep colors are achieved with chalk paints.

The basis is a wire wreath. The peacock is a shop-made item and is attached to the wreath with a hot glue gun.

via Glitter Glass & Sass

41. Utilize Your Clothespin Wreath as a Picture Frame

Clothespin Wreath As Picture Frame #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This non-traditional photo frame could become your favorite way to display memories.

It is very easy to do and will cost you less than 2 dollars.

Cut a cardboard circle, spray paint it in white. Arrange the wood clothespins along the circumference and start clipping on your precious photographed memories.

via Good Gome DIY

42. Purple and Black for an Enchanting Clothespin Wreath 

Purple And Black Flowers Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Purple is one of the most sophisticated colors and it looks amazing in combination with black.

The pins have been preliminary dyed and let dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The flowers are concentrated at one of the sides to make a stylish accent together with the sparkly faux branches.

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43. Rustic Welcome Clothespin Wreath with Chicken Wire

Rustic Wreath With Chicken Wire And Clothespins #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

For those of you who are in love with the rustic style, here is an idea for a clothespin wreath that would match well with the interior and the exterior of your farmhouse.

The materials and the method of the painting give the antique look of the wreath.

A piece of chicken wire is attached to the internal rod of the wire wreath and used to hang on the “welcome” sign easily.

The majority of the pins have been stained. There are only a few that have been roughly painted with bluish acrylic paint to match the wooden sign background.

That sign can be easily made from any scrap wood that is additionally painted, distressed and then inscribed.

via Skill Of King

44. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Clothespin Wreath

Thematic Wreath For Saint Patrick #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Attract luck with a festive clothespin wreath for Saint Patrick’s day!

Get supplies from the Dollar store and follow the image. The internal visible rod of the wreath has been covered with green craft paper, the clothespins have been spray painted in yellow, dark and light green.

Clip them on the wreath in groups of 3 pins and then glue on lucky charms.

via Facebook

45. Hand-Painted Wreath with White Stars and Blue Ribbon

Stars And Gentle Blue Ribbon Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This 16″ wreath could be hung anywhere in your home as the colors are unpretentious.

The pins are hand-painted in black, several shades of grey and white. The pattern of alignment on the wire frame varies along the circumference, so if you want to make an exact copy, follow the image.

Glue on wooden white stars at the top of a dozen from the black clothespins and clip them on the wreath in a group.

The ribbon can be any color but blue looks like the perfect match.

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46. Clothespin Handmade Wreath for Tea Lovers

Tea Bags Wreath For Gift #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

All tea- lovers will appreciate this hand-made wreath that organizes different tea flavors.

The clothespins are decorated with colorful washi tapes. The circular basis is made of cardboard that is covered with craft paper.

Glue on the clothespins, tie a small ribbon at the top to use as a hanger and the tea organizer is ready for use.

47. Express Gratitude with a Homemade Clothespin Wreath 

I Am Thankful For Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Say what you are thankful for with this warm clothespin wreath!

The clothespins can be painted by your kids as they do not follow a certain staining pattern so it will be much fun.

Provide them with foam brushes and orange, yellow and brown acrylic paints.

The heart is shop-made but can be easily done with cardboard cut in heart shape and painted in the same colors as the clothespins.

Tie a black marker to the wreath with a string and let your family and guests leave a message on the pins’ surface about the things they are grateful for.

via Chica And Jo

48. Make a Statement with a Pink Clothespin Wreath

Pink Wreath With Encouraging Statements #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This wreath is specially made to encourage breast cancer awareness.

The pins are covered with colorful craft paper with pink patterns. The garland pieces are cut on craft machines.

If you don’t have such at home, you can make them by hand and add encouraging words with a pink sharpie.

Don’t forget to glue on the international pink ribbon in support of breast cancer awareness.

via Midnight Crafting

49. Create a Grumpy Turkey Wreath for Thanksgiving Day

Grumpy Turkey Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Your kids would love this grumpy turkey wreath decoration for Thanksgiving Day.

Making it requires two wire wreaths of different diameters.

The top half of the bigger wreath is decorated with white pins, clipped on the widest rod at the same level. The bottom of the same rod is covered with pins in blue shades that are staggered.

The rod in front of the white pins is covered in dark blue pins, clipped on the same level.

The small wreath follows the same alignment pattern. The top clothespin rows are in brown and white.

The bottom ones are the same in color and alignment as those of the bigger wreath.

Make a turkey from cardboard and glue on a big burlap ribbon.

50. Make a Decorative Clothespin Wreath for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

Saint Valentine’s day is a special day for all couples. If you want to celebrate it with due attention, you can try making this hearty clothespin wreath.

The colors of the craft papers used to decoupage the clothespins are in Valentine’s colors.

The garland is made of paper triangles tied through a black and white twisted thread.

The small paper peonies on the bottom are rolled from paper strips and the stamens are imitated using small gems.

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51. DIY Watermelon Wreath for Your Front Door

Tasty Summer Clothespin Wreath #diy #clothespin #wreath #crafts #decorhomeideas

This wreath does look like a giant watermelon, so juicy and joyful than any front door deserves such decoration.

The pins are carefully painted with acrylic or chalk paints. As you can see from the photo, half of the clothespins are following a pattern where the white and green stripes are narrower and the bigger part of the surface is painted in pink.

The other half os the pins is slightly different as the green color covers 1/3rd of the pin.

Allow the coat to dry and make a big black dot at a random place to imitate the watermelon seeds.

Stagger the pins on the wire wreath. If you wish, you can add a big letter over the wreath painted in one of the used colors – H for Home or the first letter from your surname.

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